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Rex visits training camp

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2015 – 8:36 pm

With the release of the Bills training camp schedule, head coach Rex Ryan also went out to visit the camp site at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford Thursday. Not surprisingly, Ryan was encouraged by the facilities, the layout of the campus and the people.

“First rate for training camp,” Ryan said. “It starts with the fields because our greatest asset is our players and their health. Fields are great, the way the dorms are set up, cafeteria, meetings rooms and the people I’ve met here have been over the top. So I’m excited about it.”

Ryan said the big difference for him with Bills training camp is the number of night practices, but there will be changes for players who were on the roster under the previous coaching staff.

“I think with us it’s going to be more reps than what they’ve done the last year or so,” he said. “We’re going to continue to two spot (run two units simultaneously). I think we’ll have more night practices than I’ve had in the past, which will be good for the fans out here. And for whatever reason the night practice picks up the intensity a little bit and that’s always good.”

While with the Jets they would usually have just one per training camp.

Ryan also said they’ll make more use of the two grass fields than the previous coaching staff.

“We want to use the grass as much as possible. You want to keep the guys’ legs fresh and make sure the fields are top rate,” said Ryan. “Not that we have a problem with the turf field, it’s great too and we’ll use it too.”

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Kouandjio putting himself in tackle mix

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2015 – 12:32 pm

Bills second-year tackle Cyrus Kouandjio has put in a lot of work this offseason after admitting his mindset was not right for pro football as a rookie in 2014. All that work is beginning to pay off as Kouandjio has put himself in the mix at offensive tackle.

“Right now he’s getting a ton of reps, but there’s going to be competition there, no question about that,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “He’s looked good. He’s had a good offseason, so we’ll see what happens when the pads come on.”

Kouandjio lined up at the starting right tackle position this week in OTAs, while fellow second-year tackle Seantrel Henderson manned the left tackle spot with the second unit.

“We’re just rotating guys through, they’ve been switching left-right, even with Kouandjio, even with all three of those tackles we’ve been switching them,” said Ryan in reference to the pair of 2014 draft choices and veteran Cordy Glenn.

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Graham may contact CB turned S Woodson

Posted by Chris Brown on May 28, 2015 – 11:48 am

As we covered on, veteran DB Corey Graham will be lining up at safety throughout the 10 OTA sessions this spring in an effort to be ready to play safety if the defensive staff determines that’s where he can help the team the most. It may help that Graham’s favorite player as a young up and comer himself is Oakland S Charles Woodson, a player who made the corner to safety transition a successful one.

Woodson transitioned to the safety position in 2012 after 14 seasons at cornerback. He’ll be playing his 18th NFL season this fall with Oakland, his fourth at safety. Graham calls Woodson his favorite all-time player and has met him a couple of times, but did not have the courage to really bend his ear. Now as he undertakes the task of learning to play the safety position, he admits that a phone call to Woodson might not be a bad idea.

“I’ve only talked to him like two times in my life,” said Graham of Woodson. “I was at the Pro Bowl and his locker was right next to mine and I still I’m just that type of person that didn’t want to open up to him. He’s my favorite player and I didn’t even say too much to him other than little talk. It would be interesting to try to talk to him and pick his brain a little bit.”

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Manny Lawson: Creating Chaos in the Backfield

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 27, 2015 – 9:23 pm


Day two of OTAs here at One Bills Drive. Players headed back outside for practice in the rain. Afterwards, Marcell Dareus speaking for the first time since the announcement of his one game suspension. Corey Graham gave an update on his reps at the safety position. Head Coach Rex Ryan shared his thoughts to all of the above and more. We began the show with that.

91-Lawson-CMPart of the group out there this morning was linebacker Manny Lawson, who makes his return to the facilities for this week’s OTAs. Lawson joined us at the top of the second hour. He talked about being back in Buffalo and gearing up for his 10th season in the NFL. Lawson also discussed the new defensive scheme under Dennis Thurman and Rex Ryan and where he fits in, returning to the outside linebacker spot. A position he had success manning back in 2013.

