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Inside The Bills

Mayock’s mock has no QB until 11

Posted by Chris Brown on May 8, 2014 – 10:35 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock does not have a quarterback coming off the board in his mock draft until pick 11 with the Tennessee Titans, and it’s not Johnny Manziel. He also has an interesting pick for the Bills.

Mayock’s most interesting choices as they could pertain to Buffalo happen at three where he has Jacksonville taking Khalil Mack despite the fact that they loaded up on defense in free agency and desperately need help on offense. He has Cleveland taking an offensive tackle in Jake Matthews at four even though they spent big money to keep Joe Thomas, and then Sammy Watkins fifth to Oakland.

At nine he has Buffalo taking an offensive tackle.

Eric Ebron is possible, but I would take Martin. You can play him at tackle or guard, even center, and he’ll do it at a high level. He will help make E.J. Manuel a better quarterback.

The first quarterback he has coming off the board is Central Florida’s Blake Bortles at 11 to Tennessee. He doesn’t have Manziel coming off the board until pick 16 to Dallas.

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Mayock on round 2 & 3 OT options

Posted by Chris Brown on May 6, 2014 – 12:15 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock doesn’t believe the offensive tackle class is as deep as some NFL GMs have indicated. That’s why when asked to provide some options for pass protectors in rounds two and three he only had a handful.

“It’s not as deep a tackle draft as some might have you believe,” said Mayock. “I think there are going to be a couple of separate runs. The first is in the first round. I think you’re going to see five tackles go. Then I have four guys before the ground kind of falls away and there’s a big drop. So Joel Bitonio, who a lot of people like inside. Morgan Moses, Jack Mewhort from Ohio State, who a lot of people see inside and Ja’Wuan James from Tennessee, who I think is a starting right tackle. Those are the guys on the second day, second and third round guys.

“Then there’s a significant drop off. So I do think there’s going to be a run on those four guys. Then it becomes Tiny Richardson from Tennessee, Michael Schofield from Michigan and Cameron Fleming from Stanford. They’re all right tackles. I think Hurst is a swing
tackle from North Carolina. They’re all a drop-off  ability-wise with the exception of Seantrel Henderson from Miami who has first-round talent, but has so many issues off the field. I  think there are going to be a couple tackle runs.”

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Mayock on round 2 & 3 WR options

Posted by Chris Brown on May 6, 2014 – 12:01 pm

While as many as seven wide receivers have been projected to come off the board in round one, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock believes there will still be a ton of talent to choose from at the position on day two of the draft. Here’s his assessment of round two and three receiver talent that should be available.

“In round two at wideout Davante Adams from Fresno State, a guy that’s really moving up a lot of board, Cody Latimer, a big guy that ran 4.4 coming off a foot injury from Indiana. A one-year wonder from Clemson Martavis Bryant. You want to talk about a guy with ability, almost 6’4″, ran in the 4.3s, jumps out of the gym, an explosive talent. He’s a one-year production guy, which I think scares people. But his physical skill set is so awe-inspiring, he’s probably going to go into (round) two.

“Allen Robinson in the third round from Penn State. If you’re looking for a speed guy, Paul Richardson from Colorado. He flies.”

I’m not in agreement with Mayock about Latimer. He’s going to be a first round pick somewhere in the 20’s. I’ve got him going ahead of Marqise Lee and others. My mock will be up Wednesday morning. Latimer’s game against Michigan State was impressive. He was boxing out one of the most physical corners in this draft in Darqueze Dennard and making catches like he wasn’t even there, and he’s a very good downfield blocker. Power and speed alone will push Latimer into round one.

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Mayock: Tampa might take Ebron

Posted by Chris Brown on May 2, 2014 – 9:23 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was asked specifically about what he thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will do with the seventh overall pick. Mayock threw out a couple of names, but in his mind they’re taking a playmaker for their passing game.

“I think Tampa Bay is in a pretty good place to get a really good football player,” said Mayock. “The tight end, Ebron, I think his interest starts right there in Tampa. He’s going to go somewhere between seven and 13. So with Ebron if you have a playmaker to help that offense, I think it would be awesome. They’re in a good place to sit and get a playmaker.”

