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Inside The Bills

How Bills knew Kiko was a football junkie

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2014 – 1:15 pm

In our second installment of our ‘On the Clock’ pre-draft series we took an in depth look at how the Bills came to draft a Rookie of the Year in Kiko Alonso last spring. They were sold on him as a player, but they had to know the person too. Here’s part of how they learned and became convinced Alonso was passionate about football.

Bills area scout Brad Forsyth, who scouted Alonso as one of Buffalo’s western scouts, said there were multiple layers in their scouting of Alonso that depicted Alonso’s love of the sport.

“Talking to him number one and you can just watch him on film and tell. Anytime you put on a film of whatever game you could see it and even when he went out to practice. Sometimes guys can go into a different mode when they’re on the practice field as opposed to the game. Kiko was the same whenever you watched him,” Forsyth said. “He loved to practice, loved to run around and it was full go all the time. The coaches had to hold him back whether it was on the practice field or in the weight room. Sometimes they told him he had to slow down. He’s addicted. As we always say in the scouting business, you’d much rather say ‘Whoa’ than ‘Giddyup’ and he’s a guy you’d have to say, ‘Whoa’ sometimes.”

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Scouting is about reducing the margin of error

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2014 – 12:06 pm

With the NFL draft there are no definites. The whole thing is a roll of the dice, but the painstaking process of scouting is necessary to make an NFL team’s picks as successful as possible. In our second installment of our ‘On the Clock’ pre-draft series, we went behind the scenes to take a closer look at the lengths scouts go to in order to reduce the margin for error on a player, especially one like Kiko Alonso who had off the field incidents in his college career.

“You want to make sure that with the information that we bring to the upper brass it’s the right information to help us pick the guys with the least amount of risk,” said Bills scout Matt Hand, who scouted Alonso. “You want to make sure that we’re picking guys that can play and be good players for us. There are no guarantees.

“A lot of times it’s not the athlete in the player that fails. It’s the other things that fail. That’s why it’s important to get to these schools to get to know these guys as much as we can not just as football players, but as men off the field.”

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What Kiko was doing on draft day

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2014 – 11:09 am

Kiko Alonso has a passion for football, but not for laying around and watching TV. That’s why on draft day 2013 he was going to do anything, but plant himself on the couch and watch the NFL draft.

“I was at home in Los Gatos and I had some buddies over,” Alonso told “We were just kind of hanging out. I knew it was a big day, but I didn’t want to just sit on the couch watching TV. I wanted to relax and hang out with my buddies and play some cards and stuff like that.”

After day one of the draft came and went Alonso did pay a bit more attention with the TV on in the background while he hung out with his friends.

“I honestly didn’t think I would go first round just from what people were telling me, like scouts and stuff,” said Alonso. “But I did figure based on what people were telling me that I would go day two. So I thought I had a good shot to go second round and it was an honor to go that high.

“I just remember I was excited just to get picked. After it sunk in that it was the Bills I was like, ‘Okay Buffalo.’ But I didn’t even know where the hell that was. It was just pure excitement.”

Today on we profile the painstaking process Buffalo’s scouting department went through to make Kiko Alonso their draft choice at 46th overall. It’s the second installment in our ‘On the Clock’ series leading up to the 2014 NFL draft.

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How highly Pac-12 thought of Kiko

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2014 – 9:54 am

As we profiled in the second installment of our ‘On the Clock’ pre-draft series – ‘How the Bills came to draft Kiko’ Buffalo’s scouting department in sticking to the process found Kiko Alonso to be the perfect fit for their gaping hole at middle linebacker in the 2013 NFL draft. Scouting Alonso as a player on tape may have been easy, and Buffalo area scouts Brad Forsyth and Matt Hand were pretty certain he’d be a solid NFL player right away. But if they had any doubts they were convinced after hearing coaches from other Pac-12 schools raving about him without even being asked to comment on Alonso.

“When you go to other schools it’s rare that coaches from one school bring up players from another school,” said Hand. “When you’re going through some of the best schools in the Pac-12 and a coach comes up to you and says, ‘That Kiko Alonso is probably the best player in the Pac-12 this year.’ Those are some pretty powerful words when you have a coach at another school saying that.”

It only served to reinforce what Hand and Forsyth thought of Alonso as a player.