“Now, instead of always rushing, I have to drop back and pass and play man-to-man a couple of times. This is my home and this is what I like to do, to just create chaos in the backfield, disrupt passes, and disrupt routes and that’s what I do best.”

Lawson, along with teammate Fred Jackson will be heading to the nation’s capital this weekend as part of Honor Flight Buffalo, which will feature World War II veterans flying to Washington, D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial that was built in their honor. For more information on Honor Flight Buffalo, click here.

tempCM4_9389--nfl_mezz_1280_1024The national media also in attendance on Wednesday. NFL Network’s Albert Breer taking in today’s session. He sat down with us in-studio to share his thoughts on the team and why he thinks Rex Ryan has a chance to succeed here in Buffalo. Breer noted past fired coaches who went on to have successful coaching careers on their next go-around. He also gave his impression on the new-look offense under offensive coordinator Greg Roman and discussed the Patriots saga in New England with an update on Tom Brady’s arbitration.

To round out the show, we dialed up Paul Lukas, ESPN columnist and blogger at Lukas recently posted his NFL Uniform Power Rankings at, where he rates the best and worst uniforms in the NFL. He currently has the Bills at number 7 on the list. Lukas went on to explain why he thinks the Bills “have one of the best in the league.”

Click here to hear Lukas’ reasoning and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show.

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Texas floods keep Goodwin away

Posted by Chris Brown on May 27, 2015 – 2:25 pm

Bills WR Marquise Goodwin was one of the few players who was not in attendance at OTAs on Wednesday. Head coach Rex Ryan explained how the flooding in Texas the last few weeks have kept planes on the ground in the Lone Star state.

“Unfortunately, we know the weather out in Texas and man, oh man,” said Ryan. “I saw the pictures in today’s paper and it’s like, wow, it’s hard to fathom being out here where it’s nice out. But man, what they’re dealing with is something. He’s been detained.  We’ll see how long that goes, I know he’s trying to get here, but obviously there are much more pressing needs than him being here in a voluntary camp.”

Ryan has not been in touch with Goodwin personally, but the club has spoken to him about his situation.

“I know he’s in touch with our guys,” said Ryan. “The main thing is obviously to take care of home first and then get back when everything is taken care of. Hopefully everything is OK, but I’m not sure.”

Chris Williams is another veteran player who has not been in attendance.

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McCoy, WRs sit with nicks

Posted by Chris Brown on May 27, 2015 – 2:23 pm

On day two of Bills OTAs, RB LeSean McCoy and a couple of wide receivers sat during practice. Head coach Rex Ryan provided an update following Wednesday’s practice.

McCoy along with rookie WR Dezmin Lewis, WR Tobais Palmer and WR Marcus Thigpen were all sidelined.

“We had a couple of issues at wide out,” said Ryan. “Thigpen went out with a hamstring. Lewis with a hamstring. Palmer had a groin, so those two were real limited today.”

Thigpen began practice, but left early. Meanwhile McCoy was a spectator due to a neck ailment.

“He’s got a little thing in his neck or something like that, but it’s not serious,” Ryan said. “It’s one of those things where we don’t need him out there.  He probably didn’t even have a helmet, he might have but I’m not sure.

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Rex Ryan: Updating the Battle at QB – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 26, 2015 – 9:26 pm


We return to live radio after the long weekend break. The Bills kicked off OTAs this morning as they enter in another phase of offseason training. We began with a rundown from what we saw out of today’s session and looked ahead to the rest of the week.

DSC_1707First up, Head Coach Rex Ryan joined us to discuss day one of the OTAs. He talked about what he liked and disliked from the players out on the field. He weighed in with his thoughts on the new defensive scheme and his impressions from some “scary” talent he has on that side of the ball. Ryan went on to update the quarterback competition, putting no timetable on the outcome, saying it may run two to three weeks into training camp. He also shared some high praise for QB Tyrod Taylor.

