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Mike Lodish: Sharing an NFL Record – JMS 1/30

Posted by johnmurphyshow on January 30, 2015 – 9:50 pm



A jam packed Friday edition of the show, gearing you up for Sunday’s Super Bowl in Arizona. We began by hearing from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who addressed the media during his state of the league address. He spoke on a variety of issues including the ongoing Patriots ball-inflation investigation, the relocation policy and the interest of a team in Los Angeles, and the importance for the Bills to look into a building new stadium in the near future. We also heard from Bills running back Fred Jackson who continued his radio-row tour down in Phoenix. He talked about EJ Manuel’s progression and why Rex Ryan will be a contributing factor for the team’s push to the playoffs.

Super Bowl Football

Our first guest is a familiar name to Bills fans, a six-time Super Bowl participant, former Bills defensive lineman Mike Lodish. Lodish played in all four of the Super Bowl runs with the Bills in the 90’s and then two more with the Denver Broncos. He will now share that NFL record with Patriots QB Tom Brady who will be playing in his sixth this coming Sunday. Lodish talked about giving up his sole possession of the record after 15-years.


“I was hoping deep in my heart it wouldn’t happen. To be the only guy and the irony is that I’m this 10th round, undersized d-lineman that worked his butt off and made it. Didn’t get all the accolades. That wasn’t me. It was just good old hard work that I made it every year. It’s not a bad guy to share the crown with. He’s (Brady) got a pretty good looking wife that we can talk to maybe. He’s a pretty darn good football player himself. I have to be a class act myself here and congratulate him. He’s truly a great player.”


Lodish is promoting his after-football endeavor, selling his mother’s peanut brittle recipe under his startup company, Lodish Champion Brittle.


At the top of the hour we continued the Super Bowl talk with Auburn, NY native and Patriots play-by-play voice Bob Socci who will be calling his first Super Bowl. Socci shared his in-depth look into this year’s Patriots and the all-around role tight end Rob Gronkowski can play for the New England offense.

Super Bowl Football

“He does a lot of different things simply by being out there. To attract the defense attention helps get Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Brandon LaFell, and Shane Vereen open for Tom Brady. He’ll have a big impact not only in the passing game but also as a run blocker, too. If the Patriots are going to have success running the ball against the Seattle’s defense, Rob Gronkowski will play a pivotal part in that.”


Finally, we turned it over to Michael Grey from 710 ESPN in Seattle to get a Seahawks perspective. He talked about Marshawn Lynch’s character during the week and why he’s a leader in the Seahawks locker room. Grey then went on to discuss quarterback Russell Wilson, who looks to rebound from his uncharacteristic play during the NFC Championship game against the Packers.

Russell Wilson

“That was by far and away his worst game as a pro. He’s never thrown four interceptions before. Something was off and with the extra week to prepare and the way they do things, especially with Russell Wilson, I anticipate him to be in the lab looking at every single angle and every single inch of film and making sure that he is ready to go because they absolutely cannot do that again. If the Seahawks turn the ball over, they’re going to have a real hard time with these Patriots even more so than they did against the Packers.”


To hear more from Grey and the entire John Murphy Show from Friday, click below.



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Jackson: Rex will push us over the hump

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2015 – 2:20 pm

Bills RB Fred Jackson was on radio row at the Super Bowl this week in Glendale, Arizona and made an appearance on the Michael Kay show on ESPN radio. Asked for his take on how new head coach Rex Ryan will change things for the better for the Bills, Jackson expressed confidence that Ryan can be a difference maker.

“I think we’re right there and I think he’s going to be that catalyst that pushes us over that hump,” Jackson said. “Everybody knows that Rex is going to come in and say things like we’re going to the playoffs. With that kind of mantra and blood flowing through the city I think we get the job done and get into the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl.”

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Levy on what makes a winning coach

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2015 – 12:55 pm

Bills Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy was enormously successful in his second go round as a head coach in the NFL in Buffalo. He’s a big part of our story today on as we look at the trend of Super Bowl success for second-time head coaches and how it may apply to Bills new head coach Rex Ryan. In the conversation with Levy by phone he laid out three of the most important qualities in a successful head coach.

“Every good coach to me has these three qualities,” said Levy. “He’s a good teacher, and he can inject his own personality, but he gets his teaching across to the players and they buy in and see the value of his teaching. Two and this is overwhelmingly important, he works well with others in the organization. Yeah you can disagree, but don’t be disagreeable. Whether it’s who you ought to draft or stuff of that nature. Third he’s a straight shooter.”