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DE Ealy earns props from OT Jake Matthews

Posted by Chris Brown on April 13, 2014 – 9:50 am

Their teams were both new to the SEC, but Texas A&M OT Jake Matthews, who is widely forecast to be a top 10 pick in the draft this spring knows the best pass rusher he faced in college wasn’t from one of the traditional power schools in the SEC.

Matthews, who had a pre-draft visit with the Bills Wednesday, was asked who the most challenging pass rusher was for him in his college career and he cited Missouri DE Kony Ealy.

“I thought Kony Ealy was really good at Missouri,” said Matthews. “Real aggressive, big and strong. Mixed up his pass rush moves real well.”

Ealy, who is profiled in our Countdown to Draft Day presented by Time Warner Cable today, had four tackles, including one for loss and a quarterback hurry in the game. Missouri won the contest 28-21 in Columbia.

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Kyle ranks among 3-4 DTs vs. run

Posted by Chris Brown on April 12, 2014 – 1:33 pm

Pro Football Focus is still canvasing the 2013 season to assess individual player performance. Though the Bills finished 28th against the run as a team there was one defensive lineman in particular who excelled against the opponent’s ground game.

Bills Pro Bowl DT Kyle Williams had one of the best season in 2013 against the run among 3-4 defensive tackles according to the film reviewers at Pro Football Focus. Here’s where they had him ranked.

Williams finished in the league’s top five in this category. He was also second on the Bills in 2013 in tackles for loss with 14. Mario Williams led the team with 15 TFLs.

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RECAP: The John Murphy Show April 11

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 11, 2014 – 10:14 pm



Former University at Buffalo running back, Branden Oliver called in from his hometown of Miami, Florida.  Oliver is in midst of pre-draft workouts with a handful of NFL teams.  Friday, the Miami Dolphins had Oliver in for a private workout.  The 5’6″ running back is hopeful the face-to-face visits will pay off.

Branden Oliver, Byron Jones
“I think seeing my physique, getting out of cuts, and my acceleration having that one cut.  Being able to lower my center of gravity while I’m running the ball.  I’ve been doing a lot of catching, also.  They (NFL teams) have been throwing me the ball and I haven’t drop the ball yet.  I can’t put pressure on myself, just go out there and have fun.”

Oliver also says NFL players like Ray Rice, Frank Gore, and other undersized running backs have been an inspiration to him.ej


Evan Silva, the Senior Football Editor from‘s NFL page, joins the show to discuss a variety of topics relating to the Bills.  He had a strong view on quarterback EJ Manuel and is clear on his concern for the second year QB.

“I’m hoping he can step up his performance.  His performance as a rookie was not promising for  the future.  It was not effective for the 2013 Bills.  He played poorly as a rookie.  There was no consistency to his on-field performance.  We will see if that will happen in 2014.”

Silva did say that surrounding Manuel is a 10-win team and likes their defense to be another top-5 unit.  He also discussed Buffalo’s need when it comes to the NFL Draft and the consensus at Rotoworld is that the Bills will go offensive tackle in the first round.


Finally, Brian Batrowny, one of the 14-members on the Bills Fan Advisory Board, gave us a fan’s perspective on the game day experience at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  The committee, fresh off their second meeting, are trying to develop a line of communication between the fans and the Bills organization.


“This is part of the initiative is to get the word out there and to let the people know that the team wants the paying fans to enjoy the game.”

Batrowny says the committee reaches out to friends and family for suggestions on how to improve the relationship between the Bills organization and it’s fans.

You can hear more of the discussion with Batrowny and the rest of The John Murphy Show below:

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Bills featured in Draft Day movie

Posted by Anna Stolzenburg on April 11, 2014 – 5:37 pm


Without spoiling the plot, the Bills got some screen time in the new movie Draft Day as a potential trade partner for the Browns.

The scene features Bills CEO and President Russ Brandon in an office taking a call from Kevin Costner, the General Manager of the Browns. It was Russ Brandon’s acting debut, but he didn’t have to do much ‘acting’ as he played himself as the Bills President and CEO.

Bills wide receiver Ramses Barden also made the cut. He’s one of the players in the green room on the day of the Draft, and he talks more about his first acting opportunity here.

The movie hits theaters today, and last night the Bills celebrated with a special premiere for Bills club seat members and team personnel including Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, pictured above and in this gallery of the evening.

