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Lawson: Seth Ryan dropped hints

Posted by Chris Brown on April 29, 2016 – 1:17 am

Seth Ryan didn’t give away the store about how much the Bills liked DL Shaq Lawson when he sat in class next to his Clemson teammate. But there were enough hints dropped to give Lawson clear indication that if he was available at 19 he was very, very likely to be Buffalo’s pick in round one.

In an interview with, Lawson relayed some of the hints that head coach Rex Ryan’s son dropped on him.

“I felt like Seth Ryan had a good feeling I was going to end up here,” said Lawson. “He used to drop hints like, ‘Shaq you’d look good in Buffalo.’ He’d give me hints when I had class with him.”

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Rex optimistic about Aaron

Posted by Chris Brown on April 18, 2016 – 4:36 pm

There is no guarantee in NFL football for any player, and Aaron Williams got a dose of that reality last season with his neck injury that cost him all but three games in 2015. But now with a clean bill of health Williams is optimistic about his future playing career and so is his head coach.

“I am optimistic,” said Rex Ryan of Williams future. “Aaron is not even on our offseason surgery list because he had surgery during the season. Aaron is ready to go. We feel confident in it. I don’t think he’ll truly be 100 percent or be the Aaron Williams we know until he hits somebody. He’s done everything else. He even did some scout team work as the season went on for us last year. We know he’s ready, but he’s still go to get over that first contact, but we feel very confident that he’ll be ready.”

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Rex outlines Bills offseason surgeries

Posted by Chris Brown on April 18, 2016 – 1:10 pm

Here’s a rundown of the Bills player list for offseason surgeries per head coach Rex Ryan.

Ronald Darby – hernia – cleared to participate
Marcell Dareus – foot – cleared to participate
Marcus Easley – knee
Stephon Gilmore – shoulder
Jerry Hughes – wrist
Kyle Williams – knee
Robert Woods – groin – cleared to participate
Jarius Wynn – knee – cleared to participate

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Bills coaching staff prepped for players

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2016 – 2:45 pm

Buffalo’s coaching staff has been busy handling their draft class assignments in conjunction with the College Scouting department. Now with players reporting on Monday, their focus shifts to the classroom as they begin installing their schemes with any changes they might have made this offseason.

“We’re getting ready to go to phase one of the offseason program,” said head coach Rex Ryan. “We just finished some of our draft responsibilities with Doug Whaley and had our position coaches talk to the scouts and things like that with the assignments that Doug has given the coaches. Now it’s getting ready to get into the football part of it.”

Ryan explained that at this point the offseason conditioning program only involves weight training and conditioning work, no football on the field.

“What you have is a couple of hours of meeting time, but you don’t get on the field or go through walk throughs,” he said. “They’re doing a lot of nodding of their head, but you don’t know if they’ve got it. But you go back to square one and start installing those things. There’s conditioning and getting our guys up to speed in our weight room. The football aspect is really about teaching your things over again. It’s a good thing for coaches.”

The players can report for the voluntary program on Monday.

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What’s the best part of the schedule for Rex?

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2016 – 10:20 am

By Rex Ryan’s own description the first four weeks of the season at Baltimore, home vs. Jets, home vs. Arizona and at New England is “pretty salty.” But there is a key part of the schedule that Buffalo’s head coach loves.

Ryan, who reflected on the Bills 2016 schedule on the John Murphy Show, is especially pleased with how the last quarter of the season lays out.

“The thing I like most about our schedule is we close with three of four at home,” said Ryan. “We get Miami on a cold, wintry December 24th Christmas Eve. Bring it on. So I like that with Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Miami. We’ll see it’ll be a challenging schedule, but I love closing at home. We proved last year closing with four wins at home so that’s a good thing. So I’m excited about having those late games at home.”

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Rex happy 3 west coast trips are spaced out

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2016 – 10:15 am

As we covered in our comparison of Buffalo’s schedule to their AFC East rivals, the Bills have the benefit of their three west coast trips each being spaced out evenly through their 2016 schedule. There’s a month that lies between their games at Los Angeles in Week 5, their Monday night game at Seattle in Week 9 and their Week 13 game at Oakland. Bills head coach Rex Ryan was pleased with the time between those long road trips and intends to keep his players on east coast time for those weekends.

