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EJ on the radio

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2015 – 5:28 pm

Here’s where you can find Bills players on the local radio airwaves Wednesday morning.

Featured on the Bills Radio Network will be EJ Manuel.

7:15 am – Kiss 98.5, Janet and Nick
–          EJ Manuel

7:30 am – WGR 550, Howard Simon and Jeremy White
–          EJ Manuel


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Tom Brady to miss 1st game vs. Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on May 11, 2015 – 5:56 pm

The NFL has handed down its sentence for New England QB Tom Brady in the wake of the Wells report which investigated the Deflate-Gate controversy. 

Brady will be suspended for the first four games of the regular season, which means he’ll miss the Patriots Week 2 game against the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

The Bills have not faced the Patriots without Tom Brady since the 2008 season when Brady missed 15 games with a torn ACL. 

His replacement for that game was Matt Cassel, who is on Buffalo’s roster now after an offseason trade with Minnesota. 

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Draft class jersey numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on May 11, 2015 – 2:49 pm

They wore them all weekend, but in case anyone missed it here are the jersey number assignments for Buffalo’s six draft choices.

Ronald Darby – 28
John Miller – 76
Karlos Williams – 40
Tony Steward – 50
Nick O’Leary – 84
Dezmin Lewis – 13


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Stretching the boundaries of Bills Nation

Posted by Chris Brown on May 11, 2015 – 10:34 am

As many of you know Bills fans are everywhere, with all the Buffalo transplants. We often run into several on road trips for the team’s away games during the regular season. A good number of times I’ve run into fans when I’m away on vacation, usually south Florida. On a recent trip out of the country however, I ran into the self-proclaimed “biggest Mexican Bills fan.”

On a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico, I was approached by Nep Grande, a Bills fan who got hooked on the early 90’s teams and stayed true as a fan through a lot of the recent lean years. He works at the resort where my wife and I were vacationing. Wearing a Bills shirt kind of gave me away, but he recognized me from

After showing me some of his photos with Hall of Famer Bruce Smith, who he met a few years ago, he asked for a photo with me. I asked him if he had been to a Bills game before, perhaps at Arizona or Dallas. His answer?

“No, I have not been to a game,” Grande said. “And when I do see a game I want it to be at ‘the Ralph.'”

Sounds like a legit fan to me. Fortunately he’s got a friend who is a Bills fan in Buffalo, so he’s hoping to make it to a game in the next year or two. Here’s a shot of Nep and I in Cancun. Bills Nation alive and well south of the border!

Mexican Bills fan

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RB Williams eager to face older NFL brother

Posted by Chris Brown on May 10, 2015 – 10:33 am

Right now Bills rookie RB Karlos Williams is focused on Buffalo’s offensive and special teams playbook with rookie minicamp wrapping up today. In his down time however, it’s hard for him not to think about squaring off against his older brother who also plays in the NFL.

Williams older brother Vince Williams is a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Williams has leaned on his older brother for advice on navigating a rookie season in the NFL.

“He gave me a lot of good advice,” said Williams. “He’s my big brother and is going to help me out as much as he can. But then again we play them in Week 3 of the preseason and he might not want to give me too much help.”

Williams already has Buffalo’s third preseason game against Pittsburgh (Aug. 29th) marked on his calendar, knowing with him as a running back and his brother Vince a linebacker that there’s a good chance the two will meet in the hole on a running play.

“It’s going to be fun,” he said. “I look forward that moment. Me and my brother have always had that sibling rivalry, but when it comes down to it that’s my brother. I love him to death and I can’t wait to see him across the field.”


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WR Lewis: Goal is to be a solid route runner

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2015 – 4:35 pm

Bills seventh-round pick Dezmin Lewis has never had a problem picking up a new playbook. He has felt comfortable this weekend in rookie minicamp with all the play installs on offense for team work. Where he’s trying to nail down details is with his route running.

“I go up and get the ball at its highest point. I catch everything with my hands. I’m not much of a body catcher. The main thing now is just working on my route running and continue to become a better route runner so I can upgrade my game to something more than just a go getter.”

Lewis caught a lot of deep balls at Central Arkansas, but he knows he has to diversify his game if he’s to stick at the NFL level. He’s been working closely with receivers coach Sanjay Lal to make his game more well rounded. Job number one for a tall receiver like Lewis is to work on effectively dropping his weight to get him in and out of cuts and stems on his routes.

