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“A lot of talent in that room” – JMS 6/16

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 16, 2014 – 10:09 pm


It was the return of John Murphy on tonight’s show. Our first guest at the bottom of the first hour was Bills Wide Receiver Chris Hogan. Hogan was a standout during the 3-week OTA sessions and said he felt the past few weeks have been valuable in learning the offense and in finding his role on the team. He’s been working mostly inside as a slot receiver.

Chris Hogan

“I like it a lot. It’s a fun part of the game for me. There’s a little bit more thinking involved with reading defenses and knowing what to expect here and what coverages they’re going to give you…This is the NFL, so you have to adjust on the fly a number of times. You have to know what you’re doing which is key and then after that letting your instincts take over. The slot is a good time.”


Hogan also told us he has built a lot of respect during this offseason for his quarterback, EJ Manuel. He describes a difference in the second year QB since the end of last season.


“I think he’s really taken a pretty good leadership role in this offense. You can tell just in his work ethic, before practice and after practice, his days off, I can see it and other people can see it. He’s really working at his craft at quarterback.”


At the top of the second hour, Steve Palazzolo the Senior Analyst at Pro Football Focus called in to discuss his recent posts on the site. Palazzolo has declared the month of June Quarterback Month. He spent the last few months trying to give an analytical breakdown of each quarterback’s strengths and weaknesses.


“If you’re trying to evaluate quarterback play, grade is the best way doing it. Rating was a good way of saying this is how good the entire offense did but on these particular pass plays. That takes into account having time to throw the ball so the offensive line is involved and also having the receivers that can do something after the catch.”


In Steve’s most recent piece, he focused on how much time a quarterback has to throw and their success during those time frames. From the data collected by Pro Football Focus, Bills quarterback EJ Manuel showed to be effective without a lot of time to throw.


“He was pretty successful from a ratings standpoint on his quicker passes. If he gets the ball out in less than two seconds, his rating was 96.6. His grade wasn’t unbelievable because there was a lot of easy throws and a lot of yards after the catch from his receivers but from a production standpoint for the Bills, that was probably his best way to go, getting that ball out within two seconds.”


At 8:30 we were joined by Dan Horan. He is the co-founder of Eclipse Multi-Sport and a certified Race Director. On Saturday, June 28th along with the Buffalo Bills Dan is organizing the 50 Yard Finish, a half marathon that finishes at the 50-yard line inside Ralph Wilson Stadium. In its third year, this is the biggest output they’ve seen yet with over 1500 signing up to participate.


“To come down that tunnel, there’s a little bit of a decent so you pick up momentum and then you enter the field and there it is, what everyone has seen for years and years. You’re actually part of the field at that point so from the end zone you have a 50 yard sprint. I would 80% of the people really go into a full-out sprint they are so excited.”


The event will also include a 5k and a Play60 Kids Run to complete a family friendly event. You can register at The race will support The Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation and The Buffalo Niagara Sports Development.


You can hear the complete John Murphy Show from Monday by clicking below:


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D. Jones: “It wasn’t that hard for me”-JMS 6/12

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A one-hour John Murphy Show tonight. Bills Insider Chris Brown filling in once again. OTAs wrapped up Thursday afternoon and Doug Marrone addressed the media after practice. He discussed the leadership role on the team, what he’s looking at when the mandatory mini-camp rolls around next week, and what he’s seen out of his offense and QB EJ Manuel.


We also sat down with former Bills wide-receiver Donald Jones. Jones recently retired from the game after battling kidney disease and undergoing a kidney transplant. He returned Thursday to where his NFL career began. Jones was in the building at One Bills Drive to talk to the rookies about how the league works from his perspective and what it takes to make it in the NFL.

donald jones pic

“Any young athlete coming up, I’m easily relatable because of the way I had to fight to get through my whole career, period. Nothing was given to me. I wasn’t this top high school recruit. I wasn’t a five-star athlete or anything like that. I had to fight for everything. A lot of it I put myself in those positions but it was what it was and it is what it is. For rookies coming in, for me to be able to let them know that I was a starter and my career was ended in three years because of something that didn’t have anything to do with something on the field. I was playing good and it was taken from me that fast. I think they can kind of see that this thing can be taken from you at any time.”


Jones is now turning his attention to the baseball diamond. He is currently working out with the Somerset Patriots of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. He said he is now back to full health and says taking on baseball shows one can still come back and do something they want to do after overcoming a difficult setback.