Check out more in this behind-the-scenes look on the NFL’s involvement in the film:



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Press-Radio Club honors Ralph Wilson

Posted by Dallas Miller on April 11, 2014 – 5:00 pm

Buffalo Bills founder Ralph C. Wilson Jr. will be posthumously honored with the Major Donald Holleder Award at the 65th annual Rochester Press-Radio Club Day of Champions Dinner on June 9, at the Riverside Convention Center.

Wilson, who died in March 25, brought the Bills to Buffalo in October 1959 and owned the team for 55 years. Wilson, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2009, helped keep the American Football League afloat in its early years and was owner of the Bills when the team went to four consecutive Super Bowls in the early 1990s.

Wilson’s Bills won the 1964 and ’65 AFL titles and he kept the team based in western New York throughout his life. Wilson also contributed tens of millions of dollars to philanthropic causes and became a major benefactor of St. John Fisher College, home of the Bills training camp.

Holleder was a three-sport star at Aquinas Institute, who became an All-American football player at West Point. He was killed in Vietnam in 1967 while attempting to rescue several of his soldiers.
Former Bills Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas and Steve Tasker, who starred on Wilson’s Super Bowl teams, will collectively accept the Coca-Cola Sports Personality of the Year Award on behalf of Buffalo’s Super Bowl-era teams.

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Fan Friday 4-11

Posted by Chris Brown on April 11, 2014 – 12:53 pm

The Bills pre-draft visits were in full swing this week. Stay close to for more visit updates in the weeks to come. For now here are some of your latest questions from email at and on Twitter @ChrisBrownBills.

1 - Chris,
Thank you for keeping me informed for the last  decade. Before I only had the newspaper to go by and it was very slow and incomplete.

Three or more of these eleven  players Jake Mathews, Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson, Sammy Watkins, Eric Ebron, Mike Evans, Kahlil Mack, Anthony Barr, C.J. Mosley, Justin Gilbert and Jadeveon Clowney will be avilable to the Bills for sure. If any of the top three QB’s are added to the mix then Buffalo can even be more selective.

I think the top 9 will go like this 1) QB/DE, 2) WR/DE, 3)&4) QBs, 5)QB/LB ,6) OT, 7) OT/LB,8)QB and Buffalo will choose Mack, Lewan, Watkins or Evans in that order depending on their availability.

I actually think the Bills will take an OT because it affects the most players. Players such as the RBs, the QB and the WR/TEs directly. No other position does this. I hope they get Lewan but if Mack is available I would go with him first because the defense wins FB games and Mack would push our “D” past Seattle in my modest opinion.

How do you see it at this point in time?


CB: It’s hard to know exactly what will fall to the Bills at nine as the teams in front of them, for the most part, need a lot of different building blocks. That means they could go in a number of different directions with their top pick. Knowing the QB class is far from intriguing outside of Manziel the popular speculation now is that only two QBs will go in the top 8, with Teddy Bridgewater looked upon as the QB falling out of the top 10.

Jacksonville at three is one of those pivot type picks, where what they do could largely impact the teams right behind them. They’re now thought to be considering a QB in round two rather than round one and will look to add a difference maker at another position on offense (Sammy Watkins?) after loading up on defense in free agency. I still think they’re still considering a QB, especially if Bortles is still on the board.

Mack will not make it to nine, no way, no how. So cross him off your list. Cleveland is unpredictable as to what they might do as are the Raiders at five. Atlanta is expected to go OL or DL and it will depend on which player is ranked highest on their board among those two positions. Tampa Bay is a virtual lock to receiver and take Mike Evans. Minnesota is likely to take a QB knowing the mess they had at the position last year and it could be Manziel there.

So what should be there for Buffalo? Probably one of the top three OTs (presumably Lewan), Ebron and C.J. Mosley. I don’t see Justin Gilbert or Anthony Barr as part of the equation there. Whether the Bills have another player or two ranked as high is unclear.

The most talented of the three I mentioned (Lewan, Ebron, Mosley) is probably Ebron, who one could argue also has the most upside. Lewan and Mosley kind of are what they are. They’ll both be very solid pros and should be in an NFL starting lineup right away, but Ebron has a chance to be special and that could give him the edge there. We’re all guessing, but the most important factor is how things play out in front of Buffalo.



