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Don Banks – “A good year for the Bills” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 30, 2014 – 9:18 pm



All quiet around One Bills Drive as the players departed after Monday’s locker clean out. Head coach Doug Marrone and GM Doug Whaley recapped the season on Monday and touched on various issues dealing with the offensive struggles, Sammy Watkins, and striving to get better in 2015. We asked the listeners what their favorite moment was from the 2014 season, on the field or off the field? There was plenty of feedback on that topic tonight.

Kyle Orton

Speaking of lasting memories from the 2014 season, we dialed up Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks, who recently wrote an article on the site that dealt with this past Bills season, which he says was “A Good Year for the Bills.” He discussed the offseason and in season moments the team dealt with from the passing of Ralph Wilson, Jr., to new owners Terry and Kim Pegula assuring the team staying in Western New York, to the snow storm that moved the team out of Ralph Wilson Stadium.


“To me, from start to finish it was a challenging of a year as any NFL team had and then you throw the snow storm on top of that, having to dig out of that and prospered. 9-7, not the playoffs but a pretty solid step forward in Buffalo.”


Our next guest signed a futures contract with the team on Tuesday. Chris Manhertz sat down with us in-studio to discuss the transition from a basketball player at Canisius College to a hopeful career in the NFL as a tight end. With his limited football experience, he’s looking up at other players in the league that made the same jump.

mahertz pic

“The opportunity presented itself and I really had to sit down and think about, you know, if this could be done. By all means am I where I want to be yet. It’s just the beginning of the road. I look at guys like Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham who have little to no football experience prior to the NFL and they are out there doing their thing. I look at them as role models and say if they can do it I can do it.”


Manhertz says he continues to work on the field and in the weight room to make it a smooth transition.


To hear more from Manhertz and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Simms: Bills Defense “Tops in the NFL” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 18, 2014 – 8:21 pm



Inching towards Sunday’s game in Oakland. We loaded tonight’s show with plenty of material to get you ready. We began with the news of the day, including an update on running back C.J. Spiller which was one of the topics in tonight’s edition of Around the Locker Room. We also heard from head coach Doug Marrone on the team’s offense.


Calling the game on the TV side of things is former NFL quarterback Chris Simms who will be alongside his broadcast partner Brian Anderson on the CBS Network. Simms is also the lead NFL analyst for Bleacher Report and joined us by phone to talk about this weekend’s matchup including what he sees from the Bills defense. He called the unit the “top defense in the NFL” and had high praise for the defensive line. Simms then switched gears to talk about the Raiders and their rookie linebacker Khalil Mack.

Khalil Mack

“In the run game, he’s unbelievable. He’s a total mismatch against tight ends. He throws them around like they’re rag dolls. He’s of course strong and powerful to hold up against offensive tackles as well. He’s a good pass rusher that’s only getting better as the season goes along. He’s truly a dominant force on that side of the ball.”


To hear the complete interview with Simms and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Kyle Williams: Blood, sweat, and tears – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 17, 2014 – 9:33 pm



The team began gearing up for their road tilt with the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. We began the show asking the viewers their thoughts on the team and how they are adjusting to meaningful games late in the season? We then heard from President Russ Brandon, who spoke about head coach Doug Marrone and his efforts to change the culture here at One Bills Drive. Post-practice, we caught up with players and served up another edition of Around the Locker Room.


After the fired up post-game speech he gave to his teammates following the Packers game, Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams joined us in studio to share his thoughts on this year’s team. Williams discussed his feelings on playing meaningful games late in the season and why this season has meant so much to him after being around the organization for the past 9-seasons.

Kyle Williams

“It means everything to me. It really does. A lot of years of just really pushing it and I’ve really just been trying to play as hard as I possibly can for my teammates, for our organization, and for our fan base who deserves it. I’m really going to cherish this moment and like I said, I don’t want to let it pass by. I don’t want to miss an opportunity. I want to know that I’ve done everything that I could and not that I haven’t in the past but being in this position, really, really trying to drive and keeps guys into it. It means everything to me. There’s been a lot of work, blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into getting to this point, almost a decade later and I’m going to go out Sunday and do what I’ve always done.”


Williams also discussed the rotation along the defensive line, his relationship with teammate Marcell Dareus, and why their defense has been so successful under coordinator Jim Schwartz.


At the top of the hour, Bills HOF running back Thurman Thomas returned to the show. Thomas has been fully engaged with this year’s team and shared his excitement with their possible playoff chances. He weighed in on tonight’s topic on if the fans are accustomed to losing seasons and now are having a hard time adjusting to a winning season.

fans pic

“As being a fan now and being retired for 13, 14 years, I don’t want to be like that now as a fan. I want these games to mean home field advantage, a first round bye, a playoff game here. I want to be a fan of that now even though I’m a former player, I’m a fan and would love to see the turnaround happen with this group that we have right now.”