Jones is in works on writing a new book about his life story and hopes that it will transition to the big screen into a feature film someday. He says he cherished his time here and Buffalo which included his teammates in the locker room and the Bills fans that surrounded him.


You can hear more from Jones by clicking below to hear the entire John Murphy Show from Thursday:


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K. Elliott: “It’s a blessing” to be back-JMS 6/11

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Bills Insider Chris Brown took over the reins for tonight’s John Murphy Show, filling in as the host. Bills players had a surprise day off on Wednesday. Instead, Head Coach Doug Marrone took the team to the Airsoft gun and paintball range to get in a little team-building activity. Wide Receiver Kevin Elliott called in at the bottom of the first hour and admitted he showed up ready for practice but welcomed the sudden change of plans.


“We knew it was kind of weird at the beginning when we had our meeting. When we got in there, he (Doug Marrone) was like we’ve been doing a good job and we’re not going to practice today. We’re going to go do paintball as a team. The whole room got excited and started talking together.”


Elliott said the experience was a competitive one that included a lot of trash talking.


In last year’s preseason game against Minnesota, Elliott went down with a torn ACL that put him on injured reserve. During these OTAs he’s been back out there with his teammates running routes and making plays as a full participant.

Kevin Elliott

“It’s a blessing. I’ll tell anyone, any day that I’d rather practice than rehab. Rehab is not something you want to do and when I first got cleared to start cutting and running routes I was like a kid in the candy store. I couldn’t wait to get out there and start putting in work.”


He’s been able to work a great deal with EJ Manuel during the offseason and now into the OTAs. Elliot admits the second year QB has been more vocal in leading the offense and has been a clear motivator to the teammates that surround him.

Elliott also discussed his role on special teams. He played on that unit in college at Florida A&M and also was a standout during his time with the Jacksonville Jaguars. This year, he’s been involved in all four aspects of special teams and hopes that added role can help him secure a roster spot.


“I’ve always liked playing defense. I’ve always liked the contact and I’ve always liked hitting people. That pretty much helps me out as a receiver as well in route running and blocking.”


At the top of the hour we were joined by Bills Digest Editor Mark Ludwiczak who went into detail discussing what he’s seen out of EJ Manuel and the rest of the team during these past 3 weeks of OTAs.


You can hear that conversation and the rest of The John Murphy Show hosted by Chris Brown by clicking below:




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“We can make a big jump” – JMS 6/10

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 10, 2014 – 8:21 pm


WGR Sports Radio 550 Host Brian Koziol filling in for John Murphy on tonight’s abbreviated show. In the first half-hour we heard from Quarterback EJ Manuel. Manuel addressed the recent offensive struggles and how important the communication has to be. He admits he has a sense of urgency to get everyone on the same page but says there’s plenty of time to get there. We asked the listeners if Manuel does indeed struggle this year, does the team have enough weapons surrounding him to succeed?


At the bottom of the hour Bills Center Eric Wood sat down with Bills Insider Chris Brown. Wood addressed the recent struggles of the offensive during the past few OTA sessions. He mentioned that with the recent implementation of the entire playbook you’re bound to have a few mistakes but does feel they are heading in the right direction.


“We’re just focusing on little jumps each day to get where we want to be from a bottom offense in the league to near the top. It’s not going to happen overnight and we understand that but by making little strides each day, we feel like we can make a big jump eventually.”

wood pic

During the offseason, the Bills went big and heavy with offensive lineman in this year’s draft by bringing in sizeable players. Second round pick OT Cyrus Kouandjio, fifth round selection G Cyril Richardson, and OT Seantrel Henderson who was drafted in the seventh round. Wood says all three are coming along great.


“At this standpoint they’ve done a good job of really working to learn their assignments. They all pass the eyeball test, that’s for sure. They are all big, strong, and pretty mobile. They’ve had good attitudes and I think that’s the biggest thing coming in to this no-huddle offense with all the terminology.”


That is the goal of this year’s offense, understanding the system to be able to keep it a fast-paced scheme. Wood said the team conditions that way and practices that way to put them at an advantage.


You can hear more from Eric Wood and the complete John Murphy Show hosted by Brian Koziol by clicking below:


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Merriman: Bills are a Playoff Team – JMS 6/9

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Mark Kelso filling in for John Murphy on tonight’s show. Bills Linebacker Brandon Spikes said after practice on Monday that the Bills defense was “ready to shock the world.” We asked the listeners what would count as shocking the world? Would it be winning the division over the Patriots, the playoffs, or a Super Bowl? Former sportscaster and now play-by-play voice for the UB Bulls, Paul Peck was in studio during the first half-hour to discuss that topic and more.