“I’ve been very impressed with him as far as his ability to pick things up. He’s been very impressive that way. The thing about him is that he’s short but he’s not small. This is a guy that’s slapped together pretty good. You think of Russell Wilson. I’m not saying he’s Russell Wilson but I’m not saying that he isn’t either. This is a guy that’s put together. Probably the fastest quarterback in the league, runs about a 4.4. I think he has those traits and he has a heck of an arm. We’ll see if he can put it all together.”

andre reed picAt the top of the second hour, we were joined by Hall of Famer Andre Reed. Reed will be working as an intern during training camp as part of the Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship. He will be working closely with receivers coach Sanjay Lal. Reed called in to talk about his upcoming opportunity coming back to assist with the team he had so much success with.

“I’m very serious about this. This is great talented group of guys that the Bills have there at that position. To be a part of it and to add my expertise and be there as a mentor for anything that they need, from a football standpoint and from any standpoint, I feel like I can give that to them. That’s really what the whole thing is about.”

Finally, an interesting look into quarterback training from Stanford football coach Derek Belch, the founder, along with former Bills quarterback Trent Edwards, of STRIVR Labs. Belch and his team have developed a virtual reality sports trainer, which puts players right into the film they are watching to then participate in the play as it unfolds. Belch talked about the reasoning behind it and how it can be a game changer in the way players and coaches prepare for game days.

To hear the complete interview with Belch and the rest of Tuesday’s The John Murphy Show, click here.

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Rex on day 1 of OTAs

Posted by Chris Brown on May 26, 2015 – 5:20 pm

Day one of OTAs for the Bills was a closed practice, but head coach Rex Ryan provided his take on how things went Tuesday. 

“Well I liked the tempo of practice and I like the…you can tell that the guys are progressing from the mental part of it which is phase one and phase two and then putting back on the field not just against air, but they’re working against each other eleven on eleven so I think we’re doing pretty good that way from a mental standpoint,” he said. “I was impressed with some of the guys conditioning.  The tempo was good.  Pressing guys into two spots drills so you get almost twice as many reps but our team seemed to handle it pretty well.”

The team worked 11-on-11 at both ends of the field to maximize reps for all players according to Ryan, who said all but two players (Marquise Goodwin, Chris Williams) were in attendance at the voluntary practice Tuesday. 


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Carrington out to re-take role on spec. teams

Posted by Chris Brown on May 26, 2015 – 2:00 pm

Bills DL Alex Carrington is back in the fold after spending the 2014 season with the St. Louis Rams. Not only is Carrington working to make the roster as a defensive lineman, but to re-establish himself as an accomplished kick blocker on field goals and extra points.

Carrington blocked an unheard of four kicks (3 FGs, 1 PAT) back in 2012 with the Bills, earning the nickname ‘MegaHand’ from his teammates. The sixth-year pro hasn’t thought about how the next extra point might aid his efforts to block kicks, but knowing a fake is far less likely from the new line of scrimmage on extra points (15-yard line) it will give the extra point and field goal block unit the chance to be even more aggressive.

“I make a point to get after it every time,” Carrington told “You don’t know when you somebody is going to get lazy over there or have a void in the protection or something. That might be an extra little advantage though.”

Joining a special teams unit that finished second overall in 2014 is something Carrington is looking forward to this fall.

“That puts a big smile on my face because true football fans and anybody who really knows the game knows that a good special teams unit will take you a very long way,” he said. “You put that on top of a good defense… I didn’t even know they were number two. That’s really good. Crossman is a good coach. I’ll see if I can get back out there to block some field goals and extra points.”


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Whaley comments on EJ, Cassel

Posted by Chris Brown on May 23, 2015 – 8:32 am

Bills GM Doug Whaley made an appearance on the Jim Rome Show this week and naturally was asked about the quarterback competition, which will ramp up again when OTAs start on Tuesday.

First, Whaley was asked about the speculative story that Manuel was potentially on the outs with the club this season absent improvement or if he’s unable to win the starting job. Much like offensive coordinator Greg Roman, Whaley dismissed that notion.

