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Jets added rest before facing Bills not new

Posted by Chris Brown on June 19, 2013 – 10:57 am

We showed how the division rival Jets have a decided scheduling advantage this season against the Bills in that they’re coming off a Thursday night game in Week 2 to face the Bills off 10 days rest in Week 3. Then they come off their bye week in Week 10 to face Buffalo in Week 11. As ludicrous an advantage as that might sound it’s not the first time. In fact this marks the second time it’s happened in three years.

In 2011, the Jets, off their bye in Week 8 played the Bills in Week 9 and won going away 27-11.

Three weeks later New York coming off a 10-day rest following a Thursday night game beat Buffalo again 28-24.

You can look at the Jets 2011 schedule for yourself to see how scheduling history is repeating itself and at a disadvantage for Buffalo within their own division.

The league needs to eliminate extra rest for clubs leading up to games against division opponents. They’re just too important to tilt the scale in favor of one side by providing extra rest for players and extra prep time and game planning for coaches.

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A stat Bills fans hope to rely on

Posted by Chris Brown on September 27, 2011 – 12:54 pm

It’s only been three games and Buffalo’s regular season schedule gets consierably more challenging following their Week 4 matchup with Cincinnati. That’s why this stat is one that Bills fans hope their team is a part of come Jan. 2nd.

Since 1990, 75.9 percent of teams that started 3-0 made the playoffs. Those are odds that most Bills fans will take in a second. Of course the odds are even higher if a team goes 4-0, with the percentages in the low 80’s.

Of course caliber of opponent is going to have a lot to say about just how successful the Bills are in the win column and over the next five weeks following Bills-Bengals Sunday, Buffalo will take its run through the NFC East with a Jets game at home mixed in.

Confidence and momentum can be powerful assets to have, but these wins the Bills have stacked up early are likely to be crucial come early January, especially if tiebreakers come into play knowing all three wins are AFC conference victories.

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