We listened in as Bills Insider Chris Brown sat down with Bills Safety Da’Norris Searcy. Searcy has been working in and out with different teammates through the first two weeks of OTAs with a carousel that includes Aaron Williams, Duke Williams, and Jonathan Meeks. A rotation that was similar to last offseason when the Bills were without Jairus Byrd.

Da'Norris Searcy

“It was the same thing we did last OTAs when we mixed in guys. I was able to work with both Duke and Meeks last offseason and also during training camp. It’s not too much of a big deal. We’re still out there learning the scheme together. As long as we communicate to be on the same page it doesn’t matter who you’re back there with.”


Searcy likes the competition they have at the open safety spot knowing they are fighting for a job but trying to make each other better as well. Searcy also said he’d welcome his hybrid linebacker/safety roll he played in last season.


At the top of the hour, we were joined by former Bills linebacker and now NFL Network Analyst Shawne Merriman. Off the field, Merriman has had a chance to take a different look around the NFL and his former team here in Buffalo. He likes what they did in the offseason, including the veteran additions to the linebacking group.


“It’s obviously going to change the dimension of your defense and of your team because Brandon Spikes is coming from a situation that he’s accustomed to winning. Whenever you get a guy from winning organizations and they come over to organizations who have not won at much in the past, they know immediately that something is not right in the locker room, something is not right in the preparation, just all around. They know something’s not right so they bring that winning attitude and culture to the locker room and say listen guys, this is the way you’re supposed to do it because I’ve been there.”


He also thinks the Bills will be a playoff team in 2014 with a record of at least 9-7. He weighs that prediction heavily on the play of EJ Manuel and if he’s healthy.


You can hear Mark Kelso’s version of The John Murphy Show in its entirety by clicking below.


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Hairston: “It’s really good to be back” JMS 6/6

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Two weeks down as the Bills wrapped up their OTAs for the week. One player who has seen the return to the field is offensive lineman Chris Hairston. Hairston missed all of last season with a back injury and then an illness. With his back issue is resolved he rejoined his teammates but knows he has a lot ahead of him.


“I don’t think God put me in that situation to do anything but make me. Having that conviction and having that faith made it a little easier to get through, a little easier to fight, and a little easier to get back out here to be in the position I am to come back and be here with the Bills.”


Hairston says the coaching staff has liked what he has put on tape in his first two years in the league but admits with the new coaching staff he has a lot of work to do to show them what type of player he can be. Even more so now that there has been added depth to the offensive line.


“The game stops for nobody. This league keeps rolling and that’s what makes it such a great league and so competitive. There’s always a younger guy coming in to push you. That pushes the level of play up and you can’t fault the game for that. That’s a part of the business. That’s what you sign up for and that’s why the guys that are here and that have been here for such a long time are such productive players.”



During Thursday’s session because of a couple players absence, Hairston had a chance to play inside at the guard spot.

bradham pic

Pro Football Focus released each team’s 2014 Secret Superstar. Pete Damilatis, PFF’s NFL analyst gave his pick for the Buffalo Bills, third year linebacker Nigel Bradham. Bradham did not get much playing time in 2013 but Damilatis had him graded as the best run defender out of all the linebackers on the roster.


“What we saw most from him is that he really has a fearlessness when it comes to attacking the run especially at the point of attack. We would see often times where there would be a lead blocker, a fullback coming in to clear the way, and Bradham would get in there and he would stonewall him and blow up the entire play. I like that a lot from him and by the end of the season, despite only playing a quarter of the snaps of the other guys like Kiko Alonso and Mario Williams, he actually had the best run defense rating of any linebacker on the Bills roster and the 8th best run defensive grade of any inside linebacker in the entire NFL.”


You can hear more from Damilatis and an earlier interview with Bills Running Back Anthony “Boobie” Dixon by clicking below.



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“I’m really impressed by our secondary” JMS 6/5

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The Bills wrapped up another week of organized team activities on Thursday. Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz joined the show to discuss what he’s seen out of the past two weeks. Although the OTAs are not full-go practices with pads and hitting, Schwartz describes the sessions as a perfect time to implement his defensive system.

Jim Schwartz“We’ve got just about everything installed from a defensive standpoint and from a scheme standpoint. We’ve had a lot of time to work with the players on the field. It’s tough this time of year because you want to get ahead of yourselves but this is a non-competitive situation. It’s hard to read too much into how the players are doing but you do know about technique. You know about communication and how well they’re picking up the system. We’re seeing those things from the players and we’re seeing some progress there.”

