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Making the Best of His Opportunity – JMS 8/1

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 1, 2014 – 10:40 pm



It was the final practice before the team departs for Canton, Ohio for their first preseason game against the Giants. We asked listeners what they wanted to see from the team’s debut. We heard a wide variety of responses from quarterback play, to the defense stopping the run, to the young offensive linemen added to the roster in the offseason. It was a practice under the lights at Growney Stadium. Murph had all the calls and analysis throughout the night. We also heard from select players post-practice which included Sammy Watkins, C.J. Spiller, and Anthony “Boobie” Dixon.


Ray GuyOn the eve of the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony, punter Brian Moorman joined us to talk about Ray Guy who will get his bust Saturday night. He will be the first punter to enter the Hall. Moorman discussed why Guy getting the call is great for the position and how it can only help pave the way for other special teamers to get their chance. He mentioned specifically Steve Tasker. Guy was drafted in the first round by the Raiders and Moorman says “you won’t see that ever again.” He also added that Guy paved the way for the punter position and that’s the reason why it holds its level of importance in today’s game.


Moorman talked about his role on the team and how he works day in and day out to make sure he puts the defense in the best position possible.


We were also joined by wide receiver Chris Hogan. With stacked lineup at the wide-out position, Hogan has stuck out during the first two weeks of camp making numerous catches, including some highlight reel grabs. He has now worked his way into the slot role working with the one’s most recently. He talked about that and his chemistry with quarterback EJ Manuel.


“It takes place everywhere. In the meetings talking about different routes, watching film together obviously, the beginning of practice routes, everything. It’s all timing that we’re doing and that timing is getting better and better every day.”


Hogan will be on the field Sunday when the team plays the Giants, the team he grew up watching as he hails from the New Jersey area.



To listen to the entire interviews from Friday night’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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Andre Reed: “A joy to coach” – JMS 7/31

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 31, 2014 – 10:02 pm



Another training camp practice in the books as we inch closer to the Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio. We brought up Andre Reed, who is awaiting his enshrinement and we asked the listeners to call in with their favorite memory of the Bills Hall of Fame receiver. We also threw out the topic of who might be the most improved player on the team? Wide Receiver Chris Hogan was one predicted along with Aaron Williams and Nigel Bradham.


Speaking of those players on the roster, Bills Director of Player Personnel Jim Monos joined us at the bottom of the first hour. Monos is heavily involved in assembling this year’s roster, putting together the high caliber of talent on both sides of the ball, whether it was free agency or through the draft.


“I think everyone gets excited when you look at this team but at the same time we want to finish product. We want the end result and that’s getting wins. We’re very excited and you and I were just going about it earlier, the secondary, the defensive line, receiving corps, running backs. You put that up against any team in the NFL right now.”



Monos went down the roster and touched on specific positions like the new linebacker additions and the offensive line which has changed in the last year, specifically when it comes to size.



At the top of the hour we were joined by Hall of Fame receiver and former Bills receiving coach Charlie Joiner who called in from the Hall of Fame festivities in Canton. Joiner coached Andre Reed for eight years and talked about his time coaching the Bills receiving great.


Andre Reed

“With Andre’s size at that time, I thought he was the best insider receiver in the league. He played in the slot and he played in the slot excellently…Andre can read the defense as good as anybody I’ve ever seen on a football field. I just enjoyed the way he played the game. He never got tired. He played hard and he just kept going and going. This guy was a joy to coach.”



Joiner called Reed the “truest of all professionals” and said he knew it was just a matter of time before Reed got the call to the HOF.



One of the reasons for the signs of improvement from QB EJ Manuel has come from the team’s new quarterback’s coach, Todd Downing. Downing joined us to round out the show to discuss just that. Downing says EJ Manuel has the tools and the skillset but most importantly the work ethic to be great.



“He’s a very hungry kid. He wants to be great. That’s half the battle. A lot of times you run into guys that think they know it all or their way is the right way and EJ is just the sponge. He wants all the information you can give him. Any drill we can do to get him better, footwork wise, he’s all for it. It’s exciting to work with a guy that wants to be great and wants to do anything you ask him to do to get better.”



In addition, Downing talked about offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and why he’s on his way to being a “super-star” coach in the league. He also touched on the rest of the quarterbacks on the roster, specifically Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel.



You hear the complete John Murphy Show from Thursday by clicking below.


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“Leap to Superstardom” – JMS 7/30

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The past two weeks of training camp saw a lot of national pundits make their way through St. John Fisher College. They all had a chance to view quarterback EJ Manuel and give their opinion on the second year QB. Back on Monday night, we had both Cris Collinsworth from NBC Sports and former NFL Head Coach Marty Shottenheimer on the show. They talked at length about what they saw from Manuel and both had positive reviews. We asked the listeners, with the credentials those two hold, do you trust their opinion of EJ Manuel and should we be critiquing the quarterback with so much detail this early in camp?


Our first guest was Bills rookie linebacker Preston Brown. Brown is gearing up for his first NFL preseason game this coming Sunday. So far he’s shown the coaching staff that he can handle whatever has been thrown at him, specifically when it comes to learning all three linebacking positions. He’s concentrating on playing specifically in the middle and working on his strengths, tackling and stopping the run.

Preston Brown

“That’s one of the biggest keys of the game. You have to tackle the ball carrier and that’s why I try to be around the ball as much as much as possible.”


Brown also discussed the influence from his father and why he loves being a student of the game.


At the top of the first hour we were joined by Bleacher Report’s Nick Kostos. Kostos recently went through each position in the league and gave his choice for those that will be most improved in 2014. At cornerback, Kostos had Bills defensive back Stephon Gilmore.


“I expect Gilmore to be left out on an island quite frequently and I think he proved at the end of last season that he is up for the challenge. We saw his skills coming out of college. I think this is the year, now fully healthy, that Stephon Gilmore takes the leap to superstardom for the Buffalo Bills.”


