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CB Cook to I-R

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2011 – 2:02 pm

Bills undrafted free agent Domonic Cook’s chances of experiencing his rookie NFL season are over.

Cook, who was waived/injured earlier this week cleared waivers. That means he reverts back to Buffalo’s roster where he has been placed on injured reserve. The U.B. cornerback will rehab his knee injury that he suffered on just the third day of camp practices, but is not eligible to return to the Bills in any active capacity this season.

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Right side of O-line review

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2011 – 12:59 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey was asked for his thoughts on the right side of Buffalo’s offensive line featuring newly appointed starters in Kraig Urbik at right guard and Erik Pears at right tackle.

“They’re pretty good communicators, but they’re not as comfortable as the guys on the other side communicating with each other,” said Gailey. “But they’re getting better every day. I think that as they continue to work with each other I think things will get better and better.”

Gailey then added how they intend to work some other players in on that side of the line, indicating that things are far from set in stone.

“(Chad) Rinehart is going to work over there some and if (Chris) Hairston continues to get better every day it’s going to be a fight on that side of the line over there,” he said.

Performance in preseason games are likely to be a major determining factor. Mansfield Wrotto is another candidate as well as Cordaro Howard when he comes off the PUP list.

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Gailey still sees rust

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2011 – 11:58 am

The Bills are a week into training camp, but the absence of OTAs and minicamps in the spring and early summer has left a lot of rust to still brush off according to head coach Chan Gailey.

When asked if he felt after a week of camp that the rust has been shaken off Gailey had a quick response.

“No,” he said. “We just got five or six guys back (Thursday). We haven’t shaken anything off yet. We’re still behind.”

With all of the season’s preparations crammed into training camp and the preseason coaches have to do a whole lot more in a lot less time and that’s passed on to the players workload as well. So it’s not surprising that they feel like they’re still playing catch up. I’d imagine every NFL club feels that way right now.

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WR Nelson back on campus

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2011 – 7:56 am

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said that David Nelson’s absence Friday was because he was sent back to Buffalo for tests after he had trouble catching his breath at Thursday’s night practice. He said Nelson could be back at camp Saturday or Sunday at the latest. spotted Nelson this morning on campus.

When asked how he was doing, Nelson said.

“I feel good. Ready to go.”

We’ll see if we can get more of an update on his condition after the morning walk through today.

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Troup had good 1-on-1 day

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 9:06 pm

There’s always a period in practice where the offensive linemen and defensive linemen have 1-on-1 pass rush drills. Torell Troup has been faring well in these drills so far.

Troup’s offseason workout regimen has been well documented. He added nine pounds of lean muscle and “tightened up the cage” as his core strength is significantly better. It’s been showing on the practice field.

The battles between Troup and Eric Wood have been fun to watch. A good number of them end in a stalemate, but they go back and forth with each of them winning their fair share of the battles. Last season that wasn’t always the case for Troup. It’s evident that he’s much stronger.

“I’ve worked hard all offseason,” said Troup. “I took maybe two weeks off at the end of last season and got right back to work. I’m looking forward to hit some people and take on some double teams in the preseason.”


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Injury update

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 5:16 pm

Here’s the injury update from Friday’s practice.

Justin Rogers, who left practice early sustained an ankle injury. Head coach Chan Gailey provided details.

“He had a little bit of an ankle,” said Gailey. “They took him in to make sure it was alright and wasn’t anything bad. They think it’s just fine.”

Gailey also confirmed that it was in fact a rest day for Shawne Merriman, who did not participate in practice Friday.

Top pick Marcell Dareus rotated in and out of the lineup a lot after turning an ankle in Thursday night’s practice. He got through the practice session Friday even though his ankle was probably not 100 percent.

“He practiced,” Gailey said. “You’re not healthy a lot of the time in this game.”

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WR Nelson update

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 5:13 pm

Head coach Chan Gailey was asked about David Nelson’s condition more than once after he was absent for both the morning walk through and afternoon practice Friday, following his early departure from practice Thursday night. All Gailey could definitively say was that Nelson was sent back to Buffalo by the team physicians.