Coach Lal has been in his ear about one detail in particular.

“Staying low,” Lewis told “I’m a tall receiver and as soon as I take off I pop straight up so he’s been coaching me. He said to act like there’s a string that’s tied to my chest and he’s pulling me. So my objective is to stay low throughout my entire route. That’s the main thing I’ve been working on.”

Lewis knows it’s just about body control, but it’s easier said than done for a receiver that stands 6-4. But coach Lal has given him some ways to perfect dropping his weight when he has to change direction and to help him keep his weight over his toes.

“It’s just body control,” he said. “He tells me to practice leaning as far as I can and balance myself on one foot. And wherever I’m comfortable that’s the base that I have to work off of. So it’s body control and torqueing my body into different positions so I can become a better route runner.”

Coach Lal also has his receivers review their own work in practice.

“The good thing about that is coach Lal goes over the routes and he tells us to critique ourselves,” said Lewis. “We’ll do that and tell him what we think we’re doing wrong and then correct us from there.”

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RB Williams balancing special teams duties

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2015 – 1:24 pm

Rookie RB Karlos Williams is pulling a lot of double duty this weekend in Bills rookie minicamp as both a running back on offense and on special teams. For Buffalo’s fifth-round pick however, handling both of those responsibilities is old hat.

Williams was an accomplished special teams player at Florida State, so handling multiple roles isn’t a big deal.

“Definitely used to that,” he said. “Played a lot of special teams at Florida State and took great pride in playing special teams at Florida State. With the special teams coaches we’ve had there at Florida State we’ve always been top 10 in the country in each category of special teams. It’ll be no problem. I’ve played in every scheme possible. So being here and being a part of special teams is going be a big part of me playing here. That’ll be no worries at all.”

What Williams is trying to master are the multitude of responsibilities a running back has in Greg Roman’s offense.

“(I’m) trying to get as much as I can,” he said. “It’s very hard in the NFL. You’ve got to be able to pass protect, see things quickly and react fast. There’s no time to think in the game of football in the NFL. There’s a lot to process.”

At the same time Williams likes coach Roman as a teaching coach.

“Great teacher. I can learn a lot from him,” he said. “A lot of stuff that we sat down and worked on one-on-one when I came to visit before and a lot of stuff when I went back home and still have to work on being here. It’s all a process and he’s a great teacher. Slows things down. He doesn’t want you to go full speed unless you’re doing it properly. I’m expecting to learn a lot from him.”


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Darby has no issue with speed of NFL game

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2015 – 1:19 pm

Bills top draft choice, CB Ron Darby, is facing the same transition as every other rookie on Buffalo’s roster. There are a lot of new things at the NFL level. Often times rookies talk about adjusting to the speed of the NFL game. In Buffalo’s rookie minicamp however, Darby is the fastest player on the field, so speed is of no concern.

“I’m blessed with speed myself, so it’s not an issue for me,” Darby said. “I’m just focused on a lot more technical stuff—the way routes break down, the way receivers cut, things like that. It’s more technical. The more film you watch the easier everything will be.”

Darby has been working a lot the past two days to get his head around to locate the ball, as the quarterbacks, perhaps by the coaching staff’s design, have been testing Darby deep a good deal.

The rookie cornerback has had no problem going stride for stride with any receiver he faces, but his technique is a bit inconsistent when it comes to exactly what secondary coach Donnie Henderson is looking for. As Darby himself said it’s all part of the process.

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Chip squarely on O’Leary’s shoulder

Posted by Chris Brown on May 9, 2015 – 10:54 am

Bills rookie TE Nick O’Leary flashed offensively on day one of rookie minicamp. It’s just step one in his aim to make those who passed on him in the draft sorry. 

O’Leary was expecting to be taken much earlier than round six of the 2015 NFL draft. Being a sixth-round pick has him motivated to show the doubters that they made a mistake. 

“I’m motivated to show people what their missing on,” said O’Leary. “I’m happy to be here now and do what I need to do to help this team.”

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Karlos Williams: Ready to Call Buffalo Home

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 8, 2015 – 9:11 pm


The week ends with the start of the team’s Rookie Minicamp. All the Bills draft selections along with plenty of undrafted talent and tryout players invaded the ADPRO Sports Training Center. The three-day camp will continue throughout the weekend. After today’s session we heard from head coach Rex Ryan and the team’s second round pick, Ronald Darby.

