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Breakdown of Stevie’s game last week

Posted by Chris Brown on December 19, 2012 – 2:38 pm

The folks at Pro Football Focus made Stevie Johnson the focus of their individual game breakdown series this week after his eight-catch 115-yard performance against Seattle. They do a good job of illustrating Johnson’s freedom in Chan Gailey’s offense to just get to a certain spot on time, while also outlining some of the risks involved as it pertains to the read demands put on Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Though Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is not a household name, he’s widely seen as one of the best young cornerbacks in the league, with some even referring to him as the next Revis. But Johnson treated Sherman, much the way he treats Revis Sunday.

You can also watch a breakdown of Stevie’s game in this week’s episode on Bills All Access with Steve Tasker at 11 am on WKBW TV Channel 7 in Buffalo.

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Ask Bills All Access

Posted by Chris Brown on September 18, 2010 – 10:40 am

Bills All Access, hosted by Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker wants you to ask a question about the team’s most recent game or a development from it. Here’s your chance to get your Bills question on the show.

Just go to the Bills All Access page on and in the bottom right corner of the page is a field to ask a question. Then watch Bills All Access to see if your question aired in the next episode. Here’s the air time schedule for the show (see below).

Sunday 12:00 a.m. CW-WHAM – Rochester (ABC)
Sunday 12:05 a.m. WBNG – Binghamton
Sunday 1:00 a.m. WTVH – Syracuse (CBS)
Sunday 11:30 a.m. WKBW – Buffalo (ABC)
Sunday 12:00 p.m. WHAM – Rochester (ABC)

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Ask Steve Tasker

Posted by Chris Brown on November 16, 2009 – 10:07 am

Bills fans. There’s a way to participate in the Bills All Access show hosted by Steve Tasker.

Just submit a question for the Fan Question of the Week segment and see if your question is answered on the show.

Here’s an example of the Fan Question of the Week segment from earlier this season.


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Tasker at Buffalo Wild Wings Thursday

Posted by Chris Brown on November 12, 2009 – 10:23 am

Bills Wall of Famer Steve Tasker will be making an appearance tonight (Thursday) in Rochester.

Tasker will be at the Buffalo Wild Wings location at 780 Jefferson Road in Rochester from 6-7 pm.

He’ll be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans.

Tasker is also the host of Bills All Access seen weekly during the season on Sunday’s at noon in Rochester on WHAM (ABC) and at 11:30am in Buffalo on WKBW (ABC).

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Fan Friday 10-2

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2009 – 6:12 pm

Already at the quarter pole mark of the season. Gotta get a win this week and get off the AFC East schneid. Let’s get to your questions.

1. Dear Chris,

I’m wondering who’s available at the middle linebacker position to replace Paul Posluzny while he’s out for a few weeks? Marlon Greenwood and some other quality free agents are available or will the coaching staff allow Marcus Buggs to handle everything Poz was tasked with?

Michael T. Licata

CB: I don’t see the Bills going out and picking up another linebacker knowing they’ll get Poz back around midseason. But here’s a short list of guys that would make sense for the Bills should they decide to go in that direction in my opinion.
Derek Smith, Dontarrious Thomas, Rocky Boiman (versatility inside/outside)


2. Chris,

Do you think there would be a way that the All Access shows such as the ones with you and Tasker and the Thurman Thomas show could be put on the website for us that don’t live in the area to be able to watch??

I live in the Nashville, TN area now after being in WNY for 25+ years and would like to see these shows.
I know that the uploading/downloading would take a great deal of time, and maybe an impossibility, but it sure would be nice.
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

Tom Howes

CB: We do put them on the team website. Here’s the link where you can find them every week.

On the left side of the page is a listing of the different video programs we offer. Click on All Access for those shows and on the Thurman Thomas tab for that show. We break the show up into different segments so it does not take too long to load. Enjoy.


3. Hi Chris,
Since we know Fred Jackson is capable of handling a starting role, is there any chance the Bills trade Marshawn Lynch for a Tackle or draft pick?
Omon seems capable of handling a back up role plus the Bills are already talking to Free Agent RB’s. What do you think?

CB: I don’t see the Bills doing this. Most teams in the league like having two capable backs to share the workload. Dick Jauron is fiercely loyal to Lynch and with good reason. The guys always plays hard and doesn’t go down easy.
If you trade Lynch away you’re leaving yourself a bit vulnerable at running back in the event that Jackson goes down with an injury. Omon shows promise, but he’s not Lynch.


4. Chris – Buffalo’s signing of Jamom Meredith from the Green Bay practice squad prompted this question.  What are the rules for an NFL team signing a player from another team’s practice squad?  Was Buffalo required to give prior notice of its intent to Green Bay before making an offer to Meredith?  If so, did Green Bay then have an opportunity to keep Meredith, such as by moving him to its active roster, within some specified period of time?
– Bill

CB: Signing practice squad players are a lot like signing free agents. Teams that covet a practice squad player on another team contact the agent and begin negotiations to sign him to an NFL contract that puts him on an active roster (practice squad pay is considerably less).

Sometimes agents call the original team to give them an opportunity to promote them to their own 53-man roster, but in most cases the agent just completes the deal with the team interested in putting the player on their active roster. The original team is none the wiser until the signing is completed.


5. Hey Chris,
Since Fred is doing awesome and Marshawn is coming back do you see the Bills putting in any Wildcat plays to keep them both on the field? If both Fred and Marshawn are running to the same side on an option play who the heck would you cover as a defender! Maybe they develop the plays now and don’t show the Wildcat until they need to surprise a team in the playoffs.
What do you think?
Evergreen, CO

CB: I don’t think the Wildcat is necessary to keep both of them on the field. I anticipate seeing Fred Jackson split out wide more as a receiver, which they did a lot of during the spring. I also think in time we could see a split backfield with both of them back there giving the team a ton of options.

Buffalo, like all NFL teams, has a handful of Wildcat plays, and if you remember when they ran some of that last season Fred Jackson was the ball handler. I don’t know if he’s the guy this year because Roscoe in an option in that formation as well being a former high school quarterback.

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Have your question answered on Bills All Access

Posted by Chris Brown on September 22, 2009 – 4:32 pm

Bills All Access with Steve Tasker airs every weekend during the football season and this season they want to make you part of the show.

Each week Tasker answers a question from the fans during a segment of his show. To submit a question you have about the Bills just go to and along the right rail of the All Access page you’ll see where you can submit your question.

Then see if your question is answered on the show that week.

Bills All Access airs in the following regional markets, and certain segments are also available in the Bills media lounge on Here’s the question that was answered from Week 2.
Day  Time  Station 
Sun. 11:30 a.m. WKBW – Buffalo (ABC)
Sun. 12:00 p.m. WHAM – Rochester (ABC)
Sat. 12:35 a.m. WTVH – Syracuse (CBS)
Sun. 12:00 a.m. CW-WHAM – Rochester (ABC)
Sun. 12:05 a.m. WBNG – Binghamton 
TBA City TV – Toronto

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