Other draft prognosticators have Tampa Bay taking Mike Evans in the seven hole, which also makes sense. Knowing the success that Josh McCown had in Chicago’s offense last season with two big wideouts outside in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, one has to think that Bucs GM Jason Licht is at least thinking about trying to duplicate that in Tampa for McCown with Vincent Jackson and another big target. Of course Ebron could fit that role as well.

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Mayock weighs in on OT Zack Martin

Posted by Chris Brown on May 1, 2014 – 5:41 pm

The Bills personnel department touted Zack Martin’s versatility as one of his best attributes, but they see him as an offensive tackle first and foremost. After 52 starts at tackle for Notre Dame you can understand why. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock agrees with Buffalo’s assessment.

“I love the kid. Even though I have him fourth as a tackle, he’d be my number one center or my number one guard. I  believe that he is the only player in this draft that could start and play at a high level at all five offensive line positions,” said Mayock. “I think as we get closer to this draft, he will be the fourth offensive lineman off  the board.”

What was most interesting was the range in which he thought Martin would come off the board.

“I think he’s coming off the board somewhere between nine and 13. He’s too good. He’s too safe,” said Mayock. “There are too many offensive line needs out there. There are a bunch of teams that look at him and say, He could start at right tackle day one, maybe we move him inside to guard or center the next year. He’s awesome. He’s about as safe a player as there is in this draft. If you want him, you better get him early.”

Obviously 9-13 is a range that includes the Bills first round pick.

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Mayock on how many WRs could go in 1st

Posted by Chris Brown on May 1, 2014 – 2:49 pm

By now everyone has heard that the 2014 draft offers one of the deepest classes of receiver talent in a long time. NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock believes a good number of wideouts could come off the board in round one.

“I think there’s a chance that six wideouts will go in the first round and (Sammy) Watkins and (Mike) Evans will be the first two,” said Mayock. “I think the next two are going to be Odell Beckham from LSU and Brandin Cooks from Oregon State. Beckham is an explosive kid with return skills. He gets in and out of breaks as well as any receiver in this draft and has good size. Cooks is a smaller receiver, but might be the most explosive in the entire group and tough. Good route runner. Their value will start somewhere in that 13 to 20 range. After that Kelvin Benjamin and Marqise Lee come into play.”

There are a good number of reports out there now however, that Benjamin is unlikely to go in round one due to concerns about his one year of production and intangibles.

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Weighing Watkins vs. Evans

Posted by Chris Brown on May 1, 2014 – 2:34 pm

Most NFL talent evaluators have Clemson’s Sammy Watkins as the top receiver on their draft board, but not far behind is Texas A&M’s Mike Evans. We asked NFL Network’s Mike Mayock to compare and contrast their respective games and how they were used may or may not help their transition to the NFL game.

“When I look at those wideouts it’s vanilla and chocolate. They make different flavors for different reasons,” said Mayock. “The Watkins kid is explosive. He’s a great route runner, great hands, tremendous run after catch. More than anything he’s a competitor. In addition to all the natural gifts he has there’s an edge about him when he plays and I love that.

“Mike Evans is more a product of what today’s NFL environment is. With the advent of the back shoulder throw has opened up the game for the big wideouts, the 6’5″ wideouts. Why? Because they can basically play outside the numbers. They don’t have to run as many routes and they don’t have to get in and out of breaks like the smaller wideouts, so they’re running a bunch of outside the number routes that become converted back shoulder throws. It’s just a jump ball. Anytime you get a one-on-one with a defensive back with his back turned and you get a big superior athlete and the odds favor the wide receiver. So Mike Evans I think is what today’s NFL is all about. He’s an outside the numbers and red zone guy.

“That being said I happen to think Watkins is a better football player.”

ESPN Monday night football commentator Jon Gruden also feels Watkins and Evans are two receivers whose games do not have much in common.

“I think Evans is a completely different receiver than Watkins, at least on the tape I’ve seen,” Gruden said. “Evans plays on the right side of the formation.  He is in a no-huddle offense.  He plays on the right every play. They don’t switch sides. He doesn’t go in motion. He’s not in the slot. He’s a big X receiver that is a prototype split end, much like Tampa already has in Vincent Jackson, a guy that is a dynamic force when the ball is in the air. He’s a threat to run it after the catch. When he wants to, he can be a dominant blocker.”