IMG_2318Bills 5th round selection, rookie running back Karlos Williams joined us to kick off our guest set. Williams talked about last weekend being selected by the Bills, saying “I just knew I was going to Buffalo.” He went on to discuss his transition from the defensive side of the ball to the offensive backfield during his time at Florida State, using his size and athletic ability to make the successful conversion.

“Being that big back in that role, it set me up for ‘OK, I’m a big guy, I’m a straight-ahead guy, I’m not a side-to-side kind of guy.’ We had Delvin Cook, we had Mario Pender, Ryan Green for that. So, I kind of took on that role and coach (Jimbo) Fisher definitely embraced it. He understood that certain plays were for Karlos, some plays are not for Karlos. We know he can catch, we know he can block, we know he can run block. I took that attitude into the offseason and transitioned into the draft. I went to the draft weighing 230. I measured in at 6’1″, 230, ran a 4.48 my first attempt in the forty. That definitely helped my draft stock and made a lot of people’s eyes open like ‘whoa, this guy is big, he can run, he can catch.’ So I definitely believe that gave Buffalo the idea that they were going to give this guy a shot. Very blessed and very happy they did.”

Sticking with the draft, we brought in Pro Football Focus’s Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo. The site gave their post-draft grades for each player drafted along with an in-depth look at some of the undrafted free agents signed by the Bills. He ran down the list of picks and discussed why sixth round pick Nick O’Leary was given the College Football Focus Stamp of Approval, a value pick in the mind of Palazzolo.

“He was a productive player and that’s what we’re able to measure. How well did he play, how well did he block, how well did he catch the ball? O’Leary passed those tests. The problem will be the athleticism. This is going to be an interesting test of a guy that isn’t particularly athletic, doesn’t have that classic tight end body but I think if you have him at a number two tight end role, he will be serviceable. I think he can block well enough. He’s sure handed. He only dropped one pass out of forty-nine. I think he’s that dependable tight end type of option and was extremely productive in college.”

To hear that and the rest of Friday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Jackson, Carpenter visit Lindbergh Elementary

Posted by Alexandra Vitale on May 8, 2015 – 2:13 pm


Today at Lindbergh Elementary School Buffalo Bills players Fred Jackson and Dan Carpenter participated in a special assembly and spoke to students about the importance of staying active. During the visit, Jackson and Carpenter led kids in fitness activities, as part of NFL’s PLAY 60 campaign, helping kids get 60 minutes of exercise a day.

“It was a lot of fun to come and hang out with the kids and try to give them the knowledge we have accumulated throughout the years,” Jackson said.

The Bills, On behalf of the NFL and in partnership with NFL Network and Time Warner Cable, presented KidsPLAY 60 with a $7,500 NFL PLAY 60 grant for health and wellness programming AND equipment.

“Anytime you get to be a part of Play 60 and let them know what it means to the body to get out and play 60 minutes a day weather it’s all at once or breaking it up throughout the day, that’s something that I think as players we relish and enjoy trying to get that message across to the kids.”

During the visit, Jackson and Carpenter also helped students get 60 minutes of exercise during the NFL PLAY 60 Ultimate Physical Education Class, as part of the NFL PLAY 60 youth health and wellness campaign.

“It’s a privilege to send out such an important message to kids who really look up to us,” Carpenter said. “Anything we can do to help is just what we are here to do.”

To celebrate the upcoming NFL season, after-school programs were encouraged to submit their application for the NFL PLAY 60 After-School Kickoff grant, demonstrating their commitment to youth health and wellness by submitting essays on their after-school’s game plan for teaching students the importance of physical education and nutrition.

For more information on NFL PLAY 60 visit or follow NFL PLAY 60 on Facebook at Facebook/NFLPLAY60 or Twitter at @NFLPLAY60.

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Bills add another tryout QB

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2015 – 1:57 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan said after the first rookie minicamp practice that they’d need another arm at quarterback to get through all the reps. Tryout QB Austin Trainor’s arm was tiring toward the tail end of practice so coming back and doing it again was likely to take away from the quality of practice. So they added another tryout QB Friday afternoon.

Buffalo brought in Monmouth QB Brandon Hill for the Saturday and Sunday practices. The 6-4, 237-pound quarterback will be wearing jersey number 9 beginning Saturday. A two-year starter at Monmouth, Hill threw for more than 4,700 yards with 38 touchdowns and 17 interceptions.