“Sometimes teams want two west coast games together. I don’t like doing that,” said Ryan on the John Murphy Show Thursday night. “The Seattle one on a Monday night is followed by a bye. I think that’s a good thing. It’s tough to travel all the way out there. It’s tough for them to travel all the way here. I think the more we’ve studied it, the more we think we’ll treat it like a normal game and travel out there and stay on east coast time and we’ll go out and play them. We think that’s the best way to do it.”

The Patriots three longest trips (at Ariz., at SF, at Den.) are all spread out in similar fashion with at least a month between all of them. The Jets only have two west coast trips and a Kansas City trip and they too are spread out much the same. The Dolphins however, have back to back west coast trips in Week 10 and 11 when they’re at San Diego and at Los Angeles.

It’ll be interesting to see if Miami chooses to stay out on the west coast the entire week instead of traveling back and forth in the span of five or six days.

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Bills coaches benefit from early Thursday game

Posted by Chris Brown on April 15, 2016 – 8:58 am

The Thursday night game for the Bills in Week 2 is their home opener on their 2016 schedule. On a short week the benefit is the Jets, their opponent on Thursday night, is a familiar opponent. But there is another major benefit for Buffalo’s coaching staff in having a game on a short week that early in the season.

NFL coaching staffs always begin preparing for their Week 1 opponent as early as three weeks prior to the opener. Seeing that Thursday night game sitting just four days later on the schedule in Week 2, so Buffalo’s coaching staff will also put together at least some of their game plan for the Jets before the season even starts.

“That’s exactly when we’ll do it,” said Bills head coach Rex Ryan in an appearance on the John Murphy Show Thursday night. “We’re very familiar with them. They haven’t had any major staff changes, but yes we’ll be getting some work on them in the preseason. Baltimore is a physical team and then you’ve got to turn around on a short week and play the Jets, another physical team on a short week. So we’ve got to be up for that.”

It’s a much more favorable situation for Rex Ryan’s staff to have the extra time to prepare for a short week heading into the season than a Thursday night game in Week 8 when they’ve got to burn the midnight oil to get a full game plan in.

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Fan Friday 4-8

Posted by Chris Brown on April 8, 2016 – 11:50 am

The Bills were busy in free agency this week with a handful of signings and more visitors in today. Let’s get to your questions this week from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills

Do you think that the defense’s transition back into a full 3-4 scheme will make them better this year?

Joe DeRosa 

CB: I’ve got to believe it’s going to help. Trying to merge the Bills’ 2014 scheme with Rex’s scheme last year was done in an effort to appease players who were successful in the old scheme. As Ryan himself admitted halfway through last season it didn’t work.

It convinced Rex to go back to what he knows works and that’s his scheme, which is a more traditional 3-4. Now that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to see multiple fronts from one week to the next and from one series to the next. The system is rooted in a traditional 3-4, but what makes Ryan’s scheme so confounding is the variety of fronts that he throws at offenses through the course of a game.

Buy in by the players is critical because his scheme demands complete understanding and mastery of it to execute it properly. Some players didn’t want to commit to that kind of study. One such player is no longer on the roster. Fortunately I think we saw the results of that player buy in over the last two games last season and what it can mean for the defense. Provided that buy in from the players continues and some key adds are made in the draft (couple of starters please?) I think the defense will be better.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills what are the chances bills trade up or down in the first round and why?


CB: I think there is a greater likelihood that the Bills move back in round one than move up. First and foremost the Bills need capable and talented bodies for their roster. They not only need to land a starter or two in this draft (LB, DL), they need reinforcements for depth at a few positions too (CB, S, OL, WR, TE).

The two additional compensatory picks in rounds four and six were huge. It’s my belief that Doug Whaley would like to keep all eight of those picks in a perfect world. He’d have to part with some of those if he wants to move up.

The way that moving back in round one becomes a reality is if the Bills have a limited number of first round grades for this year’s class.

Let’s hypothetically say they have legitimate first round grades on just 16 players in this draft class. Perhaps they only have 16 prospects they deem as truly worthy of a first round draft choice. If the Bills are on the clock at 19 and all 16 of those prospects are already off the board, I think moving back becomes more likely.

Whaley and his staff likely have a few players they like that they believe will be there at 19, but if none of them are available why sit there and reach for a player that doesn’t match the value of your pick? Slide back a few slots add another draft choice somewhere on day two and match a prospect with the appropriate value.