Schwartz is just now getting to know his roster but is impressed with the players he has, including his defensive ends, which will play a big role in the defense. He mentions specifically Mario Williams and hybrid players Jerry Hughes and Manny Lawson. He believes Kiko Alonso will thrive being placed on the outside within the linebacking unit and says third-round pick, linebacker Preston Brown, has been a consistent performer. As far as the defensive backfield, Schwartz likes what he has seen on tape and in person from safety Aaron Williams.

“He really fits the description of what we’re looking for in a safety, what they were looking for last year in a safety, and what everybody is looking for. You need to have cover skills but you also need to be able to play in the box at times. You need to have range over half the field and you need to be able to play man-to-man. He can do all those things. He’s a tough, physical player and I really like what I saw of him last year.”

Aaron Williams, Torrey SmithYou will hear from Aaron Williams and wide receiver Sammy Watkins as they wrapped up Thursday’s OTAs which is included in the full John Murphy Show, below.

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“He just wants to work, work, work” JMS 6/4

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 4, 2014 – 9:36 pm


We’re half way through the Bills OTAs. Today, the assistant coaches spoke to the media and offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett joined us in studio to discuss the past 5 OTAs including what he’s seen so far out of rookie WR Sammy Watkins. Hackett also has noticed a difference with quarterback EJ Manuel after having a full year to develop in the offense after his rookie campaign.

EJ Manuel

“That whole transition as you were is just so hard on a guy. Then you add some of the other things that were going on with him throughout the whole year with the injuries and stuff, starting and then not starting. Now, it’s like OK it’s a clean slate but he already knows the offense and he doesn’t have all those distractions. Now, it’s his focus, his demeanor, and his understanding of what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL and what he has to do. Just how he presents everything. How he presents himself in the huddle, how he runs the huddle, how he throws the ball. There are throws that he is making or attempting that he never would have because he wouldn’t have understood where he should have gone with the ball. Those are the things that are exciting to see in him as he develops into what he wants to be. He’s a guy that knows that he wants to prove a lot and he has the skills and he’s going to do that.


Hackett touches on the new coaches on the staff this year, QB Coach Todd Downing and Senior Offensive Assistant Jim Hostler. In Hostler’s case, Hackett says that there is nothing better than having a guy on the staff that can evaluate everything.


At the top of the hour, Bills Insider Chris Brown called-in to discuss the team’s organized team activities. Brown is on the sidelines throughout the Bills practice sessions and gave his reaction to what he has seen out of EJ Manuel.


“The battle that he is waging is one that he communicated pretty effectively and what it is that he knows that he has to move through his reads at a certain pace, you know the preverbal internal clock for a quarterback, when you know you have to get rid of the ball before you get smacked. At the same time not rushing through your progressions to the point where you miss a wide open option. He felt from watching his tape from last year, he did that a good number of times. So, what these OTAs are for, for him I think, is to try to find that balance.”

Sammy Watkins

Brown described wide receiver Sammy Watkins as a “man amongst boys” during the OTAs and has yet to even reach full speed. Brown even said Watkins was the best player on the field in a couple of practices so far.


At the bottom of the second hour, Bills quarterback Dennis Dixon was on to talk about his role in the quarterback group. Dixon is the veteran on the QB roster after bouncing around the NFL with 3 different teams before joining Buffalo. Dixon brings the experience of playing in a fast-paced offense when he played in college under Chip Kelly at Oregon. That hurry-up style is just like he’s undertaking here in Buffalo.


“I think one thing people realize is that when you go fast-paced, you want to be able to execute fast but let your body go slow and what I mean by that is as far as a quarterback, your process has to go slow too as far as reading the defense and making sure the offense is set.”


Dixon is joined by 3 younger quarterbacks on the roster. He says he does not feel that starting quarterback EJ Manuel is under any pressure heading into his second year in the league.


“I think he takes one rep at a time. EJ is a very smart guy and obviously he is very young but at the same time his instincts bring him a long way, further than your actual rookie. Going into this year everybody has something to prove and I think EJ has that mindset.”


Dixon also was part of two Super Bowl teams in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. He said that he might break out his SB Ring during training camp to set the tone.


You can hear the whole John Murphy Show from Wednesday by clicking below:


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“I’m one of the best in the league” JMS 6/3

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 3, 2014 – 9:18 pm


The second week of OTAs kicked off on Tuesday. One player given some increased reps throughout the practices is free agent acquisition, Anthony Dixon. Dixon signed on with the Bills back in March as and is now getting his share of touches within a heavy filled Bills backfield. Dixon is excited to be included after not getting much playing time in San Francisco.