“Yeah he wasn’t feeling good and they sent him back (to Buffalo),” said Gailey. “They couldn’t find out exactly what it was. They sent him back for tests back to Buffalo. It looks like it’s all calmed down now and I think he’ll be back probably tomorrow, but at worst Sunday.”

Gailey said Thursday night that Nelson had trouble catching his breath, but that the problem subsided not long after he left the practice field last night. But when asked if the problem was respiratory in nature or physical Gailey wasn’t sure.

“I don’t know exactly,” he said. “He didn’t feel good. He couldn’t get to feeling good.”

Hopefully more will be known Saturday, a day when Gailey said Nelson could rejoin the team at camp.

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Merriman watching

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 2:42 pm

LB Shawne Merriman is watching practice this afternoon.

It is presumably a veteran rest day for Merriman who has taken a lot of reps this first week. Head coach Chan Gailey has made a point of not having Merriman overdo it in his return to full form.

We’ll double check with Gailey after practice.

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Davis needed change of scenery

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 11:21 am

Bills newest wide receiver Craig Davis is glad he has this opportunity in Buffalo. After a difficult and trying four years in San Diego, he believes his NFL career needed a change of scenery.

“I definitely needed it,” said Davis. “I went through some injuries and some hard times in the past, but some new scenery here is going to be a good thing for me I think. It’s a great situation for me and I’m looking forward to it.” 

Davis says he feels as healthy as ever and put in extra time to train his body for the past six months in an effort to prove he can hold up through a 16-game schedule.

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Bills pumping iron

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 10:17 am

Usually the day after night practices, the Bills have a walk through on the practice field. They also do weight room work. Here are a couple of photos from inside the weight room this morning of some defensive players pumping out the sets.

The first is of LB Reggie Torbor working the shoulders and trapezius muscles (I’ll try to get an explanation on the towel) and the second is of Chris Kelsay, who appears to be doing squats.








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Send in your Bills questions

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 8:42 am

Hey Bills fans, it’s a special evening edition of Fan Friday tonight. I’ll be answering your Bills questions tonight right here at 8pm. So send your questions now to and get your answers to anything Bills right from training camp.

I’ll post the questions and answers right on this blog site tonight (around 8 pm), so be sure to check back.

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Depth chart moves slowed

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2011 – 8:30 am

In training camp the coaching staff will shift and move players up or down the depth chart based on performance. Usually they are made on the heels of a preseason game when coaches get an accurate look at what a player is or is not capable of. However, in an offseason where there is little for coaches to go on and more questions than answers with some players, Bills head coach Chan Gailey and his staff are more apt to wait a little longer this summer before making a depth chart move.

“The movement on the depth chart is slower now because you’re taking more of a wait and see attitude before you start moving people up and down the depth chart,” Gailey told “That’s due to mainly our lack of practice and preparation. The reason why is you don’t know at the outset if a player’s performance or consistency is due to a conditioning issue, they may not have the recall from last year, but they’re going to get it. With all of that stuff (in play) you’re just hesitant to move people up and down the depth chart too quickly right now.”

That’s why Gailey said going into camp that some returning veteran starters are more entrenched in their positions than perhaps in any other training camp. With so many added variables (conditioning, no spring workouts, less evaluation time) to the preparation process in this camp Gailey and his staff want as many sure fire answers as they can have in their starting lineups. So it’s going to take a special performance for a 2nd teamer to move up to the first unit, and it seems as though it will take a big time collapse through the preseason for a starter to get bumped down a peg.

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Nelson’s situation not physical

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 8:56 pm

Bills WR David Nelson left practice early, but he walked to the locker room under his own power. That’s because what was bothering him wasn’t a physical injury.

“He was having trouble breathing for a minute or two,” said head coach Chan Gailey. “They got it calmed down inside. I think he’ll be fine.”


