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Kelvin Fisher: Reloading not Rebuilding – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 24, 2015 – 9:36 pm


Watching the clock tick away as we approach the 2015 NFL Draft. We relived the 2014 draft and asked the listeners if they would do it all over again…would you trade up to draft Sammy Watkins? Because of that trade, the Bills are without a first round pick this year. Therefore, the Bills brass gearing up for the challenge to “make a mark” with their choices this year.

Bills Director of College Scouting Kelvin Fisher sat down in-studio to discuss just that. Fisher went through the list of possible targeted position groups, the process of setting up their draft board, and why the team is in a great position to draft for depth not need.

“At this point when you’re just taking the best player, now you know you’re reloading your team not rebuilding. When you’re rebuilding you’re always trying to find needs because you have demands for those needs whereas when you’re reloading you’re basically getting your second team guys that should be starters maybe with any other team or even with your team but you’re reloading. So, every year if you lose a guy there’s no sweat of your back. You know that this guy is good enough to go in and start.”

At the top of the second hour we were joined by Bills defensive back Corey Graham. Graham just finished up his participation in this year’s NFL Franchising Boot Camp. Graham joined 22 other current and former players who are seeking advice to be successful off the field. The program provides a learning experience for players who are considering entering the business world when they leave the game of football.

tempCM2_3173--nfl_mezz_1280_1024“I’m in the stage of my career where I’m preparing myself for after football. Every year I’m going to be trying to do something to help myself out to make the transition after football a lot easier. I hear a lot of guys tell me about how tough it is after football so I don’t want to go through the same things as other guys go through.”

Graham also looked back to when he was drafted in the fifth round in 2007 by the Chicago Bears, saying being selected in the late rounds put a “chip on his shoulder” and is continuously trying to prove himself.

We rounded out the show by listening into ESPN Draft Analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. as he laid out his thoughts on this year’s Draft including the pressure for teams to find that “franchise” quarterback. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Bryan Scott: “One door closes, another opens”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 23, 2015 – 9:28 pm


As the Draft approaches, we brought in the Bills Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos to discuss the makeup of the current roster and what lies ahead. Monos went down the list of the offseason acquisitions and the role head coach Rex Ryan played in bringing in the added talent. He went on to talk about next week’s Draft and what possible position groups he thinks the team might target.

DSC_4762“Let’s stack it by best player and we’re going to take the best player at fifty, whether it’s a corner, safety, or even defensive end. Nobody thinks about us on defense buy why can’t you have more good players and more depth.”

Monos also discussed the possibility of trading up or down without a first round pick but added that they’ve been successful finding starting caliber players in the middle to late rounds of the draft.

At the top of the hour, former Bills LB/Safety Bryan Scott joined us to discuss his upcoming appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank, Friday night at 8pm. Scott is now co-owner of NEONE USA where he will be pitching his product, NEONE high tech shoe insoles to the “Shark” investors. Thinner than a dime, these insoles absorb shocks and evenly disperse excess energy when on your feet. Scott discussed this transition and supplied some advice for those looking to follow suit.

bryan-scott-resigns-story“When I was in the league I had some really good coaches and older guys that would always say ‘The NFL is more of a job, it’s not a career’ because it does not last very long. If you’re blessed to stay in it for a long time, one thing is for certain. If you’re a player now, one day you will become a former player. Don’t make it your life. Enjoy it, live in the moment but just understand that one day it will end and when it does other doors will open. One door closes, another opens.”

Finally, we rounded out the show with Jason Goodman, a member from the Bills Fan Advisory Board. The group held their latest meeting Thursday night and Goodman discussed the potential changes they may implement this upcoming season, including the effort to improve WIFI inside the stadium. Other items discussed were the wait time at the gates and prohibited items like tobacco products.

We also heard from ESPN’s Jon Gruden as he shared his thoughts on the Bills and the quarterback class in this year’s draft and even some jokes from President Obama as the Super Bowl champ Patriots were honored at the White House. To hear all of that and more from Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Richardson: “I’d love to be a contributor” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 17, 2015 – 9:30 pm


Wrapping up another week here at One Bills Drive. The players were off for the weekend as they finished their offseason workouts on Thursday. We caught up with a few players before they departed and got their opinions on their new teammates and the new system being put in place. We also brought in the new Bills beat reporter for WGR Sports Radio, Sal Capaccio who came on to talk about his new gig and the experience he will bring to the job.

Cyril RichardsonFirst up, Bills second year guard Cyril Richardson joined us in-studio. Richardson was thrown into the starting lineup last season when Chris Williams went down with an injury. He recapped his first year in the league and how that experience helped him hone in on what he needs to work on this upcoming season. Richardson was adamant about wanting to play a role along the offensive line 2015 and it starts now putting in the work.

“I would love to be a contributor in this offense and I’m going to put the work in to get there. Right now, it’s just putting in the hard, gritty work that’s needed and that’s really listening to the coaches and figuring out how we want to run this offense.”