2 – Chris,

Pardon me, but my brain is working overtime on the Bills.  With Carpenter in the fold where does this leave Hopkins?  Thought he was supposed to be the new guy with the strong leg.

Jim (Skaneateles)

It puts Hopkins in a tough spot. First of all he’s trying to come back from a bad groin injury on his kicking leg side. Second, he’s competing with a veteran kicker who put up the second most accurate FG kicking season in team history. With the money invested in Carpenter by the Bills, Hopkins is going to need to have the training camp of his life to unseat Carpenter.

Now head coach Doug Marrone is not opposed to carrying a second kicker as a kickoff specialist, which is a role that Hopkins could most definitely fill. However, the roster numbers have to work out right to keep a second kicker for such a luxury. We’ll see how it plays out this summer.



3 – Hey Chris,

Huge fan of yours and the Bills obviously. Just wondering about the Corey Graham signing. Will he be competing for second cornerback position with Leodis?  And if not, how will that affect Nickel Robey’s playing time, if at all?  Do you think it was a big contract for a potentially 3rd string corner or will his special teams play make up for it?


CB: As I’m sure you and most other fans have seen coach Marrone has said he intends to make Graham a part of the safety competition with Duke Williams, Jonathan Meeks and Da’Norris Searcy to fill the spot left by Jairus Byrd. He’ll also be the first guy in on the boundary at corner if McKelvin or Gilmore are sidelined by injury. As for Robey he will hold onto the role if Graham lands the safety spot next to Aaron Williams.


4 – Hey Chris,

I was just curious, if team a wanted to trade a player for a pick in the draft, and the traded player ended up failing the physical for team b, what would happen?  Would the player(s) selected with the traded pick pick(s) go to team b and the player that failed the physical would return to team a?  Or would something else happen?


CB: Yes, if a player did not pass the physical for his new team the trade would be nullified and any and all assets exchanged in the deal would revert back to their original clubs. That’s what happened several years ago when the Bills tried to trade John McCargo to the Indianapolis Colts. He failed his physical with the Colts due to a back problem they cited and the trade was nullified.

5 – Hi Chris,

Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Bills seemingly not attempting to keep Carrington or Moats. There was so much talk last summer about how well Carrington was coming along and now they could seem to care less about keeping him. I wouldn’t imagine it’s because of competition from other teams as he hasn’t proven himself on the field for any stretch of time.

Also looking at Rivers career he hardly seems like an upgrade from Moats. They both seem to be in the same kind of position as fill in LB’s struggling to get more snaps. Also what is the deal with Chris Williams? says he graded out terribly last season. To be honest I’m less than pleased with where the offensive line has gone under Marrone. In Gailey’s last season we had the fewest sacks and CJ’s yards per carry were through the roof. Marrone’s supposed to be a line guy and during his first year we were at the bottom of those stats and seem content to downgrade from Levitre to Williams at LG. Do you know anything we dont about where this might be going?


CB: I have it on very good authority that the Bills offered Carrington a contract extension before the 2013 season, but he and his agent (the same one as Jairus Byrd) turned it down. Three weeks later Carrington tore his quadriceps tendon and went on I-R in a contract year. Moats was presented with a contract offer this offseason and he chose not to take it thinking he could do better. Whether he did or not we may never know, but he signed a one-year veteran minimum deal with a $65K signing bonus.

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BDC 4/11: Brandon to be honored by Canisius

Posted by Bills Daily Charge on April 11, 2014 – 9:07 am

– The Canisius College Board of Regents will present Russ Brandon, president and chief executive officer of the Buffalo Bills, with its Distinguished Citizen Achievement Award at the 48th annual Scholarship Ball on Saturday, May 3 at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo. The evening begins with cocktails at 6:00 p.m. The awards presentation takes place at 7:30 p.m. Dinner will immediately follow. The Distinguished Citizen Achievement Award is presented by the Canisius College Board of Regents and recognizes an individual for his/her contributions to the civic, cultural and/or economic well-being of the Western New York region.

– The Buffalo Bills announced the dates and times of their 2014 preseason schedule.