Anthony Dixon

“It was one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever went through, knowing I had the talent to be out there, knowing I was capable of doing it but never really got out there for an extended time. I feel like I’m a great route runner. I feel like I have good hands and I just want a chance to prove that. I know some people might think I’m crazy for saying I’m one of the best in the league but I really do think that and with the opportunity I know I can show that.”


Dixon says he can also fill in at fullback and play a versatile role on special teams as well.


At the bottom of the second hour we were joined by Independent Health’s President and CEO Michael W. Cropp, M.D. On Tuesday the Bills announced that Independent Health will lead the way in promoting healthy behaviors in Western New York. Select Bills players joined over 100 kids from Buffalo Public School #18 to run through fitness drills. Dr. Cropp expressed the importance of having the Bills players relay a positive example of healthy living.


“These kids will go back to school and think about making commitments to taking care of themselves, to be physically active, and to eat right. Part of the reward system will be their opportunity to have more interactions like today.”


We also looked back on an interview we did in March with author Travis Vogan. Vogan’s book “Keepers of the Flame” describes how NFL Films changed the way we watch NFL games and how it rose to become part of American pop culture.



You can hear the full John Murphy Show from Tuesday by clicking below:



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“We’re going to continue to raise funds”-JMS 6/2

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 2, 2014 – 10:12 pm


Bills punter Brian Moorman joined us in studio to discuss his P.U.N.T. Foundation’s Blackbird 8k and one mile walk which will benefit families dealing with pediatric cancer. Moorman is dedicated to his organization’s continued success and hopes that continues on Wednesday June 11th.

Brian Moorman

“If you’ve been touched by a child with cancer in one way or another either, in memory of someone or in support of someone who is battling it now, we try to incorporate that type of thing into the event as well as a lot fun things for the kids. It’s a fun event and we wanted to do something locally and hopefully get people involved and get them excited about doing something for the community.”


You can find out more about the event and Brian’s P.U.N.T. Foundation at


At the top of the hour we were joined by Rochester’s WHAM-TV Sports Director Mike Catalana. Catalana covers the Bills year round and also is the sideline reporter for the Bills Television Network during preseason games. Catalana likes what he has seen from the Bills this offseason in free agency and in the draft to surround quarterback EJ Manuel with receiving targets in order to help him succeed in his second year.


“I think especially for a younger quarterback, give him the weapon. Make it better for him. Make it a little bit easier but easier to be more productive and I like that direction. Give him the weapons and then put him to work.”
Catalana also weighed-in on the ongoing Bills Stadium debate and how the success of the team’s training camp near Rochester has had a positive impact on the area.


Finally, newly signed guard Macky Macpherson talked about signing with the Bills. Macpherson was signed as an undrafted free agent out of Syracuse and will be rejoining his college coach Doug Marrone and a handful of other familiar names coming from the Orange football program. He knows it will be tough to make the NFL roster but is excited that the Bills are giving him the chance.


“Some teams don’t take that intangible factor of whether the person is smart or whether they have good leadership skills. There are some teams out there that just want a guy who they think is a big enough player. Luckily, I latched onto a team here with the Bills that cares more about not just your size but care about the kind of football player you are.”

Macky’s grandfather Dick Macpherson coached the Orange during the 1980’s and played a key role in the path Macky took to college and now the NFL.


You can hear the John Murphy Show from Monday in it’s entirety, below:





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Bills TEs not worried about respect

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 30, 2014 – 5:00 pm

Before the draft a month ago, many experts pegged the Bills biggest need as tight end. More than a few draftniks had Buffalo choosing TE Eric Ebron from North Carolina in the first round.

We know how that played out. And now after one week of OTAs, the Bills tight ends held over from last year are making big plays in the workouts.

Scott Chandler had one of the best catches of the first week-a leaping grab over the middle on a pass from EJ Manuel. Tony Moeaki has been a consistent and solid pass-catcher in the first three workouts. And second-year man Chris Gragg has caught more than his share of passes.

It makes you wonder how much of a need the tight end position really was.

The most veteran member of the tight end group, Scott Chandler, says outside perceptions of the Bills returning tight ends don’t carry much weight with him.

“We know what we’ve got,” he says.  “I’ve played with all of these guys for two years now. I think we know what it takes to be successful in this league. We’ve got a group of smart guys and that’s an underrated quality. If we pay attention to what you guys are talking about all the time we’re going to be in trouble. We just focus on what we need to do.”