Ryan explained some of the experience he gained in working with young quarterbacks in New York that he believes will help him with EJ Manuel in Buffalo in his sitdown interview with He talked about how they don’t intend to give Manuel 600 plays to memorize. Levy saw that as a smart move on Ryan’s part.

“One of the greatest things that helped us in our success, and if I had any advice for any other coach I’d say throw away half your playbook,” said Levy. “Our no huddle offense, we had a playbook about 20 percent the size of all of those in the league, so that’s an astute remark on Rex’s part I would think.”

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Fred: EJ can be a starting QB in this league

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2015 – 11:59 am

Fred Jackson was making his way down radio row at the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona and was naturally asked about his teammate EJ Manuel and his future on Buffalo’s roster.

Jackson was asked on the Michael Kay show on ESPN radio if he believes EJ Manuel can be a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL.

“I do think that he can be a starting quarterback,” said Jackson. “He did things where he was trying to take that next step. At practice he talked to Kyle and learned from Kyle. I saw him talking to (Jim) Schwartz after practice asking him what defenses are keying in on and trying to do. He was talking to different guys that played different positions, picking their brains. I think he has to figure out what defenses are trying to make him do and figure out ways to get out of that. He’s a smart guy who can pick up offenses, but once he figures that out it’ll allow him to go to the next level.”

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Fan Friday 1-30

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2015 – 11:26 am

It’s Super Bowl weekend, but there’s plenty to talk about concerning the Bills. Here are your latest set of questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 - Hi Chris,

The recent public comments of Brandon Spikes and Doug Whaley regarding his future in Buffalo as a upcoming pending free agent did not provide me with much confidence that he will return. Ultimately money and potential playing time will dictate the outcome and with the return of Alonso and big contracts to be spent elsewhere it doesn’t look particularly promising that he will be back in my opinion.

I think a strong argument can be made for re-signing Spikes. He provides attitude, toughness and leadership to the position and helped to significantly improve the team’s run defense this year. He seemed sincere when he recently commented about enjoying playing in Buffalo and gives the impression that he loves playing the game. Sounds exactly like the kind of player we need to retain.  Just wondering what your thoughts are of whether you think there could be a role for Spikes next year with the return of Alonso and if you think the Bills will submit a serious bid to retain Spikes or instead look for the cheaper option of adding depth players behind the projected starters?


CB: It’s hard to say what Buffalo’s plans are concerning Spikes. Alonso’s return is a factor, but I think at the right price Spikes could return to the fold, possibly on another one-year deal. I do remember during a conference call this past season that Rex Ryan who was coaching the Jets at the time said the following about Spikes.

“(Brandon) Spikes is one of those guys that I like because he’s a tough guy, a mean guy, a tough a**,” said Ryan. “I like guys that are competitors and that’s why I like him so much.”

Whether Ryan’s opinion of Spikes has any influence remains to be seen, but it would appear that Spikes has an admirer in Buffalo’s new head coach.


2 - Hi Chris,

Thanks for all the great coverage you continue to provide.

I was wondering what you think the best approach would be in addressing the quarterback postion.  Also, do you see Mike Glennon as a fit?  I know the Bills were rumored to have liked him coming out of the 2013 draft, and I like much of what I’ve seen from him so far in Tampa.  He should be expendable as the Bucs are expected to take a QB #1 overall.  What’s your take on Glennon’s potential?


CB: Glennon I felt took a bit of a step back in his second season, which was impacted by a new offense and coordinator. He was also in and out of the lineup with veteran Josh McCown earning the starting job out of training camp. Much like EJ Manuel he is limited with his number of starts after getting only six this past season (19 in his career).

His completion percentage is comparable to Manuel’s (under 60) and he struggled when blitzed this past year. There’s no doubting that his arm strength would be an asset in the conditions the Bills play in at home, but his mobility is limited.

Knowing his skill set is dramatically different to that of EJ Manuel (see: mobility), it’s hard to know if that would be viewed as a negative or a positive or irrelevant by the new staff. I don’t know if Glennon is seen as a match, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bills add a young QB in the league or a veteran signal caller either via free agency or a trade.