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Mayock’s updated top 5 by position

Posted by Chris Brown on April 1, 2014 – 1:43 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has updated his top five draft prospects by position for the 2014 NFL draft.

Among the interesting prospects moving up and down include Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater, who slid from first to third at quarterback. He also moved Virginia Tech CB Kyle Fuller ahead of Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert at cornerback. Gilbert is considered by other prognosticators as the top cover corner, but he’s got a slight build and doesn’t offer a ton in run support.

Mayock also moved Alabama’s Ha Ha Clinton-Dix up to his top safety.

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Mayock felt top 3 OTs held their own

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2014 – 4:00 pm

They’re probably all back home by now as the agenda for the offensive line at the NFL Combine is complete, but the top three offensive tackles in this year’s draft all fared well as NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock sees it.

“When linemen have big days like that, I get excited and I love it but it doesn’t change my rankings really,” he said of Taylor Lewan, Greg Robinson and Jake Mattews. “It shows me he’s is athletic which I already thought he was. I think all three of those tackles are probably better than the tackles as a group that we had last year and they went one, [two] and four. So it’s a different draft class but in my opinion those three tackles are top-10 talents.”

Lewan and Robinson were first and second in the 40 among offensive linemen while Matthews was ninth. Robinson and Lewan were seventh and ninth on the bench press. Lewan and Matthews tied for third in vertical leap and Robinson was 12th. Lewan and Robinson was first and third and Matthews was 11th in broad jump. And Matthews and Lewan were second and fourth in the three cone drill.

Of the three Lewan had the best rankings overall, holding the best 40 time, top 10 on the bench, third in vertical leap and first in the broad jump.

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Mayock on good and not so good of 1st 2 days

Posted by Chris Brown on February 23, 2014 – 8:26 pm

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock had a quick review of the first two days of workouts at the NFL Combine and outlined who he liked and who may have disappointed during the workouts by offensive linemen, tight ends, quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers.

“I thought those three offensive tackles were spectacular,” said Mayock. “(Greg) Robinson from Auburn, (Jake) Matthews and (Taylor) Lewan all had good days. (Xavier) Su’a-Filo from UCLA looked good and (David) Yankey from Stanford looked good.”

One position group that Mayock thought had a tough time this weekend were the tight ends.

“The tight ends were a little disappointing,” he said. “They were a little beat up where we had some injury stuff with them. The Notre Dame kid (Troy Nicklas) was only about 80 percent and couldn’t do a 40. (Texas Tech’s Jace) Amaro didn’t run as fast as I thought he would run. Colt Lyerla, the kid from Oregon, who I thought was going to be a little more explosive didn’t run as fast or catch as well. So the tight ends there are still a lot of question marks, but I still love the (Eric) Ebron kid.”

Mayock admitted he didn’t see all the quarterbacks throw due to his broadcasting responsibilities, but did like a few of the signal callers he did observe.

“I thought both (AJ) McCarron and (Blake) Bortles looked good. Now I didn’t see everybody, but I thought those two guys looked pretty good. I think (Virginia Tech’s) Logan Thomas will continue to act as a huge wild card. He’s got no footwork whatsoever, but he delivers the football beautifully.

“As far as the running backs go (Jerick) McKinnon is a real big wild card too. He could play corner or safety too and he had a big day. I thought the (Bishop) Sankey kid caught the ball well, which I wanted to see him do.

“At the wide receiver position I don’t think Marqise Lee ran as fast as I thought he would, but he’s still the kind of player I think he is. I was really impressed with the A&M kid Mike Evans. He ran well, caught the ball extremely well. (Oregon State’s Brandin) Cooks had a really good day. Ran fast and is a kid who made a statement that he’s a first round pick. And this is one of the best receiver drafts I’ve ever seen so that was significant.”

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Khalil Mack “I love Mike Mayock”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on February 22, 2014 – 5:10 pm

He hasn’t played a down of football since the UB Bulls ended their season in late December. But linebacker Khalil Mack has seen his stock in the NFL draft shoot up like a rocket since then.

At the NFL combine in Indianapolis, NFL Network Draft Analyst Mike Mayock told a Minneapolis radio station Friday night that Mack is at the top of his list–the number one prospect in the NFL Draft.

Mack had nothing but thanks for Mayock when he took the podium in Indy Saturday afternoon.