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QB Lewis-no more playing catch-up

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 30, 2014 – 3:30 pm

Quarterback Thad Lewis wound up getting five starts for the Bills in 2013.  Which was pretty amazing, considering he wasn’t even on the roster until late August.

Lewis had to go through a crash course in Buffalo’s offense on the fly to get ready to start in mid-October against the Bengals.

This year, it’s a totally different story. Lewis wrapped up the first week of OTAs Friday with confidence in his command of the offense, something he could not say last season.

“Every day I had to study from the ground up,” he said after an OTA workout this week. “The other guys were moving on, because they didn’t have time to teach me. It was a hard grind.”

Lewis has been getting backup quarterback reps during the first three workouts of the spring OTAs.  And after spending the last month in the QB meeting room, he says he now feels confident in the Bills offense and what he has to take out onto the practice field.

“It’s been great. Getting an opportunity to know what you’re doing and going ahead and just running plays—being able to correct the things you see on film.  “Last year I was kind of iffy on that situation there. It’s been good. It’s been an easy transition, I wish I would have had this before I had to start that game in week six last year.”


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“It’s Great to be Out There Competing” JMS 5/29

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 29, 2014 – 9:44 pm

Thursday night on The John Murphy Show we were joined in studio by safety Duke Williams.  The second year defensive back talked about getting increased reps in organized team activities.  With veteran Aaron Williams sitting out while rehabbing an injury, and Jairus Byrd leaving in free agency, Williams knows there’s a big chance for younger players to make an impression.

“It’s a great opportunity for the guys next up, and you know we’re out there battling for a job.  You know it’s football, so we’re out there having fun at the same time.  In the back of your head, there’s a guy that needs to get a job and you know we’re out there battling, and it’s great to be out there competing.  I love the competition.”

Bills Chief Marketing Officer Marc Honan also joined the show to discuss the renovations taking place at One Bills Drive.  He highlighted the new concessions, the six super gates, the progress of the new scoreboards, and focusing on improving the experience for the every fan.

In the second hour we were joined by former Bill and NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent.  He talked with Murph about the influence of Ralph Wilson, how young players can benefit from time on the field during OTA’s, the possibility of a developmental football league, and the evolving technology on the sidelines of an NFL game.

Finally, we were joined by Richard Gillam, the CEO of DeskSite.  Gillam talked about how the new app operates as a central hub for access to all Bills digital content, including, and the team’s official Facebook and Twitter posts.

To listen to the complete John Murphy Show, click here:

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Observations from OTA Day 1 – JMS 5/28

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 28, 2014 – 9:33 pm

Wednesday night on the John Murphy Show we were joined in studio by running back Bryce Brown. Brown has only been with the club for three weeks and shared his thoughts on the trade that brought him to Buffalo as well as his priorities now that he is a Buffalo Bill.

“My main goal is to come on here and work hard. There are some great guys our room with Fred Jackson C.J. Spiller, Anthony Dixon, and Ronnie Wingo. Since I’ve been here day one they’ve taken me under their wing and shown me how things are done here and helping me out with the plays.”

John also gave his thoughts and observations from the first OTA Session which included some standout players like TE Tony Moeaki and WR Chris Hogan. We also heard from Head Coach Doug Marrone on what he expects to achieve in the organized team activities this season and from rookie WR Sammy Watkins on signing his first NFL contract.

To hear the full John Murphy Show from Wednesday, click here:

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“This is about learning this Offense” JMS 5/27

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 27, 2014 – 9:53 pm

Tuesday night on The John Murphy Show, we were joined by running back Fred Jackson.  The veteran is preparing for the start of OTA’s in Orchard Park and talked about how it’s important for both rookies and returning players to come in and make a positive impression on the coaching staff.

Jackson says that OTA’s are a good opportunity to get back into regular season mode, after spending the last month working out in the weight room.

“Now that we’re going into the OTA’s, this is about learning this offense, being in the positions we need to be in on defense, finding out who our best guys are on special teams and who we’re going to make those core guys.  That’s what we have to find out in this OTA period.”

Also on the show was radio color commentator Mark Kelso.  The former Bills safety has transitioned into the role of author, and talked about his new book, “Play the Down.”  Kelso’s book serves as a workbook for football players, allowing them to learn how to study film and become better pros in the film room.  Also in the interview, Kelso shared his thoughts on OTA’s, what he liked at rookie minicamp, and his thoughts on the team.