Thomas went on to discuss the possible return of running back C.J. Spiller and his thoughts on the offense.


Finally, former Bills and Raiders linebacker Kirk Morrison called in to discuss this weekend’s matchup. Morrison is now an NFL on Fox analyst and said he’s happy to see his former team on the rise but is torn on who to root for this weekend in Oakland. He talked about the Raiders struggling transition and what they can hang their hat on, specifically University at Buffalo grad and rookie LB Khalil Mack. When it came to the Bills, Morrison said he’s been raving about the team as of late, specifically when it comes to their defense. If the Bills can get themselves into the playoffs, Morrison says they’re a team “he does not want to play.”


To hear that and the entire John Murphy Show from Wednesday, click here.

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Spiller: “Excited to be back with the guys” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 16, 2014 – 10:03 pm



On the road for tonight’s podcast. NOCO Express at 1898 Whitehaven Road on Grand Island welcomed us into their new location. We were joined by Bills running back C.J. Spiller, who made an appearance for a meet and greet with the fans in attendance.


We began the show with the news of the day from back at One Bills Drive and around the NFL. We heard from head coach Doug Marrone who spoke to the media a day after the team’s win over the Packers. Marrone discussed the standout play of defensive end Mario Williams and the struggles up front on the offensive line.


Spiller then etched out some time from signing autographs to sit down with us and discuss his anticipated return to the active roster following a clavicle injury back in week 7. He talked about his time off, which he used to get a different “mental aspect of the game.” Spiller is now excited to rejoin his teammates, especially when the team still has something to play for this late into the season.


“That’s why we play this game, to be in the position we are in right now to have a chance to win games to be able to get to the postseason. To not be able to play in these previous games, it’s been tough because that’s why you put all the hard work in the offseason and all the work leading up to training camp, to be able to put yourself in this position. Now, I have the opportunity to do that against Oakland.


We then took fan questions from those on-site. To hear that and the rest of The John Murphy Show from Tuesday, click here.

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Robey: “He’s the best QB in the NFL” – JMS 12/10

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 10, 2014 – 9:31 pm


We’ve hit the middle of the week. Wednesday is the day the team turns their attention to the next opponent. With the Packers coming into town, there was plenty of talk in the locker room on defending Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense, which was featured in tonight’s version of Around the Locker Room. We then hit the news of the day which included Fred Jackson being awarded the team’s 2014 Walter Payton Man of the Year. Also, reaction from the NFL’s new personal conduct policy.

Nickell Robey, Greg Jennings

Our first guest at the bottom of the hour was defensive back Nickell Robey. Robey talked about his role in this year’s defense, adding that he has improved immensely when it comes to his coverage skills noting that they are now “second-to-none.” He also gave his opinion on why this year’s defense has been so successful, alluding to the accountability that each player has on that side of the ball. We then switched gears to this week’s home finale at Ralph Wilson Stadium against the Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who Robey called “the best quarterback in the NFL.”


“We expect a lot when we’re home. We know the communication for their offense is going to be tough because our crowd is magnificent. Our fans are second-to-none so if we can disturb their communication on that side and get them looking at different things and get them thinking one thing but we’re also doing something else underneath and if we can get them thinking that, the edge of the game will definitely shift.”


At the top of the first hour, we were joined by Tyler Dunne, the Packers beat reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Dunne talked about Sunday’s matchup from Green Bay’s point of view, dealing with both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. We began by getting his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers’ play this season and why the QB has been so successful running the Packers offense.

Aaron Rodgers

“It’s just the fact that he’s not going to put the ball in harm’s way. That’s really unprecedented for him. What makes him different from the Tom Brady’s and the Peyton Manning’s is that ability to extend the play, use his legs, and do something outside of the pocket. There was a play against New England where Bill Belichick was scratching his head after the game because they (Patriots) had everybody covered. They had Nelson covered. They had Cobb covered. It was a second and eighteen, the screen pass was covered, and then Rodgers takes off on the run and gains seventeen yards. Even if you do everything perfectly defensively, he can still find that one weakness that you have defensively.


Dunne did mention that Packers quarterbacks coach and former Bills QB Alex Van Pelt is one of the reasons Rodgers is having such an effective 2014 season.


Finally, Andy Major, the Bills VP of Operations and Guest Experience rejoined us to talk about prepping the stadium for the fans this Sunday. Major took listener calls to answer their questions and concerns specifically when it comes to entry into the stadium and parking. He also talked about the “Responsibility Bowl” and the push to encourage from fans to sign up to be a designated driver.


To hear the entire John Murphy Show from Wednesday, click here.

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Thompson: Taking It To the Next Level – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 9, 2014 – 5:15 pm



Quiet day around One Bills Drive as the players had the day off. We began the podcast with the news of the day and we heard from running back Fred Jackson on the current state of the Bills offense and his thoughts on the season moving forward.