Kostos projected Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill to improve drastically at the quarterback position given better play from the offensive line.

gilmore pic

Finally, former Vikings and Ravens offensive lineman Matt Birk called-in to the show. Birk has recently taken a new job as the NFL director of football development. He will be working with players and coaches to help advance the game. Birk weighed in on player safety and how the culture is changing when it comes to concussion awareness. He mentioned that the NFL is leading the way and the results are showing as such. He also discussed what he missed most from playing the league which includes the camaraderie with his teammates.


To hear more from Birk and the rest of Wednesday’s John Murphy Show guests, click below.


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Schottenheimer: “Get behind this team”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 28, 2014 – 10:36 pm



Weather turned what was going to be a quiet John Murphy Show into an exciting one as the team went under the lights for a night practice in Growney Stadium. Mark Kelso, Murph’s color analyst on the Bills broadcast joined him once again to help call the action and break down each play. We heard from Head Coach Doug Marrone, Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz, and soon-to-be Hall of Famer Andre Reed.

Cris Collinsworth

We also had some unexpected special guests. Right off the top of the show, NBC Football Lead Analyst Cris Collinsworth joined us in our St. John Fisher College Studio to discuss what he’s witnessed from this year’s team. He will be part of the broadcast crew that will call the Bills preseason game against the Giants in the Hall of Fame Game Sunday night. Collinsworth talked at length about EJ Manuel, specifically when it comes to his progression. He noted that “you can see the development.”


Collinsworth gave his thoughts on Sammy Watkins and what he likes from the rookie receiver even going back to his evaluations when Watkins was at Clemson.


After practice, former Bills Linebacker and former NFL Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer made an appearance. As a footbschottenheimer picall evaluator for many years in the league, Schottenheimer gave his opinion on the Bills quarterback as well.


“I think if you’re a Bills fan, you’ve got to be very excited. Every time you look at a football team, the first thing people look at is the quarterback. I was so extremely impressed tonight with EJ (Manuel). I just thought he was terrific in accuracy and velocity. I think it’s an opportunity for these Bills fans to get behind this football team because I think they’re going to be very good.”


Schottenheimer also weighed in on the defense, what he misses most from coaching and playing in the NFL, and why he’s on a mission to seek out his favorite Buffalo food.


To hear that and the rest of The John Murphy Show, click below.


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“He makes the catch!” – JMS 7/25

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 25, 2014 – 10:23 pm



The John Murphy Show returned to St. John Fisher College as the team took part in a night practice under the lights at Growney Stadium. Joining Murph was Mark Kelso, his partner and color analyst on the Bills Broadcast. The two called highlights and gave in-depth analysis of the night’s practice session.


We began the show by hearing from head coach Doug Marrone. He spoke on the return of defensive linemen Marcell Dareus and Alan Branch. Branch makes his return after passing his physical on Thursday. You’ll hear from him as well.


Afterwards, Bills Insider Chris Brown roamed the sidelines to get post-practice reaction. He caught up with rookie cornerback Ross Cockrell who made some impressive plays tonight.


To hear all of that and the complete John Murphy Show from Friday, click below.


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“I can progress and get better” – JMS 7/24

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We’re back on home base for tonight’s John Murphy Show as we returned to One Bills Drive. Thursday’s news of the day was highlighted by Marcell Dareus passing his physical. Getting set for his fourth year in the league, we asked the listeners what their expectations are for the defensive lineman, especially coming off of his breakout year last season. Lowered or heightened?


Our first guest was Bills receiver Robert Woods. Woods discussed the transition from year one to year two and how he’s more comfortable in the offense, which will translate to a more productive 2014. He also weighed in on his quarterback EJ Manuel, who he feels will also progress in year two and the signs are being shown so far in training camp.


“He’s definitely understands the offense a lot more. He’s more settled in the pocket. His throws are more accurate, with TD, coach (Todd) Downing helping back there at the quarterback position.” Woods said. “In this system now, you can see EJ’s head going through each progression and taking his time in the pocket and not just rushing things. Now he’s just taking his time, going through his reads and making plays.”


Woods also reflected on his rookie season and what he’s seen from his receiving teammates including Sammy Watkins, calling the rookie WR “explosive.”


At the top of the hour we were joined by Bills Insider Chris Brown. Brown has been in attendance for each training camp practice so far. He gave his thoughts on Marcell Dareus, what he’s seen from EJ Manuel, and what he likes from Sammy Watkins during this first week of camp.


“He’s the most dynamic weapon in the offense right now and that includes a person like C.J. Spiller. In terms of turning plays in, practice in and practice out, he’s been the guy. That’s hard to do at a wide receiver than at running back where the ball is handed to you and you have to make something happen. He’s got to run a route, the quarterback’s got to find him, you have to beat the defender, and make a play. He’s made plays and not just one or two, he made about five or six plays each and every practice. I think he’s been head and shoulders above everyone else on the offensive side of the ball.”


Brown went down the rest of the offense, mentioning the running backs and Anthony Dixon and how impressive he’s been. He talked about Chris Hairston’s change from offensive tackle to guard. He also discussed the defense and what he’s seen from rookie LB Preston Brown.


Finally, we were joined by USA Football Master Trainer Ken Stoldt. Stoldt will be part of this weekend’s Buffalo Bills’ Moms Football Safety Clinic at St. John Fisher College. Stoldt will help the parents of those kids playing youth football to understand the safety push in the game, including concussion awareness. This is part of the Heads Up football initiative. Moms will be learning about proper tackling techniques and taking part in hands-on football drills, all to understand why their kids are being taught a certain way. For more information you can go to


To listen to more of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click below.



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The Ratings Czar of Madden 15 – JMS 7/23

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It was another morning practice for the team on Wednesday. We went over all the highlights from this morning, which of course included a few reel-worthy plays by Sammy Watkins. With that said, we asked the listeners…Watkins could be the best wide receiver since whom? A lot of Andre Reed mentions along with Eric Moulds and Lee Evans.


Joining us in our on-site camp studio was Bills Cornerback Leodis McKelvin. McKelvin is coming back to form after an injury suffered last season and said his goal is to remain healthy and continue to make plays. He has been mixed in along with Stephon Gilmore on covering Sammy Watkins. He discussed the physical battle throughout the first four days.