Finally, we were joined by Mike Ginnitti, the founder and editor of Spotrac.  Ginnitti talked about some of the top value players in the league using both money and statistics.  He also discussed what he thinks C.J. Spiller will be able to make with his next contract.

To hear the full John Murphy Show from Tuesday, click here:

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“He’s looking like a savvy vet” JMS 5/22

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 22, 2014 – 10:04 pm

Thursday night on The John Murphy Show we were joined in studio by wide receiver T.J. Graham, who is preparing to host his annual Skills Challenge this weekend inside the Bills Fieldhouse.  The Skills Challenge allows teams of eight to compete against other teams in various drills by position.  The Challenge is for middle school and high school aged athletes and is free to participate.

Graham also talked about the Bills new look wide receiver group.  He feels that despite the changes, there is growth.

“Clearly we need to re-build our receiving corps, and through the draft we have done so.  We can feel our receiving corps coming together to blossom with our second year quarterback.  His (Manuel) leadership skills are great.  Last year, he was learning the offense just like we were, but this year he’s got a whole year under his belt.  He’s looking like a savvy vet out there right now.”

Also on the show was historian and author Ken Crippen, who talked about the Pro Football Researchers Association.  Crippen also talked about the Hall of Very Good and a couple of former Bills who were recently inducted.  He also discussed the early days of Buffalo football, and some events that led to Ralph Wilson landing a professional team in western New York.

Our last guest was web designer Dan Gigante, who helped put together an interactive website for fans.  The site allows fans to submit ideas on where they think a new Bills stadium should be built.

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“Former Sabres Owner to bid on Bills” JMS 5/21

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Wednesday night on The John Murphy Show we were joined by rookie linebacker Randell Johnson who joined the rest of the Bills rookies on a tour of the City of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. It was the first time Johnson and the rookies got away from the stadium to experience some of the things Buffalo had to offer.

In the second hour Toronto Sun Columnist John Kryk filled us in on what went down at the owner’s meetings in Atlanta this week. Kryk reiterated that the general feeling from the NFL owners is that the Bills should remain in Buffalo. Kryk also talked about the Toronto group led by Larry Tannebaum and Jon Bon Jovi and their interest in making a bid. He also was told that Thomas Golisano who previously owned the Buffalo Sabres, would bid on the team.

“I was told this evening that Thomas Golisano, the former Sabres owner indeed plans to bid on the Bills once the team goes on sale and that he will act alone or in partnership with a local businessman and either way intends to be the lead bidder.”

Rounding out the show, Chris Perkins, the Miami Dolphins beat writer for the South Florida Sun Sentinel, came on to discuss the Dolphins 2014 draft class. Perkins only gave the Dolphins a C+ grade.

“I’m very much in a wait and see on how good Miami’s offensive line can be. It’s different faces and an upgrade in talent on some respects, but I’ll wait to see how much better this line is.”

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“I could bring a lot to the table” JMS 5/20

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Tuesday night on The John Murphy Show we were joined by the newest Buffalo Bills wide receiver.  Caleb Holley signed with the team earlier in the day and talked about the long road he has traveled from Anchorage, Alaska, all the way to One Bills Drive.  In college, Holley was confident in his ability to get behind defenses and make big plays, but he knows his role will be different in Buffalo.

“I would say I’m still learning everything, it’s gonna be tough at first, but I feel like I could bring a lot to the table.  My consistency with catching the ball, just finishing, and making plays on the ball.”

At the top of the second hour of the show, we were joined by author and Ravens play-by-play man Gerry Sandusky.  He talked about his new book “Forgotten Sundays,” and how it was inspired by his father, former NFL player and coach John Sandusky.

“It’s the journey that I think all men hope to make in life, and that’s to really get to know your father.  In the end, the person that I get to know the best is myself.”

We were also joined by ESPNBoston’s Mike Reiss, who talked about the injury risk that New England took in drafting Dominique Easley in the first round of the NFL Draft.  He also talked about potential plans for second round pick Jimmy Garoppolo, how much longer he thinks Bill Belichick may coach, and gives a health update on tight end Rob Gronkowski.

You can hear the full John Murphy Show from Tuesday, below:

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“I see fans crazy about football” JMS 5/19

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Starting a new week on The John Murphy Show…The Bills wrapped up their rookie mini-camp and there was plenty of news to get to from around the league. One of the items on the list came from the NFL Owners Meetings in Atlanta. Under discussion is the possibility of adding more playoff teams. We asked listeners, as a Bills fan, would you welcome the extended access to the post-season? Various opinions on the topic highlighted the debate.