Sunday, Aug. 3 Hall of Fame GameNew York Giants (Canton, Ohio) 8:00 PM
Friday, Aug. 8 at Carolina Panthers 7:30 PM
Saturday, Aug. 16 at Pittsburgh Steelers 7:30 PM
Thursday, Aug. 28 DETROIT LIONS 7:00 PM

 – The Buffalo Bills Schedule Challenge is currently ongoing and fans have only four more days to register. If anyone can correctly pick the Bills 2014 regular season schedule, they could win free season tickets for life! Click here to play.

– The Buffalo Bills today announced that the team has released DE Kourtnei Brown.

Bills guard Doug Legursky has been honored with the key to the city in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia. At the 94th annual Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Dinner last week, BRCCC President and CEO Ellen Taylor said it was Legursky’s connection to home that earned him the distinction. (Photo courtesy of RICK BARBERO/THE REGISTER-HERALD)

Doug Legursky, Buffalo Bills Offensive Lineman
On receiving the key to his hometown…
“Being from southern West Virginia has kept me grounded and close to my roots,” he said. “Being from this area where there’s so much love between the family and everyone in the community. So many people grow up in these big cities and they don’t get to experience that sense of community that I’m blessed with. It’s absolutely amazing…I try to bring that to where I am. When I was at Pittsburgh (with the Steelers) and now that I’m with the (Buffalo) Bills, I always try to bring everyone together and have big dinners with everyone involved like the people of West Virginia do.”

Buffalo News- Dates and most of start times set for Bills preseason games

Buffalo News- Man whose fall onto Bills fan at the Ralph was widely publicized is granted a jury trial

Toronto Sun- Bon Jovi part of Toronto group expected to bid on Bills

ESPN- ‘A long, tough winter’

ESPN- Kelly is ‘Western New York royalty’

AP- Niagara Falls possible home for Bills

AP- Buffalo Bills cut DE Kourtnei Brown Draft Profile: RB Jeremy Hill offers plenty of power Chad Michael Murray predicts the 2014 Bills schedule DE Kourtnei Brown released WR Beckham joined by RB Cobb, CB Gaines at One Bills Drive

2014 Draft Preview: Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde 
The John Murphy Show April 10

WR Beckham headlines three pre-draft Bills visitors
Report links Bon Jovi to Bills once again
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Bills president to receive award from Canisius College
Bills set dates, times for preseason schedule
Bills release DE Kourtnei Brown

Jury Trial Set for Falling Bills Fan
Rocker Bon Jovi again linked to Bills

Bills release Kourtnei Brown
AP: Niagara Falls Possible Home for Bills

Niagara Falls possible home for Bills

Falls mayor says Bills Stadium in Niagara County an option
Bills finalize dates for preseason schedule

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RECAP: The John Murphy Show April 10

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 10, 2014 – 6:06 pm



Final Podcast of the year for The John Murphy Show.  Tonight, we circle back with a look around the AFC East.  Miami Dolphins beat writer for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Chris Perkins calls in to the show to discuss the offseason for the Dolphins so far.
Miami was busy in the first week of free agency, re-signing or acquiring a handful of players to their roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Perkins says two additions should help.
Branden Albert
“The run defense was slacking and the big thing was the offense.  One of the things they did was sign Branden Albert to help protect Ryan Tannehill.  The Dolphins gave up 58 sacks last year, a franchise record and NFL high.  They also signed Knowshon Moreno.  Hopefully those two things will help them get back on track with their offense.”


Perkins also addressed the play of QB Ryan Tannehill and his recent struggles.
“I’m not sure he is a franchise quarterback.  If he doesn’t get this team to the playoffs this year, I think the Dolphins are going to be forced to draft another quarterback next year and start thinking what if?”

Supplying more help on the offense might be the direction the Dolphins go in next month’s NFL Draft.  Perkins feels that protecting their QB with offensive tackle help could be a day one or day two priority.  Perkins specifically mentions Zack Martin, a right offensive tackle from Notre Dame as a possibility.  If not on the o-line, the linebacker position could be their next target.  Specifically, CJ Mosley, a middle linebacker from Alabama.

Perkins also talked about offensive lineman Mike Pouncey and his possibility of requesting a big-time contract extension and Miami’s defensive backfield issues at cornerback.  You can hear the whole conversation on Thursday’s edition of The John Murphy Show, below.