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Just a tweak for Dareus

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 8:40 pm

Bills top pick Marcell Dareus appeared to turn his ankle while in pursuit of Fred Jackson the tail end of a run play. He was down for only a few seconds before popping to his feet and heading back to the huddle. He lined up for one more play, but that was it for the night after that.

Fortunately head coach Chan Gailey said holding him out of the last 15-20 minutes of practice was only a preventative measure.

“They just held him out for precautionary reasons,” said Gailey. “He could’ve finished practice. He tweaked something and they said hold him out for the rest and we’ll get him back tomorrow.”

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CB Cook waived/injured

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 6:15 pm

Bills undrafted rookie CB Domonic Cook has been put on the waived/injured list.

After suffering a knee injury in Monday’s practice, Cook was seen on crutches a day later. Head coach Chan Gailey said Cook would miss at least a month due to the injury.

If Cook goes through waivers without being claimed, he’ll revert back to the Bills and spend the 2011 season on injured reserve.

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WR Buster Davis visiting Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 4:04 pm

Fifth-year free agent WR Craig “Buster” Davis is visiting the Bills at St. John Fisher today. Go to the home page for details.

We’ll try to get details on Davis’ visit from head coach Chan Gailey or GM Buddy Nix following tonight’s practice.

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Flo set to go

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 11:19 am

Drayton Florence is another veteran player that finally gets the green light tonight for practice with the league year officially starting at 4 pm. The veteran cornerback is glad to be back on the field and with the Bills.

“This year, we didn’t have a lot of time to go back and forth,” said Florence of the negotiating process. “The Bills stepped up and had a good offer. I had discussions with Buddy Nix and some of the coaches. It was just the right fit. I’m happy to be back and get back out on the field.”

Florence figures to line up in his familiar starting right cornerback role, but having missed four days of work, we’ll see if he’s eased into things knowing it’s a full pads workout tonight.

I’m ready to get out there and battle with the guys that I’m going to be playing with the whole season.

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Where Smith will line up

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 11:14 am

With Brad Smith set to make his Bills debut tonight, he shed some light on where he anticipates lining up for the team’s night practice.

“I think I’ll start off with mostly quarterback stuff but I’m going to run some routes and return kicks on special teams,” said Smith. “I think the quarterback stuff so I can grab the entirety of the offense with protections. I think it’s a great plan by coach Gailey.”

Gailey confirmed to that Smith is a quarterback that will run some routes.

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What short offseason pushed back

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 11:06 am

With a severely shortened offseason (no OTAs, minicamps) the Bills coaching staff had to compress playbook installation somewhat while also being realistic. That’s why head coach Chan Gailey has Sept. 11th as his target date to have all their preparation for the season in. In most cases NFL clubs have all of their material installed and repped one time through by the end of the second preseason game. Of course something had to be pushed back before it’s installed or reviewed in the meetings. Gailey explained what that was.

“What we’re trying to do with that target date is make sure that all of those specialty situations that you’re able to cover in camp, like no timeouts, you’re at the 35-yard line and you need eight more yards to get in field goal range, are covered,” Gailey told “We can get our base offense and base defense and special teams in there, but it’s all that situational football that’s going to be pushed back until after the second and third preseason game. And we’ll have to cover more of that mentally than physically because of the shortened time.”

It’s not surprising that situational football is what was chosen to be pushed closer to the season. Granted they’re important, but as long as players know how to react in some of those situations you’ve got half the battle won. If they actually have time to rep it physically, all the better.

Not to mention the fact that Saturdays during the practice weeks of the regular season is often dedicated to situational football, so it’s something they can continually address as the season wears on.

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Chan still the play caller

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2011 – 10:53 am

When he was first hired as Bills head coach Chan Gailey said that he would call the plays on offense. Eventually though he said he would hand those duties off to offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins. Entering year two and with a lot of building to do, Gailey is going to remain at the controls.

“Oh yeah,” Gailey said. “I’m doing that. I’m calling the plays this year.”

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