“I look at it this way, in this business controversy sells,” Whaley said. “The more controversy that you can drum up then the more interesting people are going to be with whoever brought this idea to the lexicon of thinking. So for us we’re excited about the future of all three of those guys. It’s going to be a great competition. And we can keep three quarterbacks. So I dismiss that as just someone trying to get something stirred during this down time and lack of media stories for the NFL.”

As for his expectations for Manuel heading into the throes of the competition as more of the work moves to the field this spring, Whaley is only anticipating Manuel’s best.

“I look for him to come in and compete and try to take the job,” he said. “Everybody has got an equal footing. It’s a clean slate for all four of our quarterbacks. We’re not tied to anybody. We just want the best man to start. It’s exciting for us.”

Whaley also had good things to say about how Cassel has transitioned to Buffalo following the offseason trade from Minnesota.

“He’s been exactly what we expected,” said Whaley of Cassel. “A veteran force who can galvanize the team and he can teach the young guys the intricate things that quarterbacks do that doesn’t take place on the field. Bringing receivers in and talking about preferences and what he’s seeing. Basically a lot of the things that people on the outside don’t see. He’s done that and he’s not afraid of the challenge. He’s ready to compete.”

Whaley also confirmed that the quarterback competition is more than just a two horse race between Manuel and veteran Matt Cassel, mentioning both Tyrod Taylor and Jeff Tuel. Head coach Rex Ryan has made sure to mention Taylor when asked about the competition as well.

“The way they’re structuring practices everyone is getting a run with the ones,” said Whaley. “So it’s a fair shake. In this system that we’re trying to figure out who is going to be the number one it’s all about competition. That’s why everybody involved is excited about it.”

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Report: Bills hope to lock up Dareus by camp

Posted by Chris Brown on May 22, 2015 – 12:29 pm

While the biggest news concerning Marcell Dareus right now was the one-game suspension handed down by the league Thursday for his off the field incident last year in his native Alabama, the Bills intend to provide much better news concerning the Pro Bowl defensive tackle’s future with the club.

That according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who said the club would like to have Dareus signed to a contract extension before training camp.

Dareus is entering the fifth-year of his rookie contract. Buffalo picked up his fifth-year option last year. Absent a contract extension Dareus would become an unrestricted free agent.

Bills GM Doug Whaley in the wake of their free agent acquisitions this spring stated that getting Dareus signed to a long-term extension was the team’s top priority. With the 2015 draft class under contract, it’s likely that the focus shifts almost solely to getting the Pro Bowl defensive tackle locked up for years to come.

Negotiating a new deal is going to be complicated in the wake of the giant free agent deal signed by Ndamukong Suh with Miami that reportedly totaled $114M over seven years.

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Fan Friday 5-22

Posted by Chris Brown on May 22, 2015 – 11:05 am

Alright Bills fans. OTAs start next week after the holiday, but let’s all be sure to take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we’re privileged to have in this country. Here is the latest edition of questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills
Hey Chris does this mean that he will not appeal the decision?


CB: All indications at this point are that he will serve the one-game suspension handed down by the league for his synthetic marijuana possession traffic stop in Alabama last year. So I do not anticipate an appeal.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills

Why the NFL moving the extra point Attempt back 15 yards?


CB: The NFL maintains that the old extra point has become too easy to convert and has become a boring part of the game. In an effort to demand more skill from the kickers and liven the play up they’ve made the extra point a 33-yard attempt instead of 20-yard kick. They’ve also now allowed for the defense to score on the conversion play whether it’s a one-point try to two-point try. So if t’s turned over by the defense they can return it for two points of their own.

As we covered on with K Dan Carpenter this week, it will be an adjustment for everyone, coaches, kickers and special teamers.


3 – Hi Chris

Thank you for keeping all of us up to date with the greatest NFL team.

The true concern about the Bills is the LB position on the defence. Bradham and Brown bring awesome passion and skill to the team, but it seems like we are missing a legitimate starter at MLB to anchor the unit.  Considering the defensive unit went from 10th to 4th (28th to 11th in rushing), and our lack of overall depth at the position I was surprised at the seeming lack of interest in bringing back Spikes, considering he and Brown were the only major plug-ins on D last season. Am I missing something in this regard?