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Thumbnail on Bills tryout players

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2015 – 9:43 am

They’re the long shots of long shots at NFL rookie minicamps this weekend. But here’s a small tidbit on each of Buffalo’s 11 tryout players participating this weekend at One Bills Drive in the team’s rookie minicamp.

WR Anthony Davis – (5-11, 190) – Widener – A dominant D-III wideout with almost 4,000 career receiving yards and 45 touchdowns.

RB Prince-Tyson Gulley – (5-8, 191) – Syracuse – Averaged more than five yards per carry in his college career and rushed for over 2,000 yards in his career.

S Darius Kelly – (5-9, 204) – Syracuse – 61 tackles, four PBUs, 1 INT, 1 FF in 2014 for the Orange.

RB Roderick McDowell – (5-9, 204) – Clemson – Last collegiate season was 2013 where he averaged 5.4 yards per carry while sharing the load in Tigers backfield.

CB Wes Miller – (5-9, 183) – UTEP – led Miners defense in tackles (74), solo stops (42) and interceptions (two), while tied for second with six pass breakups.

CB Reggie Owens – (5-11, 185) – Old Dominion – Two-year starter for Monarchs. Had four sacks, four forced fumbles and three interceptions in his college career.

LB TraVaughn Pascal – (6-2, 255) – Kentucky – An athletic player who has lined up at defensive end and linebacker in his college career. Pascal has dealt with abdominal and ankle injuries.

LS Sam Rodgers – (6-1, 244) – Syracuse – Team captain and member of ACC All-Academic team.

WR EJ Scott – (5-10, 186) – Wake Forest – Had a 4.55 40-time at his pro day, which included a 1.55 10-yard split, a 35 ½-inch vertical leap, 10-foot broad jump and 21 reps on the bench.

QB Austin Trainor – (6-2, 212) – West Georgia – Finished college career in 2013.

S Julius White – (5-9, 199) – Rice – Three-year starter who tied for the team lead with seven pass breakups in 2014.

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Dez Lewis: Adding Size to the WR Group

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 7, 2015 – 9:36 pm


Nearing the end of the week here at One Bills Drive. Today, the rookies arrived on-scene for physicals and team photos. They will hit the field to kick off the team’s rookie minicamp Friday morning. We began the show with the news of the day, which included the Cowboys signing of former LSU guard La’el Collins and the retirement of all-pro safety Ed Reed in Baltimore.

john-miller-storyBills 3rd round pick John Miller will be out there this weekend with the rest of the rookie teammates as he looks towards grabbing a starting spot along the offensive line. To find out more on Miller, we reached out to his former offensive line coach at Louisville, Chris Klenakis. Klenakis talked about Miller’s physicality upfront, especially his strong suit in the run game and why he feels he will be a starter in the league.

“They’re going to like him. He’s a very explosive athlete, very strong, very powerful guy. He comes off and has good quickness in his first two steps. He has a good punch and his FBI, football intelligence is very high.”

Bills 7th round pick, WR Dezmin Lewis called in next to discuss his first day in Buffalo meeting his teammates and interacting with the rest of the Bills personnel. Lewis talked about his experience at Central Arkansas, an FCS school, the chance to

compete against the top defensive backs at January’s Senior Bowl, and why his size

Central Arkansas wide receiver Dezmin Lewis (15) runs up the field during the South team practice for the 2015 Senior Bowl at Ladd Peebles Stadium in Mobile, AL on January 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Johnny Vy)

will be an added benefit to the Bills wide receiver group.

“The coaches really liked how I can high-point the ball. I’m a big receiver and I know how to use by body and attack the ball with my hands. I’ve been hearing that a lot from the fans, the coaches, everybody that Buffalo needs a big receiver and they’re looking for me to be that guy.”

Sticking with the Draft and rookies trying to make an impression, UB Grad and now Seattle Seahawk, Kristjan Sokoli joined us in the second hour. Sokoli was a 6th round selection this past weekend. The former standout defensive linemen at UB

Buffalo's Kristjan Sokoli, left, tackles Connecticut's Lyle McCombs during the first half of Connecticut's 24-17 victory in their NCAA football game in East Hartford, Conn., on Saturday, Sept. 29, 2012. (AP Photo/Fred Beckham)

will look to make the transition to the offensive side of the ball. Tom Cable, Seattle’s offensive line coach, approached Sokoli about the switch. Sokoli said he is open to the idea and is up for the challenge. He also talked about his “underdog” story of coming to the United States after spending the first nine years of his life in Albania.