3 – Dear Chris:
My question is on who the Bills will be looking for in this year’s draft. I know the Bills will be looking to re-tool the defense, and I assume they will be transitioning to a 3-4 with Rex. My question will they be looking for an inside linebacker like Reggie Ragland to put next to Preston Brown or a player with a body type like Nigel Bradham say Jaylon Smith?

Also at D-line will they draft a defensive end like DeForest Buckner/Shaq Lawson, or will they draft a defensive tackle like Jarran Reed or Austin Johnson, plus what do you think our top needs are overall?

Sincerely: John from PA.

CB: I think the key ingredient that needs to be added at linebacker in a prospect is speed. With the league in subpackage defense just about two-thirds of the time you need linebackers who can cover ground and handle coverage assignments with backs and athletic tight ends.

I wouldn’t mind Ragland as a prospect, but I’m not convinced he can cover the type of athletic tight ends and backs we see at the pro level every week. With that in mind I’d prefer a more athletic type linebacker like a Darron Lee.

Bradham was Buffalo’s fastest linebacker and he’s in Philadelphia now, so that speed at linebacker has to be replaced as I see it.

As far as defensive line goes I think both end and DT are both on the table. I don’t expect Buckner to be there at 19 and it’s unlikely that Lawson is either. Both are versatile guys you can position up and down a 3-4 front.

Jarran Reed has a chance to be there. His value isn’t as high because he doesn’t offer as much in terms of pass rush. But I wouldn’t have a problem lining him up at nose tackle and flanking him with Marcell Dareus and Kyle Williams and let them win on the edge.

4 – @ChrisBrownBills Do you think the Bills will go about training camp differently this year? Due to the top players getting injured last yr..


CB: I’m not sure there’s much they can do differently. There are strict guidelines set out in the CBA as to how often players can practice during training camp, days off, etc.

What we witnessed last summer with all five running backs going down I believe was an anomaly. The receivers who went down with injuries late in camp was a domino effect. When you lose two receivers in one day it immediately puts more strain and demand on the bodies of the receivers who are left. It’s more reps for them.

Now to the coaches’ and athletic trainers’ credit they backed things off on the healthy players still practicing, and signed more players to help fill the void.

Training camp is a grind, and the Bills do everything in their power to keep players on the field and healthy. There is also a responsibility on the part of the players to do right by their body day in and day out so they can perform at their best. Their body is their livelihood.

Buffalo does make use of GPS technology to track the workload of players each day at camp, so they’re all closely monitored as a means of being proactive and backing players off when the analytics dictate it’s warranted to prevent injuries before they happen. But nothing is perfect.


5 – @ChrisBrownBills You think there’s a player in this year’s draft that could become Buffalo’s next QB in the event that they can’t keep Tyrod?

Jordan Hanson 

CB: I think that’s difficult for anyone to predict, even those with the trained eye, like NFL scouts, player personnel executives and general managers. I think what you need to keep in mind is Buffalo has every intention of keeping Tyrod Taylor for the long term provided he continues on his current trajectory of performance.

And there’s no reason to think that he won’t. People are wondering why a contract extension hasn’t happened yet for Tyrod. I personally think it benefits both parties to wait for a few reasons.

First, Buffalo’s cap situation for 2016 is not conducive to working out a long term extension for Taylor. The market value at his position alone makes such an undertaking difficult for year one of an extension, which would be in 2016.

Second, the Bills, understandably so, want to see more from Taylor before they make a sizable commitment to Taylor. There’s recent Buffalo history where they jumped the gun in handing out a long term deal to a QB (see: Ryan Fitzpatrick).

I think the Bills want to believe in Taylor as their starting quarterback, but one year of solid production isn’t enough to go on when you’re talking about the multi-million dollar commitment a quarterback contract demands.

Third, Taylor stands to get a much more lucrative contract from Buffalo if he can back up last year’s production with even more production and wins in 2016.

So while it’s true that Taylor’s agent can stand on the table and argue that his client is underpaid this year at $3-plus million for 2016, even he knows that waiting and letting his client perform and build more of a starting QB resume this fall will only benefit his negotiating duties in getting Taylor a lucrative long term contract.