“Mike Mayock’s the man, he’s the man,” Mack said. “I want to prove him right. I’ve been working hard these past five-six weeks and I’m ready to grind and get out there and work out.”

Mack indicated he doesn’t feel any extra pressure after getting Mayock’s seal of approval.

“The thing about Mike Mayock, again, I love him..” he said, “but I just want to keep proving myself. I want to be the best. I don’t know who you guys talk to but in anything, my dad always taught me, you want to be the best in anything and everything that you do.’

Mack and the rest of the combine linebackers are scheduled to work out on the field Monday in Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Mayock: UB’s Mack fits any system

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 2:58 pm

There are a lot of reasons why UB MAC Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack is seen as a top 10 draft prospect. One of the ones that often sits further down on his list of assets, but holds significance for NFL talent evaluators is his scheme versatility.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock believes Mack, whom he considers a top five player, fits whatever defensive front a team might want to play.

“I think he could play with his skill set and his ability to drop, his ability to cover I think he could play SAM or WILL to be honest with you.  He’s 6 3, 248.  You could line him up on a tight end and he’d be okay.

“I think the important thing is that if you are drafting him as a 4-3 team you have to make sure that in nickel and sub situations, you’re freeing him up to go get the quarterback and in today’s NFL, because of the versatility in defenses, I think that’s fine.

“4-3 teams are doing all kind of different things in sub packages, and I think that’s why I just call them edge guys.  I think he’s the most, after [Jadeveon] Clowney, I think he’s the most gifted edge guy in this class, and I think regardless of your scheme, you need to draft them and play them.”

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Does deep draft mean fewer trades?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 12:56 pm

With an influx of almost 100 underclassmen there are essentially three extra rounds of NFL prospects for clubs to choose from. The unusually deep pool of talent has given rise to the theory that teams will be more apt to stay where they are on the board knowing they’ll get a quality player rather than trading up. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock doesn’t completely disagree with that line of thinking, but still knows teams are going to fall in love with some prospects and still make a move.

“You know, it kind of works both ways, because for instance, take Houston, sitting at one,” said Mayock.  “If there wasn’t a quarterback that they are in love with, they might be, they content to move down further than they typically would.

“Both teams only want to move down a couple slots in the draft because they want to make certain they get their guy.  In this draft you might be willing to move further down than usual because you still know you’re going to get a great player.

“On the one hand I agree because if you sit there at 18 or 20 you know you’re going to get a good football player but on the other hand, if you need an edge rusher and there are only a couple guys this year, you really need to go get them.  It all depends on your individual situation.

“If you are sitting there and you think Kony Ealy is the best defensive end in this draft and [Jadeveon] Clowney is gone and you think there’s a drop off after that you might want to go get him.  So I think the philosophy of the trade stays the same, just a couple different variables this year with the depth.”

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Draft QB breakdown

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 11:53 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock broke down how he views some of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft class.

Mayock in his top 5 by position ranks Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater as his top QB followed by Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel and UCF’s Blake Bortles. Here’s his breakdown of the signal callers.

“I do think that [Teddy[ Bridgewater, [Johnny] Manziel and [Blake] Bortles are locked in as, quote, the three top quarterbacks,” said Mayock. “I think Derek Carr from Fresno is somebody that people are trying to learn more about, and there’s some interesting wild cards this year, I think at request also.

“I think AJ McCarron is solid but he’s a second or third round quarterback.  I think Carr will fit into the end of the first round.  Jimmy Garoppolo has really helped himself at east west in the Senior Bowl and two kids got hurt later in the year, Aaron Murray from Georgia and Zach Mettenberger from LSU, I think depending on how their rehab goes could be third or fourth round guys that are developmental players.

“And Logan Thomas, two years ago when I saw him play Michigan in a Bowl game I thought he would be the first pick of the entire draft, two years later, and since then, he’s got two or three good tapes and the rest are really bad tapes.  But he’s still 6 5, big, beautiful body, can throw the ball and the other kind of wild card I would say is Tom Savage that nobody talks about from University of Pittsburgh.  He’s a big, strong kid that can throw also.

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RBs draft value sliding in pass happy NFL

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 10:03 am

The NFL is showing a propensity to lean toward the pass more and more every season. The beneficiaries have been wide receivers, offensive tackles and quarterbacks (the productive ones). The have nots are the running backs and NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock sees their value as a commodity in the draft sliding.