To round out the show, we brought in Sean Glennon, author of Tom Brady vs. the NFL: The Case for Football’s Greatest Quarterback. He discussed the Ted Wells Investigation into the Patriots deflation of game balls and the possible involvement of Brady and the potential discipline.

On that topic, we listened in as the Patriots Quarterback sat down at Salem State University in Massachusetts for a scheduled speaking engagement with Sportscaster Jim Gray. Brady spoke about the recent findings but was not ready to answer any hard pressing questions. To hear that and the rest of Thursday’s John Murphy Show, click here.

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Report: Undrafted OT Collins signs with Dallas

Posted by Chris Brown on May 7, 2015 – 2:24 pm

LSU OT La’el Collins, who was taken off many draft boards last weekend due to his name being part of a murder investigavtion in Louisiana, has reportedly signed with an NFL club.

Per’s Ian Rapoport, Collins has signed a three-year deal with the Dallas Cowboys, which is fully guaranteed. The Bills had expressed interest in Collins. Head coach Rex Ryan confirmed on Wednesday that he had dinner with Collins. That dinner reportedly took place Monday night.

Buffalo, Miami and Dallas reportedly showed the most interest in Collins, who was forecast as a first-round pick before the news of the murder of Collins’ ex-girlfriend surfaced right before the 2015 NFL draft.

What’s strange is why Collins to go to a club with one of the best offensive lines in the league rather than join a team with a better chance to get on the field sooner.


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Health and Wellness Challenge weekly winners

Posted by Dallas Miller on May 7, 2015 – 8:29 am

The Independent Health & Buffalo Bills Health and Wellness Challenge is off to a great start!  In the first two weeks, participants drank over 60,000 cups of water, ate over 35,000 servings of fruits and vegetables and did at least 150,000 minutes of physical activity.

Winners of the weekly prizes have been contacted by email.  Be sure to check your email on Mondays to see if you’ve won.  Also, let us know how the Challenge is going for you on social media using #IHBillsChallenge.

Here are the great prizes that were offered the first two weeks:challenge-prizes-week2And of course, the grand prize is a trip for two to London to see the Bills take on Jacksonville.

What are you waiting for?  There is still plenty of time to get healthy and plenty of prizes to win.  Visit now.


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Roster announced for McCoy’s softball game

Posted by Alexandra Vitale on May 6, 2015 – 2:23 pm

photo: The Patriot-News

The LeSean McCoy Foundation has received commitments for the Celebrity Softball Game being held at Frontier Field on Saturday, June 13 at 7 p.m.

Several of McCoy’s teammates have committed to participate in the event. EJ Manuel and Sammy Watkins have agreed to play along with offensive linemen Cyrus Kouandjio and Cordy Glenn and tight end Chris Gragg. In addition, Jerome Felton and running back Boobie Dixon complete the announcement. More names will be revealed later.

McCoy, his new Buffalo Bills teammates and other celebrities will take on a team of local heroes comprised of police and firefighters. A home run derby will take place at 6 p.m. with the game beginning at 7 p.m. Gates will open at 5 p.m.

A limited number of LeSean McCoy VIP packages are still available for $1,000. Each package will include:

-4 tickets in the Hard Ball Café with food and non-alcoholic beverages include (cash bar available)
-Meet and greet with LeSean McCoy for 1 person, including a photo with LeSean
-1 LeSean McCoy signed football
-1 LeSean McCoy Foundation t-shirt and cap
-1 commemorative bottle of wine signed by LeSean McCoy
-2 tickets to the party after the event

Proceeds from this event will go towards The LeSean McCoy Foundation to raise funds and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

ALS is a disease that touches McCoy on a personal level. His grandmother, Maryann Branch, passed away from ALS in 2010. LeSean made a commitment to his grandfather in the weeks preceding his grandmother’s death to utilize his professional football platform to raise awareness, advocacy and funds to eradicate ALS.

The invariably fatal neurodegenerative disease strikes as many as 30,000 Americans at any given time. The fight to eradicate ALS is extremely important to LeSean and serves as one of the founding purposes of Shades of Greatness, Inc.

