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Extra points moved back to 15 yd line

Posted by Chris Brown on May 19, 2015 – 7:27 pm

The extra point rule rule changes proposed by the league’s Competition committee were passed by a vote of 30-2 by NFL owners. Here are the details. 

The extra point try will be moved back to the 15-yard line. Two-point conversion attempts will stay at the two-yard line. 

The other big change is the defense has a chance to score on a blocked extra point or intercepted two-point pass or two-point fumble recovery. If successfully returned it would be two points as well. 

More details on the change can be found here. 

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How much erasing extra pt would cost kickers

Posted by Chris Brown on January 22, 2014 – 12:38 pm

Kickers are routinely the highest scorers on their respective teams each and every season. The only field player in 2013 to eclipse 100 points was Kansas City’s Jamaal Charles with 114 and he still didn’t even outpace his kicker teammate Ryan Succop, who had 118. But if the extra point goes away, which has been raised as a possibility by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, it could cost NFL kickers big when it comes to points scored.

The top 25 scoring kickers in 2013 averaged just over 126 points with New England’s Stephen Gostkowski the league leader at 158 points.

Those same top 25 scoring kickers also saw an average of almost 40 of their points come via the extra point.

For Bills kicker Dan Carpenter his 131 point season would be reduced to a 99-point season if the extra point no longer existed. He’d still be the team’s leading scorer for 2013, but that would not be the case for every kicker in the league.

Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop’s point total would drop from 118 to 66 since 44 percent of his points came on extra points this past season. Nineteen of Succop’s points would go directly to teammate Jamaal Charles, who had 19 touchdowns assuming Andy Reid chose to stick with the seven points a touchdown would give his team if the new rules were applied eliminating the extra point.

Other team leading scorers that would change under the new proposed rule would include the following assuming teams took the straight seven points a TD would net on its own instead of trying for eight:

New Orleans
old point total – Garrett Hartley – 107, Jimmy Graham – 96
new point total – Graham – 112, Hartley – 66

old point total – Matt Prater – 150, DeMaryius Thomas – 84
new point total – Thomas – 98, Knowshon Moreno – 91, Julius Thomas – 84, Eric Decker – 77, Prater – 75

old point total – Dan Bailey – 131, Dez Bryant – 78
new point total – Bryan – 91, Bailey – 84

old point total – Robbie Gould – 123, Brandon Marshall – 76, Matt Forte – 74
new point total – Marshall – 86, Forte – 86, Gould – 78

old point total – David Akers – 99, Calvin Johnson – 72
new point total – Johnson – 84, Joique Bell – 58, Akers – 57

old point total – Mike Nugent – 107, A.J. Green – 66
new point total – Green – 77, Marvin Jones – 70, Nugent – 54

old point total – Alex Henery – 114, LeSean McCoy – 66
new point total – McCoy – 77, Henery – 69

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