“We just want to give him a little taste on how things are going to be further down the road when he plays against other guys that is in this league. They are going to do what they need to do, grab, tug, playing physical. We’re just trying to give him a good look at what he’s going to see later on down the line.”


McKelvin did say that the rookie receiver is “explosive.” He also touched on the other wide-outs on the roster and what he likes from the new players in the defensive backfield, including Corey Graham who he joked is the “uncle” on the team.


At the top of the hour we got a Hall of Fame preview from Bills Hall of Fame great James Lofton. Lofton was a teammate of Andre Reed, who will be enshrined next weekend.

Andre Reed

“I think it’s a well-deserved honor. It’s agonizing when somebody that you’re close to, a friend, you see them have to wait. He was kind of clumped in there with Cris Carter and with Tim Brown. You kind of waited every year to see which one of them was going to win. A couple of years none of the three went in and you’re thinking well Andre was a finalist a number of times and Cris Carter leap frogs over him. I think all of the people that follow the Buffalo Bills realize what a great player Andre was and this is an acknowledgement of that greatness.”


Lofton also reflected on his playing time in Buffalo, describing them as “the best four years” of his career. He also tells a great story about how he was almost a Philadelphia Eagle just before joining the Bills.


Finally, we were joined by Donny Moore, the EA Sport’s ratings czar for the upcoming Madden NFL 15. In their ratings release earlier this week, Sammy Watkins was placed in the top five in this year’s video game. Moore explained the rating process.


“We try to base it on real world data. We try to use 40-yard dashes. We try to use vertical jumps for things like jump ratings. We also use a lot of different opinions from either scouts or different NFL pundits. We try to cumulate all of that into one data point and that’s in Madden NFL 15.”

The game is due in stores on August 26th.


To hear the complete John Murphy Show from Wednesday, click below.


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Spikes: “The fans are die hard” – JMS 7/22

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It was an early morning practice for the team which was the first in pads, giving the offensive line a chance to block for a loaded backfield for the Bills. We discussed the top four backs for the team tonight, asking who will lead the Bills in rushing in 2014. The majority of the responses had C.J. Spiller leading that department.


Switching gears to the defensive side of the ball for our first guest. Brandon Spikes, the veteran linebacker joined us in our camp radio tent. He discussed his role on the defense, what he can bring to the team in terms of stopping the run, and what he thinks of the Bills fans that view him as an important part of the team.

spikes pic

“It just feels good to be welcomed with open arms. I always embrace that and like I said, I want to come here and just let them know I’m here to be accountable and get the job done.”


With Spikes holding down the middle linebacking spot, he’s looking to prove that he can be a 3-down player including helping out in pass coverage.


“Every player has their strengths and weaknesses. Like I told you, I’m a perfectionist and I’m going to do whatever I have to do to get better at that and we’ll see. When we get out there on the field, you can be the judge yourself and see how I’m doing.”


Spikes also discussed the talent that surrounds him on the defensive side of the ball, specifically rookie LB Preston Brown, who Spikes sees a lot of similarities in, having shared the same college coach in Charlie Strong.


At the top of the first hour we were joined by NFL Network’s Steve Wyche. He was on campus the past two days for training camp. Wyche said he was “blown away” by Sammy Watkins but feels the success of the team falls on the shoulders of quarterback EJ Manuel.


“Part of it is going to be Nathaniel Hackett designing an offense or at least a passing scheme that highlights his strengths. He has all the talent and the ability in the world. Now, he just has to put it together. They got him some weapons….but I think EJ Manuel could be a good quarterback but a lot of that is going to be up to him.”


Outside of Manuel and Watkins, Wyche likes the Bills other offensive additions, mainly the signing of running back Anthony Dixon. On defense he pointed to the defensive backfield, specifically mentioning Da’Norris Searcy. He also touched on the rest of the AFC East and discussed how the Jets and Dolphins are improving.


To hear more from Wyche and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below.


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A National Perspective on the Bills – JMS 7/21

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 21, 2014 – 10:29 pm



We return to the campus of St. John Fisher College. Day two of Bills Training Camp and there was plenty of highlights between EJ Manuel and rookie WR Sammy Watkins once again. We went through a complete recap of today’s practice. On the defensive side, we poised the question, with the losses to the defense from last year’s team, should we worry about that side of the ball? The listeners weighed-in and their opinions varied from optimism with the players in place to concern regarding the absence of Kiko Alonso.


Defensive tackle Kyle Williams shares the optimism about the defense, especially when it comes to stopping the run. The veteran leader joined us in the first hour to explain that the team wasn’t as bad in that area as some would think but believes they will be better in 2014.

kyle williams

“It wasn’t a slow death type of deal with our run defense. It was a mental mistake here or there and then we let out a big run which hurt us. Most of those big plays are from mental errors and very, very few of them were physical where you weren’t able to physically make the play. They were mostly mental errors. If we can clean all that up and know where we’re going and be able to get there fast and play fast, I think we’ll be fine.”


Williams believes the addition of linebacker Brandon Spikes will be effective in stopping the run. The type of linebacker “I haven’t had since I’ve been here.”


Kyle also discussed the loss of Kiko Alonso and how missing his sophomore year will affect him. He also believes there shouldn’t be any issue with the defense generating the same amount of pressure in getting to the quarterback as they did in 2013. He also gave a very interesting take on Marcell Dareus and why he believes his teammate on the defensive line will be ready to go.


We also got a national perspective from ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski who joined us at the top of the hour. Jaworski raved about Sammy Watkins and how he can only help quarterback EJ Manuel. He also believes the Bills QB should improve on his accuracy in 2014. Also, that the offense should thrive with the rest of the receiving options and the offensive line up front providing Manuel with support.


Jaworksi added that he believes the Bills are primed for the playoffs. He is impressed with the short turnaround the team has put together and says the pieces in place to get the Bills to the post season.


