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Inside The Bills

Mayock thinks Bills may surprise

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 9, 2013 – 3:51 pm

The Bills may be “under the radar” for many NFL analysts. But the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock thinks overlooking the Bills could be a mistake.

Mayock, the NFL Network’s draft expert, and the color analyst on the network’s “Thursday Night Football” package, spent the last few days at Bills camp in Pittsford. Appearing on The John Murphy Show Thursday night, Mayock says the Bills have some pieces in place as their rebuilding effort takes shape.

“You go through some tough times, and then all of a sudden a new organization comes in and you draft a first round quarterback and it’s hard not to be excited,” Mayock said on the radio show. “I
actually think this team could be better, more quickly, than people think.”

Host John Murphy asked Mayock what he sees that indicates the Bills might surprise some people.

“The first thing I see if an offensive line, that outside of some uncertainty at the left guard position, could be a really good offensive line,” he said. “For me, that’s the basis of everything.
Then you look at the wide-out position, and there’s some juice there and some young legs. Everybody knows about Stevie Johnson but all of a sudden you get the kid, T.J. Graham, who can run. You get the two draft picks like Goodwin who can run. Robert Woods was I thought perhaps the best route runner in all of college football a year ago.”

“So you take an offensive line, you pair it with some juice outside, we already know about the running back situation—if you get Spiller in space, and Fred Jackson might be the best pass-protection running back in the league.”

The entire interview with NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock is available here

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Mayock weighs in on EJ and starting Wk 1

Posted by Chris Brown on August 6, 2013 – 3:24 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock appeared on NFL Training Camp Live and was asked about whether he thought Bills QB EJ Manuel should be the team’s Week 1 starter. Here was his take.

“I think who the guy is Week 1 is less important than what the big picture is,” said Mayock. “From my perspective, you have a new head coach, you have a new general manager and you just traded up to get a quarterback in the first round. If the kid is both physically and mentally ready to take over this offense, I’d go with Manuel.

“I would like to see him develop along with those young first round picks. Robert Woods was a second rounder, Marquise Goodwin, the speedster from Texas – you would love for him to develop in game action with those young wide receivers. Now, if he’s not ready for that, whether it’s physical or mental, then you have Kevin Kolb. If you think you can compete with New England in that division, then it’s a little bit different conversation. But from my perspective, if Manuel can handle the load physically and mentally, I think he should be the guy.”

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Mayock mock goes WR for Bills in rd. 1

Posted by Chris Brown on April 25, 2013 – 9:51 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has released his mock draft and he has Buffalo taking a receiver.

Mayock has the Bills taking West Virginia WR Tavon Austin with the eighth overall pick. Here is how his top 10 shakes out.

Mike Mayock’s Mock Draft

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: OT Eric Fisher
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars:  OT Luke Joeckel
  3. Oakland Raiders: DT Sharrif Floyd
  4. Philadelphia Eagles: OT Lane Johnson
  5. Detroit Lions: DE Ziggyl Ansah
  6. Cleveland Browns: QB Geno Smith
  7. Arizona Cardinals: OG Jonathan Cooper
  8. Buffalo Bills: WR Tavon Austin
  9. New York Jets: DE  Dion Jordan
  10. Tennessee Titans: CB Dee Milliner
  11. San Diego Chargers: OG Chance Warmack
  12. Miami Dolphins: OT D.J. Fluker
  13. New York Jets: TE Tyler Eifert
  14. Carolina Panthers: DT Sheldon Richardson
  15. New Orleans Saints: DE Barkevious Mingo
  16. St. Louis Rams: SS Kenny Vaccaro
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers:  OLB Jarvis Jones
  18. Dallas Cowboys: DT Star Lotulelei
  19. New York Giants:  OT Justin Pugh
  20. Chicago Bears: ILB  Manti Te’o
  21. Cincinnati Bengals: FS  Eric Reid
  22. St. Louis Rams: ILB Alec Ogletree
  23. Minnesota Vikings: WR Cordarrelle Patterson
  24. Indianapolis Colts: CB D.J. Hayden
  25. Minnesota Vikings: DT Sylvester Williams
  26. Green Bay Packers: RB Eddie Lacy
  27. Houston Texans: WR Justin Hunter
  28. Denver Broncos: DE  Bjoern Werner
  29. New England Patriots: CB Xavier Rhodes
  30. Atlanta Falcons: CB Desmond Trufant
  31. San Francisco 49ers: TE Zach Ertz
  32. Baltimore Ravens: FS Matt Elam

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Mayock changes mind on QBs in rd. 1

Posted by Chris Brown on April 23, 2013 – 9:00 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock said a couple of months ago that he anticipated that up to three quarterbacks would come off the board in round one of the 2013 NFL draft knowing that QB value gets inflated as the draft nears. Now he’s going back on that line of thought.

