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Fan Friday 9-3

Posted by Chris Brown on September 3, 2010 – 12:15 pm

The final roster will be in place by Saturday evening. Remember the deadline is 6 pm. The practice squad will follow a day later. Here’s the latest edition.

1 – Chris – Is there an updated timetable on Ed Wangs’ return? Will he begin the season on the PUP list? It appears as though Demetrius Bell’s recovery is taking longer than expected and haven’t heard much on Wang since the start of camp.  Thanks.

Peter M. Trzybinski
CB: Wang returned to the practice setting this past week, but is limited with a giant club wrap on his left hand to protect his surgically repaired thumb. They’re simply trying to get him back into proper football conditioning after a one month layoff so when his thumb is ready, the rest of his body is in football shape.

He will not go on the PUP list because by rule he cannot. The only players eligible for the Reserve PUP list are the ones that did not participate in any training camp practices (e.g. Jon Corto). Wang did practice at the start of training camp, so he cannot be given that designation, which would make him ineligible for the first six games of the season.

Bell is moving along steadily in his recovery. He may not be able to get through a whole game at the start of the regular season, but there are still 10 days to get there. We’ll see how it plays out come Sept. 12.

2 – Hey Chris,

Do you think with the preseason emergence of C.J. Spiller the likelihood of a Marshawn  Lynch trade increases?

CB: I think Fred Jackson’s broken hand is a bigger factor than C.J. Spiller. But Bills GM Buddy Nix has maintained all along that they want Marshawn Lynch on their football team. With the amount of running that’s expected from this offense, having those three might prove to be a very wise move when all is said and done.

3 – I’m a big believer in constantly drilling situations, and was always disappointed that previous administrations didn’t do that to any great extent. 

Did Chan do much of that? How would you compare Chan’s attention to preparing the team for various situations relative to previous coaches?


CB: Every day Chan would spend time with his team in the training camp setting on a specific game situation, like what happens when a field goal is blocked and the ball is loose? Do you pick it up and run with it? Is it better to leave the ball alone until it’s called dead?

He did a 4th down go-for-it situation with the offense at the opponent’s 30-yard line and made the offense practice a hard count, while also coaching up the defense to not fall for the hard count, knowing there’s a likelihood that the offense simply calls timeout.

He had a different one of these every day in camp to school his players on the many different situations that come up in a game. Most teams go over a lot of those situations in their Saturday practices the day before games as well. I’d expect Gailey will be doing the same there as well.

4 – This may have already been brought up but any chance Bryan Scott plays LB in the 3-4? He played it some last year and did fairly well. We are so deep in the secondary and thinner at LB it may be a good idea. Thoughts??

Wes Dickson

CB: He will not play linebacker in the team’s base defense. However, he has been used as the second nickel linebacker next to Poz in the team’s nickel package. So ironically, he’ll see most of his playing time at the linebacker position this season.

5 – Hi Chris,
Can you explain how the players get paid? Do regular players get paid only during the regular season? How about the practice squad players? How do the new drafted & undrafted players get along if no pay until regular season. Keep up the good work.
Wayne from Virginia [fan since 1960]

CB: During training camp and the preseason all players on the roster are given a per diem by the team. It’s a set amount. Come Week 1 their regular contracted salary pay begins and runs through Week 17. For practice squad players there is a predetermined salary as part of the CBA, which is respectably less than the NFL minimum for a player on the 53-man roster.

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Wang not fit to play yet

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2010 – 12:25 pm

Bills fifth-round pick Ed Wang was back on the practice field Tuesday for the first time since thumb surgery about a month ago.

Wang was limited by a heavy wrap on his left hand to protect the surgically repaired thumb, and he won’t be ready to play Thursday night.

“We’re not trying to do that with him,” said Chan Gailey. “He doesn’t a way to grip yet, not that linemen ever hold. We’re trying to get him back in football conditioning shape for when he does get well.”

The original timetable on Wang’s injury was 4-8 weeks.

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Wang practicing

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2010 – 10:13 am

Rookie 5th round pick Ed Wang is participating in practice for the first time in about a month.

Wang is practicing with a big club on his left hand to protect his surgically repaired thumb. We’ll get details from head coach Chan Gailey after practice.