“This is an ascending football team. Obviously, good fortune is part of it. You have to stay healthy. You have to have your superstars on the field and they have to play up to that ability. Last year, clearly, a new coaching staff came in, a new attitude came in, a new Buffalo Bills look. I thought the team improved as the season went on. Now, with the addition of Sammy Watkins, I think they’ll be a lot more scoring. The scoring means the defense will be in that known pass rush situation. The strength of this defense is going to be the defensive line getting pressure on the quarterback. I’m a big fan of Jim Schwartz as a defensive coordinator. I think he can turn it loose from a defensive perspective. The defense will be much better and much more aggressive.


To hear more on what Jaworski has to say about the Bills and the rest of The John Murphy Show, click below.



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Accepting The Leadership Role – JMS 7/18

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 18, 2014 – 9:58 pm



On the campus of St. John Fisher College for tonight’s show. Set up and ready for another year of Bills Training Camp. We asked the viewers what their expectations are for the upcoming season. Some gave their ideas of what the Bills record will be and some gave specific examples, including what they hope to see out of quarterback EJ Manuel and the Bills winning the AFC East.


Bills General Manager Doug Whaley made his way over to our setup to be our first guest for the show. Whaley talked about the unique experience this camp offers to the team and its players. He also discussed what he expects after they break camp in five weeks.


“Hopefully come out healthy, have a better sense on those position battles, who is going to be on our starting lineup. Then get tuned up ready for the season. Obviously see a healthy EJ (Manuel) to keep progressing and keep getting better.”


Whaley also filled us in on who might take the place of the injured Kiko Alonso. That includes a handful of players that might end up on either side of the linebacking corp. He discussed Seantrel Henderson, who looks to fill the void at the start of camp for offensive lineman Cordy Glenn, who is out until further notice with an illness. Whaley also mentioned what he likes out his rookie draft class and why there won’t be as much pressure placed on quarterback EJ Manuel as some would think.


USA Today Sport Weekly’s Scott Pitoniak called-in at the top of the first hour. Pitoniak covers the AFC East and the Buffalo Bills from right here in Rochester. He talked about the atmosphere of camp and what he looks forward to each year at St. John Fisher College. He also gave his insight on this year’s team including what he thinks of “the deepest running back group in the league.” Pitoniak also gave an update from around the AFC East.


Finally, Bills Safety Aaron Williams capped off the show. Williams arrived this afternoon for move-in day here on campus. He talked adamantly and confidently about his role on the team. Following the departure of safety Jairus Byrd, the coaching staff asked Williams to take on the leadership role in the defensive backfield.


“I accepted that role and I was ready for that role last year. Knowing my personality, I was sitting back and learning from Fred (Jackson) and Kyle Williams and (Jairus) Byrd. There’s different ways to lead this team and I’ve learned that from a lot of guys with different personalities. They’ve helped me out to understand what I can provide for next year.”


Williams also talked about how he is a big hitter and how the intensity of that moment following a big hit “is huge” and can increase momentum.



Click below to hear the entire John Murphy Show from Friday night.


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“Holding Players to a Higher Standard”-JMS 7/17

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 17, 2014 – 9:35 pm



Packing up and moving the show to Pittsford and St. John Fisher College starting tomorrow but one final show before we depart. We asked the listeners what their favorite Bills Training Camp memory was. Plenty of player interaction highlighted the discussion along with some humorous stories as well.


Our first guest was Pro Football Focus NFL Writer Gordon McGuinness. McGuinness called in all the way from his home in Scotland to discuss his recent article on the site, Position Progression: Quarterbacks. The article is a unique breakdown, using analytics, of grading a quarterback’s progression, specifically from his rookie year to his second year. Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford was used as a prime example of a rating increase during his sophomore year. Of course, we brought up EJ Manuel and McGuinness feels he will follow suite and increase his QB rating in 2014.
“I think you can definitely expect some improvement.” McGuinness said. “I think if anyone wants to look at the positives from a jump from year one to year two, we saw Matthew Stafford back in his rookie season. He graded a minus 30.8 and then took a big jump to a slight positive the next.” He also added, “While there was concern about how Manuel played at points during his rookie year, there’s definitely encouraging signs.”


McGuinness also noted that Stafford’s quarterback coach during that time was Todd Downing, who came over to the Bills staff this offseason to help groom EJ Manuel.


At the top of the first hour we were joined by former Bills Linebacker Chris Draft. Draft spent his last year in the league with the Bills during the 2009 campaign. He is now part of the NFL’s Player Engagement program, which helps players prep for life during and after their time in the NFL. Draft, now an NFL ambassador for the program, will talk to Bills players at St. John Fisher College this weekend and discuss specifically player conduct in an NFL locker room.

Chris Draft

“I think as we talk about not just the locker room culture and changing that but really just expanding what the workplace looks like and where you’re expected to be men. That’s from the locker room and throughout the organization and out in the community. We’re holding players to a higher standard.”


Draft recalled his playing time during his one season here. He reflected on the energy of the fans and Ralph Wilson Stadium. He also promoted The Chris Draft Family Foundation that he runs, which helps educate communities to make healthier choices.


Finally, we were joined by Lauren Johnson of Johnson recently posted an article on the site about the future of “wearables” in the NFL. The NFL is involved with different initiatives for marketers to advance second-screen advertising. Johnson interviewed NFL Chief Information Officer Michelle McKenna-Doyle, who said the process is in place for players to wear clothing or helmets with technology embedded to help promote a product.


Johnson went on to say the near future could include players being outfitted with Google Glass or an alternative to interact with coaches in terms of calling in plays or even give viewers an up-close look at what a player is seeing.


You can hear Thursday’s entire John Murphy Show by clicking below:


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Highlighting the 2013 Bills – JMS 7/16

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 16, 2014 – 9:49 pm


Stevenson Sylvester

It was a jam packed John Murphy Show on Wednesday. We began with newly signed linebacker Stevenson Sylvester or “Sly” who joined us in-studio. Sylvester spent his first four years in a Steelers uniform and become a free agent this offseason. After working out with a handful of other NFL teams, he hopes to have found a home here in Buffalo within the Bills linebacking corp.