Mayock now believes that only one quarterback will come off the board in the first 32 picks.

“I don’t think there’s going to be more than one quarterback taken in the first  round, which is not what I thought three months ago,” Mayock said. “I think there’s still going to be some activity at the back end of that first round, but most of the activity for quarterbacks this year? I think second and third rounds.”

Unfortunately for the Bills that doesn’t matter much. Buffalo (41st in round 2) picks behind all of the other quarterback needy teams in the second round (Jacksonville – 33, Philadelphia – 35, Arizona – 38, NY Jets – 39).

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Mayock: Bills in tough spot at 8

Posted by Chris Brown on April 19, 2013 – 2:22 pm

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock was asked specifically about the direction the Bills could or should take with the eighth overall pick. He’s not a fan of the value on the board and Buffalo’s positional needs, feeling they don’t match up. So here is his best solution for them.

“I think they’re in a little bit of a tough spot,” Mayock said. “There is obviously a whole quarterback conversation that has to be held. And I’m not a big believer that there is a quarterback worthy at that spot. Now Buddy Nix might disagree with me. It could be Geno Smith, who I don’t think is a fit. It could be Matt Barkley. It could be Ryan Nassib. But to me, they’re not fits.

“So if you’re not going to take a quarterback at eight and you don’t have a chance to trade down, to me they have an offensive line need. I’d love to see them get a tackle and move Cordy Glenn to the right side or inside. I think it would help two spots if you could get a left tackle.

“But at eight, I don’t think you’ll get a left tackle unless you’re willing to trade up. So sitting there, I mentioned (guards Chance) Warmack and (Jonathan) Cooper. Either one of which I’m good with at 8.

“I don’t think there is a wide receiver at eight. Initially I thought about Tavon Austin there. He’s the most explosive offensive player in this draft. The more I thought about t I thought you’ve already got Leodis McKelvin to return punts. You have C.J. Spiller at tailback who can split out and do some of those things. So as much as I like Austin, I’m not sure he’s a great fit there. So I think you’re kind of stuck.

“If it’s not the quarterback, you’re looking at the best offensive lineman on your board or an edge rusher. With Mario Williams on one side, Mark Anderson coming back from injury, and Chris Kelsay retired, you’ve got room for an edge rusher. So a Barkevious Mingo or somebody like that, that wouldn’t surprise me either.”

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Mayock wouldn’t take QB for Bills at 8

Posted by Chris Brown on April 19, 2013 – 11:39 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was asked if the Bills should take a quarterback with the eighth overall pick knowing that several of the other NFL teams in the market for a QB draft ahead of Buffalo in round two. Mayock doesn’t believe there’s a quarterback worthy of taking at 8.

“From a value perspective and I don’t think Geno Smith makes sense in Buffalo,” Mayock said. “I saw him play in cold weather in the bowl game and I saw him play in cold weather at Iowa State, and I don’t see him fitting in in an outdoor arena in Buffalo. So if it’s not him, do you want Matt Barkley or Ryan Nassib or E.J. Manuel at 8? That’s way too high, for me.

“And Buddy [Nix] could be sitting there going, hey, I don’t care what round I get my quarterback in, I just need to get him, and I understand that.

“But for me, I’d rather get a positional player at 8 that is going to help me immediately and hopefully it’s an offensive lineman. If it’s not an offensive lineman, I’m going to get somebody at 8; whether it’s Chance Warmack or an edge player to pressure the quarterback, but I’m going to get somebody that I can plug in and make our team better.

“Then I’m going to come back in, and if I have to come back in and trade up and get to 26 to 32, I’ll do that. But I don’t want to give up my first round pick to have that — I want to give up my third or I want to give up something else, but I don’t want to give up my first.”