I thought Spikes had stated publicly how much he likes the Buffalo organization.  Was this a management decision that wants players with greater role versatility, was he not happy being relegated to a 2 down role, was his asking price too rich for the team, or was there some behind the scene discord?  Any thoughts, or updates in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

James Bancroft

CB: With respect to linebacker I agree that depth is still an issue at the position. I think with the unit expected to play a lot of 3-4 veteran Manny Lawson is the natural fit at SAM linebacker, which was the role he played in 2013 in a similar defense under Mike Pettine. So you pick up a LB there.

Preston Brown is the milddle linebacker this season, with Ty Powell backing him up.

There was an interest in bringing back Brandon Spikes, but it was as a depth player. The Bills also had a set price they were willing to pay Spikes, which presumably was the veteran minimum. Spikes chose to wait to see if a better opportunity came up to get on the field more regularly.

He felt that opportunity existed where a couple of their starting linebackers will not be ready to go at the start of the season and he stands a good chance of playing at least early in the year.

There wasn’t any discord. It was just business.


4 – Hey Chris!!

Die hard Bills fan here from Toronto!!! Love all u do to keep #billsmafia updated!!!
So here’s my question. I love all the moves we made so far, I think we still have a hole at safety, why don’t we go sign a vet? Bernard Pollard?!?!?
Drew Martin


CB: I think the Bills would respectfully disagree that they have a hole at safety. There is a vacancy with the departure of Da’Norris Searcy, but I think they feel good about the young talent they have in the pipeline and a veteran option that they have in their back pocket.

First, Duke Williams is the odds on favorite to land the job. For those that might not be aware, Williams had almost 600 snaps at safety last season as he almost split the work with Searcy 50-50. Williams is better in coverage than Searcy was and is a more physical player.

His main competition will be Bacarri Rambo and Jonathan Meeks. Two athletic players who have a bit more to prove than Williams. A dark horse in that competition will be second-year S Kenny Ladler a former undrafted rookie signee, who made the practice squad last year before suffering an elbow injury that landed him on I-R.

In Buffalo’s back pocket as a safety option is CB Corey Graham. He’s capable of playing safety and Rex Ryan clearly has that option on his radar as well. Personally I think it’s Duke Williams’ job to lose.

So that’s a long way of saying they don’t need Bernard Pollard.


5 – Chris,
Thanks for your outstanding buffalo bills coverage! You are the king!

Do you think that the return of Stevie Johnson would have been a realistic option Doug Whaley would have considered had Harvin signed elsewhere?

Thanks again!

CB: I never got the sense that a Stevie Johnson reunion was ever on the radar. I do know that Stevie enjoyed being back on the west coast near his native San Francisco. So I think his preference was to stay out west, which he was able to do in signing with San Diego.

I know Stevie had his detractors and his supporters here in Buffalo. Sometimes a second go round isn’t always the best idea. I think that applies in the case of Stevie Johnson.



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Mike Sando: Grading Every NFL Team’s Offseason

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 21, 2015 – 9:37 pm


We began tonight’s show with the news of the day, which included the league handing down a one game suspension for Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus. Bills head coach Rex Ryan announced that Hall of Famer Andre Reed will be assisting the coaching staff at this year’s training camp, as a member of the Bill Walsh Fellowship Coaches program. Reed will work as an intern under receivers coach Sanjay Lal. We also discussed Rex Ryan’s team-bonding exercise, as he took his entire team bowling Thursday morning.

Reed picBefore the players depart for the long weekend, we brought in undrafted free agent defensive end Cedric Reed. Reed has been participating in the team’s offseason workouts and has been picking the brains of the veterans that surround him, including defensive end Mario Williams, who Reed grew up watching down in Texas. Reed discussed his time here so far, going undrafted, and a knee injury that affected him during his senior year. Despite that, he started 32-straight games to end his career at Texas.

“I never missed a game. That was one of my goals going into college is to not be one of those injured guys. One of those guys that was on and off the field, always hurt, and always in the training room. I didn’t want that on my shoulders, so I made that a goal.”