“It has become a pass first league. If you look back the draft 40 years ago, running backs were the most valuable commodity there was,” Mayock said. “Today with all the spread offenses and teams throwing the football 60 to 70 percent of the time there has been a completely different emphasis in how you draft offensively. It starts at quarterback, it goes to wide receiver, a left tackle and even lately it’s even gone to what kind of tight end you can draft that can beat teams vertically on defense.

“So I do think it’s going to devalue running backs. I do think the good news is you can get in the second, third and fourth round and find different flavors of running backs. You’ll see some teams that will draft two or three running backs in one or two drafts just so they have a big back, a third down change of pace guy. I think that’s where the league has gone and will continue to go.”

The good news is a team like the Bills, who could be in the market to add some youth at the position behind C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson could wait until the middle rounds and still land a quality player.

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Mayock compares Clowney to Mario

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 8:57 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was asked for his take on South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney and what questions might still exist. In Mayock’s opinion he sees his physical talent firmly in freak category much like a certain Bills defensive end.

“I know that he’s got the physical makeup to be the best player in the draft,” said Mayock. “Physical make up and if you want to compare him to Mario Williams, I think he’s a better football player with more upside than when Mario came out of college and he was obviously the first pick.

“From a physical skill set this kid is as freaky as they come. He plays a position of critical importance in today’s NFL, which is an ability to get to the quarterback. He can play multiple places on the defense. So all those things check off. My biggest concern is what is his mental makeup? How important is it to him when he gets a big paycheck to become the best player in football of is he just going to be happy to be a millionaire. So that’s the biggest checking point for an organization is finding out what the motivation and what kind of kid they’re going to get. You know the kind of football player he is when motivated. I just would want to know what kind of kid I’m getting.”

For more Combine coverage presented by NAPA Auto Parts, click here.

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Mike Mayock top 5 by position

Posted by Chris Brown on February 18, 2014 – 3:22 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has released his top five prospect rankings by position leading up to the NFL Combine.

Mayock had some interesting ranks at a couple of positions. While most have Blake Bortles as their top rated QB based on upside, Mayock has him third behind Teddy Bridgewater and Johnny Manziel. He also has LSU’s Jeremy Hill as one of his top running backs and Austin Seferian-Jenkins ahead of Jace Amaro at tight end.

1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville
2. Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M
3. Blake Bortles, Central Florida
4. Derek Carr, Fresno State
5. AJ McCarron, Alabama

Running back
1. Carlos Hyde, Ohio State
2. Jeremy Hill, LSU
3. Bishop Sankey, Washington
4. Andre Williams, Boston College
5. Tre Mason, Auburn

Wide receiver
1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson
2. Marqise Lee, USC
3. Mike Evans, Texas A&M
4. Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State
5. Jarvis Landry, LSU

Tight end
1. Eric Ebron, North Carolina
2. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington
3. Jace Amaro, Texas Tech
4. Troy Niklas, Notre Dame
5. C.J. Fiedorowicz, Iowa

1. Marcus Martin, USC
2. Weston Richburg, Colorado State
3. Travis Swanson, Arkansas
4. Bryan Stork, Florida State
5. Gabe Ikard, Oklahoma

1. David Yankey, Stanford
2. Xavier Su’a-Filo, UCLA
3. Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State
4. Chris Watt, Notre Dame
5. Cyril Richardson, Baylor

Offensive tackle
1. Jake Matthews, Texas A&M
2. Greg Robinson, Auburn
3. Taylor Lewan, Michigan
4. Zack Martin, Notre Dame
5. Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama

Defensive tackle
1. Louis Nix III, Notre Dame
2. Timmy Jernigan, Florida State
3. Aaron Donald, Pittsburgh
4. Ra’Shede Hageman, Minnesota
5. Dominique Easley, Florida

Defensive end
1. Jadeveon Clowney, South Carolina
2. Kony Ealy, Missouri
3. Dee Ford, Auburn
4. Scott Crichton, Oregon State
5. Trent Murphy, Stanford

1. Khalil Mack, Buffalo
2. C.J. Mosley, Alabama
3. Anthony Barr, UCLA
4. Chris Borland, Wisconsin
5. Ryan Shazier, Ohio State