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Ryan: Holes must be filled in draft

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2016 – 1:44 pm

Buffalo lost a handful of players from their roster this offseason. Some were released by choice, while others signed elsewhere as free agents. Some of the biggest losses came on the defensive side of the ball where starters like Mario Williams and Nigel Bradham signed with other clubs. When it comes to filling some of those holes head coach Rex Ryan said it’ll have to come in the upcoming draft.

Appearing on NFL Total Access, Ryan said he’s glad the team has eight draft picks knowing they need to cash in to address their lack of depth and loss of some starters.

“We don’t have a whole lot of depth right now, so we’re going to have to do a great job in the draft which we will,” Ryan said. “Doug Whaley is an outstanding evaluator of talent. We have to hit in the draft there is no doubt but I think there are some opportunities there to help us. I don’t expect people to feel sorry for us because you don’t need to.”

Buffalo has the 19th overall pick in round one this year and eight picks total after being awarded two compensatory picks. One is in the fourth round (139 overall) and one is in the sixth round (218 overall).

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Finishing in 4th qtr. is Ryan’s focus

Posted by Chris Brown on March 30, 2016 – 1:40 pm

The Bills finished their first season under head coach Rex Ryan at 8-8. It obviously was not where they wanted to be at the end of the regular season. Looking back on the season and reviewing everything, Ryan believes performing more consistently at the end of games is the key to improving on their won-loss record last season.

Appearing on NFL Total Access, Ryan pointed to the opportunities they had to win games last season when they came up short.

“I think that’s a big thing,” he said. “We had the ball in our hand and lost five games with the ball in our hand to go win or tie, and we couldn’t find a way to get it done. And then defensively, we have to be better on defense. There is no question about it. I think there is where we fell off from expectations – certainly my expectations, the team’s expectations and our fans’ expectations. So everybody’s. So we have something to prove and we’ll see what happens. We lost a lot of good players, but we have to find a way to get better. One of those things, having my brother on staff I think is going to be a huge thing for us, a huge plus for us.”

Ryan said he has confidence in Tyrod Taylor’s ability to win games for the Bills. One area where he’d like to see him advance his game is making more plays in the middle of the field in the pass game.

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Bills propose rule change

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2016 – 2:31 pm

The Bills were one of six teams to submit a rule proposal change to the NFL’s Competition Committee, which is meeting this week to review their own rule change proposals as well as those coming from NFL clubs.

Buffalo submitted a Playing Rule Proposal that involves replay review. They’re proposing that Rule 15, Section 2, Articles 1, 4 and 5 (Instant Replay) to permit a coach to challenge any official’s decision except scoring plays and turnovers.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was successful on six of his 10 coaches challenges in 2016. Only Cincinnati head coach Marvin Lewis (63.64%) and Miami interim head coach Dan Campbell (80%) had a higher success rate than Ryan’s 60 percent.

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Georgia LB Jenkins improves on combine numbers

Posted by Chris Brown on March 17, 2016 – 1:01 pm

Wednesday was Georgia’s pro day and Bills head coach Rex Ryan and Asst. head coach/Defense Rob Ryan were on hand for the workouts. One of the prospects who improved on his combine workout numbers was OLB Jordan Jenkins.

Jenkins, who has experience in a 3-4 defensive scheme, improved his 40 time running a 4.76 (down from 4.8), his broad jump 10’3″ (up from 10’1″), his vertical leap 38″ (up from 36 1/2″) and his bench press posting 19 reps (up from 16).

Jenkins is projected as a third or fourth round pick.

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Ryan brothers take in Georgia pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 16, 2016 – 2:22 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan and Assistant head coach/Defense Rob Ryan have been checking out some of the more notable college pro days during this pre-draft season. Today they took in Georgia’s pro day in Athens.

Among the more notable Georgia draft prospects are OLB Leonard Floyd, OT John Theus, OLB Jordan Jenkins, WR Malcolm Mitchell and RB Keith Marshall.

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, right, and assistant coach Rob Ryan laugh as they watch Georgia's Pro Day of the NFL football scouts, Wednesday, March 16, 2016, in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, right, and assistant coach Rob Ryan laugh as they watch Georgia’s Pro Day of the NFL football scouts, Wednesday, March 16, 2016, in Athens, Ga. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)










Here’s a look at OLB prospect Jordan Jenkins running his 40 today.