Reed and the rest of the Bills players will return for next week’s OTAs.

bob kalsuESPN NFL Insider Mike Sando joined us at the top of the second hour to discuss his recent piece on the site, grading each team on their offseason. When it came to the Bills, Sando, along with a few other contributors gave Buffalo a ‘B+’ with their offseason free agent and draft pick acquisitions. He also went down the rest of the league, including why he gave high marks to AFC East rival, the New York Jets and his low marks for teams like the San Francisco 49ers.

And finally, with Memorial Day around the corner, we decided to look back at the unfortunate death of former Bills offensive lineman Bob Kalsu, who in 1970 was killed in action while fighting in Vietnam. Todd Tobias from the website Tales From the American Football League joined us to round out the show. The website, as Tobais calls it, is to “edutain” (educate + entertain) with stories regarding the AFL. Tobias looked back at Kalsu, the Bills draft pick who decided to enter the Army and fight in the Vietnam War and discussed the sacrifice he made.

To hear that and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Carpenter could be valuable with new PAT rules

Posted by Chris Brown on May 21, 2015 – 10:43 am

As we covered in our interview with Bills kicker Dan Carpenter Wednesday, the new extra point rules will be an adjustment for all players in 2015. Naturally it will be harder to maintain the same success rate on extra points from 33 yards away than just 20. But for the Bills the potential loss of points is among the lowest in the league thanks to their kicker’s accuracy.

Value Penguin did a study whereby they assessed if the new PAT rule had been in place in 2014, the greater difficulty of the try (and the inevitable misses) would have cost the average NFL team five points for the season. But the Bills would have only lost one point because Carpenter, based on his career results from 30 to 39 yards (94.5 percent) and from the former PAT distance (99), would have only experienced a 4.5 percent drop-off, the second lowest mark in the league.

Graph of Pct Differences

The number of points that a team can lose on the PAT is dependent, obviously, on the number of touchdowns that its offense scores. (The extra point occurs only after a touchdown, whereas a field goal is its own separate scoring play.) Because of this, the percentage difference (above) is a more reliable statistic when evaluating a particular kicker’s value to his team.

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Carpenter: PATs, “An adjustment for all of us”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 20, 2015 – 9:16 pm


All quiet here as Bills players continue their offseason workouts, gearing up for next week’s OTAs. We began the show with updates from the league meetings in San Francisco, as Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media. We also got into more detail over the upcoming change to extra points and how the scoring change will impact the NFL next season. Plenty of reaction to that from the listeners.

carpenter picWith that being said, we decided to reach out to Bills placekicker Dan Carpenter to get his opinion on the PAT modifications. Carpenter was open about his dislike for the change. He talked about what adjustments need to be made and why he feels it brings up unnecessary situations that normally wouldn’t occur.

“Your team is going in to score and it’s 3rd & 1 from the one-yard line and if they don’t get it, you go on and kick a 19-yard field goal. Now, if they score a touchdown, you back up and kick a 33-yard field goal for one point. Another scenario is that a team is driving or just started a drive and you’re on your own twenty and a running back, LeSean, breaks out and houses one for 80-yards, now I have to jump off the bench, cold that I have been sitting on for fifteen minutes and run out and kick a 33-yard field goal instead of a 20-yard extra point. It’s stuff like that no one thinks about but us thirty-two guys that have to do it for a living.”

Carpenter also stated that it may cause a delay in the game while officials are setting up for either the extra point or a two-point try.

Staying inside the building, we brought in-studio Bills linebackers coach Bobby April, III. April, whose name is familiar to Bills fans because his father coached special teams here from 2004-2009. He talked about the influence his father had on his coaching career. Now, April is with his second team under Rex Ryan and spoke about why coach’s sons are favored with the Bills head coach.

DSC_4647“Coach’s sons are really loyal and I think he sees that and loyal to whomever they’re working with. Most guys have been around players their entire lives. For myself, I’ve been around NFL players since I was nine-years-old. It’s not too big for me. I know these guys. I’ve had lunch at their house and they’ve come to my parents’ house, so I wasn’t star struck at all.”