The only problem with Mayock’s theory is Buffalo doesn’t have the ammunition in terms of draft picks with just six to move back into the bottom of round one. They’d likely have to part with a high pick next year to make a move that puts lands them 15 picks higher.

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Mayock on Landry Jones

Posted by Chris Brown on March 25, 2013 – 9:07 am

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock has an interesting perspective on Oklahoma QB Landry Jones, who is to have a private workout with the Buffalo Bills today.

Mayock believes Jones can make all the throws necessary for an NFL QB, and has him currently tied with Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib as his fifth-best QB in the draft. But he is troubled by what he feels is inconsistency in the quarterback’s overall game.

“He’s smart, I think he cares,” said Mayock of Jones. “When protection breaks down and he’s got to get to his second and third read, the mechanics start to break down. And that is the case with a lot of these kids. I think most of the league is looking at him as a third round guy. I think he’s a little better than that because I’ve seen him play at a higher level.”

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Mayock: Manuel could find way into round 1

Posted by Chris Brown on March 20, 2013 – 10:54 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock took in Florida State QB E.J. Manuel’s pro day in Tallahassee Tuesday and believes he’s the type of athletic quarterback that NFL teams are more willing to take a chance on because of their high ceiling. As a result he believes Manuel comes off the board in late April before round one is in the books.

“If I was going to make a mistake I was going to do it with a big, athletic kid with arm talent. The more I talk to coaches and general managers I get more support in that thinking. There are so many question marks about this quarterback class because if you want to like Matt Barkley or Landry Jones or the Wilson kid from Arkansas to like them. Then the question becomes can they just be game managers or game winners? I think when you’re talking about Geno Smith at West Virginia and E.J. Manuel you’re talking about two potential kids that can win football games.”

Mayock moved Manuel up to his number two quarterback prospect behind Smith and said at this point he’s a better prospect than his predecessor at Florida State Christian Ponder was coming out because his ceiling is higher. Mayock said he had a second-round grade on Ponder coming out, but he went 12th overall to Minnesota. At this point he’s not sure Manuel gets out of the first orund.

“At this point the way kids are getting pushed up in this draft, and I’m anxious to see Barkley next week, because again bad senior year, good junior year, but the way kids are getting pushed up at quarterback it wouldn’t surprise me at all,” Mayock said.

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QB Manuel makes jump in Mayock ranks

Posted by Chris Brown on March 8, 2013 – 3:38 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock has changed his top five quarterback rankings elevating Florida State’s E.J. Manuel to number two on his list.

When asked why he moved Manuel up in his rankings, this was his response.

“The first three tapes I saw of Manuel prior to the Senior Bowl included the Florida game and that was probably the worst game he ever played,” said Mayock. “But I thought he had a solid Senior Bowl week and coming out of the Combine there was a quiet buzz about him from teams. They like the kid, they think he’s smart so I watched three more tapes of his. I liked the Clemson tape and thought he was really athletic and threw the ball well.”

Mayock made it clear that he’s far from enamored with the quarterback class, but sees Manuel as a worthwhile risk.

“I don’t like this quarterback class so if I’m going to make a mistake with this quarterback class then I’m going to do it with a kid that has size, athletic ability and arm talent and that’s what E.J. Manuel has.”

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NFL clubs see Nassib to Bills in round 2

Posted by Chris Brown on March 4, 2013 – 2:43 pm

The pre-draft speculation is approaching full throttle and not surprisingly there’s another report regarding the Bills and Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Michael Silver many of those on the inside of NFL clubs believe they need to leapfrog Buffalo’s pick in round 2 at 41st overall if they covet Nassib. Here’s the quote Silver acquired from an unnamed AFC front office executive.

“If I’m a team that needs a quarterback and wants the Syracuse kid,” one AFC front-office executive said, “I know I’ve gotta get ahead of Buffalo in the second round.”

Silver also speculates that Nassib could become a late riser as the draft draws closer and gives him an outside shot to be a late first-round pick, something NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock posed as a possibility prior to the NFL Combine.

Silver also speculated that current Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick will be asked to restructure his contract or he could be released outright.