As mentioned, the team finished up their three-day rookie mini-camp. The Bills second round draft pick, Cyrus Kouandjio joined the show to discuss his first week here in Buffalo. The offensive tackle from Alabama is just getting used to his new surroundings, but believes Buffalo is a good fit.

Cyrus Kouandjio

“I like the area. The thing I like the most is the people around here. I see a lot of humility. I see a lot of fans that are crazy about their football. The same as it was like for me back in Alabama. I can relate so I like that a lot.”


Kouandjio relies heavily on his religious beliefs and was upfront in telling us that he knew that he was destined to be here as a Buffalo Bill. God had a place for him to go and it was not going to be with a big city team. Kouandjio welcomes the surrounding environment.


“Knowing him, I thought I’m probably going to end up going to a place like Buffalo. I remember those exact words and I told this to my brother. He’s probably going to put me somewhere like Buffalo and behold, here I am. It’s just easy for me to stay focused around these type of guys, around this type of environment, around this coaching staff. I think this is a perfect place for me to come here and focus on football and master my craft.”


During the recent mini-camp, Kouandjio and the rest of the rookies got valuable one-on-one coaching and instruction from the Bills staff.


“That’s what mini-camp is for. They take us in and we’re in the film room and the meeting room a lot more than we’re out on the field so they’re teaching us new things. They are reloading things in our head, taking stuff out, and teaching us new things, tell us if we forgot something and we just have to learn it. That’s what this rookie mini-camp is for.”


Kouandjio also said he’s willing to do whatever it takes for the best of the team. He came here to work for a position and wherever that may be, he’s going to compete at the highest level.


At the top of the hour we were joined by Bleacher Report NFL Analyst and former NFL Quarterback Chris Simms. Recently, Simms broke down and graded each team’s draft class and gave the Bills a high marking with an A-.

Sammy Watkins

“The first thing is that you got best offensive player in the NFL draft this year in Sammy Watkins. I think he’s an instant superstar from the second he walks on the field, an instant number one receiver…there’s a lot of positives about what you guys did in the draft and of course Buffalo’s done an amazing job with their roster the last two years through free agency as well. It’s on the up-and-up for you guys.”


Simms also weighed-in on the Bills offensive line selections in the draft. He thinks that Cyrus Kouandjio was the best NFL ready offensive tackle in the draft and likes Cyril Richardson’s ability in the run game. As for seventh round pick Seantrel Henderson, Simms believes it was worth the pick to get a possible starting tackle so late in the draft.


“He’s an extremely talented individual. I thought Seantrel Henderson was more talented than Ja’Wuan James who the Miami Dolphins took at pick number nineteen from the Tennessee Volunteers. That’s how highly thought of Seantrel Henderson is to me.”


Simms, a former quarterback in the league had some encouraging thoughts on offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and current Bills quarterback EJ Manuel.


“There was some good and there was some bad. Of course, I loved his (Manuel) size and athletic ability. If I did have questions, I do think he needs to improve on his throwing and when I say throwing I mean he has to continue to be a more aggressive, consistent thrower. He’s got to be able to throw the ball down the field with a little bit more power and precision to become an elite passer in the NFL. I do think that is something he needs to work on but at the end of the day he has some tools to work with now and that’s half the battle in the NFL.”


Bills Jaguars Football

We also heard from Head Coach Doug Marrone and what he had to say about his first round draft pick, WR Sammy Watkins. Watkins also chimed in about his recent experience here at One Bills Drive and what he’s looking forward to when the OTAs roll around next week.


You can hear the full John Murphy Show from Monday, below:


(Kouandjio – 24:41, Simms – 41:10)


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Watkins: better now than at Clemson

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He hasn’t played a game in four months.  Sammy Watkins has been through the NFL combine and his pro day along with several private workouts.

But after his first session with the rest of the Bills rookies on Saturday, Watkins says he’s already a better route runner than he was when he played his last game for Clemson.

“My routes are way better than I was at Clemson,” Watkins said after the 80-minute workout Saturday. “It was more of being fast being quick and just get me the ball. Now it’s more of being detailed, being a route runner, being fluid through your routes and not making everything hard on yourself.   It’s about leverage, pushing your route, pushing depth and being on the same page as the quarterback.”

“I’ve gotten better,” he said. “That’s the NFL. You learn more and more here. You’ve got smarter guys here, guys who teach you details, and that’s what it’s about on Sundays—the details.”



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