Deonte Thompson

Newly signed Bills wide receiver Deonte Thompson joined us in studio. Thompson was claimed off the Baltimore Ravens practice squad on Monday and talked about the process getting to Buffalo. He also discussed his relationship with former Raven and current Bills cornerback Corey Graham. Thompson is hoping to pick up the offense quickly and get on the field to help Buffalo “take it to the next level.” He was asked why Buffalo is a good fit for the next step in his young NFL career.


“It’s more of an opportunity to play. More of an opportunity to get on the field and try to help this team win. That’s the biggest thing. I just want to go somewhere I can fit right in and start rolling.”


Thompson also talked about his specialty of running routes and returning kicks and being part of the Ravens Super Bowl winning team in 2012.


To hear that complete interview and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Searcy: “This is what you signed up for” – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 4, 2014 – 6:30 pm



Another podcast for Thursday but plenty of news around One Bills Drive and around the NFL. We began the show by hearing from the AFC Defensive player of the Month for November, Mario Williams, who talked about the honor after practice. We also went Around the Locker Room as the team continues their prep for this weekend’s game against the Broncos.

searcy pic

Da’Norris Searcy sat down with us in studio to talk about facing Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense on Sunday. He discussed trying to confuse Manning prior the snap and stopping the run game with RB C.J. Anderson. The team, heads into this game coming off of two wins and Searcy discussed the high confidence level they have as they head into the final stretch of the season.


“It’s good to be playing for something in December. I know my first couple years here, it was hard. Last year, a lot of guys could see the turnaround coming and this year we’re just trying to finish strong. That’s the main thing heading into the last four games of the year. We have some elite quarterbacks coming up and it’s going to be great competition, which is always great in the NFL. That’s what you signed up for. It’s going to be good to see what we can do.”


Searcy also talked about the breakout game against the Browns, calling it “the best game of my career” as hauled in two interceptions last Sunday.


To hear the complete John Murphy Show podcast from Thursday, click here.

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Thurman: “Playoffs have started now”-JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 3, 2014 – 9:29 pm


The Bills turn their attention towards the Broncos and Sunday’s game in Denver. We began the show with the news of the day including President Russ Brandon’s announcement that the team and Rogers Communications have terminated the Toronto Series. After practice we got an update from running back C.J. Spiller who made his return to the practice field. We then served up another edition of Around the Locker Room.

Terrance West, Corey GrahamOur first guest, defensive back Corey Graham, sat down in studio to discuss Sunday’s game and facing quarterback Peyton Manning. He talked about the last two games he played against the Broncos, including the 2012 playoff game where he had two interceptions of Manning. It’s a meaningful game in December for the team and Graham talked making a playoff push late in the season and how his big game experience can help with this year’s Bills team.

“That was one of things we talked about before I signed here (in Buffalo). Obviously, they tried to bring in high character guys, guys with leadership, guys who have won at the highest level, and things like that. Everything was factored in when I was brought in here. I continue to go out there and try to lead by example, do the things the right way, and help guys. We have a young defense and a DB group back there, period. I try to help guys and show them how to study, how to go about things, how to prepare, and hopefully how to win.”

huddleAt the top of the first hour, Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas called in to the show. He began by sharing his thoughts on Wednesday’s news that the Bills-Toronto series will end. Thomas said he enjoys going to Toronto but did not feel it was the best atmosphere for a football game, especially for Bills fans. He then moved on to Sunday’s game against the Broncos. He talked about facing Denver and the chance of getting a win to help set the tone for the final month of the season.

“You have a good solid defense. If your offense can score 21, 24 points, or somewhere around there and don’t’ turn the ball over, you have a great opportunity because you’ve been playing great all year long. If you’re going to be able to beat the best and get to your goal which is to go to the playoffs, you’re going to have to beat the best and Peyton Manning is the best or one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. It all starts this Sunday.”

Finally, Broncos sideline reporter Andy Lindahl joined us to preview the game. Lindahl talked about the difference in the Broncos offense this year and why they have focused more of their attention on running the ball and how that may continue Sunday against a strong Buffalo defensive front. He also weighed in on running back C.J. Anderson and his “outstanding individual efforts” the past few weeks and how the Broncos defensive has been a big part of their success.

Peyton Manning, Tamba Hali

To hear all of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Benoit: High Praise for Bills Defense – JMS 12/2

Posted by johnmurphyshow on December 2, 2014 – 5:37 pm



Podcast for tonight’s show. The players have the day off, so not much news coming out from around One Bills Drive. As we put a close to Sunday’s win over the Browns, we heard from head coach Doug Marrone on recent waiver wire pickups Marcus Thigpen and MarQueis Gray. Marrone also discussed the strength of the linebacking group, specifically rookie Preston Brown and Nigel Bradham.

searcy int pic

Andy Benoit, podcast host for Sports Illustrated’s MMQB kept a close eye on the Bills after the win over the Browns. Benoit took a look at this past weekend’s game with his weekly video breakdown. He specifically mentioned the Bills defensive performance and the praise he had after his review especially when it comes to safety Da’Norris Searcy.