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Fan Friday 8-27

Posted by Chris Brown on August 27, 2010 – 12:49 pm

Big preseason game test coming up Saturday night. Eager to see more progress from all three phases. As always questions can be sent to ( Let’s get going with this week’s edition.

1 – Hey Chris it kind of seems from a fans prospective so far that the bills staff intends to keep Levi brown as the 3rd option, is that the case or still a little early to say?  

Frank (Bills fan in dolphin country) Miami, FL

CB: First, my condolences for having to live amongst Dol-Fans (man that’s a lame term isn’t it?). With respect to the quarterback contingent I believe that Levi Brown will be carried on the 53-man roster. I think there is too much potential there to risk putting him on the practice squad.

Bills GM Buddy Nix in a recent interview on the Shredd and Ragan show (103.3 The Edge) up here in Buffalo confirmed that they’re only keeping three. My feeling is that Brian Brohm and Ryan Fitzpatrick are likely the two QBs fighting for the one remaining spot. Brown will be the third QB, but I’m pretty sure he’ll be on the 53-man squad. 

2 – Chris,

Since Jackson’s injury seems to be longer term than Lynch, if Lynch performs well do you think he may become the feature back again? He has looked great in TC I hear, and if he is back to his 2008 form he could be in for a good season. I know some coaches stick with what works and if he is getting it done why fix it if its not broke. Your thoughts??


CB: I think anything is possible with respect to the so called number one role in the offensive backfield. As Chan Gailey has said, he doesn’t care about hurting people’s feelings, he cares about scoring points. Yes, Lynch had a good camp prior to the injury, but so did Jackson. Jackson is still shooting to be back by the opener, and I don’t count that guy out on anything he puts his mind to.

Personally I think if Jackson does come back by Sept. 12 that he’ll be getting the lion’s share of the rushing work.

3 – Chris,

This is the first time I have ever wrote to you about the Bills, but I ( like many other Bills fans) am getting extremly frustrated with the organization and its decision making process.  One question that has been bothering me is why wont the Bills trade Fred Jackson? 

We have a crowded back field and some decision needs to be made.  Jackson’s value is never going to be higher than it is right now!  He’s almost 30, and the Bills got him for practically nothing, so their return on their investment would be amazing.  I know he has had one season with over 1000 yards rushing, but Lynch has done it twice in 3 years.  In my opinion he would have reached that mark last year if he wasn’t suspended.  Lynch is a capable back that has been proven way before Jackson came along.  I guess my point is…we could trade him to get more draft picks in the upcoming draft, since we are committed to turning this organization around through the draft.  If need be trade Lynch as well to get more picks to solidify our lines!  That’s where football games are won anyway. Please let me know your thoughts!

Elbert.    Albany, NY


CB: Unfortunately you’re not the first person I’ve heard this line of logic from. While I completely respect the idea of dealing from a position of strength to fortify other areas of your team, the plan in 2010 is to lean very heavily on the running game. It’s shown great promise in the preseason and Chan Gailey has a history of success running the football.

Jackson can do everything well as evidenced by his season last year when he became the first player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards and accumulate 1,000 kick return yards in a season. He also LED THE LEAGUE in combined yards from scrimmage. More than Chris Johnson, more than Josh Cribbs, more than everybody. In fact it was the fourth highest combined yardage total in NFL HISTORY.

So if you want to get rid of that guy I think you’re nuts. I say keep all three in the fold and pound the rock in 2010.

4 – Chris, I’d be interested in knowing if you think any of these players will be on the 53 man roster opening day.  Donovan Woods, John McCargo, Donald Jones, Ellis Lankster.  Also, what is the status of Easley & Wang?

Pete Howell


CB: I think Ed Wang is a lock despite his injury. Of the rest I believe Ellis Lankster has the best chance. Granted he didn’t have his best game against Indy in the preseason, but the fact is you can never have enough cornerbacks. If the Bills keep six corners, he’s the guy. Donovan Woods and Donald Jones are in the hunt. Marcus Easley’s season is over, he’s on I-R. As for John McCargo, he’s worked very hard to adjust to playing defensive end in a 3-4, but I think he’s caught in a numbers game at the position, and knowing the Bills are likely to keep just six defensive linemen, I think he could be on the outside looking in.