Richardson candidly described his experience ten years ago when he was living in New Orleans and how Hurricane Katrina uprooted his family, destroying their home, and eventually forcing them out of the area. He talked about how he took the positives out of the situation which guided him to where he is today.

tempDSC_7034--nfl_mezz_1280_1024With Friday’s announcement that the 2015 NFL schedule will be released sometime next week, we reached out to UB professor Dr. Mark Karwan who is part of a group of researchers trying figure out a mathematical equation that might interest the NFL to help create more fairness in their scheduling. This comes after the public complaint from the Buffalo Bills during the 2013 season that saw the team facing more teams coming off a BYE week or with more rest than normal. It won’t be a factor this year but the hope is to be part of their equation in the near future. Dr. Karwan went on to discuss the findings from the study.

“From the 2002 to the 2014 seasons, looking at the data, you had teams like the Bengals and the Steelers with fourteen or fifteen games against rested opponents over those thirteen seasons and the Falcons and Bills with twenty eight and twenty nine games. So, it did not even out over a long period of time, which one might hope would be the case. In fact, the Bills had a terrible run over a few years in a row that help build from twenty to twenty nine in just about two to three years.”

The NFL Draft now just two weeks away. The Draft experts continue to share their opinions on this year’s class. We listened in to ESPN Draft Analyst Todd McShay to get his thoughts on the Marcus Mariota trade rumors, the possible run on offensive linemen late in the first round, and why RB David Cobb could be a value pick come the middle rounds.

To hear that and the complete John Murphy Show from Friday, click here.

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Percy Harvin: Ready to Show the World – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 16, 2015 – 9:30 pm


Players wrapping up the first two weeks of offseason workouts. They will depart until mini-camp starts in a couple of weeks. Before they took off we were able to catch up to a few players and coaches. We began the show hearing from outspoken head coach Rex Ryan. Running back Fred Jackson commented on the running back group and the offensive system of Greg Roman and defensive end Jerry Hughes on the new system in place on the defensive side of the ball.

harvinWe also were able to track down new wide receiver Percy Harvin. Harvin has spent these past couple weeks getting acclimated with his new teammates and the atmosphere here in Buffalo. He mentioned how the strength and conditioning program has been the “most competitive and most challenging” he’s ever been a part of. Harvin went on to talk about rejoining Rex Ryan and receivers coach Sanjay Lal and how those two coaches have sparked his ability to be a complete wide-out. He’s looking to build on his success last season in New York as an outside receiver and is ready to prove he can be an all-around threat.

“Coach Rex Ryan saw that I can be a receiver and that I can run routes. That’s the thing I like about Coach Sanjay (Lal). He said he worked on that with me and the results I was getting, if you turned on the film, I’m creating separation, I’m running posts, I’m running daggers, I’m running comebacks, and I don’t think people have given me credit for that. I feel like I can establish that here and show the world I can be an every down receiver but also add some of the gimmick stuff if that’s what the coach asks for.”

Harvin also talked about how he looks to continue his contributions in the return game on special teams and why Buffalo has become a destination for free agents, due in large part to his head coach Rex Ryan.

Speaking of Rex Ryan, he was featured on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated in an article with Jenny Vrentas. Vrentas called in at the top of the second hour to discuss her time at The Big Tree Inn where she conducted her interview alongside Bills Hall of Famers Thurman Thomas and Jim Kelly. She talked about Rex Ryan’s bravado and how Bills fans and the national media are feeding off of that, evidence of that when she showed up to do the story last week.

vrentas rex pic“We leave the stadium and Rex leaves in his Bills truck that everyone knows. I’m with the Bills head PR guy Scott Berchtold. We get there a couple minutes after Rex and his truck is parked right in the front of the Big Tree Inn lot so conspicuous to anyone who would drive by. The whole parking lot is full and I walk in and the place is awash with fans and I’m like ‘Oh, my gosh.’ This is supposed to be an interview off camera to the side and it wasn’t at all. He walks in and the fans are just mobbing Rex. I pull him aside and I say ‘Hey, I’m sorry I don’t mean for this to be stressed out or put you through a situation’ and he was like ‘No, I love it!’ and he really does. He really is just a regular dude. He’s comfortable hanging out in a sports bar. He likes the fans and he likes when they interact with him. He had no stress whatsoever.”

Finally, we reached out to Don Shonka, GM and National Scout for Shonka has been a part of player personnel work for over four decades and joined us to discuss his studies of this year’s draft class. He weighed in with thoughts on Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota who he compares to Aaron Rodgers. Shonka went on to discuss the Bills pick at number 50 and how the depth in this year’s draft is in the Bills favor, specifically when it comes to a versatile player along the offensive line.

To hear more from Shonka and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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EJ Manuel: “I’m licking my chops” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 14, 2015 – 9:15 pm


We began tonight’s show with the news of the day, which included the news of a free agent visit from a familiar name to Bills fans, wide receiver Brad Smith. We also heard from defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman on the re-signing of Jerry Hughes, the linebacking group, and the depth along the defensive line. As the draft approaches we listened in to a conference call from former Bills General Manager and 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee Bill Polian, who shared his thoughts on some of the 2015 prospects.