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Putting OT Johnson’s numbers in perspective

Posted by Chris Brown on February 27, 2013 – 9:34 am

Oklahoma OT Lane Johnson was a former quarterback, tight end and defensive end before becoming a very effective offensive tackle for the Sooners. So heading into the Combine some measure of athleticism was expected. But as we profile the Combine workout winners on the home page of we felt there needed to be more perspective put on the numbers turned in by Johnson.

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock put Johnson’s numbers up against some familiar NFL players at the so called skill positions to help.

“Lane Johnson… his 40-yard dash time was faster than Anquan Boldin. His vertical at 34 inches was the same as A.J. Green – think about this, this is an offensive tackle at 300-plus pounds. He ran faster than Anquan Boldin, he jumped the same as A.J. Green and his broad jump at nine feet, 10 inches was the same as Stevan Ridley,” said Mayock. “Think about those three things for a 300-pound offensive tackle and put that in perspective of what he can be.

“What was most important was at the Senior Bowl, he had a good solid week. So if you look at Lane Johnson’s tape Week One at Oklahoma versus the end of the year, it‟s very different. This is a guy where the sky is the limit.”

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WR Swope sending scouts back to tape

Posted by Chris Brown on February 25, 2013 – 10:10 am

Texas A&M WR Ryan Swope looks more like a running back than a receiver at 6’0″ and 205, but the athleticism he showed on Sunday may allow him to remain at receiver as it’s sending NFL scouts scrambling back to his game tape for further investigation.

Swope surprised with a 4.34 40-time, which tied for the second-fastest with West Virginia’s Tavon Austin. But his workout didn’t end there. He tied for the fourth-highest vertical leap at 37 inches, the seventh-best broad jump at 10’5″ and a sub 6.8 three-cone drill time.

“I loved to see that,” said NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock. “I didn’t expect him to run the time he ran. I mentioned on the air, his Alabama game kind of woke me up to him a little bit, and Johnny [Manziel] helped that of course; got him the ball a lot on a couple of secondary scrambles. But Swope ran in the 4.3’s, he had 11 catches against Alabama. I have to go back and watch some more tape of him. That’s what I say when you see a guy you don’t expect to run mid-4.3’s, it forces you to go back and watch tape. That’s what I’m going to do, spend some more time trying to figure that kid out.”

Swope has been forecast as a fourth-round pick.

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Mayock liked Geno, but…

Posted by Chris Brown on February 25, 2013 – 9:55 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was asked for his thoughts on QB Geno Smith’s performance at the NFL Combine. Mayock liked the fact that he participated in all the throwing drills and felt he put his physical skills on display, but in the end it comes down to game tape and Mayock, like he does with all the QBs in this draft class, has questions.

“I saw everything that I saw on tape about Geno, and that is he flashed everything you want to see in a franchise quarterback on tape during the season,” said Mayock. “He has a big arm, good arm, he moves well, he can be accurate. Everything I saw on tape I saw here. He’s a natural thrower; he doesn’t force the ball. What I go back to is I don’t care as much about this – I’m happy he did this because it just shows me he’s not afraid; Cam Newton did it and he didn’t throw the ball well and he still was the first pick in the draft. To me, it’s more important what you see on tape.

“I want to bang the table because I want to like Geno Smith. We interviewed him, I love what he had to say, but there are just too many inconsistencies on tape for me to say that Kansas City or anybody that high should take him. He’s more of a 20-32 [overall pick player]; I’ve said that based on watching six of his games. I’m going to watch the rest of them, but there are just so many inconsistencies with both Geno Smith and the entire quarterback class that I trouble banging the table for any of them.”

Smith did have one of the better throwing performances at the Combine Sunday. He clearly had the liveliest arm of the group and threw a good deep ball. He also showed his athleticism with the fastest 40 time (4.59) and highest vertical leap among the QBs.

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Inconsistency of QBs bothering Mayock

Posted by Chris Brown on February 20, 2013 – 8:35 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock is admittedly having a hard time really liking any of the quarterbacks in this year’s draft class, and it’s because of one quality that he believes is lacking in all of them, consistency.

Mayock was asked about Oklahoma QB Landry Jones, and his answer morphed into a commentary on the QB class as a whole.