April even discussed a unique story in Philadelphia and how he got his start in the league under, then head coach, Andy Reid.

Finally, we caught up with Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin. The third year wide-out is looking to get back on track after a tough 2014 season, sharing his thoughts on his second year in the league. He discussed his interaction with new goodwin picreceivers coach Sanjay Lal and shared his view on the new-look WR group.

“We got that fire in the room. We got a lot of heat in there and a lot of speed. A lot of guys that are willing to put it all out on the line, willing to work every day, work together, and not really compete against each other, in the sense of not trying to tear each other down. We do compete with each other. We’re making each other better and I couldn’t ask for a better room.”

To hear more from Goodwin, including what he thinks of the talent in the return game and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Bills player on NFL’s Top 100 tonight

Posted by Chris Brown on May 20, 2015 – 9:16 am

NFL Network’s The Top 100 Players of 2015 continues tonight (Wednesday) at 9pm. During the show, a Bills player will be revealed ranked between No. 80 – 71.

This Bill will be a defensive player who is making his 2nd career appearance on the list. He’ll also be the first Bills player to be revealed so far. Here are players ranked No. 100 – 81 which have already been revealed.

100. Randall Cobb – Green Bay Packers, WR
99. Calais Campbell – Arizona Cardinals, DE
98. Adam Vinatieri – Indianapolis Colts, K
97. Joe Flacco – Baltimore Ravens, QB
96. Jurrell Casey – Tennessee Titans, DE
95. Emmanuel Sanders – Denver Broncos, WR
94. C.J. Mosley – Baltimore Ravens, LB
93. Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys, TE
92. Aaron Donald – St. Louis Rams, DT
91. Julian Edelman – New England Patriots, WR/PR
90. Michael Bennett – Seattle Seahawks, DE
89. Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers, TE
88. Glover Quin – Detroit Lions, S
87. DeMarcus Ware – Denver Broncos, OLB
86. Eric Weddle – San Diego Chargers, S
85. Golden Tate – Detroit Lions, WR
84. Terrell Suggs – Baltimore Ravens, LB
83. Maurkice Pouncey – Pittsburgh Steelers, C
82. Haloti Ngata – Detroit Lions, DT
81. Darren Sproles – Philadelphia Eagles, RB/RS

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Heath Evans: This Bills Team “is scary” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 19, 2015 – 9:26 pm


The Bills finalizing the singing of their six draft picks today, inking second round selection, cornerback Ronald Darby. You heard from Darby to start the show along with offensive coordinator Greg Roman and head coach Rex Ryan as they praised their third round pick, guard John Miller. The Patriots making news, yet again. Team Owner Robert Kraft coming out Tuesday afternoon to confirm that the team will not appeal the discipline the league has handed down for the deflation of footballs. Also, the change in extra points for 2015. A jam packed show Tuesday night.

O'leary picBills tight end coach Tony Sparano, Jr. joined the show at the bottom of the first hour. Sparano talked about his influence from his father, former Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano and how he’s helped shape his NFL coaching career so far. Sparano discussed his impressions of Buffalo and how he can’t wait to be part of the passion that surrounds the team. Sparano is now “thrilled” to call Buffalo home. He went on to discuss his tight end group, which includes free agent addition Charles Clay and sixth round draft pick Nick O’Leary.

“This guy (O’Leary) is a much better athlete than he’s been given credit for by a lot of people. He’s big, he moves around, and the thing you love about him, that I certainly love about him, is that this guy is just a tremendous football player. He’s a good football player. He does a lot of things really well. You turn on the tape and this guy really competes. He competes every single play, play-in and play-out. It doesn’t matter what the job is he’s asked to do. This guy rolls his sleeves up and whatever it takes to get the job done, this guy wants to do it.”

At the top of the second hour, we got a national perspective on the team as we brought in NFL Network Analyst and former NFL fullback Heath Evans. Evans recently gave his bold prediction for the Bills in 2015, having them finish at 12-4 and overtaking the Patriots for tops in the AFC East. Evans discussed his rationale behind the projection, calling this year’s Bills team “scary.”