3 - CB,

What do you think the Bills plan of attack for fixing the O-Line? Richardson stills seems developmental and is poor at pass blocking. Pears should be let go and Urbik is average guard. With Williams injured and unclear if he will come back, how many guards do you expect them to bring in? Free agency or draft? It may hard to find a day 1 starter in draft but they need new guys in there.

CB: I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bills draft a guard and add one in free agency. Buffalo has some young guys already in the fold as you mentioned, but both Doug Whaley and Rex Ryan made it clear they’re going to bring in competition at positions where it’s warranted.

Erik Pears is an unrestricted free agent. Kraig Urbik is a capable player. Chris Williams should be back healthy in time for spring workouts.

One big plus is the hiring of Aaron Kromer, who has produced at least one Pro Bowl lineman on the teams he has coached the last six years. He’s a proven teacher and developer of linemen, so hopefully the younger players on the roster will take a big step forward in their development and be bigger contributors (See: Henderson, Kouandjio, Richardson).



4 - Chris,

On a lighter subject, do you think the Bills would consider going back to their Red helmets?  Best years in franchise history were with the Blue uniforms and red helmets.

RC from DC

CB: I would not anticipate that happening. Outside of a throwback type of thing I think you’ll see the white helmets for a long time.



5 - Hello Chris,

I have really enjoyed the information I have received from your Inside the Bills write ups. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Recently, I read and article on, in which Mario Williams was excited about moving to the Linebacker position. To date, that information has not shown up on the website. I have always believe the 4 3 defense was the best scheme, and our personnel matches that scheme. As our defense was one of the top defenses in the league, I am not clear if Rex and company intend to shift to a 3 4 defense. My thoughts are why? Then there is the statement, ” You don’t fix what is broken”.  Can you shed some light on what is going on with the Buffalo Bills defensive scheme for 2015?


CB: I think I will let defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman handle this one. He was asked this week if he’s going to run a 3-4 or a 4-3 front. Here was his answer.

“(I will run) whatever talent dictates,” said Thurman. “We’ll play a 3-4. We’ll play a 4-3. We’ll get in a Forty-Six. We’ll give them an odd front. It’s whatever our guys do best and we’re going to play to their strengths and when you do that, you’re giving your guys a chance to be successful and that’s what it really comes down to…is those guys that are out there on that field, are you giving them the opportunity to go out and succeed? So it doesn’t matter. The scheme will be dictated by the personnel that we have.”

I don’t think there’s any debating that Rex Ryan’s defense are largely a hybrid scheme that can morph and change. So to label it a strict over or under front would be inaccurate. And I think Mario Williams will see a healthy amount of action up on the line of scrimmage.

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Levy: Coaches are often fired too quickly

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2015 – 10:04 am

Bills Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy lent his expertise on the success of second-time NFL head coaches in our feature story on today (Friday). He also expressed a few opinions on how quick some NFL owners are to pull the trigger in making a coaching change.

“You look at the two head coaches who are in the Super Bowl now,” Levy told “Pete Carroll was fired in New England and Bill Belichick was fired in Cleveland. I was fired in Kansas City and I was on George Allen’s staff and he had been fired with the Rams and was hired by the Redskins and two years later we were in the Super Bowl. There are more examples that I could mention.

“I think that there is a give in to media and public clamor about getting rid of a coach. I think the Bears did that with Marc Trestman. I think if they stayed with him he’d be a good coach.”


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Vic Carucci: Polian Saw a Bigger Picture-JMS 1/29

Posted by johnmurphyshow on January 29, 2015 – 9:03 pm



The Super Bowl is just days away and plenty of action going on down in Arizona. We started by hearing from Bills head coach Rex Ryan, who was in attendance on radio row. He joined Sirius NFL Radio and talked strongly about bringing a championship to Buffalo, winning with a strong offensive line, and how that could help quarterback EJ Manuel. Also having a vocal presence was Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. After days of silence, Lynch spoke up with some strong words for the media scrum surrounding him.

Marshawn Lynch


At the bottom of the first hour, we were joined by Buffalo News columnist and Pro Football Hall of Fame voter Vic Carucci. Carucci, representing Buffalo, discussed the chances of former Bills GM Bill Polian who is a finalist for this year’s induction in the new contributor category. Carucci broke down the voting process and shared his arguments for his presentation on why Polian should enter the Hall.

Bill Polian

“He took teams that were either broken or starting from scratch and built them into contenders. He did this with three different teams. In the case of two of those teams, he built teams that went to multiple Super Bowls. He was the chief architect of those teams and I think that takes a rare skill to be able to fix tea to the degree that he did and bring something from the bottom up.