DSC_4593It’s been a while since we heard from quarterback EJ Manuel. Manuel sat down with us in-studio to go in-depth about what he learned from his 2014 season sitting behind veteran Kyle Orton and what he was able to pick up running the scout team. He said he’s “licking his chops” to get the 2015 QB competition underway and show that he can be a playmaker in Greg Roman’s offense.

“I don’t like to necessarily like to say I’m a playmaker with the running game or I’m a playmaker with the pass game. I believe I can do both. Last year and the first two years, I feel like I did a little of that. I showed glitz and glares of what I can do but I want to do it on a consistent basis and I really think that starts with truly understanding our offense and truly mastering the offense and really being an

extension of coach Roman. I have to know the offense better or just as good as he does.” Manuel said “When I went into the offseason this year, I really just wanted to focus on the accuracy and just be on-point. I wanted to come into camp with confidence knowing that if there’s a ball in my hand, wherever I want to put this ball on the field, I can do it. That’s why I went and met with Steve (DeBerg) and he helped me get to that point.”

Former NFL QB Steve DeBerg worked with EJ Manuel during the offseason on his accuracy. DeBerg was a guest on the John Murphy Show Monday night.

Sticking with the offense, we caught up with offensive line coach Aaron Kromer. Kromer joins Rex Ryan’s staff after he was the offensive coordinator in Chicago. Kromer talked about his first impressions of Buffalo, why he feels it’s important to work close with Greg Roman to get a complete understanding of the offense, and his limited interaction with the players thus far. Kromer also shared his philosophy for building a strong offensive line group.

kromer-5-ol-open-story“What we try to stress is that guys help each other. It’s not me against you or I’m trying to beat you out. Yeah, there is competition to see who is playing but as they’re doing that, they’re helping the guy next to them get better. They’re helping the guy behind them, the guy in front of them to hone their skills because you never know who will end up playing or who is going to have to play if you get hurt or if you are the starter. So, what this has allowed us to do is have more success as a group because everybody is unselfishly working together. We find that we have more success and more guys make the Pro Bowl because of that thought process.”

To hear all of that and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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DeBerg: “I expect really big things from EJ” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 13, 2015 – 9:18 pm


Players return from their long weekend for another week of voluntary workouts. On Monday afternoon, the assistant coaches spoke with the media regarding their first few interactions with the players and how their systems are being implemented. We heard from both defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman and offensive coordinator Greg Roman, which led us to tonight’s topic of discussion. We asked the listeners, with the emphasis on a ground-and-pound approach, does that change with the playmaking additions of Percy Harvin and Charles Clay?

romanGreg Roman took some time afterwards to sit down in-studio and talk about his time so far here in Buffalo, his relationship with head coach Rex Ryan, and his unique approach he took to get to where he is now in the NFL. He also praised the offseason approach Doug Whaley and owners Kim and Terry Pegula took to supply his offense with added weapons.

“Gosh, our front office has done a great job of collecting great players at their respected positions and the challenge for us now is to get in-sync and to get that chemistry where everybody knows what to do and how to do it to build a really good working relationship. Percy (Harvin) is such a multi-dimensional threat. Charles (Clay) is the same thing, pretty versatile and LeSean (McCoy) is the same thing, a weapon out of the backfield either handing it off to him, throwing it to him. You’re talking about guys that can make some big plays anytime they touch the ball.”

manuel picAt the top of the first hour, we reached out to Steve DeBerg, the former NFL quarterback who is now spending his time coaching quarterbacks. Bills QB EJ Manuel spent part of his offseason working with DeBerg, specifically when it comes to his throwing motion. DeBerg spoke highly of the Bills third year QB and says he “seriously expects really big things from EJ this year.” He went on to discuss what they worked on the past few months down in Tampa, Florida.

“We worked on his throwing motion and then studied guys like Aaron Rodgers, some really unique passers from today and in the past and whatever they do and what makes them exceptional throwers. There are some areas that EJ can improve on to improve his ability to throw the football and to be honest, he has improved tremendously. I’m looking forward to him really having tremendous success.”

We also listened in the NFL Network’s pre-draft conference call with draft analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis. To hear that and the rest of Monday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Chris Gragg: Comparing himself to Charles Clay

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 9, 2015 – 9:32 pm


The Bills wrapping up their first week of voluntary workouts. They will resume activities next Monday. We began the show hearing from LeSean McCoy and his first impressions of working out with his new teammates, getting a fresh start, and the added talent on the Bills roster. That led us to the topic of the night. We asked the listeners, who will have the most rushing touchdowns this season?

CM7_6840It’s a new look for the Bills tight end group with the departures of Scott Chandler and Lee Smith. The addition of Charles Clay along with the return of Marqueis Gray and Chris Gragg leaves the team with a pretty solid group. Gragg sat down with us in studio to discuss his return from injury, feeding off a fairly positive 2014 season, and his comparison to new teammate Charles Clay.