“You look at the collective talent. You look at what Rex (Ryan) brings to a ball club. You look at what his philosophy is and how he wants to manage the offensive side of the ball. Then Greg Roman’s creative ability to diagnose and design plays to put his talented players in position to succeed and I think Matt Cassel is the prime candidate to make this offense exactly what it needs to be, to let this team thrive on defense.” Evans went on to say he’s “excited to watch a hard-nose ball club.”

Evans is also the co-owner and founder of Generositrend. He’s got a promotion right now given to any subscriber of Generositrend who simply tweets @HeathEvans44 using specific hashtags listed on the website,

Just a day after the Dolphins signed their franchise quarterback, Ryan Tannehill to a long-term deal, we decided to get some background into the contract extension from Dolphins writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Chris Perkins. Perkins called the contract a “no more excuses” agreement and that he expects him to have the Dolphins at least compete for a Super Bowl appearance.

To hear more from Perkins and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Extra points moved back to 15 yd line

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2015 – 7:27 pm

The extra point rule rule changes proposed by the league’s Competition committee were passed by a vote of 30-2 by NFL owners. Here are the details. 

The extra point try will be moved back to the 15-yard line. Two-point conversion attempts will stay at the two-yard line. 

The other big change is the defense has a chance to score on a blocked extra point or intercepted two-point pass or two-point fumble recovery. If successfully returned it would be two points as well. 

More details on the change can be found here. 

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Opener announced for Stones at the Ralph

Posted by Dallas Miller on May 19, 2015 – 5:45 pm

The Rolling Stones have announced that St. Paul & The Broken Bones will be the special guest artist opening their show in Buffalo on Saturday, July 11 at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  ZIP CODE, the band’s 15-city North American stadium tour, kicks off in San Diego on May 24, and will also be making stops in Columbus, Minneapolis, Arlington, Atlanta, Orlando, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Raleigh, Indianapolis, and Detroit before wrapping in Quebec on July 15 at Le Festival D’Été de Québec.

For ticketing information please visit

St. Paul & The Broken Bones are known for delivering performances full of grit, elemental rhythm and profound depth. The Birmingham, Alabama-based sextet, have created a maelstrom of interest with their roof-raising live, soulful shows, and  in 2012, released Half The City, a compelling, full-length debut album (Single Lock/Thirty Tigers).

“In a matter of only two-and-a-half years, I went from being a part-time bank teller to having our band opening for the Stones. It really is just unbelievable,” said lead vocalist Paul Janeway.

The Rolling Stones ZIP CODE tour will see Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood head back out on the road after their critically-acclaimed 14 ON FIRE tour in Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2014. The iconic band will treat their generations of fans to special one night only shows, with a set packed full of classic Stones hits such as “Gimme Shelter”, “Paint It Black”, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, “Tumbling Dice” and “It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll”, as well as special gems from their extraordinary catalog.

The Rolling Stones ZIP CODE will be the first time the rock legends have played North American stadiums since 2005-2007’s “A Bigger Bang Tour.”

AEG Live’s Concerts West is the promoter of The Rolling Stones ZIP CODE tour.

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Lynn: taking load off Fred means a better Fred

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2015 – 3:12 pm

Bills RB Fred Jackson has been willing to step into any role in his time with the club. Kick returner, punt returner, running back, third down back, whatever it is Jackson has been up to the task. Over the last few seasons with C.J. Spiller missing time here and there with injuries, it’s forced Jackson to pick up more of the slack and the load. Now at age 34, it’s the Bills looking to avoid a heavy load for Jackson so they can get the best Fred Jackson possible on the field from start to finish this season.

“Fred had over 500 snaps last year and I think he wore down a bit at the end of the season,” said Bills assistant head coach/running backs coach Anthony Lynn. “If we can take half of that off his plate I think you’ll see a fresher Fred Jackson and a more explosive Fred Jackson.”

Lynn also mentioned that he had no problem with LeSean McCoy logging 300 carries this season if it came to it, claiming it means they’re running the ball successfully and winning games.

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