“Like a lot of the quarterbacks this year, he’s so difficult to qualify,” said Mayock of Jones. “I can look at certain games and go, ‘That’s a first round draft pick.’  I can look at other games and go, ‘He’s a fifth round guy.’ 

“I’m struggling with him. I like his junior tape better than his senior tape. I think he can make most of the throws.  I think ‑‑ I know he can make all the throws. I’ve seen him make all the throws, but like a lot of this year’s quarterbacks, there is no consistency with this kid. Same thing with Geno Smith. Same thing with Matt Barkley.”

That’s why Mayock, though he has Smith and Barkley as his top two QBs, doesn’t have any quarterback ranked higher than 20 overall.

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Developing QB prospects important this year

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2013 – 12:14 pm

Much has been made about the fact that there isn’t a lead pipe lock at the quarterback position in this year’s draft class, but NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock made a good point on a team’s confidence in developing quarterbacks.

On a national conference call Mayock was asked about both Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick, who both were second-round draft choices. Both have become solid starting quarterbacks even though they were not finished products or can’t miss franchise signal callers when they came out.

“They both became second round picks, they might have gone back‑to‑back in the draft, but what did people miss,” Mayock asked rhetorically. “Kaepernick, when he started taking off, I went back to my college notes on him, and I was like, ‘Look at all this I have written on this kid.’ What I had was big arm, wildly inconsistent, great athlete. Well you could see all that stuff. 

“But I think Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers spent a year kind of getting that arm where it was a lot more consistent. Could you say the same thing about Geno Smith? Probably. Could you say the same thing about Mike Glennon? Yeah, big arm. 

“I’m not talking about athletic ability with Glennon, but somebody could buy into a Geno Smith up high because they feel like there are flashes of everything there. However, he’s got to put it together on a more consistent basis. 

“So a team that feels comfortable in their ability to evaluate and then develop quarterbacks are going to feel better about Geno Smith and Matt Barkley and Mike Glennon.”

Knowing Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, who also is the team’s quarterbacks coach, was very successful in developing Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib, one wonders if the Bills have a similar faith to that of the 49ers in developing quarterback prospects that might not be finished NFL products at the time they are drafted.

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Mayock on Ogletree’s off the field concerns

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2013 – 12:40 am

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock was asked to assess the stock of Georgia LB Alec Ogletree, widely considered a top 10 talent by NFL talent evaluators. However, in the wake of some off the field issues including a DUI arrest last month, Mayock said assessing the risk has become much more difficult for NFL clubs.

“Let’s preface it by saying if he was clean off the field I’d be banging the table for a top 10 pick,” said Mayock. “So, teams value this kind of when you start talking about medical issues or off the field problems, you get a risk‑reward scenario, and every team is different with how they assign risk versus reward. 

“I think most of the teams are going to look at him and say, OK, multiple drug issues and now a D.U.I., we have to account for it somehow. Some teams may say he’s off our board. I don’t think many teams will, but some teams may say he’s off the board. 

“Most teams will say top 10, too much risk there. Too much risk, not enough reward. If we can get him second half of the first round or first half of the second round. Every team will be different with that. They’re going to assign a value based on the risk. 

“So until teams get to look him in the eye, spend time and grind him as a person, they’re just going to discount him now for a while until all of the facts come out. Until they get a better feel for him as a kid, it’s going to hurt him a half round, a round. It depends on the team.”

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Mayock: This year’s draft a bit different

Posted by Chris Brown on February 18, 2013 – 1:24 pm

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock sees this year’s draft class as one of a different color than last year and of recent years.

Appearing on a national conference call Mayock indicated the big difference is the presence of 73 junior eligibles that have joined the class.

“This draft is a little bit different than previous drafts because of all the juniors that have declared this year,” said Mayock. “We have better depth than we’ve had in the last 10 years. I’m really impressed with the depth. The top 10 picks, I don’t see the difference makers like we’ve seen the last couple of years, the quarterbacks, Von Miller, Ndamokong Suh. We could see before the draft back then who were the difference makers a month or two before.”

Mayock went on to say that this is a year where you’d almost prefer to have a pick between 20 and 30 in the first round than a pick in the top 10 when it comes to maximizing your value.