“I don’t feel there’s a difference. I feel like me and him do the same things. My short time in the league, I’ve been asked to play a lot of positions. I’ve played fullback, H-back, tight end, I’ve been split out a little bit and he’s done the same things down there in Miami. That’s one of the things Greg Roman wants us to know is that us at tight ends, he wants athletic tight ends and that we’re going to be moving all around.”

reich-chargersAt the top of the second hour we were joined by former Bills backup QB and now Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich. Reich is gearing up to host the annual Call to Courage Awards Breakfast which will go to this year’s recipient, former Bills tight end Scott Chandler. He went on to discuss the current situation in San Diego and the recent rumors that the team is looking to trade quarterback Phillip Rivers. Reich also discussed the team’s recent acquisition in Stevie Johnson and what he will add to the offense.

Finally, we reached out to founder and editor of, Liz Panucci. Panucci talked about starting the website from her fanhood of the NFL growing up a Miami Dolphins fan. The site has female correspondents for teams all over the league and Panucci talked about how the site has been a voice for a growing number of female football fans.


“This is really such a great platform for women to share what they have to say and not feel repressed in any way, shape, or form. They’re all loving it and we actually call it the sisterhood because the NFL has the brotherhood so we’re the sisterhood of the NFLFemale and we’re all sisters and it’s a lot of fun and some smart, smart ladies. ”



Bills head coach Rex Ryan throwing up the first pitch at the Bisons this afternoon and caught up with him after to get his comments. We also went over today’s release of the preseason schedule. To hear that and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Bills FB Knox: “I have to pinch myself” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 8, 2015 – 9:27 pm


Quiet day around One Bills Drive as the team continues their offseason voluntary workouts. We began the show with the news around the NFL, which included the league announcing their nine new officials for 2015. On that list is Sarah Thomas, the league’s first full-time female official. We heard from Thomas via conference call she did this afternoon. We went on to our discussion of the night dealing with the quarterbacks. We asked the listeners, with EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, Tyrod Taylor, and Jeff Tuel on the current roster, does the team need to find another QB in the draft? Various responses on that topic tonight.

KnoxWestern New York native and University at Buffalo grad Corey Knox joined the show at the bottom of the first hour. The fullback joined the Bills as a futures signing back in December. He’s here this week working out getting used to the NFL atmosphere. Knox grew up a Bills fan and admits he’s a fan of The John Murphy Show. He talked about being here and what it means to be on the same field with the players he grew up watching.

“A dream come true would probably be an understatement. I know I have a lot of work to do but every day when I get in I have to pinch myself and then I give myself a little slap in the face just to wake up and realize that it’s not a dream. It’s exciting to be able to be side-by-side with guys like Fred Jackson and Kyle Williams. It’s unbelievable. They’ve done such a fantastic job over their careers and it’s just an honor for me to be able to give them everything I have. Those guys are deserving of a championship and I’m going to give it everything I have for those guys and for this city.”

Next up, we returned to draft talk with a familiar name to the show, ESPN Draft Analyst Kevin Weidl. Weidl discussed the quarterback class beyond Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota and says that there isn’t a guy there worth taking that could be projected a future starter in the NFL. Weidl went on to talk about the Bills’ needs, specifically when it comes to the offensive line. He mentioned Laken Tomlinson from Duke and Tre’ Jackson from Florida State as players he likes to shore up the offensive line.


To hear more in-depth draft talk from Weidl and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Incognito: “My last bite at the apple” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 8, 2015 – 8:38 am


Back on the air to kick off another week. Players in and around the building as offseason workouts roll on. We began the show with the news of the day which included a free agent visit from safety Dawan Landry. On Monday, players spoke to the media. We heard from both Richie Incognito and Percy Harvin for the first time since their signings. They both are looking to reestablish their careers in the NFL, which led us to tonight’s topic asking the listeners, how many chances should a player with a troubled past get?

Richie Incognito picSpeaking of Incognito, he sat down with us to kick off our guest list for the night. He talked about his time here in Buffalo back in 2009 and the events that followed down in Miami that led to his suspension. Incognito opened up about what he has learned since and why he feels this is his last chance to prove himself, his “last bite at the apple.” He went on to discuss what he will bring to the offensive line, especially in the run game, which he admits is the strength of his game.

“I’m a mauler in the run game. I get after people. I’m physical for four quarters. I bring a nasty disposition to the game and that’s what you have to have to run the football. You have to have an attitude. Running the football is all about mentality and I have the right mentality for it.”

S Carolina Florida FootballNext up, we were joined by’s NFL Draft Insider Rob Rang. Rang gave an overall analysis of this year’s draft class. He talked about the possible needs for Buffalo and what possible players he sees as a fit at 50th overall. One player mentioned, considering the depth of this year’s draft, was AJ Cann, offensive lineman from South Carolina,’s top-rated guard.

“His ability, in my opinion, could be a plug and play option. A guy, because he’s a four year starter, because he started all four seasons at left guard but also did a lot of work at right guard and at center during his pro day workout, teams are feeling increasingly comfortable with the possibility that he might be able to play any one of those three interior positions. At number fifty overall, I think you’re going with the best player available and AJ Cann, in my opinion, can be among those players if available.

