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Chan on Bills playoff hopes

Posted by Chris Brown on November 29, 2011 – 8:04 am

At 5-6 the Bills are off the pace for an AFC playoff spot, but Chan Gailey believes with five games to play there’s still reason to hope, even if Buffalo is likely to need some help.

“We have to win out and we probably have to have some help and that’s what I told the team,” said Gailey. “If there’s anybody that thinks anything differently and doesn’t understand exactly what’s in front of us tell me now so I can put somebody else in there.”

The Bills could help themselves with a win this Sunday over a Titans team that is a game up on them in the conference at 6-5.

When asked if he feels his team is capable of running the table Gailey immediately answered in the affirmative.

“Sure we are,” he said. “There’s no question we’re capable of doing it, but being capable and doing it are two different things. We’ve got to go do it. Even if we won we may have to have some help. All we can control is what we can control and it starts this week.”

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AFC playoff picture

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2011 – 8:25 am

Here’s how things are shaking out for the AFC playoff race with teams currently in playoff position, those in the hunt, and those that are off the pace with 5 games to play.

1 – Houston (8-3)
2 – New England (8-3)
3 – Baltimore (8-3)
4 – Oakland (7-4)
5 – Pittsburgh (7-4)
6 – Cincinnati (7-4)

7 – Denver (6-5)
8 – NY Jets (6-5)
9 – Tennessee (6-5)

10 – Buffalo (5-6)
11 – Kansas City (4-7)
12 – San Diego (4-7)
13 – Cleveland (4-7)

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If the season ended today

Posted by Chris Brown on November 4, 2008 – 5:01 pm

Here at the midway mark of the season, believe it or not the Bills would be on the outside looking in if playoff berths were handed out now.

At 5-3 the Bills are tied for the third best record in the AFC. The only problem is two of the other teams with that record are the Jets and Patriots.

And with Buffalo currently 0-2 in the division they not only aren’t the division leader via tiebreaker, but also would lose the final Wild Card spot to (ugh) New England by virtue of the Patriots’ better division record right now (1-1).

The Bills sit seventh in the conference, one spot out of the postseason. I know it’s only half the season, but it provides a peek at how critical the division record can be with the logjam that exists right now in the AFC.

It might not just mean the difference between winning the division and getting a Wild Card berth. It could mean the difference in getting a playoff berth at all.

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