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Sleeper RB Cobb is put together

Posted by Chris Brown on April 10, 2014 – 4:36 pm

One of Buffalo’s pre-draft visitors is Cumberlands RB Terrance Cobb. He’s got a thick lower body, which is why even when would be tacklers go low on him it has proven difficult to get him down on the ground. Cobb looked like a man amongst boys in his 2012 season when he rushed for 1,991 yards in the NAIA’s Mid-South Conference, but here’s a look at him in action from that season.

Cobb only appeared in six games in 2013 due to an injury, but still averaged 5.8 yards per carry. Finding testing times and measures has proven difficult, but he’s seen as a priority free agent and will likely be signed as an undrafted free agent.

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Brandon honored by Canisius College

Posted by Anna Stolzenburg on April 10, 2014 – 2:20 pm

The Canisius College Board of Regents has announced it will honor Bills President and CEO Russ Brandon with its 2014 Distinguished Citizen Achievement Award. Brandon will be presented with the award at the 48th annual Scholarship Ball on Saturday May 3 at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Buffalo.

The Distinguished Citizen Achievement Award is given to recognize an individual for his/her contributions to the civic, cultural and/or economic well-being of the Western New York region. The Regents Scholarship Ball is the principal fundraiser for the Canisius College Board of Regents Scholarship Fund, which provides financial support to promising students who otherwise would not be able to afford a to go to school at Canisius.

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McShay goes TE, OT in 2 rd. mock for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on April 10, 2014 – 11:45 am

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay has put together a two-round mock draft and has some interesting choices for Buffalo at nine and 41 overall.

McShay went tight end and offensive tackle with the first two picks. Here’s his synopsis for the Bills.

No. 9 – TE Eric Ebron, UNC
This is something of an outside-the-box pick, and certainly doesn’t fill a glaring need, but the more I think about it the more I like the selection. For one, there aren’t many glaring holes on this team, opening things up for the Bills to take the best available player. Also, second-year QB EJ Manuel would really benefit from having an elite downfield threat with seam-stretching speed like Ebron at the tight end position, giving him another weapon alongside WRs Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods and Mike Williams and steady TE Scott Chandler.

No. 41 – T Ja’Wuan James, Tennessee
After passing up on a tackle at No. 9 overall, the Bills get a good value in James who is a great fit for their zone-blocking scheme.

If Watkins and Evans are both off the board, which in McShay’s mock they are (5th and 7th picks), I think there could be much more consideration for Ebron at Buffalo’s spot at nine.

James is an example of how deep this year’s draft is at the offensive tackle position. James was somewhat overshadowed by teammate Tiny Richardson at Tennessee, but is thought by many NFL scouts as capable of starting right away at right tackle in the NFL.

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RECAP: The John Murphy Show April 9

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 10, 2014 – 10:41 am



The 2014 NFL Draft is now 4 weeks away and the Bills continue their pre-draft visits.  On Wednesday, Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews visited One Bills Drive.  Robert Cessna has been covering the Aggies for over 30-years and is the Executive sports editor for The Eagle in College Station, Texas.  He joined The John Murphy Show to discuss Matthews along with the other two top Aggie prospects, Mike Evans and Johnny Manziel.

Speaking of the draft, ESPN Draft Analyst, Kevin Weidl returned to the show.  The discussion was focused on offensive tackles.  Weidl weighed in on who he think will be the best OT prospect.Greg Robinson

“I watched Greg Robinson and then I watched Jake Matthews.  After watching Greg Robinson it was hard to get excited (for Matthews).  Robinson is massive.  He is one of the more agile, athletic, and naturally powerful offensive lineman that I have ever evaluated.”



Producer/Director Ivan Reitman capped off the show.  The Director of the new drama/comedy ‘Draft Day’ discusses the movie which brings the annual ritual of the NFL Draft to the big screen.  Staring Kevin Costner, who plays Sonny Weaver Jr., the GM of the Cleveland Browns holding the top pick in the draft, ‘Draft Day’ brings a real-life look behind the scenes of the draft process.
“I can’t see doing a movie called Draft Day without actually using the NFL.  I wanted to use real teams, real uniforms, and real personalities.  We wanted to get this movie right.”

The film features the Bills President/CEO Russ Brandon who makes a cameo along with VP of Marketing and Broadcasting Marc Honan.  Reitman said that Brandon was really helpful in making the movie factual and in turn was guaranteed a spot in the movie.