“I cannot wait to talk to our defensive coordinator and linebacker coach and hopefully it’s just to contribute any way to this team to win games.” Sylvester said. “The Buffalo Bills have definitely done some things over the years, especially defensively that you can definitely notice. I just hope to be a part of that and make the Buffalo Bills better.”


Sylvester will join the rest of his teammates at St. John Fisher College when they report on Friday.


At the bottom of the first hour we were joined by NFL Films Producer, Buffalo native and Bills fan Michelle Girardi Zumwalt. She produced the recently aired 2013 Buffalo Bills year-in-review on the NFL Network. The highlights were paired with unique voice-overs and music that we’re so accustomed to with NFL Films. It supplied fans a full recap of the 2013 season and preview of what’s to come in 2014. There was also a special tribute to the former owner Ralph Wilson, Jr.


“I used aspects of his Hall of Fame Induction speech. I used some of the eulogies that were given at the memorial service that was held in early April. I used fan testimonials on how much he meant to them and even player testimonials. I think the fans will really appreciate that and hopefully that really resonates with them.”


As the team departs for camp this Friday, we checked in with Dr. Todd Harrison, the Co-Director of the Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College. Harrison explains how the college has grown because of the Bills involvement. This is the 15th year the Bills will be on the campus. The continuing relationship has been a positive experience for both sides.


“It really plays a major part in strengthening our foothold in Western New York as a college. We’re only really 63 or 64 years old as a college, which is pretty young as an institution. Over the last 15 years it has given us, at a time when not a lot of colleges are being talked about on news cycles and in the newspapers, it gives us some notoriety. It gets people onto campus. It’s been just terrific for the whole college, our athletic department, just all around. It’s been great.”


Dr. Harrison is also a sports management faculty member and believes his involvement in directing the setup for Bills camp is a great way to teach what you preach.


Finally, we had a visit from longtime NFL Broadcaster Clark Judge. Judge is part of a new sports radio program, “Talk of Fame” Sports Network which will debut at the beginning of August. The show, hosted by Judge and two other co-hosts, will give listeners and fans an inside look on the selection process of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and they will dissect who or who shouldn’t be a Hall of Famer. All three hosts bring over 30-years of covering the NFL and are all Hall of Fame committee members which give them the qualifications to help listeners better decide if their favorite player is Hall of Fame worthy, both past and present.


Click below to hear the entire Clark Judge interview, including his thoughts on why Andre Reed finally got his Call to the Hall and his thoughts on what Bill might hear his name next.


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“Such a Buffalo flavor this year” – JMS 7/15

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 15, 2014 – 9:55 pm


A Tuesday night edition of The John Murphy Show. We’re just days away before we set up “camp” at St. John Fisher College. Our topic of discussion tonight, who is your training camp sleeper? Seantrel Henderson, Ty Powell, or how about Tight End Tony Moeaki? All three and some other names were mentioned throughout the night.


Our first guest at the bottom of the hour was Bob Trumpy. Trumpy was recently named the 2014 Pete Rozelle Award winner for his work in both television and radio covering the NFL for 30-years. He was part of NBC’s number one broadcast team as the color analyst beside Dick Enberg, involved in calling two Super Bowls featuring the Buffalo Bills. Although, one of his all-time favorite games to call was in 1988 when the Bills beat the Jets in overtime to clinch the division.


“The fans stormed the field, tore down the goal posts, and there was so much celebrating going on the field that there was a cloud produced over Rich Stadium.” Trumpy said. “Out of all the games I did, that’s one at the top of my list I’ll never forget.”


Trumpy will be recognized during the Enshrinement Ceremony during the Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio.


Continuing our Hall of Fame weekend preview, at the top of the hour we were joined by the VP of Communications for the Pro Football HOF, Joe Horrigan. The enshrinement weekend will be Buffalo themed with Andre Reed receiving his gold jacket and bronze bust. The Bills will be playing the Giants in the Hall of Fame Game the following night.


“There’s such a Buffalo flavor this year. I expect all the Bills Hall of Famers will be here, Thurman (Thomas), Bruce (Smith), Jim (Kelly), and Marv (Levy) who is presenting Andre. It’s just going to be a heavy, heavy dose of Buffalo.”


You can purchase tickets for both the Enshrinement Ceremony and the Hall of Fame Game at


Finally, we switched gears to preview the upcoming Fantasy Football season. Jamey Eisenberg is the Fantasy Football host and contributor for He recently wrote about the fantasy outlook for the Buffalo Bills. He specifically mentioned to not sleep on running back C.J. Spiller.


Eisenberg also discussed how he would wait on rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins and that he would be great off the bench midseason. He also said that he could see Watkins soon dominating at the NFL level.


To hear more of Eisenberg and the rest of Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below:


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The move to St. John Fisher – JMS Recap 7/14

Posted by johnmurphyshow on July 14, 2014 – 9:51 pm


John Murphy returned to the airwaves for tonight’s show, back from a 2-week break. We discussed with training camp right around the corner, if you are in attendance where will your eyes go first? Sammy Watkins and the rest of the wide receiver group led the discussion. Also mentioned were quarterback EJ Manuel and who will replace Kiko Alonso at the outside linebacker spot.


This past weekend, San Francisco blew out the flame at Candlestick Park, the home for the 49ers since 1971. The team will move into a brand new stadium. Over 25,000 were in attendance to watch a flag football game between 49er and other NFL greats, including Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, and Dan Marino. Daniel Brown from the San Jose Mercury News covered the game and reflected on the weekend featuring the Legends of Candlestick.

Joe Montana, Roger Craig

“I thought I was going to see a bunch of old guys mail-in an effort, get the check, and leave. It was anything but that. It was a reminder that these guys love what they do and they love being with each other. Some of the guys really wanted to show that they could play. Roger Craig was out there going crazy, high-stepping, catching passes. They did it all with a smile on their face. They were laughing. They were joking.”


Brown also looked back on some of the great moments from Candlestick Park and looked forward to what’s ahead for the 49ers. The team will move into Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara for this upcoming season.


At the top of the hour we were joined by Pro Football writer Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated. He is also a contributor to the Monday Morning Quarterback on Klemko is in Buffalo and surveying the Bills move to St. John Fisher College. He is getting an inside look at how a team relocates their players to another location and replicate the pro football setup.