Bills Insider Chris Brown sat down earlier in the week with Bills defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman. Thurman talked about his first encounter with Rex Ryan, the players on the Bills roster, and what his plans are for bettering an already solid defensive unit.


To hear the entire sit down conversation and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click below.







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Ryan: I embraced the Buffalo community

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 6:00 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was making his way down radio row at the Super Bowl this week and shared what he thought may have helped him land the job with the Bills.

In an interview with Pro Football Talk Live, Ryan first expressed how fortunate he felt he was to land the head coaching job with Buffalo.

“I just realize how blessed I am to be given this opportunity. When I became a free agent I wanted to make sure I went to a team where I felt great support from ownership, GM, president and when I interviewed in Buffalo I knew that’s where I wanted to be,” said Ryan.

He was then asked what he thought vaulted him to the top of the list on Buffalo’s list of head coaching candidates.

“When you go in there I was just myself I just knew that they probably felt like I did,” said Ryan of the Pegulas. “I was so comfortable. I understand the vision they have for this organization. They want to win, but they also want to be great in everything they do. I think it helped that I embraced the community, because no one has embraced their community in ownership like the Pegulas so maybe that helped me.

“When I went there I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was blown away by them. I’m a football coach first, and I chose the best situation for me and I look at it as one more shot that I have and it has to work so I went to a spot where I believe it will work.”


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Rex comments on Bills QBs at Super Bowl

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 5:46 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was in radio row at the Super Bowl Thursday and it didn’t take long before he was asked about the quarterback position for his team. He was asked about both EJ Manuel and where the position is headed this offseason by CBS Sports.

Here was Ryan’s response to the question in his interview with CBS Sports.

“I think first off EJ Manuel is a young quarterback who is going into his third season. I think he can improve and he does some decent things,” said Ryan. “He doesn’t turn the ball over so that’s a positive. David Lee our quarterbacks coach is the best fundamentals coach I’ve been around as far as coaching QBs. So I think EJ can improve.

“But we’re in the early evaluation stages with our roster and free agency is around the corner. I don’t really know who is going to be the starting quarterback and we’ll explore every avenue in adding to that position. But it’s about everybody not just one man. Greg Roman is a great offensive coordinator. He went to three conference champ games he’s got a great track record. He does a lot of things creatively so we might not go three or four wide like they do in New England. I mean if you have Tom Brady go for it. But there are other ways of getting things accomplished and our quarterback will. I know he will.”


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Value of a QB trade

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 2:26 pm

With the 2015 draft class widely considered to be a down year for quarterbacks, the trade market this offseason could be a route taken by some teams looking for bona fide quarterback competition.

That could be what the Bills decide to do. ESPN’s Adam Caplan assessed the QB trade market knowing that Mike Glennon and Kirk Cousins are two likely trade pieces for Tampa Bay and Washington this offseason. Here’s what he thought both players would command in a trade.

Multiple execs mentioned to me during Senior Bowl week that Kirk Cousins and Mike Glennon could be at least a one-year solution as a starter for teams struggling to find competition at the position.

Cousins enters the final season of his contract in Washington and Glennon enters his third season in Tampa Bay. One NFC team exec said he thought both players would yield a fourth- or fifth-round pick in a swap.

Buffalo has a pair of fifth-round draft choices in the 2015 draft.


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Crossman on having a kickoff specialist

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 11:10 am

Bills special teams coordinator Danny Crossman had to break in a rookie punter and a kickoff specialist in 2014. On the whole both Colton Schmidt and Jordan Gay performed well for Buffalo. Whether Buffalo’s new head coach Rex Ryan feels a kickoff specialist is necessary is something that will likely be decided in the coming months.

In an appearance on the John Murphy Show this week, Crossman sounded like he wants to continue developing both young kickers on Buffalo’s roster, but he knows he doesn’t have the final say.

“We haven’t gotten that far yet in the evaluation stage,” said Crossman of keeping a kickoff specialist. “I’m a firm believer if a guy is outstanding at what they do they’ll find work. We were happy with both of those guys and what they were able to do for us. Jordan was a big help in an area where we were lacking a little bit in terms of what he was able to do on kickoffs. Number one touchbacks, but even the returns that did come out against us the drive starts average on the returns was so much better than the touchbacks because of the distance and the hang time and the coverage guys that we added and made it a strength for our special teams.

