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Jerry Rice & Reggie Wayne: NFL models for Robert Woods

Posted by johnmurphyshow on April 30, 2013 – 8:30 pm

It’s been four days since the Bills chose USC wide receiver Robert Woods in the NFL draft. And Buffalo’s second round pick is gearing up for the team’s rookie minicamp next week.

Tuesday night, Woods appeared as a guest on The John Murphy Show. And the talented wideout was asked which NFL receivers, past or present, he has modeled his game after.

“I try to pattern my game off of Jerry Rice, Reggie Wayne, a little bit of everybody,” Woods replied. “I try to put parts of their game into mine. That makes me a complete receiver. I take something that a big receiver does, and match it with my size. It makes me more complete because I can do it all.”

Woods has had phone conversations with the Bills coaching staff since he was selected last Friday night. But he’s looking forward to being at One Bills Drive next week to meet the staff face to face, and get together with his teammates. Woods says he’s been on the internet the last few days finding out as much as he can about his new team.

“I’ve done a little research,” he said. “Checked out my competition at the receiver position, guys that have been there and guys we’ve brought in. That’s rule number one for me—check out my competition and be ready to compete once I get there. I also looked into the Bills history also, last year they went 6-10. They had some tough losses, some close games.”

The entire interview with Robert Woods is available at\johnmurphyshow

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Don’t expect Gilmore on Wayne every snap

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2012 – 1:05 pm

While the Bills defensive staff is feeling more and more comfortable assigning Stephon Gilmore to the opponent’s top receiver every week, do not expect to see Gilmore lined up opposite Reggie Wayne all over the field today.

Wayne operates primarily out of the slot now where he’ll be put in a stack formation to help him gain separation off the line. As well as Gilmore has played of late I get the sense that they don’t want to move Gilmore inside now to line up in the slot and ask him to play in a role he has not played to this point in a game in his pro career.

I’d expect to see Gilmore lined up opposite Wayne when he lines up outside, but inside Justin Rogers is expected to be the slot corner on Wayne.

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Colts pass game all about Wayne

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2012 – 10:35 am

While the Colts may have five receivers with 20 catches or more so far this season, it is clear who the passing game passes through for Indianapolis.

Reggie Wayne, the 12-year veteran, who now lines up in the slot primarily, is the top read for Andrew Luck and the two have established an impressive chemistry in their first year together.

“It all revolves around 87,” said Bills head coach Chan Gailey of Indy’s passing game. “He’s the guy that opens up everybody else. Luck has done a great job, but they’re trying to get the ball out there to one guy during the course of the ball game and that opens up other things.”

Wayne has more receptions (76) than the second and third leading receivers on the team (Donnie Avery – 41, Dwayne Allen 31). He’s also second in the league in receiving yards per game (100.3) behind only Detroit’s Calvin Johnson.

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Add another big name WR to FA mix

Posted by Chris Brown on February 13, 2012 – 10:50 am

With a free agent wide receiver list expected to be littered with veteran talent, one of the more prolific wideouts of this generation has announced his return to the game after sitting out the 2011 season.

Randy Moss announced online that he’s interested in playing football again. He’s 35-years old so he’s likely not going to be all that attractive to some clubs still building with an eye for the future. But a team that feels their close to getting over the hump will strongly consider Moss provided his workout proves he’s still got it. 

Wouldn’t be shocked if he winds up with the Patriots again. Don’t really think he’s what Bills are looking for at his age and stage of his game.

Other veteran FA receivers expected to hit the market include Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne and possibly Marques Colston.

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