“There’s no expense spared. They put a lot of value in isolating these players and making it about football 24-7 as opposed to a lot of these teams who are now switching to just the training camps and the facility where there are still potential distractions where guys are driving from their home as opposed to living in a dorm room.”


Klemko discussed the handful of teams that relocate to training camp venues and its benefits, especially for a young team like the Bills.

Mike Carey

Finally, we were joined by recently retired NFL referee Mike Carey who will now join CBS Sports as a rules expert and will add his knowledge of officiating to game broadcasts throughout the upcoming NFL season. He will work from the CBS New York Studio during Sunday games and during Thursday night games will be in the broadcast booth reviewing and explaining calls. He discussed many topics relating to officiating, including some of his most difficult calls he has made.


Carey also looked back on his path to the NFL and some of the highlights from his career including when he was the side judge during the Bills-Oilers comeback game. You can hear that and the rest of the John Murphy Show by clicking below.



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“It was just absolutely remarkable” JMS 6/26

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 26, 2014 – 9:31 pm



It was a Thursday edition of The John Murphy Show. We asked the listeners, with all the offseason moves and the big jump in this year’s draft to get Sammy Watkins, do you think the Bills are closer to making the playoffs than they have been in a while?


At the bottom of the first hour, we were joined by NFL Network’s Scott Hanson. Hanson is currently the host of NFL RedZone and NFL Total Access. We discussed the network’s “90’s week” which is part of their Decades Month. The Bills are featured a number of times with the greatest comeback in NFL History and their 4-straight Super Bowl runs during the 1990’s.

Jim Kelly

“They are either the tragic figure from a Greek novel or they are a team now with a little bit of distance behind it, from then until now, that you can say achieved something that we may never see again, four straight Super Bowls. It’s almost impossible to get to back-to-back Super Bowls these days let alone four in a row with a nucleus of that team with about three or four or maybe even five different guys on that team that were the best at their position at some point during that four Super Bowl run. It was just absolutely remarkable.”


Hanson also looked back on some of the best quarterbacks during that decade and the teams in the later half that left their mark. This Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET, The NFL Network will be airing “The Comeback” game, the 1993 AFC Wild Card game where the Bills overcame a 32-point deficit to beat the Houston Oilers.


Mark Kelso, former Bills defensive back and current color analyst for the Buffalo Bills Radio Network called in to kick off the second hour of the show. Kelso gave us his thoughts on if the Bills are primed to make a playoff run or at least get to 10-wins.

NFL Historical Imagery

“If (EJ Manuel) matures to the level that I think he would like to and that the coaching staff would like him to and the young guys they drafted this year play a key role and they get some dynamic play out of the receiver position with Sammy (Watkins) and those young guys mature with Robert Woods and Marquise (Goodwin) and TJ (Graham) and those guys. I really think that is not out of reach, a 10-win season.”


Kelso weighed in on who he thinks was the unsung hero of the Bills during the 1990’s. That was our topic Wednesday night that got a lot of traction. Kelso chose linebacker Darryl Talley, who he said was an important part of their defense but only made one pro bowl. He also mentioned offensive lineman Jim Ritcher, who started for the Bills during their Super Bowl appearances.


Kelso also touched on his new film study guide he just recently released. You can go to to learn more or purchase Kelso’s “methodical study guide to analyzing football game film.”


Click below to hear the complete John Murphy Show from Thursday.


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Jim Kelly gives unsung heroes of the 90’s–JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 25, 2014 – 9:51 pm



We started Wednesday’s show asking the listeners who their unsung hero was for the Bills during the 1990’s. We got a variety of responses from Kenneth Davis to Kent Hull to Darryl Talley. Even Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly chimed in on Twitter with his thoughts.



Jim Kelly’s 27th annual football camp is coming up in July. We were joined by his brother Dan Kelly, who came on to discuss this year’s Jim Kelly Football Camp, which runs July 9-13 at Sweet Home High School. Instructors will include former players and even a handful of current Bills players. All will help teach kids the fundamentals of the game.


“I look at it as an opportunity for these young kids today to get some great teaching. We got guys like Sammy Watkins and Steve Tasker who are going to be coming up to participate in the camp and we’re expecting a few surprises from some of the current Bills players who are there to support Jim.”


Registration is still on-going but time is winding down. To do so, you can register at Dan also said that Jim is planning on attending each and every day of the camp as he continues to get stronger and stronger.


Author Rich Cohen called in to discuss his book “Monsters: The 1985 Chicago Bears and the Wild Heart of Football.” The book lays out Cohen’s account as a fan of that Bears team and their run to a Super Bowl title, which re-charged the city of Chicago. “Monsters” describes the way the team got there with a rough and scrappy style of play led by their surly head coach Mike Ditka. Cohen includes plenty of personal stories and how he went cross-country to interview the colorful players that made up that 1985 roster.

NFL Historical Imagery

Finally, we were joined by former Bills offensive lineman John Fina. In conjunction with the NFL Network’s “90’s week”, the Buffalo Bills website is also providing a look back at the decade that was one of the best in Bills history. Fina shared his favorite memories from where he spent the majority of his professional career which included 4-straight Super Bowl appearances.


“Unfortunately, we came up short. I get a little bit of razzing about that from time to time, even out here in the West. I know guys that played ten years and never even got a chance to lose a Super Bowl. They would probably lay down in traffic just for the opportunity to lose one. I take great pride in the fact that I played in Buffalo for the two great coaches I played for, Wade (Phillips) and Marv (Levy) and I love the city of Buffalo.”


Fina gave his choice for the unsung player during the 90’s. That was his offensive line teammate Glenn Parker. He also shared his love for the city of Buffalo. You can hear more from Fina and the rest of the John Murphy Show from Wednesday by clicking below.


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Time for a developmental league-JMS 6/24

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 24, 2014 – 9:57 pm


Back on base for tonight’s John Murphy Show as we returned to One Bills Drive. We threw out the following question for tonight’s topic. Who tops your list as the best former player or coach turned broadcaster? There was a wide variety of responses ranging from John Madden to Jon Gruden.