“Searcy is a guy no one outside of buffalo talks about. He’s a good box safety and now we’re really seeing that he can play in coverage as well. He’s a really good all-around safety.”


Benoit also commended the linebacker group, including the recent play of Preston Brown. He then went down to the defensive line where he rates defensive end Jerry Hughes as a first team all-pro.


To hear more from Benoit including his thoughts on the offensive side of the ball and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show podcast, click here.



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“Our Plan is to win out” – JMS 11/26

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 26, 2014 – 7:22 pm



The team turned their attention to this weekend’s game against the Browns on Wednesday. We heard from Browns coach Mike Pettine on his return to Ralph Wilson Stadium and his adjustment to being a head coach. After Wednesday’s practice, Bills head coach Doug Marrone and defensive tackle Kyle Williams both spoke about Pettine and the groundwork he laid for their defense.

lawson pic

Bills defensive end Manny Lawson sat down with us in studio. Lawson looked back at the Jets game and talked about his touchdown, recovering the ball in the endzone after the Boobie Dixon blocked punt. We then switched gears to this weekend’s game. Lawson and the rest of his teammates are excited for their return to Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday and hope to carry over the motivation from last week through the rest of the season.


“We have to. We plan on winning out and take everything for what it is. We have to win out to get to where we want to go. We want to go out there and put a show on for our fans and winning at home is going to be a key statement for us especially this week coming off of a win and that’s something we need to improve on.”


Lawson also talked about his season and the switch from linebacker to defensive end and his role on specials teams.


We finished the show recapping the news of the day including reaction from running back Boobie Dixon and his Player of the Week award for his efforts against the Jets. To hear Wednesday’s complete John Murphy Show, click here.





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“An Angry & Dominant Performance” – JMS 11/25

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 25, 2014 – 9:44 pm


Our return to One Bills Drive to recap Monday night’s dominant win over the Jets at Ford Field in Detroit. We began the show hearing from you, the fans and listeners who chimed in with their thoughts and opinions on the game. After the win, we went inside the locker room to shell out another edition of Around the Locker Room. We also recapped all the highlights with our Game Rewind courtesy of Murph’s play-by-play calls.

Bills Insider Chris Brown joined us at the top of the second hour to give his weekly assessment following the team’s latest game. He discussed the Bills offensive output against the Jets, which included successful trips inside the redzone led by quarterback Kyle Orton. Brown also weighed in with his thoughts on the Bills defensive performance, specifically when it came to the play of the Bills defensive line and Mario Williams.


“The one thing we underestimate, in both of the games against the Jets, once (Michael) Vick was in there, Mario Williams was on his blind side. That matchup was probably one of the worst mismatches you’re going to find in the league between a defensive end and an offensive tackle. He (Williams) owned (Breno) Giacomini in both games. There were a couple of plays where they matched him up with a tight end. I was dumbfounded by that adjustment by the Jets and the offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. He split both tight ends and then tossed Michael Vick like a rag doll for his second sack of the game. It was just an angry and dominant performance.”

Brown also talked about the unusual circumstances leading up to the game and the outstanding preparation led by head coach Doug Marrone.

Bills President Russ Brandon addressed the media this morning regarding the preparations for holding Sunday’s game against the Browns at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Brandon says the stadium is “one hundred percent operational.” There were great efforts made over the last few days, led by VP of Operations and Guest Experience Andy Major, who joined us in-studio to round out the show. Major talked about the cleanup process and the job done by the staff on hand including upwards of 500 people who were inside the stadium helping with the snow removal. Major added that the warmer temperatures aided in speeding up the process. He also discussed the ongoing efforts and the plan to have Ralph Wilson Stadium safe for those in attendance come Sunday.

To hear more from Major and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Dissecting Bills at Dolphins – JMS 11/14

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 14, 2014 – 9:24 pm



Recapping Thursday night’s game in Miami. We began with an update from head coach Doug Marrone and defensive back Corey Graham who addressed the media earlier this morning. We looked back at it how it all went down as Murph delivered the highlights with another edition of Game Rewind courtesy of the play-by-play calls on Buffalo Bills Radio. Post game, we headed in the locker room where we caught up with the players and took a trip Around the Locker Room.


Bills Insider Chris Brown, as he always does following a game, joined us in studio to breakdown the game. He began by looking at the possible playoff scenario for the team as they stand with a 5-5 record and shared what the players had to say about their chances. Brown also discussed the ongoing offensive redzone issues as well as the 4th down argument that was brought up again, specifically when the Bills chose to punt the ball from the Miami 47-yard line early in the fourth quarter.