5 – Hi Chris,

After 2 pre-season games, the special teams performance has not been very good, particularly on kick/punt return coverage.  The tackling has been poor and it has resulted in some decent return yards for the opposition.  Do you think this is a reflection of the Bills trying out players who have not had experience playing special teams, a new scheme that the players are still learning under Bruce DeHaven or do you think this is a real cause for concern?  Also, in practices, do you think special teams is getting enough reps?


CB: There’s no question that coverage on kicks and punts has been a bit suspect. I discussed this with head coach Chan Gailey in a one-on-one setting and here’s the answer straight from the head coach’s mouth.

“We have people in the wrong places,” said Gailey. “We’ve got to get people in the right places and staying disciplined in their lanes. Some of that is because guys haven’t done it since they were freshmen in college.

“Preseason is about teaching those guys how to play on special teams that haven’t played there before. And we’re looking at a lot of guys on special teams to find out if they can help us or not.

“So you really don’t have your starting special teams units on the field like you do on offense and defense early in the game because you don’t know how many punt returns or kickoffs you’re going to get so you have to get those guys out there early in the preseason games.”

I believe the new scheme and some turnover have been contributing factors as well, but I’m confident Bruce DeHaven will have things humming come the regular season.

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Wang could miss 4-8 weeks

Posted by Chris Brown on August 5, 2010 – 4:49 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey gave a ballpark prognosis on how long Ed Wang might be out following left thumb surgery.

“It depends on how quickly things heal,” said Gailey. “I would say the best we’re talking about is four (weeks) and the worst we’re talking about is eight (weeks), but don’t hold me to either one of those.”

Gailey confirmed that surgery by all accounts was a success.

“Everything went well,” he said.

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Wang back on campus

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2010 – 8:28 am

Bills fifth-round pick Ed Wang is back on campus after his thumb surgery.

Crossing paths with Wang at breakfast this morning I asked him how things went with his thumb. He held it up and sighed saying, “It’s as good as can be expected.”

Wang was visibly disappointed by the injury setback. All he has been taught by his parents is that hard work is what gets results. Knowing he’s going to be sidelined for a while is killing him.

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Report: hand injury for Wang

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2010 – 7:28 am

According to ProFootballTalk, Ed Wang sustained a hand injury and that is what may require surgery.

Head coach Chan Gailey did not disclose the nature or location of Wang’s most recent injury, but did say it was not related to his ankle injury in the spring. ProFootballTalk is reporting that it’s a hand injury. We’ll find out for sure today (Tues.) if Wang needs surgery as he’s meeting with team doctors today.

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Wang might need surgery

Posted by Chris Brown on August 2, 2010 – 7:52 pm

Bills head coach Chan Gailey said after practice that the injury that’s kept Ed Wang out of practice Monday, may also require surgery.

Ed has something that they may have to operate on and it might take him out for quite a few weeks,” said Gailey. “We’ll have to wait and see what the doctors say about that. That decision will be made tomorrow.”

Wang was out at practice this evening with a wrap on his right calf. No word as to whether that is in the injury that could require surgery. Gailey did say this is not related to his ankle injury suffered in the spring. It is a different injury. Stay tuned to for further developments on this story.

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Bell good to go

Posted by Chris Brown on July 28, 2010 – 4:49 pm

The goal was for Bills LT Demetrius Bell to be good to go come training camp. It appears as though that will be the case, but pounding out two-a-days coming off a long knee rehabilitation is not on the docket to start.

“He’s really doing good,” said Bills GM Buddy Nix. “We’re going to try to be smart with him and not take him out there and grind him twice a day. But he’s really further along than we had hoped at this time.”

That’s certainly good news for Buffalo’s left tackle position where Bell is expected to compete primarily with second-year man Jamon Meredith with fifth-round pick Ed Wang also a candidate. Nix was asked if he considered adding a more veteran offensive tackle to the mix. Here was his response.

“You’d like maybe to add a guy to the mix,” said Nix. “We’ve been down this road before, if it’s a clear improvement at the position then you do it, but if it’s not then I don’t think you retard the process and you hope these young guys go through. They’ve got great ability. They’ve got everything except time on the job.”