We rounded out the show hearing from quarterback EJ Manuel. He talked about having a clean slate with the new coaching staff and what he’s been working on during the offseason. To hear that and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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“I’ll be a Buffalo Bill–only” -Kyle Williams

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 7, 2015 – 4:15 pm

The offseason saw another contract restructuring for Bills DT Kyle Williams. And Williams doesn’t know how much longer he’ll play. But he’s sure that when he retires, he’ll retire as a Buffalo Bill.

“No matter what happens, if they run me out the door in a year, or two or three, or I’m done, this will be my last stop,” he said as the Bills voluntary conditioning program got started this week. “I’m excited about that. To be where I belong–I started here and to end here is going to be a special thing.”

“I’m not putting a cap on it. I’ve got three years left. Maybe it’s more than that. Either way, I’ll be a Buffalo Bill—only,” Williams said emphatically.

The veteran lineman says it’s not just the Bills, it’s the community that has made an impact on he and his family.

“It means everything to me,” Williams said. “I’ve had the opportunity to be here, to start my family here. I’ve got five kids now. It’s really a place that has a special place in my heart for me and my wife.”


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Kyle: “You don’t go in expecting bad things from people”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 7, 2015 – 3:30 pm

The Bills got national attention in the last few months when they signed a couple of veteran free agents who’ve had trouble in the past. Guard Richie Incognito and WR Percy Harvin reportedly have had locker room issues and both have bounced around the league somewhat.

But Bills veteran Kyle Williams is certain there’s enough locker room leadership in Buffalo to prevent any problems from any new additions to the roster.

“We have a really good locker room,” Williams said this week at the start of the team’s voluntary offseason conditioning program. “A great mix of guys who are important to one another, guys that the game is important to them. Those guys coming in, they’ll see that.”

Williams has been selected a Bills team captain in each of the last four years. And he’s convinced Incognito and Harvin will not disrupt team chemistry.

“Richie was already here, he was a great teammate here,’ he said. “I haven’t been around Percy, but you talk to guys on the Jets last year and they say he was a great teammate there.”

“You don’t go in expecting bad things from people. You expect them to be great teammates and play hard and to care about what’s going on. They’ll get a vibe from the locker room and they’ll see what’s in that locker room. I’m excited to have them. They’re both great players and they’re going to help us win.”

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Some veteran guidance for EJ Manuel

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 7, 2015 – 2:45 pm

As he goes into his third year, Bills QB EJ Manuel has sought advice from a quarterback with one of the longest tenures at the position in recent NFL history.

Manuel revealed this week that he spent a considerable amount of offseason workout time with longtime vet Steve DeBerg. Based in the Tampa, Fla. area, DeBerg spent 21-seasons in the NFL with the Niners, Broncos, Bucs, Chiefs, Dolphins and Falcons. He led the Chiefs to two playoff appearances, and he remains in the top-20 all time in NFL history in passing attempts, completions, and yardage.

Since retiring from playing in 1998, DeBerg has been a quarterback coach with the Falcons and Giants. And he’s participated in a number of quarterback development camps.

EJ Manuel says he’s worked with DeBerg on improving his throwing motion.

“I don’t want to say I’ve changed my throwing motion but I’ve been working with Steve DeBerg pretty much since January,” Manuel said this week. “We’ve studied a bunch of the elite passers in the game. They all throw the ball, not necessarily the same exact way, but certain types of ways. I’ve been working on that since January. I think I have it down now.”

Manuel spent the last few weeks throwing with teammate Chris Hogan at a private facility in New Jersey. And he says Hogan has noticed how well EJ is throwing the ball.

“‘Hoag’  said he saw the difference,” according to Manuel. “Once we start getting out here in minicamps you guys will be able to see it as well. My confidence is extremely high and I want to keep it that way.”


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Silva: “These Guys Are Playmakers”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 2, 2015 – 10:47 pm


As we approach Easter Weekend, excitement is slowly building around One Bills Drive.  Players return on monday for offseason workouts, and the draft is edging closer and closer.  We asked the listeners tonight what their biggest concerns going in to offseason workouts are.  As expected, the responses mainly surrounded the Quarterback and Offensive Line positions, but also included some concerns on the defensive side of the ball at safety and linebacker.

Although we are now in April, March Madness is far from over.  With the Blue Devils of Duke University in the final four, we reached out to proud Duke alumni and current Bills DB, Ross Cockrell.  We obviously spoke with him about the upcoming Duke basketball matchup against Michigan St. but in addition we spoke with him about his time at Duke, his continued pursuit of a Masters Degree and about his level of excitement regarding returning to Buffalo for offseason workouts this coming monday.

“I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to get back.  I’m excited.  I’m looking forward to it.  I know we have a great team and I’m excited to see what we’re going to do this year.”

As our next guest, we were joined by long time NFL reporter and current Sirius XM NFL show host Howard Balzer.  Howard discussed an array of topics including the biggest concerns for Bills fans in 2015, the free agency moves and spending thus far and even the hiring of Rex Ryan.  He has always been a fan of Coach Ryan and expects good things from him in

“I think that was an excellent hire by the Bills.  Is it his last job? Who knows. If he does a good job there and they start getting in to those playoff hunts consistently, he could be there for a long time.”