Doug Marrone

“We go back once again to the age old problem with analytics. You cannot look at the percentages and treat them like they are in a vacuum. They are not, especially in football with all the variables. Now, the devil’s advocate would say, with how the offense was struggling, don’t you try to take a chance and hold on to the football and see where you can get? Knowing how much Doug Marrone values field position and how his team has been very good in flipping the field this year and creating advantages in field position, I don’t know if you still don’t punt it anyway. I think you can make an argument for both sides based on the way the game was going but I don’t think it’s tipped so far in favor of one way or the other.”


Brown also looked at where the Dolphins had success against the Bills defense and how Corey Graham can be of help in the backend at cornerback now that Leodis McKelvin will be out a while with his fractured ankle.


All night we were taking your calls to get your thoughts and opinions on Thursday night’s game. To listen to that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.





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Moulds “more than convinced” Bills in Playoffs

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 7, 2014 – 6:05 pm



Yet another jam packed John Murphy Show for you all. Friday brings the last day of practice before Sunday’s game against the Chiefs at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We began the show with an update on both Sammy Watkins and Fred Jackson who are questionable with groin injuries. We also ran down the rest of the news from inside One Bills Drive and around the NFL.

Eric Moulds

Former Bills wide receiver Eric Moulds called in to talk about his return to Buffalo to Lead the Charge before this weekend’s game. Joining us in studio to talk to Moulds was his former teammate and Bills All-Pro guard Ruben Brown. They both talked about what it means to be a part of that pre-game introduction. Moulds also talked about his continued interest in basketball, his times playing with his teammates, and even the thought of playing professionally.


“I’m really good friends with Vince Carter and thought I could play at that level. He kind of boosted my head up a little bit. I was really thinking of doing it but after talking with the late great Mr. Wilson, I changed my mind really quick. He told me, it’s not going to happen!”


Moulds said he’s “more than convinced” that the Bills will make the playoffs this season. He then went on to talk about the current Bills team and the wide receiver group. He said he’s excited to watch Sammy Watkins play and see him grow into a great receiver.


Mark Kelso also returned, per usual on Friday to preview the upcoming game. He took a look at the Chiefs defense, especially their two defensive ends in Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. On offense, he eluded to Kansas City’s mistake-free play and their strong run game that features Jamaal Charles. Kelso admits it will be a tough game for the Bills and said if they lose the turnover battle, they “don’t have a prayer” of pulling out the win.

Jamaal Charles

We also sat down with Bills VP of Operations and Guest Experience Andy Major who addressed the recent fan advisory board meeting and the on-going improvements to the game day experience for fans. We took listener questions via Twitter which dealt with an update on the in-stadium WiFi, drinking fountains, and the topic of more replays on the scoreboards above the tunnel end. Major did emphasis that if fans encounter a problem to continue to use the ELERTS system or contact a convenient usher nearby.


To listen to Friday’s complete John Murphy Show podcast, click here.





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Hackett: “really, really excited” – JMS 11/6

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 6, 2014 – 8:46 pm



Inching closer to the Bills and Chiefs this Sunday. We began the show with an update from practice including the injury status of both Sammy Watkins and Fred Jackson. The other big news of the day was the announcement that the Bills will take part in the NFL International Series in 2015. Buffalo will travel to Wembley stadium to play the Jaguars on October 25th.


Joining us to discuss just that was NFL Executive VP of International Mark Waller. Waller called in from London and added that it’s a great opportunity for the Bills to experience the increased fan base in the UK. He also talked about timing, specifically for the new owners of the Bills Terry and Kim Pegula.


“It’s a great opportunity for them to get a sense of what we’re really up to in the UK and to have to fan base we have here respond to NFL and the regular season games. It felt like the timing was good for the new ownership to experience London first hand.”


Waller said it’s been remarkable to see the growth of the sport in the UK and the knowledge of the fans. He added it’s a “great testament to the popularity of our sport.”


Next up was offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who made his return to the show following the bye week. It was a time for the coaching staff to evaluate their players and systems through the first half of the season. Hackett talked about the growth of his unit from the quarterback, to the offensive line, to the wide receivers. He said the growth and potential of the offense is “really exciting.” He also talked about this weekend’s matchup against the Chiefs, facing yet another top-10 defense.

Tom Brady, Tamba Hali

“I swear every day I walk in to get the scouting report they’re telling me, ‘Oh, we got another top five defense.’ I’m like man, what’s going on? They are impressive. They have those two ends (Justin Houston and Tamba Hali) and they are special players. Those are guys we’re definitely going to have a plan for. They are stellar on third down. That’s a big challenge for us. I think we’ve presented to the guys and told them it’s a situational game because that’s where they really excel at in the redzone. It’s astounding. I don’t think they’ve given up a rushing touchdown. With their scheme by itself, they’re very, very unique. They give you a lot of different looks.”


Finally, it was the return of Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas. He weighed in on news that the Bills will play over in the UK and reminisced back to 1991 when he was part of the team that took on the Eagles in a preseason game in London. Thomas then talked about this weekend’s game with the Chiefs and why he thinks the Bills will come out on top.


