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Extra points to be kicked from 15-yd line

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2014 – 10:23 am

The NFL is doing a bit of experimentation in the first two weeks of the preseason as well as tonight’s Hall of Fame game. Extra points are going to be kicked from a bit further out.

For the Hall of Fame Game and the first two weeks of the preseason, the NFL will experiment with extra point attempts by spotting the ball at the 15-yard line for extra point kick attempts. This will be done to gather information regarding possible future changes to make these plays more competitive and exciting for fans. The two-point try will remain at the two-yard line during this experiment.

Here are some other innovations for the 2014 season that will begin tonight in the Bills-Giants preseason contest.

• INSTANT REPLAY: The referee will now be able to consult with Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino during replay reviews. In addition, the recovery of a loose ball in the field of play will now be reviewable. This includes fumbles, backward passes and kicks.

• OFFICIAL-TO-OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: All seven game officials will now be able to communicate with each other during NFL games via wireless microphones.

• GOAL POSTS: The uprights will now extend to 35 feet above the crossbar, up from 30 feet in previous seasons, to help officials make definitive rulings on field-goal attempts that previously crossed above the top of the uprights.

• TABLETS: Teams will be able to deliver pre- and post-snap photos to coaches and players on the sidelines and in the coaching booth via tablets.

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G-men don’t lose 2 straight at home

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2011 – 9:11 am

The Giants had an uncharacteristic loss to a less than imposing Seahawks team last week. They have a second straight home game against the Bills today, but dropping two in a row at home under Tom Coughlin does not happen often for the Giants.

New York has not lost back-to-back home games under Tom Coughlin since December 2006, when the Giants lost to Philadelphia and New Orleans. In fact since Coughlin was named head coach in 2004, New York has lost back-to-back home games just twice over seven-plus seasons.

Let’s hope the G-men are overdue for another back-to-back pair of L’s.

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Fewell familiarity overblown

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2011 – 7:00 am

Yes Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell has a firm working knowledge on the individual talents of a good number of players on Buffalo’s roster having coached them himself during his time in Buffalo. But as far as head coach Chan Gailey is concerned, that fact is given a bit more weight by the media than is necessary.

“I think sometimes that’s a little overblown because we have to do what we do,” said Gailey. “We can’t sit there and say, ‘What if he’s thinking this, what do we do?’ You’ve got to go play your game. We’ve got enough new faces that it’s not the same group that is here now, that was here when he was here.”

Only 18 players on the current roster were with the Bills in 2009 when Fewell was interim head coach.

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‘D’ can’t live on takeaways only

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2011 – 8:27 am

Buffalo’s defense has been remarkably opportunistic with 15 takeaways (special teams has the other) in just 5 games this season. On the flip side they’ve given up 450 yards or more to their opposition each of the past four games. They realize they’ve got to get more third down stops by holding down an opponent’s yardage in addition to just taking the ball away.

“If you rely totally on (takeaways) you’re going to be in trouble before it’s over with because you don’t get them all the time,” Chan Gailey told “So we have to continue to improve our overall defense. We’ve played some pretty explosive offenses though and I think as time goes on our defense will continue to get better. But there’s no rule anywhere that says we can’t set a record for turnovers. We can do that. I hope it keeps going.”

The Giants are another offense that racks up yards and points. They average almost 360 yards a game and are second in the league (behind the Bills) in red zone touchdown percentage scoring touchdowns 71.4% of the time.

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G-men ‘W’s vs. struggling teams

Posted by Chris Brown on October 14, 2011 – 8:37 am

The Bills have four victories in five games and the record of the opponents they’ve beaten is a pedestrian 10-10, but when compared to the record of the opponents in the Giants’ three victories it looks pretty good.

Their three wins this year are against teams with a combined record of 2-12.  (St. Louis 0-4, Philadelphia 1-4 and Arizona 1-4).

We’ll see if that proves the Bills are more battle tested come Sunday.

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Simms calls Bills “hustlers,” “tough”

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2011 – 4:49 pm

CBS NFL analyst Phil Simms gave his take on the 2011 Bills in anticipation of his broadcast of the game between the Bills and Giants Sunday at MetLife Stadium with Jim Nantz.

“The thing that has caught me by surprise about Buffalo is their toughness. The Bills are tough,” said Simms. “They’re hungry. They’re eager. Their hustle is phenomenal. It’s not perfect, they give up a lot of plays, but they never quit hustling. It’s fun to watch. It’s a credit to Chan Gailey that they play hard for him.”

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At best Tuck to be on play count

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2011 – 2:05 pm

Giants DL Justin Tuck did not practice again on Thursday due mainly to his groin injury.

Per NY Daily News Giants beat reporter Ralph Vacchiano, Tuck said at best he’ll be on a play count if he is on the field for Sunday’s game.

TheBlueScreen Ralph Vacchiano Good news. Justin Tuck says his neck feels better. His groin? Not so much. Says if he plays Sunday he’ll be on a “play count”. #NYG

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Bills get top CBS team Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 10, 2011 – 10:12 am

After sprinting out to a 4-1 record the Bills are finally getting top billing on CBS this weekend in their road matchup with the Giants.

Phil Simms and Jim Nantz will be doing the Bills-Giants game at the Meadowlands Sunday. New York is 3-2 after their disappointing loss to Seattle at home Sunday, a game in which they committed five turnovers.

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