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Some QBs MIA at the Senior Bowl

Posted by johnmurphyshow on January 25, 2013 – 9:00 am

The six quarterbacks at this year’s Senior Bowl have had a week’s worth of practice to showcase their talents, and the game tomorrow to complete their argument. But the QB class of 2013 is missing a couple of pretty big names, according to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.

Mayock is a draft expert and the color analyst on the NFL Network’s broadcast of Thursday Night Football. He’ll appear as a guest tonight on The John Murphy Show podcast.

Mayock says West Virginia QB Geno Smith and USC’s Matt Barkley were obviously missed at the Senior Bowl this year. Smith chose not to attend, and Barkley continues to rehab a shoulder injury. Mayock says the pair will have something to say about the quarterback picture come draft day.

“I’m disappointed in Geno Smith, he declined the invitation to come here,” Mayock said. “He’s one of seven guys that declined it at different positions. And I thought that had he come in here, and put on a show like the Central Michigan left tackle (Eric Fisher), he all of a sudden could have been a top ten pick like the Central Michigan left tackle is. I think Geno Smith, who has first round ability but highly inconsistent, he could have come in here put on a show and confirmed high first round status. I think he lost an opportunity here.”

“Matt Barkley is another guy. Now , he had a shoulder and that’s why he isn’t here. Everybody was kinda running crazy on Matt Barkley this year. I think once we get done all the homework and look at all the junior and senior tape on him, as we get closer to the draft I think Matt Barkley will be rising up boards.”

The complete interview with NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock will air tonight on The John Murphy Show podcast available at

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Mayock: 3-4 QBs will go round 1

Posted by Chris Brown on January 22, 2013 – 1:31 pm


Just days after ESPN NFL draft analyst Mel Kiper chose not to put a single quarterback in his initial first-round mock draft, NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock had a much different opinion.

Mayock during NFL Network’s Senior Bowl coverage said he expects as many as four signal callers to come off the board in round one come last April.

“It’s early in this entire process,” Mayock said. “Everyone says there’s no Andrew Luck, there’s no Robert Griffin III. … I guarantee you by the time we get to April, there will be three to four quarterbacks taken in the first round, and most of them are coming out of this game.”

Mayock made reference to four of the QBs participating at the Senior Bowl this week, including N.C. State’s Mike Glennon and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib.

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Mayock on Fitz and Cassel as NFL QBs

Posted by Chris Brown on September 11, 2012 – 3:31 pm

NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock appearing on a national conference call was asked specifically about Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, who will square off against one another this Sunday in Buffalo. Knowing one of them is going to be 0-2 after this weekend’s game, he was asked what is realistic to expect from these two signal callers.

“We spend so much time talking about what a quarterback‑driven league this is,” said Mayock. “When I look at this league, there are 32 teams and I see seven franchise quarterbacks today, and I see another four or five beyond that that I would take in a heartbeat that I think, either because of injury or not being with the right team or whatever, aren’t quite there yet but could be franchise quarterbacks.

“And then after that there’s a group of four or five quarterbacks of which I think Cassel and Fitzpatrick fit in, where I look at them and say, ‘If you can complement them with a run game and a defense and special teams, they’re capable of winning enough games to be a playoff quarterback.’  And I really believe that both those guys fit into that, but they’re not going to be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and stand at the line of scrimmage in a no‑huddle and just will their team to victory because of their talent, ability and intelligence.

“I really believe that both the guys you’re talking about are good enough to win with, good enough to get in the playoffs with, but you’ve got to surround them with some pretty good people.”

Knowing both quarterbacks are facing a lot of fan criticism after their team’s lopsided losses in Week 1, Mayock was then asked about how much rope he thinks they’ll be given.

“Well, I think it’s way too early, and I tell people all the time, it’s a marathon and not a sprint,” said Mayock. “We’ve got some tape on those two quarterbacks over the last few years, but I don’t think Matt Cassel in particular played with a full deck last year with all the injuries surrounding his key people, so I would say take a step back and let’s let both those teams get through four or five games and we’ll start to figure out what they really are going to be, what their identity is. It’s way too early to panic right now, and I know we’re a knee‑jerk reaction society, but we’ve got to have some patience.” 

Mayock will be part of the broadcast team that does Buffalo’s November 15th Thursday night game against Miami at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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