Rex RyanLastly, with the aforementioned draft seemingly right around the corner and continuing fan concerns with the QB and OL positions, we brought in Senior Football Editor for, Evan Silva, to discuss the biggest draft needs for the Bills.  In a recent article on, Silva outlined the Bills’ needs and listed quarterback as the No.1 need and offensive line at No. 2.  Throughout the rest of the interview, Silva was emphatic that the Bills have most of the pieces in place to be very successful in 2015.

“These guys are playmakers.  The supporting cast and the roster of talent is strong.  I think it’s quite a bit stronger than last year.  They tried to use a similar formula last year and it didn’t work, but I think they’re in a better position to make that formula work this year.”

To hear all of the above and the rest of thursday’s show, click here.

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Simms: Most Talented Roster In The NFL

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 31, 2015 – 9:45 pm


A quiet day at One Bills Drive as we round out the month of March. Free Agency winds down as we approach the NFL Draft, now just four weeks away. With plenty of offseason additions already, we asked the listeners their thoughts on the talent pool on the Bills roster and where they may rank in the NFL? Plenty of responses throughout the night.

mccoy picOn that topic, we decided to reach out to former NFL quarterback and now Bleacher Report NFL analyst Chris Simms. In the site’s recent videocast on, Simms discussed why he thinks the Bills might just have the most talented roster in the NFL. He also said that the Bills are ready to contend and could be a 2015 playoff sleeper.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that they can contend. We need just average quarterback play. That’s all you’re really going to need with this team because I do expect you guys to be able to run the football with the running backs and the talent on the line. Some of the explosiveness at wide receiver and I have zero question about your defense. Your defense is going to keep you in every game.”

We were then joined by Bills tight end MarQueis Gray who is looking forward to his return for his second season in Buffalo. Gray returns with the rest of his teammates next week for voluntary offseason workouts. He discussed his anticipated role in 2015 and the addition of Charles Clay to the tight end group.

Marqueis Gray pic“He is very athletic. He’s a great tight end. He’s a great pass catcher also. He’s got both of those traits and I feel like our whole tight end room has just gotten better with him being a part of our Bills.”

Rounding out the show we took a listen back to an interview we did with Bills head trainer Bud Carpenter as his staff was recently awarded as the NFL’s top athletic training staff in 2014. With March being National Athletic Training Month we thought it was fitting to listen back to the Bills staff’s reaction to the honor.

To hear that and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.



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Connors: Bills are “one of the hunted”-JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 27, 2015 – 9:33 pm

Wrapping up the week here at One Bills Drive. A quiet day around the building and the league. We asked the listeners tonight to give their wish list for the season opener and which team they would like to see the Bills open up against. There were plenty of responses from Rex vs. the Jets, to kicking off the season with the Patriots, to even a matchup with Kiko Alonso and the Philadelphia Eagles.

kevin connorsSpeaking of the Bills schedule, the Bills have opened up their 2015 Bills Schedule Challenge, where you can attempt to correctly predict all 16-games and the bye week. ESPN SportsCenter anchor and a huge Bills fan Kevin Connors gave it a shot. Connors called in at the top of the second hour to discuss plotting out the Bills season and why he thinks the Bills are going to take the next step after their offseason moves.

“The changes that we’ve made, this roster, when you look around the NFL, there are not a whole lot of rosters better than what we have. Now, you can win the offseason and that doesn’t mean anything when week one rolls around but for a change we’re going into the season one of the hunted. I look forward to having that reputation around here at ESPN for a while.”

Bills safety Duke Williams joined us as well. Williams has been hard at work during this offseason out in Nevada and is looking forward to interacting with the new coaching staff when the players report for their voluntary workouts on April 6th. He talked about that and reuniting with defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson. With the recent departure of Da’Norris Searcy in free agency, Williams has a chance to slip into that open spot at safety. He talked about filling that starting role.


“I think it’s that time. We weren’t able to keep Da’Norris and I think it’s time for me to step up and be that guy this year. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been working towards it and that’s what I expect coming into 2015.”

Rounding out the show, we reached out to Toronto Sun NFL Reporter John Kryk. Kryk spent this past week at the NFL Owner’s Meetings tempAP864413705456--nfl_mezz_1280_1024in Arizona where he gathered information on the possibility of relocation in the NFL. From Clark Hunt, owner of the Chiefs to Bills owner Terry Pegula, owners spoke of the discussion to have a team across the border.

“Three owners told me independently that the Toronto market is a market they’d like to get to. It’s just, as always, the big ‘how.’ How do we get there? There are a lot of obstacles in the way.” Kryk said. “The biggest problem with Toronto right now, as is in LA for the past twenty years, is that the NFL is not going to come unless there is an NFL worthy stadium but no one is going to build an NFL worthy stadium unless the NFL is going to come.”