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Ryan attends Clemson pro day

Posted by Chris Brown on March 10, 2016 – 3:46 pm

The college pro day schedule is in full swing and one of the big schools on the docket today was Clemson. Not surprisingly, Bills head coach Rex Ryan was in attendance.

Ryan’s son Seth is a holder and reserve receiver on the Tigers squad, so his support for the program is understandable. Here he is on site today with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

A couple of the more noteworthy performances were turned in by Clemson CB Mackensie Alexander, who was clocked at 4.41 and 4.48 in the 40. He also had a 37.5-inch vertical leap. DE Kevin Dodd and DL Shaq Lawson were both asked to do linebacker drills. Dodd, who ran a 4.86 at the Combine didn’t do the bench press in Indy. He had 22 reps of 225 Thursday. WR Charone Peake may have lowered his 40 time. He ran a 4.45 at the Combine, but according to reports some scouts had him in the 4.3s Thursday.

Oregon and Mississippi State also held their pro days on campus Thursday.

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Rex’s recruiting helped with Incognito

Posted by Chris Brown on March 9, 2016 – 12:52 pm

He flew all the way out to Hawaii’ to spend some time with his Pro Bowl players OL Richie Incognito and Eric Wood and QB Tyrod Taylor. Knowing Incognito was an impending free agent, Ryan’s main impetus was to demonstrate to Incognito how important he felt he was to their future success.

Fortunately, Ryan’s efforts proved beneficial in getting a new deal hammered out with Incognito.

“Rex [Ryan] had a lot to do with it,” said Incognito. “Rex is one of those guys where, he has his guys’ backs, he treats us like men, he treats us likes pros, and he expects us to go out and put the results on the field. Playing for a guy like Rex and having confidence in us and having our back, it speaks volumes about Rex and it just speaks volumes about his style, about how guys just love him.

“You know I have played in this league a long time and I have played for a lot of coaches who are scared of their own shadow. Rex is definitely not that, Rex is, Rex is a man. I love playing for him and I love the environment and I love my teammates, and the guys we are surrounded with right there, and I really think we have something special growing.”


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Tyrod hoping Harvin can return

Posted by Chris Brown on March 3, 2016 – 1:02 pm

It may not even be feasible with respect to the Bills salary cap, but if Tyrod Taylor had his way he’d successfully convince WR Percy Harvin to re-sign with Buffalo this offseason.

In an interview with Bleacher Report NFL analyst Jason Cole, Taylor said he’d like to get Harvin back in the Bills receiving corps.

“I actually grew up playing high school sports against him. He was unbelievable in high school, and he still is,” said Taylor. “That’s the plan. Ultimately, it’s up to him and it’s about his health. I know he’s a competitive guy. If he can play, I think he will. But I know he doesn’t want to go out there if he’s not where he needs to be physically.”

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was asked about the potential of Harvin returning last week at the NFL Combine.

“We’re always hoping for a return with all our players, we’ll see how things shake out,” said Ryan. “You know Percy, that’s a real unfortunate thing you know we only had Percy for five games but he helped win two of those games himself so obviously he’s a great talent but we’ll see how things go.”

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Henderson illness could push OT need higher

Posted by Chris Brown on February 25, 2016 – 8:16 am

Bills OT Seantrel Henderson missed the last four games of the season with an undisclosed illness. His availability moving forward is still not clear. Jordan Mills is a restricted free agent and Cordy Glenn is set to become an unrestricted free agent. Those three factors could push the need for an offensive tackle even higher for the Bills depending on how all three scenarios play out.

Bills head coach Rex Ryan when asked about that possibility by said regardless of what happens they don’t want to inflate positional needs when it comes to draft weekend.

“When you look at our tackle situation obviously we want to get Cordy (Glenn) back,” said Ryan. “He’s a young, outstanding player so we want that to happen. You mentioned Mills and Seantrel Henderson and you didn’t mention (Cyrus) Kouandjio who did some good things for us even at that tight end spot. So there are some issues and things, but if you look at it the other way, where Seantrel can get back and get healthy that would be a big boost for us.

“When you’re dealing with the draft specifically if you go and reach for something that looks like a need that’s when you make mistakes. I know Doug feels the same way. Let’s just stay true to who we are and get the best player for us and not necessarily push up needs.”

As for Henderson’s condition specifically, Ryan expressed hope that Henderson can resume his career.