“I got to meet him (Russ Brandon) when we researching the film and checking out Buffalo and the facilities.  He was extraordinary helpful with the script in pointing out if there was anything inaccurate or what was possible.”


You can hear the complete Ivan Reitman interview along with The John Murphy show in its entirety below:

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Inside Bills draft room on NFLN airs tonight

Posted by Chris Brown on April 10, 2014 – 7:59 am

NFL Network will have a Bills specific angle to their Path to the Draft programming tonight.

NFL Network’s Path to the Draft show will go inside the Bills draft room. NFL Network analysts Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis will co-anchor the Path to the Draft, and will be joined by NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, Charley Casserly and Brian Baldinger, former first-round pick Curtis Conway, and various additional NFL Network analysts.

The program airs at 7 pm tonight (Thursday).

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Legursky receives key to the city

Posted by Dallas Miller on April 9, 2014 – 10:02 pm

Lynn O’Brien, left, presented Doug Legursky the key to the city at Friday’s chamber dinner held at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center. Her husband, Beckley Mayor Bill O’Brien, stands in back. (RICK BARBERO/THE REGISTER-HERALD)

Bills guard Doug Legursky has been honored with the key to the city in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia.

At the 94th annual Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce Dinner last week, BRCCC President and CEO Ellen Taylor said it was Legursky’s connection to home that earned him the distinction.

“We always have a featured speaker and we try to bring back the area’s best,” Taylor said. “He’s a local guy who has done well and we’d like to recognize that.”

Despite a six-year career as a professional athlete, Legursky’s background away from the spotlight has kept him humble.

“Being from southern West Virginia has kept me grounded and close to my roots,” he said. “Being from this area where there’s so much love between the family and everyone in the community. So many people grow up in these big cities and they don’t get to experience that sense of community that I’m blessed with. It’s absolutely amazing.

“I try to bring that to where I am. When I was at Pittsburgh (with the Steelers) and now that I’m with the (Buffalo) Bills, I always try to bring everyone together and have big dinners with everyone involved like the people of West Virginia do.”

In addition to the pride he surely feels after being honored in his hometown, Legursky said he plans to put the key on a gold chain and wear it around town with pride.

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Beckham: I’ll be in Buffalo Thursday

Posted by Chris Brown on April 9, 2014 – 9:09 pm

LSU just held their pro day on Wednesday. One day later their top receiver prospect Odell Beckham, who is projected as a first round draft choice, will be visiting the Bills.

That according to the receiver himself. In an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller, Beckham commented on the level of interest teams are showing and mentioned his upcoming pre-draft visit with Buffalo specifically in addition to some contact with a couple of other NFL clubs.

“To be honest with you, I think everybody was here,” said Beckham of the LSU pro day. “I saw all different colors, I saw the whole rainbow today.  I spent time with the 49ers.  I had dinner with the Steelers last night.  I’m going to Buffalo tomorrow, actually.  So pretty much everybody was here and today was a great day.”

Beckham did not run the 40 after posting a very solid 4.43 at the NFL combine in February, but by most accounts had a solid positional workout as all 32 teams were represented in Baton Rouge.

Hill had a pre-draft visit with the Bills last Friday, which will make Beckham the second LSU product to meet with Buffalo’s coaching staff at One Bills Drive. Stay tuned for pre-draft visit updates here at

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Bills staffer using skills in the community

Posted by Dallas Miller on April 9, 2014 – 9:07 pm

A Buffalo Bills staff member is putting his experiences with players to good use in the community.

Paul Lancaster, the Bills Director of Player Engagement, will be a guest presenter on Friday at the Niagara Falls Housing Authority’s Annual Male Summit. Developed for males ages 12 and older, the empowering and interactive event provides information to assist participants in becoming responsible young men. Since joining the Bills in 2001, Lancaster has helped Bills players in a similar effort, with continuing education, family assistance, financial planning and post-football career development opportunities.

WHAT: Niagara Falls Housing Authority’s Annual Male Summit
WHO: guest presenter Paul Lancaster of the Buffalo Bills
WHEN: Friday, April 11, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
WHERE: Doris W. Jones Family Resource Building, 3001 Ninth Street, Niagara Falls, New York 14305

To register, or for more information Call (716) 285-5374.

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