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Fan Friday 7-2

Posted by Chris Brown on July 2, 2010 – 12:47 pm

Hey Bills fans, we’re into the dead period before training camp, but that doesn’t mean that your questions aren’t welcome ( Have a Happy 4th everybody.
1 – I was wondering with the changing of head coaches where last year there was a surplus of dbs, Do you see a surplus of wide receivers/tes this year with Gailey being offensive minded.
B. Joyce

CB: That’s an interesting question, though it should be mentioned that Chan Gailey’s predecessor, though he was a defensive-minded coach, two of his four years as head coach he kept six receivers. Most of the time he kept three tight ends.

I think under Gailey knowing his priority on running the ball will likely carry four tight ends with an emphasis on blocking ability. An extra tight end on the roster could mean one less receiver actually so there might be just five instead of six. Plus there are enough quality rookie wideouts on the roster right now that you could conceivably practice squad one or two and live with five on the active to start the season.

The roster decisions should be different this year though than years past.

2 – Hi Chris,

In light of injuries, don’t you think the Bills front office should think about more depth ? NT J’Vonne Parker is still available.   He played in Denver along with Andra Davis.  Mr. Davis is sure to have the skinny on him.    Although Ed Wang was not projected to be a starting LT, certainly there must be some concern by the staff considering this critical position.  Do you foresee any developments on the free agent front?

CB: The good news is Ed Wang will be fine for training camp though he did not make a return to the field before the end of mandatory minicamp. I think depth at nose tackle is not their greatest concern. I think where the depth could be an issue is at the interior offensive line positions.

Outside of veteran Kirk Chambers, who played mostly guard in the spring, there is a combined 3 games of NFL experience for the other seven candidates that play guard or center on the roster. To me that’s a scary thought. So if there are any additions made, I anticipate it to be made there.

3 – Hey Chris,

I know everyone has their questions about the new offense under Coach Gailey that is being implemented and I guess my question won’t be any different. However, mine is concerned with the WR position this fall.  With Lee Evans the obvious #1 and James Hardy emerging as the possible  #2, who do you see filling out the rest of the pecking order for this  position with all the talent we have at that position in guys like Parrish, Johnson, Easley, Roosevelt, Huggins, Jones and anyone else? 
Thanks for all the news as always.

Ashville, NY

CB: I don’t think Hardy has anything locked down by any means and even he would tell you that. He got off to a slow start in the spring coming off an injury and Steve Johnson had arguably the most consistent spring. Marcus Easley showed big play ability and the rookie free agents all showed they’re capable of playing on this level.

I think Roscoe is the top slot guy, but the #2 WR role is wide open going into camp. I personally would narrow it down to Hardy, Johnson and Easley, but Chan Gailey isn’t doing that.

4 – Chris
We have heard very little about Kyle Williams. Will he be our nose tackle? How is he doing? I know he is a great player but is he a fit at nose tackle and if not who is,and then where would Kyle play?

Ron from Greensboro , NC

CB: Kyle is the starting nose tackle. Defensive coordinator George Edwards realizes Williams does not have the prototypical size of a nose, so he’s going to adjust the scheme accordingly, though he won’t say what those adjustments will be. I believe that when all is said and done that Kyle will play about 75 percent of the snaps at the nose with Torell Troup playing 25 percent. Williams will be in for any and all passing down situations, with Troup giving him a break on some obvious run downs.

5 – Hey Chris
Just wanted to know what you think on the Torbor signing? Also do you think that he could start at OLB this year or will it be Kelsay and Maybin getting those posiitons? and if Kelsay and Maybin do take the OLBs will Mitchell get ILB with Poz or will Davis take that away?

CB: A lot of questions there. I like Torbor as veteran insurance. He’s a guy that knows the scheme and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s used as a situational player on the outside, like on run downs with Maybin rotating in for passing situations. Kelsay, Ellis and Batten are the candidates for the strong side LB position.

Mitchell is facing stiff competition from Andra Davis. Mitchell is coming off a major injury and Davis has good working knowledge of the 3-4 system. It’ll be one of the best training camp battles this summer.