To hear more from Kryk and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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JMS From Duff’s Famous Wings in Niagara Falls

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 24, 2015 – 11:11 pm


We took the show on the road Tuesday evening. We set up shop at Duff’s Famous Wings on Niagara Falls Boulevard. A big crowd on-hand to receive plenty of giveaways and to have their say on the show sharing their Bills related thoughts and opinions.

IMG_2064Former Bills All-Pro guard Ruben Brown was in attendance to sign autographs and etched out some time to sit down with us. Brown will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in December from his years playing at Pitt. He shared his humble response to that honor. Brown has been a close observer of the Bills this offseason and talked about the current needs up front on the offensive line.

Joining Ruben Brown was special teams ace/Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker. Tasker joined us at the top of the second hour. Of course he’s qualified to talk about special teams and he discussed the improvement that was seen from the Bills unit last season and his thoughts on standout performer Marcus Easley. He also talked about how it was Marv Levy who taught him the interworking’s of playing the special teams position. Tasker went on to weigh in on the Bills free agent acquisitions, including Percy Harvin and Charles Clay. He also said that the Bills are prime to “win big.”

Finally, speaking of newly signed tight end Charles Clay, he joined us to round out the show. Clay talked about the whole process of having the transition tag placed on him and the courting the Bills did to bring him to Buffalo. He said “he couldn’t be happier” to be here. He also talked about why he chose to come to a team that is on the upswing after numerous changes this offseason.

“It was huge. Buffalo was always a team I absolutely hated playing against. I hated going to Buffalo because I knew how rowdy the stadium got. I knew how tough that defense was and then to have a guy like Rex Ryan come in, who players love to play for and then see the moves he made on offense, getting LeSean McCoy, getting Percy Harvin, and even bringing in my guy Richie Incognito to go with some of the weapons they already have in Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins. It’s impressive. Then you bring in a veteran quarterback to come in and compete with a young quarterback. It will be an exciting time. I can’t wait.”


To hear more from Clay and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show from Duff’s Famous Wings in Niagara Falls, click here.

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Lal: “Most competitive guy I’ve been around”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 19, 2015 – 9:46 pm

More news from One Bills Drive to begin tonight’s show. Charles Clay has officially signed his offer sheet from the team and the Dolphins will not match that offer, confirming the next weapon added to the Bills offense. We asked the listeners to weigh in on the Clay move and also pitched for their thoughts on the possible rule changes that could come up for discussion at next week’s NFL Owners Meetings. There was plenty of reaction on that topic, specifically on what should be in play for video replay.

Yesterday, the move for wide receiver Percy Harvin was announced. Bills wide receiver coach Sanjay Lal sat down in studio to talk about Harvin. The two were both in New York last season and Lal discussed their relationship. He said the versatile wide receiver is one of the “most competitive guys” he’s been around. He talked about Harvin’s competitive nature.

percy-harvin-story“He practices extremely hard and when he has the ball in his hands he finishes the run, puts his shoulder down to deliver a blow, never wants to come out of the game.”

Lal went on to say that Harvin has all the tools to be a polished outside receiver. He also went down the list of other guys on the roster including Sammy Watkins, saying the sky is the limit for the second year wide-out and that no limits will be placed on him.

As free agency begins to wind down, we reached out to Steve Palazzolo from Pro Football Focus. He recently had a post on the site recapping and grading the free agent moves in the AFC East. Palazzolo was impressed by the moves by all the teams in the division, including the Bills, who he says have surrounded their quarterback with plenty of offensive weapons.

Finally, Ben Austro from joined the show to discuss the possible rule changes up for debate at next week’s Owners Meetings. He mentioned the possibility of what could be done with video replay and also touched on the hot topic of the catch/no-catch scenarios. To hear the complete Ben Austro interview and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Felton: “I’m the real Secret Service” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 13, 2015 – 9:16 pm

Rounding out the first week of NFL Free Agency. We began the show with ongoing reports from around the league and from back here at One Bills Drive. That includes the official announcement of the team extending defensive tackle Kyle Williams. There are also reports that the team has signed WR Percy Harvin. We brought on Vikings color analyst and former NFL linebacker Pete Bercich who weighed in on Harvin and his time in Minnesota. Bercich also talked about former Viking and now Bills additions, Matt Cassel and Jerome Felton.

DSC_3694Speaking of Felton, he was introduced as the team’s new fullback on Wednesday. He sat down with us on Friday to discuss his reason for opting out of his contract in Minnesota and the decision to sign a free agent deal in Buffalo, adding “The Bills want a winning program here and they want to win now and I’m happy to be a part of it.” Felton also discussed his role in the offensive, leading the way for new RB LeSean McCoy.

“When the running backs are having a lot of success or getting 200-yards, 150-yards, or averaging five yards a carry, those are the things that get me excited. I take it real seriously but I joke around and say I’m the real secret service! So he’s (McCoy) safe now. We’re going to have a good time and we got to chat it up a little bit and we’re both excited to get to work and get in here and turn this into a winning franchise.”