“It’s going to be a tough game but I think the way the Bills run defense is playing and we can get the running game going it will keep Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense off the field. I’m going Bills. I think it might be close for a while but I think at the end the Bills will pull it out, maybe by 10 points.”


To hear more from Thurman Thomas and the rest of Thursday’s jam packed John Murphy Show, click below.


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Smerlas: “Fred Nose Best” charity t-shirt

Posted by johnmurphyshow on November 5, 2014 – 6:56 pm



Podcast edition of the show on Wednesday. The team returned to the practice field in preps for their game against the Chiefs this Sunday. We gave a rundown on the news of the day including the situation with wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who left Wednesday’s practice early with a groin injury. Fred Jackson updated his status as he tries to return from a groin injury as well. We also caught up with the rest of the team as we served up another edition of Around the Locker Room.


Recently signed cornerback Jerome Couplin stopped by our studios following his first practice in a Bills uniform. Couplin was recently placed on waivers by the Lions but did not clear and was awarded to the Bills earlier this week. He talked about his possible role in the Bills defensive backfield and his involvement on special teams.


“Whatever they need me to do. It’s my job to learn and grab things as fast as I can and go from there. If a special teams role is where they want me to be then that’s what I’m going to do. If I’m going to get some reps on defense then so be it. I don’t know right now, I’m just clearing a new slate, go from there, and work hard every day.”


Couplin also addressed his route to the NFL as an undrafted rookie from William & Mary College and his growth in playing the safety position.


Former Bills defensive lineman Fred Smerlas also joined us. Smerlas is spearheading the cause to raise money for Kevin Nestor, a young man who is diagnosed with autism and mental retardation. Every two weeks the 26Shirts charity will release a new t-shirt design for purchase to benefit a family in need or a foundation. Smerlas’ design for Nestor will end this coming Sunday at midnight. $8 from each purchase will go towards benefiting the care for Kevin.


“They put out 26 shirts, each one for two weeks, which equals a year. You have an opportunity to buy the shirt and all the net proceeds go towards a charity and then goes off the table after two weeks, mine on Monday after I leave Buffalo. It’s a great opportunity. It’s a unique, different way to raise money for charity.”


For more information you can go to and check out the “Fred Nose Best” design. Smerlas will be promoting his effort and selling his t-shirts at the following events this upcoming weekend in the Western New York area:

Friday November 7th

6-8 p.m. appearing with WHAM Radio’s Bob Matthews

The Distillery

3010 Winton Road South

Henrietta, NY

Fred Smerlas, Bruce Smith


Saturday, November 8th

4-6 p.m.

Seneca Niagara Casino (Hawk Room)

310 4th Street

Niagara Falls, NY

*Special appearance by Joe DeLamielleure



Sunday, November 9th

Prior to Kick Off vs. Chiefs

ADPRO Sports Training Center (Alumni booth)


To hear more from Smerlas and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show podcast, click below.


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Dixon: “I’m just getting started” – JMS 11/4

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On the road for tonight’s show as we invaded Duff’s Famous Wings in the Eastern Hills Mall on Transit Road in Williamsville. Those in attendance joined us on set to discuss their thoughts and opinions on the team. Running back Boobie Dixon was the star of the night as he stopped by to sign autographs and take photos with the fans.


Dixon was able to break away from his plate of wings to put on the headset and talk to us for a few minutes. He discussed why he loves Bills fans, what he did during the bye week, and what he is looking forward to now that the second half of the season is about to get underway. Dixon has had increased reps in the offensive backfield due to recent injuries in the RB group and he’s embracing his increased role and is looking forward to what’s ahead.


“I feel like I’m just getting started. The first eight games kind of tell you who has a little talent and who can play a little bit but these last couple are going to show you who the real men are and who has championship aspirations. I look at this chance as an opportunity and I’m going to take advantage of it.”


Dixon also added what he likes about living in Buffalo and how close knit the running back group is.


Bills safety Aaron Williams was our guest at the bottom of the first hour. He talked about the defensive performance through the first half of the season, adding that it was a good start but that they are motivated to be a “top 3, top 5 defense in the league.” He also discussed the approach defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has and the workings of the current rotation in the defensive backfield.


“We feel like all the safeties we have are starting safeties. When I went down, another guy has to step up. I think the situation is that they don’t want to put too much pressure on my injuries and give Duke (Williams) a look at it and he was doing really well so why would you change something that’s working. That’s the way we went through the first half and I think we’re going to continue to rotate.”

rozelle book

Finally, we were joined by author and Hall of Fame sports journalist for The Newark Star-Ledger in New Jersey, Jerry Izenberg. He called in to discuss his latest work, a biography of Pete Rozelle, the former NFL commissioner who helped build the league into what it is today. “Rozelle: A Biography” chronicles the AFL and NFL merger and the birth of the Super Bowl all under the eye of Pete Rozelle who helped transform what the game is today, one if not the most successful sports leagues in the world.