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Wang and Bell update

Posted by Chris Brown on June 25, 2010 – 10:07 am

It looks like getting back on the practice field for Ed Wang and Demetrius Bell will have to wait until training camp.

Wang and Bell are both spectators here at One Bills Drive on the last day of Bills minicamp.

Wang was injured earlier this month in OTAs while Bell never took the field this spring as his rehab from knee surgery continues.

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Good news on Wang

Posted by Chris Brown on June 9, 2010 – 1:02 pm

When he was first injured the Bills thought the worst, but it appears the injury suffered by rookie OT Ed Wang is not as bad as first feared.

“His injury was not as serious as we first thought,” said head coach Chan Gailey after practice Wednesday. “It looks like he could be back by the last minicamp.”

Buffalo’s last minicamp is their mandatory one, which runs June 23rd to the 25th. That would put Wang just two weeks away, when it was initially feared that he might be lost for the season after suffering the undisclosed left leg injury last weekend.

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Wang injured

Posted by Chris Brown on June 5, 2010 – 11:43 am

In Saturday’s morning practice the Bills had their first serious injury.

5th round pick Ed Wang was carted off the field with an undisclosed leg injury and did not return.

NT Lonnie Harvey also pulled out of the morning workout early.

We hope to get further details when head coach Chan Gailey speaks following the afternoon practice.

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Wed. player radio appearances

Posted by Chris Brown on June 1, 2010 – 4:55 pm

Here’s the rundown of where you can find Bills players on the radio airwaves Wednesday morning.

Fred Jackson – Morning Show, Fan 590 Toronto @ 7:40 AM  (listen online)
Aaron Maybin – Morning Bull, 103.3 The Edge approx. 8 AM (listen online)
Ed Wang – Norton in the Morning, 97 Rock @ 8:30 AM (listen online)

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Wang on NPR

Posted by Chris Brown on May 12, 2010 – 9:00 am

Bills fifth-round pick Ed Wang (pronounced Wong) is drawing widespread interest being the first NFL player that’s a direct descendant of Chinese parents. It goes beyond the sports world, which is why National Public Radio requested an interview.

Here’s Wang’s interview with NPR as well as the transcript in case the radio interview does not play on your computer.

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Thurs. player radio appearances

Posted by Chris Brown on April 28, 2010 – 4:28 pm

Here’s the rundown of the upcoming appearances by Bills draft picks on radio airwaves.

5th round pick OT Ed Wang – Norton in the Morning, 97 Rock @ 9:15 AM
6th round pick ILB Arthur Moats – WXTG 102.1 The Game (Tidewater, VA) @ 5:45 PM

You can listen online to 97 Rock if you’re outside the listening area.

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Wang’s great American story

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 1:10 pm

Here’s more on Ed Wang’s groundbreaking moment today as the first Chinese American to make it to the National Football League.

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Wang’s tie to Bruce Smith

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 12:18 pm

Bills fifth-round pick Ed Wang already has a tie to Bruce Smith having also been a Virginia Tech Hokie, and now a Buffalo Bill, but there’s one other connection between the two.

“I’ve met Bruce Smith,” said Wang on his conference call with the WNY media. “I actually live in his apartment complex in Blacksburg, so I met him a couple times.”

Wang also majored in housing and resource management. Smith is in the real estate business in Virginia.

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Wang had good numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 11:51 am

Bills fifth-round pick Ed Wang had some solid combine numbers providing a strong indication of his athleticism. He also submitted a draft diary entry to

Here’s his entry. Wang had 29 reps on the bench press at the combine. He runs around a 5.0 flat 40-time and a 28-inch vertical and almost nine feet in the broad jump. But it’s his consistency in execution that’s attractive. He still needs to improve so NFL ready might not be something he is as a rookie. In time though he looks like a potential starter.

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Wang viewed as left tackle

Posted by Chris Brown on April 24, 2010 – 11:39 am

Bills coordinator of College Scouting, Doug Majeski scouted Bills fifth round pick OT Ed Wang and believes he can be a blind side protector.

Wang is a converted tight end that has 28 career starts at left tackle and a half season at right tackle and Majeski said the Bills see him as a left tackle. He’s an athletic player that is consistent with his assignments. However, he is a guy that is still developing having made that conversion just three seasons ago.

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