“I’m hopeful that he can (return),” said Ryan. “Obviously he’s got a personal thing that he’s dealing with, but hopefully he’ll be able to come back. He’s a great talent, a physical talent and hopefully this is just a setback and it’s not something that’s going to affect his career.”

When asked when he or the team might not for sure whether Henderson will be part of the team’s offensive tackle equation, Ryan indicated that they’ll be relying on team doctors for those answers.

“I really have no idea,” said Ryan. “We’ll lean on our doctors, people a lot more qualified than me.” Combine coverage is presented by NAPA Auto Parts.

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Why Ryan is sold on ‘D’ being better in ’16

Posted by Chris Brown on February 25, 2016 – 7:58 am

Bills head coach Rex Ryan came in with a lot of promises about his defense in 2015 and the end result with a ranking of 19th in the league did not meet the expectations. But what happened in the last two games of 2015 has him convinced it can be used as a springboard for this year’s defense.

Ryan, who has admitted more than once that he made a mistake in trying to blend the successful components of Jim Schwartz’s scheme in with his own last season, said he finally scrapped that idea completely in Week 16. What was witnessed were two of the better back-to-back defensive performances of the season, and it was done without five starters on defense. It has Ryan convinced the defense will be able to hit the ground running from the start in 2016.

“At the end of the year the thing I was encouraged about was we figured it out,” he said. “The communication part of it improved more than anything from coach to player and player to coach. I think that bodes so well for us moving forward. I’m excited about it.”

Ryan had been appealing to his players all of last season to come to him with honest feedback during games for what play calls they prefer over others based on what had happened in games. The players largely did not do so whether it was during the week of preparation or during games. It didn’t change until Week 16.

“They now know when I ask for feedback I mean that,” Ryan said. “I want that and when they finally did it we were a lot more effective. It’s my system, but its ours as a team and it’s theirs as players. We saw it late in the year and in the fourth quarter of the last game and I told them, ‘Here are our options what do you prefer?’ And a guy would say, ‘I like this one.’ And we went with it. That’s always worked best for me. Having the input from our players and the coaches.

“That’s what I’m really excited about taking off from there, from that point. Will there be some things we’ll tweak with the system? Of course. There are always ways you’re trying to get better, but we know we have to get better on defense, but I truly believe we will. Being together and going through the growing pains we did will benefit us going forward.” Combine coverage is presented by NAPA Auto Parts.

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Ryan: Brown has to take ownership of defense

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2016 – 9:05 pm

He had the job of running the defense out at the outset of the 2015 regular season, but near the end of the campaign head coach Rex Ryan put Manny Lawson in that role when the unit’s effectiveness was compromised. Lawson was out of position on the inside, but that was what the defensive staff felt was best for the unit at the time. Now entering 2016, Ryan needs Brown to re-assume that role as quarterback of the defense and do a great job.

“I think if everything stays the same and we have all our players back then Preston has to be more vocal and there has to be more ownership that way,” said Ryan. “It’s not good enough to just know your job. You’ve got to bark it out and be the quarterback back there. And he can do it. He’s a smart enough kid and his dad is a football coach. So he’s got to come out of his shell.

“(Jets LB) David Harris was a quiet guy, but on the football field he ran the whole thing. He’s got to grow into it. It doesn’t happen overnight. I think when you come into a new system it’s tougher to play, but yeah I expect Preston to be able to take that step and he needs to.” Combine coverage is presented by NAPA Auto Parts.

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Rex: Why Bills are further ahead this offseason

Posted by Chris Brown on February 24, 2016 – 7:32 pm

Entering year two as head coach of the Bills, the offseason lead up to the draft for Rex Ryan hasn’t been nearly as taxing as last season when he was assembling his staff among other things in addition to the offseason responsibilities that tie in with free agency and the NFL draft. That’s why this offseason Ryan feels he and his staff are much further ahead, not only in their preparation for the draft, but with their whole offseason operation.

“It’s a lot easier this year than it was our first year trying to put in new schemes and coaching up coaches,” he said. “Here we’re ahead of the game that way. Still, it’s a process, but I get excited about it. I’m a fan of football. The bad thing about this is you’re going to see a ton of things that you like and you’re not going to be able to have them.”

Ryan is referencing all the talent on hand here at the NFL Combine with deep classes at defensive tackle and cornerback. Combine coverage is presented by NAPA Auto Parts.

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