Our first guest was 2014 third round draft pick and current Bills Linebacker Preston Brown. Brown is taking part in the Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio. The Symposium will help rookies and their transition to the NFL life. They will concentrate on four principles, NFL History, Total Wellness, Professional Experience, and Workplace Conduct. Brown says he expects to take in a lot of information from those working in the league and from former players as well, especially when it comes to wellness and how to prolong time in the league.

Preston Brown

“That’s really something that I want to get answered. Coming from guys that played 10, 12, 15 years in the league. I want to know how they kept their bodies maintained with the hits and the physicality of such a physical game. That’s one of the biggest things you have to learn from those guys is how they were able to maintain themselves over those years.”


Brown also said the transition from his rookie minicamp to the team’s mandatory minicamp really increased when it came to intensity. He looks forward to that carrying over into training camp. He also said he has motivation to prove that he can play 3-downs and not be limited to being a run-stopping linebacker.


We were also joined by another familiar name taking part in an NFL Player Engagement Program. Former Bills linebacker Jay Foreman recently completed the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp. He was part of a group of 25 current and former players in the league looking to make a conversion from the field to the booth. Foreman has recently done work on a weekly radio show dealing with the Houston Texans and also on television with the Comcast Sports Network in Houston. This recent experience with the NFL gave Foreman a chance to bolster his broadcast resume.

NFL Historical Imagery

“We covered everything you could possibly think of as far as being in the media. Some things I was new to and one of the things that I have never done before was read off a teleprompter. That was a pretty cool adventure and once I did it a couple of times it wasn’t as intimidating at first as I thought it would be.”


Aside from broadcasting, Foreman is currently the Executive Vice President at Hot Doc, Inc. which focuses on measuring body temperature by using an alert patch. The patch allows for real-time monitoring of the body’s temperature changes for those involved with physical activity.


A new league is looking to develop football players that did not get drafted to the NFL. The FXFL (Fall Experimental Football League) is launching this fall with the involvement of six teams. This league is not involved with the NFL, but there are hopes in the future of having a springboard platform for those players needing the on-the-field development. League Commissioner Brian Woods called in to the show to discuss just that.


“This year we had over a 110 junior players that declared (for the NFL Draft.) More importantly, almost forty percent of these players went undrafted. So these are kids that are going to go to camp with not a great chance of making the squad, making that team, making that 52-man roster or even a practice squad spot. They need a place to go. I think now more than ever this is the time to do it. We’ve seen the success of the NBA D-League, not just with players but with coaches and referees. The Minor League Baseball system has been successful for many, many years and I think the time has come for a developmental league, a place to develop young players and I think we have a good structure for it and a good model in place to make it sustainable.”

fxfl logo

Woods said they’re trying to incorporate different technologies to involve and engage the fans, which is evident by the word “experimental” in the league’s name.


For more on Tuesday’s John Murphy Show, click below:


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On the Road at NOCO Express – JMS 6/23

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 23, 2014 – 11:29 pm

noco murph and i

We took the John Murphy Show on the road Monday evening. The show went live from the NOCO Express location on the corner of Main and Youngs in Williamsville. A packed audience listened in to the show and joined us on-air to give their input on who is the most popular Bills player on the roster. They also received autographs from special guest, Bills running back Fred Jackson.


Jackson took a break from his signing session to discuss his feelings on meeting and greeting his fans. He also talked about the dedication he gives to the game and how that has led to his success in the league. That was evident during the team’s recently completed minicamp where Jackson won the Offensive Iron Bills Award for his work inside the training room.


“Anytime you get an award like that, I think it’s one that you relish. Coach (Eric) Ciano has done a tremendous job motivating guys to come in during the offseason and participate in things like this. You see the hard work pays off.”


Jackson also weighed in on what he has seen from the offense, especially the work put in by his quarterback EJ Manuel. He said he’s also looking forward to seeing a healthy C.J. Spiller return to the backfield.


We also heard a familiar name to Western New York. East Aurora native and Hamilton Tiger Cat Wide Receiver Luke Tasker called in to the show. Tasker, the son of Bills special teams ace Steve Tasker, gave us a preview of the upcoming CFL season, how training camp is going, and how he hopes his team can return to the Grey Cup Final. Tasker also helped those unfamilar with the Canadian Football League with the difference and challenge he had to experience at the receiver position.


“When I explain the game, most of the changes benefit the offense. There’s a larger field. There’s more space to run your routes. You have these waggle motions where you can approach the line of scrimmage and all the wide receivers are all moving and motioning before the snap of the ball. The one thing that is different, that might be an advantage to the defense, is that there is only three downs. There’s first and second and then you punt on third down. What that does, as well, is that it really makes the game roll along because instead of 3-and-out, you’re going 2-and-out, which makes it a very short drive.”

tasker pic

Tasker says he enjoys playing close to home and that he gets plenty of family and friends attending Hamilton home games. He also discussed his recent offseason broadcast work for WBBZ-TV here in Buffalo.


You can hear more from Luke Tasker and the rest of The John Murphy Show by clicking below:




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Fichtner: “All the way” Bills fan – JMS 6/20

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 20, 2014 – 9:33 pm



Rounding out the week on The John Murphy Show. It was quiet around One Bills Drive as the players departed for their break until training camp at St. John Fisher College, now exactly 4-weeks away. Quarterback Jeff Tuel was kind enough to stick around, as he joined us at the bottom of the first hour. Tuel finished up this week’s minicamp trying to soak up the playbook and the changes to Nathaniel Hackett’s offense. He joins the other 3-quarterbacks on the roster who all have just one year in the system.

Jeff Tuel

“We learn from each other’s mistakes and we also grow with each other. We kind of have a one-for-all, all-for-one mentality. We have each other’s backs and we learn from each other, push each other, and ask each other questions and we’re growing together.”