1. Darqueze Dennard, Michigan State
2. Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State
3. Kyle Fuller, Virginia Tech
4. Jason Verrett, TCU
5. Bradley Roby, Ohio State

1. Calvin Pryor, Louisville
2. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Alabama
3. Lamarcus Joyner, Florida State
4. Jimmie Ward, Northern Illinois
5. Deone Bucannon, Washington State

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Mayock calls Bills a sleeper team

Posted by Chris Brown on August 28, 2013 – 12:37 pm

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock was asked by’s Monday Morning QB staff what NFL team he would pick as his sleeper club this season. His answer was the Bills.

In Buffalo there’s some excitement. A year ago, people didn’t understand that they were a tough mismatch,” said Mayock. “Forget the quarterback for a second. Scott Chandler is a better tight end than people think—especially in the red zone. Stevie Johnson is a mismatch out wide. C.J. Spiller had a great year last season. They’re a tough matchup. Now you bring in those two wide receivers they drafted—Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin. One is vertical guy [Goodwin], and the other is a great route runner [Woods]. More weapons. EJ Manuel looked really good when I visited their camp. If he can function behind their offensive line—it’s not great, but it’s pretty good—if he can get the ball distributed they’re going to be a better team than people think.”

Mayock’s three questions interview appeared on Monday Morning QB this week.

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NFL Network analyst says Manuel is “a sponge”

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 9, 2013 – 5:00 pm

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock has been covering the Bills in training camp the last few days. And the network’s top draft analyst says he likes what sees of first round draft pick E.J. Manuel.

Mayock appeared on The John Murphy Show Thursday night, after watching the Bills training camp practice. And when asked about Manuel, Mayock said the Bills rookie seems eager to learn.

“This kid’s got a little way to go,” Mayock said, “but let me tell you, 6-5, 240, arm talent, athletic, and he looks like a sponge trying to learn.”

Mayock covers the draft and he’s also the NFL Network’s Analyst on “Thursday Night Football.” After studying all of the quarterbacks in last April’s draft, he says Manuel is equipped with some key attributes.

“I saw a lot of his college tape, and he knew he’s athletic with a live arm,” Mayock told host John Murphy. “I got to meet the kid and I liked him. I felt like he was a gym rat, which to me, is a prerequisite to being a good quarterback in the NFL. If you’re not a gym rat, I don’t want you.”

Mayock acknowledges that some draft experts poked holes in Manuel’s FSU resume before and after the draft.

“A lot of people knocked him because he didn’t have to make a lot of post snap reads at Florida State. But that was their offense. You can’t knock a kid if they’re not asking you to do something.”

“From my perspective,” Mayock said, “the talent’s there, the work ethic is there, the intelligence is there. Now it’s up to Nate Hackett and the staff to get it out of him.”

The entire interview with NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is available here

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Mayock thinks Bills may surprise

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 9, 2013 – 3:51 pm

The Bills may be “under the radar” for many NFL analysts. But the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock thinks overlooking the Bills could be a mistake.

Mayock, the NFL Network’s draft expert, and the color analyst on the network’s “Thursday Night Football” package, spent the last few days at Bills camp in Pittsford. Appearing on The John Murphy Show Thursday night, Mayock says the Bills have some pieces in place as their rebuilding effort takes shape.

“You go through some tough times, and then all of a sudden a new organization comes in and you draft a first round quarterback and it’s hard not to be excited,” Mayock said on the radio show. “I
actually think this team could be better, more quickly, than people think.”

Host John Murphy asked Mayock what he sees that indicates the Bills might surprise some people.

“The first thing I see if an offensive line, that outside of some uncertainty at the left guard position, could be a really good offensive line,” he said. “For me, that’s the basis of everything.
Then you look at the wide-out position, and there’s some juice there and some young legs. Everybody knows about Stevie Johnson but all of a sudden you get the kid, T.J. Graham, who can run. You get the two draft picks like Goodwin who can run. Robert Woods was I thought perhaps the best route runner in all of college football a year ago.”

“So you take an offensive line, you pair it with some juice outside, we already know about the running back situation—if you get Spiller in space, and Fred Jackson might be the best pass-protection running back in the league.”

The entire interview with NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is available here

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