“There’s a lot of upside with (punter) Colton Schmidt too after he came in right at the start of the season this past year and performed well.”

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How Crossman was retained

Posted by Chris Brown on January 29, 2015 – 11:06 am

Not long after Rex Ryan was hired as head coach of the Bills he made a phone call to current special teams coordinator Danny Crossman to see if he could retain him for his staff. Crossman was a guest of the John Murphy Show this week and explained how the interaction with coach Ryan went down.

“He called me and discussed the opportunity for me to stay and with the things that we’ve done and the players that we’ve added and the upswing we were on with the kicking game, I felt very fortunate to continue what we started,” said Crossman. “We’ve had conversations every other day or so, but very upbeat and very positive and really look forward to settling in and spending more time with him.”

Crossman also got a new assistant special teams coach in Eric Smith, who last played safety for the Jets a few seasons ago, and is described by head coach Rex Ryan as one of the smarter young football minds he’s come across.

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Campbell’s “Tackling Hunger” results

Posted by on January 28, 2015 – 4:35 pm


The Bills and Campbell’s® Chunky soup, along with Tops Friendly Markets announced the results of the “Tackling Hunger with the Buffalo Bills” program for the 2014 season today at a press conference inside the Food Bank of Western New York.  For every tackle the Bills recorded during the 2014 season Campbell’s® Chunky soup donated 20 cans of soup to the food banks to help close the nutrition gap among families need.

With the Bills defense recording over 960 tackles, more than 19,500 cans of soup were donated to the following food banks:

Food Bank of Western New York
Rochester Foodlink
Food Bank of Central New York
Food Bank of the Southern Tier

For more information please visit


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Bills OC to play wait and see on Spiller

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2015 – 11:30 am

He’s going to evaluate C.J. Spiller on tape just like any other player on the Bills roster. That’s part of the job for a new offensive coordinator like Buffalo’s Greg Roman. Of course with Spiller eligible to become a free agent Roman knows he has to play a wait and see game to see if he’ll have him at his disposal in his offense.

“I think C.J. is a dynamic back. He’s a playmaker and a pretty versatile guy that has had a lot of success in this league,” said Roman. “We’ll just have to see how it all plays out. It’s an exciting process that we’re going through right now, going through all the personnel. We’re all getting inundated into this. I’m not as familiar with the AFC East, we played them a couple years ago, as Rex and some of those guys are. I’m playing catch up a little bit. (Offensive line coach Aaron) Kromer is playing catch up a little bit. It’s fun and it’s exciting. I’m loving every minute of it. It’s going to take a little time here and then we’ll kind of get together and draw the battle plan out.”

Of course Roman’s evaluation of Spiller will count when it comes to deciding what kind of investment the team might want to make in Spiller to keep him in the fold moving forward.

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Roman: look at my track record

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2015 – 11:18 am

Bills fans have heard offensive coordinators come in the door and pledge a commitment to the run game. New offensive coordinator Greg Roman only points to his recent success to convince those who wonder if he’ll commit to a ground attack.

At the same time Roman is smart enough to realize that you can’t be solely reliant on a run game because if there’s a defense good enough to slow it down you’ll have problems.

“Look at my track record. The greatest predictor of future events is the past. I could stand up here and tell you that we could have been number one in the league in rushing in San Francisco every year if that was my goal. If I wanted to be number one in rushing, I could’ve done that,” Roman said. “But my goal is to win and I think you have to strike a commensurate level of balance to do so in this league.

“Every game is a little bit different. Some games you’re going to be real run heavy. Some games they might put nine up (in the box), etc. and you have to find other ways (to move the ball). I think we’ve got some guys in this offense that are here in the building right now on this roster that are going to really thrive with some of the situations that they’re going to be put in based on how defenses are going to try to play us.”

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Thurman: ‘D’ can’t get bogged down in 3-4 or 4-3

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2015 – 10:54 am

While outside observers openly wonder what the foundation of Dennis Thurman’s defense will be for the Bills in 2015 under head coach Rex Ryan, most are assuming it’ll be predominantly a 3-4 front. Thurman warns that fans and others shouldn’t make such an assumption.

Ryan and Thurman consider their defense to be a hybrid, capable of morphing into a number of variations. It’s partly by design to create confusion and partly in response to the capabilities of the defensive personnel.