Tickets are on sale now at the Frontier Field Ticket Office, online at or by calling (585) 423-WING. Tickets are $20 for 100 level and $15 for 200 level.

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Florida St. leads NFL draft class

Posted by Chris Brown on May 6, 2015 – 12:17 pm’s Gil Brandt crunched the numbers for what schools produced the most draft choices and the Bills were a major factor in one school finishing on top. 

Florida State had the most draft choices with 11 followed by Louisville (10) and Florida (9) per Brandt’s tweet.  

The Bills were responsible for three of those FSU draft choices taking Ronald Darby, Karlos Williams and Nick O’Leary. 

Half of the Bills’ draft class hailed from Florida State this year. 

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Eric Wood: Dinner for a Difference – JMS

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 5, 2015 – 9:32 pm


Continuing our reassessment of the Bills 2015 NFL Draft. We pitched to the listeners tonight’s topic; Post-draft, which is the deepest position group on the current Bills roster? Plenty of reaction on that, from wide receiver, to running back, to the defensive side of the ball and cornerback. As the Bills players continue their offseason workouts, we heard from CB Stephon Gilmore to begin the show as well.

CM7_4541Bills center Eric Wood was first up on tonight’s guest list. Wood talked about his upcoming Dinner for a Difference on June 8th, which will raise money for the Eric Wood Foundation, helping provide at-risk children and families in the Buffalo area with encouragement, support, resources, and life-changing experiences. You can visit for more information and to purchase tickets to the event.

Wood went on to talk about his experience at this past weekend’s Kentucky Derby, the rotation changes during the offseason workouts on the offensive line, and what he saw from the Bills 2015 draft class, including his thoughts on Louisville’s John Miller.

“I’m excited to have John in the room. He’s a really good kid. He’s a tough, physical player. A very experienced player. He played a lot of games at Louisville for us and always showed up on Saturdays. I’m definitely excited to get him and excited now to have three offensive linemen from Louisville in our room, having picked up Alex Kupper this offseason.

miller-feature-storySpeaking of John Miller, we brought in the team’s third round pick to complete tonight’s show. Miller talked about his emotions as he watched and waited for the call on day two Friday night. When the Bills did select him he said it was “a great feeling and very emotional.” He went on to discuss his pre-draft visit with the team and what he can offer as he gears up to compete for a starting spot along the offensive line.

“I’m a physical player. A guy who gets after it, very tenacious, smart guy, very dependable guy. I’m a guy who loves the game of football and plays with great passion, play physical in the run game.”

With the national media weighing in on the Bills Draft, we wanted to get an outside perspective. Fox Sports NFL editor Ross Jones gave the Bills a B- overall grade. He talked about the valid way to grade a draft and the complexity that goes into it. Jones talked about where Ronald Darby will fit in the Bills defense and how John Miller will be a force in the run game. He went on to the team’s fifth round pick in running back Karlos Williams from Florida State and discussed why Williams can be utilized in the Bills offense.

“He’s a guy with a defensive background. He played safety and linebacker and he just loves contact so I think he will immediately be able to boost the special teams and down the line, he’s a big, physical running back that when the opportunity comes, he will be a great fit in Greg Roman’s power running game.”

To hear more from Jones and why he thinks QB Tyrod Taylor will be the dark horse in the Bills quarterback competition and to hear the complete The John Murphy Show from Tuesday, click here.

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Boomer-“Bills are the most relevant”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on May 5, 2015 – 3:25 pm

Over the years, when he was playing QB for the Bengals and Jets, Boomer Esiason was well aware of how dominant the Buffalo Bills were in the AFC.

Now as a radio host and commentator for, Esiason is ready to sing the praises of the 2015 edition of the Bills.

“There’s really one team that has been piquing my interest significantly since the day they hired their new coach,” Esiason said on a recent video commentary. “That is the Buffalo Bills.  If you’re a Bills fan, you have every reason to be excited.”

“You have a great personality as a coach, you are going to have a great defense, you’ve added great offensive weapons, and I think this is a team that should win at least 9-10 games,” Esiason continued.

“I still think it will be a struggle in the division, because this division, the AFC East, is starting to look at lot like the NFC West did about 5-6 years ago as they were building defenses. It all comes down to defensive lines, and the Buffalo Bills will have one of the best in the NFL, if not the best.”

“That’s the one team at this point that seems to be the most relevant—the Buffalo Bills,” he said.

Click here to view the Esiason report

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