To hear the complete interview from Izenberg and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show from Duff’s Famous Wings, click below.



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Orton, Hackett, and Schwartz! Oh my! – JMS 10/29

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Back at it with another live show for Wednesday. A quiet day around One Bills Drive but we were able to gather up a jam-packed show. As the players look back at the first half of the season, we went Around the Locker Room to get their thoughts. We also asked the listeners to chime in with what might need to be fixed if the Bills want to make the playoffs? Plenty of reaction from play calling, to the offensive line, to the run game.


Quarterback Kyle Orton sat down with us before he departed for his time off. He joined us in studio to discuss his four games under center for the Bills and the team’s 3-1 record during that time. Orton talked about his progression in the offense, the balance with the play calling, his thoughts on rookie receiver Sammy Watkins, and how his experience ties in to his decision making on the field.

Kyle Orton

“Ninety percent of the position is to identify what the defense is trying to do, process that information and go to the right spot with the football and hopefully be able to do it in a couple of seconds. The more you play, the easier it gets. When people say the game slows down, I think that’s probably what they mean. That’s what it’s felt like for me the last three years I’ve played is that the information you can process so much faster that you just kind of play at the same speed over and over again and make good reads.”


At the top of the hour, we kicked off our coordinator segments. Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett was first up. He added to what Kyle Orton had to say about the offensive progression, then went on to discuss the changes from all groups on that side of the ball and importance of building the continuity with each one, including the offensive line. Hackett also explained the offensive balance when it comes to the run game, specifically last week against the Jets.

Nathaniel Hackett

“We don’t want to turn the ball over. That’s our number one goal. To do that, typically it’s to run the ball. You want to be able to run the ball and tire a defense out. You don’t want them to have the ability to rush the passer. At the same point, you want them to commit to the run because if they commit to the run then you have one-on-one with a guy like Sammy Watkins or Robert Woods. When we started running the ball, they (the Jets) knew that right out of the gate and that’s what opened up a lot of those big plays. So, when we did that we wanted to be sure we protect the football and we’d be able to set up for some of those passes so, when we did take our shots and we did pass the ball those things would be efficient and the four touchdowns out of ten completions is pretty efficient from my book.”


We then switched gears to the defensive side of the ball and sat down with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Schwartz weighed in on the first half of the season and the success of his defense, which has led the way towards the team’s 5-3 record, which he says has now “made the second half of the season relevant.” He also talked about the rotation on his defense from the backfield to the defensive line.


“You’re going to have contact on every single play when you’re a defensive lineman. We want to keep those guys fresh. We want to stay fresh over the course of a game but also keep these guys healthy over the course of a season. We look for productivity. We don’t sit down and have a clicker and decide how many snaps each guy has played. We also will rotate some guys in the secondary, too. We’ve gotten some really good contributions out of those guys. We’ve played a lot of different guys at linebacker so it’s not just unique to the defensive line. I think it surface well over the course of the season.”

schwartz pic

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Crossman: “A lot of guys have stepped up”-JMS

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Podcast edition of tonight’s show. The players were in and out on Tuesday as they depart for their bye week time off. Before that, we caught up with defensive back Corey Graham and his thoughts on the second half of the season. We also heard from offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett who touched on the run game and what Kyle Orton has brought to the offense.


Our guest was special teams coach Danny Crossman who sat down to discuss his unit’s play and their success through the first half of the season. He touched on the offseason emphasis on core special teams players, specifically Boobie Dixon and Corey Graham and the others who have filled in along the way. He also weighed in on the play of his kicker Dan Carpenter, who is on his way to having another solid year in the kicking game.


“Dan was outstanding in Miami and we were very fortunate that Dan was available and he has done nothing in his time here to discourage that at all. He had a great year a year ago and we were able to extend him and has picked right where he was a year ago and he’s been a true professional at what he does.”


Crossman moved on to touch on his new punter, Colton Schmidt and his analytical approach to each and every punt.

Colton Schmidt

“If you talk to golfers, or even basketball players, or an individual guy, it’s all about the stroke and even if they’re missing the shot, a basketball play will tell you ‘hey, my stroke feels good and I know it’s going to come around.’ A golfer, ‘my swing feels good, I know I’m going to get results.’ He’s (Schmidt) very similar in that way with both his line and his drop. Even if he hits a bad ball or two, he knows fairly early on what’s going on and we’re able to communicate it and get it fixed because he has such good working knowledge of his own mechanics.”


Crossman also talked about kick-off specialist Jordan Gay and his approach to unique situations on special teams like the one his unit encountered against the Jets where TJ Graham laid down in the end zone in hopes of causing a possible distraction.


To hear all of that and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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Talking INTs with Leodis McKelvin – JMS 10/24

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Our last show before we hit the weekend and Sunday’s game against the Jets. We began the show with the news of the day which included Friday’s announcement that Sammy Watkins has been honored as the NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Week for his performance against the Vikings last Sunday.