“It’s whatever our talent dictates,” said Thurman. “We’ll play a 3-4. We’ll play a 4-3. We’ll get in a 46 (defense). We’ll give them an odd front. It’s whatever our guys do best and we’re going to play to their strengths and when you do that, you’re giving your guys a chance to be successful and that’s what it really comes down to…is those guys that are out there on that field, are you giving them the opportunity to go out and succeed? So it doesn’t matter. The scheme will be dictated by the personnel that we have.”

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McKelvin on Madden 15 uses Conan O’Brien dance

Posted by Chris Brown on January 28, 2015 – 10:42 am

It wasn’t Leodis McKelvin himself, but his video game identity in Madden 15 has apparently stolen late night talk show host Conan O’Brien’s string dance, and made it his own touchdown dance.

A Madden 15 gamer and viewer of the Conan O’Brien show was using the Bills as his team while playing Madden 15 and Leodis McKelvin had an interception return for a touchdown and his celebration was the string dance that O’Brien does. O’Brien found out about it and addressed it on his show.


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What sold Roman on being Buffalo’s OC

Posted by Chris Brown on January 27, 2015 – 4:36 pm

Knowing the size of the egos in the NFL, the decision made by Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman may have come as a surprise to some.

Roman was a head coaching candidate for the Bills and interviewed prior to Rex Ryan with the Pegulas. After Buffalo’s owners and front office decided it would be Ryan as head coach, Ryan made quick work of calling Roman to offer him the offensive coordinator’s job.

Despite the fact that he did not get the nod as head coach for Buffalo he was taken with the Pegulas’ commitment to making the Bills a championship club along with a few other factors. Those factors convinced him to take the job.

“The thing that helped me with was understanding the level of commitment that the Pegulas had to bringing a winner to Buffalo,” Roman said. “When Terry and Rex called me up, it didn’t take a whole lot of cajoling because Rex is somebody that I have a lot of respect for and I think we both felt that if we ever got together at some point it would be pretty good.

“The passion in the city of Buffalo, you can’t manufacture it. It’s not something you can just go purchase. It’s real; it’s at a level unlike any other place really save one or two. That’s a pretty unique opportunity because that means something to me. We get this thing going the way we want to, I can only imagine what it’s going to be like here in this city of Buffalo. I think that was big. I think they have a very good nucleus of talent on this roster. I think that was also a definite selling point for me.

“Speaking to Rex right after that I was able to put all the pieces together in my mind and realize what an exciting opportunity it is to come up here to Western New York and we’re going to bring a winner back to Buffalo.”

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Dennis Thurman’s first meeting with Rex

Posted by Chris Brown on January 27, 2015 – 4:28 pm

They did not know one another at all when Dennis Thurman was hired by Brian Billick to help him coach the Baltimore Ravens as a defensive assistant in 2002. But Thurman made a point to introduce himself to Ravens defensive line coach Rex Ryan.

“I had never met Rex, but I had played against his dad’s (Buddy Ryan) teams in Chicago,” said Thurman, who played almost his entire career with Dallas. “So when I met Rex I went into his office and I said, ‘I remember your dad’s team and they came into Texas Stadium and they beat us up like 44-0.’ We won the NFC East that year and went 10-6 and we thought we had a pretty good team. Then that Bears team came in and beat us 44-0 and I think that was the only time we got shut out when I played there at Texas Stadium. So I was telling him, ‘Wow your dad had a great defense.’ Rex said to me, ‘You haven’t seen anything yet.’”

Thurman was asked if the ’85 Bears defense was the best he had ever seen. Buffalo’s new defensive coordinator wouldn’t definitively say it, but he did say that in that 44-0 game that had the Cowboys QB been injured, he might’ve been called upon to step in and play quarterback.

“All I’m going to tell you is this: I don’t know where they rank that ’85 Bears team but during that game, if the quarterback had gotten hurt, I would’ve had to go in and play quarterback and I’m just glad I didn’t have to go into that game so I’ll just put it to you that way.”

Thurman was a defensive back and quarterback in high school in California.

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Roman, Thurman press conf. at 1 pm

Posted by Chris Brown on January 27, 2015 – 12:15 pm will have coverage of the press conference introducing offensive coordinator Greg Roman and defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman this afternoon at 1 pm, and I’ll be asking you for some assistance Bills fans. will sit down with both coach Roman and coach Thurman one-on-one to ask them about the units they inherit here in with the Bills. feel free to send a question you’d like asked to my Twitter handle @ChrisBrownBills


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