Last week we caught up with Cyrus Kouandjio who has been training in Arizona under LeCharles Bentley at his O-line Performance Training Academy. We decided to reach out to LeCharles to get a lowdown on his program and why he personally selects who he will train, picking out those players who have the “it factor.” Bentley was very energetic in describing why he wants to work with players like Cyrus Kouandjio.

kouandjio“You end up being with a guy like Cyrus that has all the tangibles but he also has that one thing I just can’t put my finger on and it’s that ‘it’ factor. If you can get that ‘it’ factor to mesh with the tangibles, now you have something special and that’s the beautiful part about offensive linemen. LeCharles said. “I love seeing young guys like Cyrus learn and grow from their mistakes and that’s something I pride myself on is being able to provide an opportunity and an environment for these young guys to grow.”

We circled back to free agency and called on former NFL scout and contributor to National Football Post, Greg Gabriel. Gabriel shared his thoughts on the Bills moves, stating that LeSean McCoy is a “huge” addition on the roster. He went on to talk about scouting talent and finding ascending players to fit a specific system in which he talks about in his recent article on National Football Post How Clubs Prepare for Free Agency. To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Taylor: Comparing Super Bowl Ravens to Bills

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 12, 2015 – 9:19 pm

More news from One Bills Drive as free agency rolls along. On Thursday, the team announced they’ve retained special teamer Marcus Easley. They also brought in more quarterback competition as they signed former Ravens QB Tyrod Taylor. Taylor signed on the dotted line and then joined us in-studio. He discussed his time in Baltimore backing up Joe Flacco and feels after 4-years he’s ready to compete here in Buffalo. He went on to talk about what he can bring to the Bills quarterback group.

DSC_3761“My athleticism really stands out. By the numbers and just from watching tape, you can tell I’m comfortable moving but I’m also comfortable with throwing the football and that’s the thing I have to prove and continue to show to people and to coaches.”

Taylor touched on his relationship with EJ Manuel growing up in Virginia and compared this year’s Bills team to the Super Bowl winning squad he was on in Baltimore.

As mentioned above, Marcus Easley comes back for his fifth season. He joined us at the top of the second hour to discuss his uphill path to get to where he is now, which includes spending most of his first two seasons on injured reserve and even getting placed on the practice squad. Today, Easley is an important part of the Bills special teams unit. He talked about his approach to playing the position.

“I approach it as if I’m going to battle or getting in a fight. It’s definitely not going to be me so it’s got to be him. I have to take him out. It doesn’t matter who they put back there but I also have ten other guys that think like me that believe in the same thing I believe. It’s all attitude and it’s a mindset.”

Finally, NFL Network Reporter Steve Wyche joined us to recap the wild first few days of free agency and the news from around the league on Thursday. Wyche also talked about what Buffalo has done so far and said the national media is intrigued with they’re moves and called LeSean McCoy “a gamebreaker.” To hear that and the rest of The John Murphy Show from Thursday, click here.

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Matt Cassel: “Let’s Go Buf-fa-lo!”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on March 11, 2015 – 4:08 pm

It was a special 3-hour afternoon edition of The John Murphy on Wednesday. It is day two of NFL Free Agency and the Bills remain busy. We began the show with the news of the day that included a handful of confirmed free agent visits. We then went straight into the official DSC_3581introduction of quarterback Matt Cassel, whose trade from Minnesota was made official yesterday. An upbeat Cassel met with the media and afterwards stopped by our studio to discuss the trade, his path in the NFL, and why he and his family are excited to be moving here to Buffalo.

“My agent called and said I’ve been acquired in a trade. At first you always go, what just happened? You really aren’t expecting it. Then as soon as I found out I was coming to Buffalo, there was a lot of excitement. My wife and I were super excited. We started playing the theme (Shout) song on the phone for the kids. Let’s Go Buf-fa-lo! I love it! We were all fired up. We were also just excited about a new opportunity and right now with what’s going on with the Bills, with the team, Coach Ryan, offensively for me Coach Roman, I just think there’s a lot of good energy and a lot of good players coming in here.”

Fullback Jerome Felton also signed on the dotted line with the team on Wednesday. Felton makes his way from Minnesota and had his press conference which we listened in to as well.

General Manager Doug Whaley etched out some time from his busy schedule to recap day one of Free Agency here at One Bills Drive and also explain the wild moves we saw around the league on Tuesday. He shared his thoughts on the trades for Matt Cassel and LeSean McCoy and the free agent visits. Whaley also discussed how his headDSC_3341 coach and the owners have played a big role in these offseason dealings.

“No doubt about it. It’s not only Rex Ryan but the whole staff. I’ll tell you the truth, the way the Pegulas relate to players makes everybody at ease and even the players.” Whaley said “I’m telling you, they’re (Pegulas) unbelievable owners and the best I’ve been around so far.”

Kick off specialist Jordan Gay called in to round out the show. He talked about his extension with the team, staying together with the rest of his teammates on the unit, and the role he plays in making the special teams group an important part of the team.

Bills Insider Chris Brown also stopped by to recap and weigh in on the Bills moves, what he took from the Matt Cassel press conference, and look ahead to the rest of the offseason for the team. To hear that and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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