We then asked the listeners to share their predictions for the game and what they want to see out of the Bills. As with every Friday, we checked in with Bills Insider Chris Brown, who sat down with head coach Doug Marrone for another edition of Coffee With the Coach. We also heard from running back Boobie Dixon, who is set to make his first start with the Bills this Sunday. He discussed his preparations and what he has learned from C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson.

Leodis McKelvin

At the bottom of the first hour, Bills cornerback and NFL leader in interceptions Leodis McKelvin joined us in-studio. He talked about his two picks against the Vikings and why turnovers are an important stat to a defensive back and why there’s an emphasis on that during practice.


“They always say DBs can’t catch and you know we always have to work on our hands. You have to make sure you’re prepared because turnovers are a very important point of emphasis for our defense to get turnovers and interceptions is another part of that.”


McKelvin also shared his mentality on returning punts and why he will get the bulk of the load on both punt and kick returns now that teammate C.J. Spiller won’t be playing. He then gave his thoughts on going up against Jets wide receivers Percy Harvin and Eric Decker.


At the top of the hour, our weekly visit from radio color analyst Mark Kelso, who once again gave an in-depth preview of Bills-Jets game. He shared his thoughts from both teams on both sides of the ball. With the two new running backs filling in this week, Kelso discussed the offensive matchup against the defensive front of the Jets.

Sheldon Richardson

“They will rush three and they did this a lot against Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. There’s no fooling you who they are going to rush. Now, sometimes they will play a quarter coverage so they will go four-under and four-deep and sometimes they will go five-under and three-deep but with those three guys they are getting pressure. That’s amazing to me and you talk about difference makers. (Muhammad) Wilkerson and (Sheldon) Richardson, those guys bring it and if you’re not ready for those guys they will hurt you.”


Kelso had plenty more to say as he dug deep into the game plan for both teams and mentioned how the Bills are going to have to play a “mistake free” game against, despite a 1-6 record, a “high quality” Jets team.

Mike Carey

Finally, we were joined by former NFL official and now officiating consultant for CBS, Mike Carey. Carey discussed the recent emphasis on defensive holding and added that it will eventually help make the game better and that the officials this season are trying to be as consistent as possible, despite the recent criticism. He gave details of his role on the CBS Network, being an aid to help viewers decipher a good call from a bad call and what should or should not be called on the field.


To hear all of that and more from Friday’s John Murphy Show, listen below.


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Preston Brown: The Voice of the Defense – JMS

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photo 1


We stepped outside of our normal studio home and brought in visitors from Con-way Freight who took in tonight’s show as a live audience. Those in attendance asked questions and were able to meet and great Bills rookie linebacker Preston Brown. We also touched on the news of the day from One Bills Drive, including what the players had to say after practice as we went Around the Locker Room.

Alfred Blue

Brown took a time out from signing autographs to sit down with us and discuss his rookie season and the various roles he has played on the Bills linebacking unit. He also weighed in on why he was tabbed as the signal caller for the defense and why the coaches have confidence in the rookie linebacker to handle the job.


“That’s something I had to learn how to do. At Louisville, we all knew the calls and we got them from the sideline. Getting here, you actually have to know how to relay the call and know verbiage, so it’s been something I’ve had to work on with actually saying it in the huddle. It’s got easier and it’s just effortless now.”


Brown then previewed Sunday’s game at the Jets including what he knows about quarterback Geno Smith, who he played against in college and what he sees from the two running backs on their roster, Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson.


Anthony Dixon

Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas rejoined the show to share his thoughts on the Bills next opponent and what he has seen from watching practice this week. He touched on the two running backs filling in this week, Boobie Dixon and Bryce Brown and what he thinks of their running styles. Thomas added that Sunday’s game will be physical on both sides of the ball but was upset when he heard that the Jets were favored on Sunday.


“To be 4-3 going up against a 1-6 team, that just really, really upset the players and I know the players don’t really look at the point spread or anything like that but you’re 4-3 and they are 1-6. That should really upset a lot of players that they are not favored going into this ball game. I expect the Bills to go out and play a physical football game and leave there 5-3.”


Finally, continuing our Bills-Jets game preview, we were joined by NFL and Jets Columnist for the New York Daily News, Manish Mehta. He has an opposite look at this game from what Thurman Thomas sees. He believes this is a must win for the Jets and has them coming out with the win on Sunday.

Rex Ryan, Geno Smith

“The law of averages has to come into play here. They’ve lost six games. They were really only embarrassed in San Diego a few weeks ago but the rest of those games have been pretty competitive. They’ve played well at home. I don’t have a concrete reason other than a gut feeling that it will be ugly and I think it will be a tight game but ultimately I think they will snap their six game losing streak.”



To hear more from all of our guests and the complete John Murphy Show from Thursday, click below.



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