Tuel was thrust into the lineup last year when EJ Manuel went down in week five at Cleveland. Tuel got the start against the Kansas City Chiefs. He looked back on his 59-yard touchdown to Marquise Goodwin and also expressed his frustration with the interception he threw that led to a Chiefs touchdown. Tuel admitted he didn’t expect to get as much playing time as he did in his first year in the league.


“You come in here and I was the fourth quarterback. I didn’t get a rep in OTAs until I think ninth or tenth one and I got the three reps in minicamp. As soon as training camp hit it was all with the ones or twos it seemed like. Kevin (Kolb) got hurt real early and I was going with the twos and then EJ (Manuel) went down and I was going with the ones. You never know how it’s going to play out and that’s why you always have to be ready and I’ve learned that about football. If you think it’s going to go one way, it’s most likely not going to go that way. So, you just continue to grind and get better and make sure you’re at your top self.”


Kicking off the second hour we were joined by former Bills offensive lineman and NFL Analyst for Sirius XM and NBC Sports Network Ross Tucker. Tucker just finished up the 3-day NFL Broadcast Boot Camp where he instructed current and recently retired NFL players who are looking to get involved in Sports Broadcasting.


“There’s been some guys over the years that I thought he’d be pretty slick. I think Maurice Jones-Drew will be good. He does some fantasy work for Sirius but he gets it, the fan interaction, and he gets the growth of fantasy. Tim Hasselbeck has gone to on to ESPN along with myself. I will tell you the guy that’s really pretty good this year was Brady Quinn. He’s just so darn good looking it makes you sick. He’s got a big name going for him. He’s a good looking guy, very smart.”

Dan Orlovsky, Deion Branch

Tucker had a very strong opinion and some strong comments regarding Cleveland Browns first round draft pick Johnny Manziel and the QB’s off-field decisions. He also added that he thinks the Bills are good enough to contend for a playoff spot.

William Fichtner

Finally, actor and Buffalo native William Fichtner joined us in studio to talk about his love for the Buffalo Bills. He grew up a fan watching Jack Kemp and Daryle Lamonica and continues to keep an eye on the team, watching the past couple seasons while in Prague where he was filming for the NBC crime drama “Crossing Lines.”


“There’s no missing the boat that I’m a Bills fan. Most of the last two years I’ve been living in the Czech Republic and thank God for NFL Game Pass because on Sunday nights at 7 o’clock Prague time, these games right here from the stadium come live right into my house and it’s great and I love it.”


Fichtner went over his movie career and talks about his future works, including his role in Michael Bay’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. He weighs in about chicken wings and how optimistic he is for this upcoming season and says all fans should be. He describes Bills fans as the best in the world.


You can hear more of the William Fichtner by clicking on Friday’s complete John Murphy Show below.



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“I want to be respected as a football player”-JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on June 19, 2014 – 10:14 pm



A chock full lineup on tonight’s show. We began with the surprise visit of Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly. Continuing his treatment for cancer, Kelly addressed the team before Thursday’s final minicamp session. We heard player reaction from quarterback Jeff Tuel and an amazed wide receiver Mike Williams. Head Coach Doug Marrone also shared his thoughts on Kelly’s visit and the message to his team.

At 7:30, wide receiver Marquise Goodwin sat down with John Murphy. Goodwin is in a battle with about a dozen wide receivers currently on the Bills roster. He made a couple big plays during the 3-day minicamp which was similar to what he was able to do last year. Goodwin stretched the field with his speed which equaled big gains. He began to notice as the season went on that opposing defenses started respecting that aspect of his game more and more.

Marquise Goodwin,T.J. Graham

“After a few they started to back up and that’s when a few of the underneath catches came about and everybody pretty much started to respect my speed.”


Goodwin joins a long list of receivers on the current roster and wants to continue to fight for noticeable role on this year’s team.


“There’s a lot of us in there and it’s competition everyday so it’s definitely a fight for some PT (playing time).”


Goodwin is also an Olympic track star but he discussed how that plays a big part in his life but says he just wants to be respected as an NFL wide receiver that scores touchdowns.


At the top of the hour, NFL VP of Player Engagement Kimberly Fields called in to discuss the ongoing initiative to better the locker room culture around the NFL. League human resource officials and former players will visit all 32-NFL teams in an effort to make sure hazing incidents, similar to what happened in Miami last year, never happens in an NFL locker room again.


“The things that we have seen that have come out of these sessions thus far is that the players and the coaches are really engaged. There are things that they would like to see improved upon, or changed, or implemented. This is an opportunity to give them a voice on how we go about doing that.”

Jets Bills Football

Fields also went on to say that she feels a more respectful atmosphere is part of a winning culture. Those former players or ambassadors that come to talk to each NFL team have been around winning organizations and can deliver a first-hand perspective.


We rounded out the show with a visit from Bleacher Report’s NFL national lead writer and former Bills defensive back Matt Bowen. Bowen spent seven years in the NFL and his recent post dealt with the time off between minicamp and training camp. He says for the players there’s no summer vacation. It’s a chance to mentally get away from the team facility but the obligation to stay in shape is still of high importance. Players are sent home with a conditioning program to follow.

Sammy Watkins

“It will be detailed with about four lifts a week and every day running. There will probably be two days of speed work, two days of conditioning, and then one day a combination of speed and conditioning which usually are change of direction drills, shuttle runs, and gassers. ”


Bowen also described the packaged plays that NFL offenses are running in the NFL. The Bills utilize this system that is taking over the NFL. Bowen says he likes what the Bills are running especially now with the high level of talent added to the roster.


“A great game to watch for Bills fans is to go back to week one this past year when they played New England at home. They were excellent on offense, they ran a lot of packaged plays. They have the running backs to do it with obviously (CJ) Spiller and (Fred) Jackson. That’s the key. With adding Sammy Watkins to the mix now and I’m so excited to see Sammy Watkins play. I loved his college tape at Clemson. I think he’s an electric athlete. A guy that can take a bubble screen, a guy that can take a slant route and go eighty, ninety yards for a touchdown. He has that ability with the football in his hands. So, this is the ideal package for him to be in, these multiple reads for the quarterback.”


You can hear more of Matt Bowen’s interview along with the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show by clicking below.


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