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How to handle a hot team on the road

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2015 – 1:06 pm

The Bills are headed into an environment they know will be electric on Sunday. The Chiefs haven’t played a home game in almost a month and Arrowhead Stadium is one of the noisier venues in the NFL. Add in the fact that Kansas City has won four straight and you quickly realize what the Bills are up against. So how do they intend to keep a hot Chiefs team from building some early momentum and the crowd from becoming a major factor in the game?

Here are some of the responses we got in the Bills locker room this week.

Chris Hogan
“Don’t make mistakes and make plays when they come. Especially in an away game, dealing with crowd noise and everything. Those big plays and not making any mistakes really silences the crowd and it limits their interaction and their ability to have an impact on how we play as an offense. Hopefully we’ll be able to make some big plays, limit the crowd noise and get a good tempo going on offense.”

Sammy Watkins
“Put up points. Make them play and adjust to you. We shouldn’t have to go out there and adjust our plays or change our calls to those guys. We’ve got to make those guys play us and do what we want to do and run the ball or pass the ball.”

Boobie Dixon
“We’ve just got to hit them in the mouth. Go down there and be physical. Just hit them in the mouth and make them blink and make them do something they haven’t been doing during this hot streak. Make them flinch and we’ll be alright.”


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Watkins: We’ve got to do more on offense

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2015 – 12:39 pm

The 20-13 final said enough for the men on Buffalo’s offense. On a day where their defense was really frustrating the Patriots offense, the Bills offensive unit had to do more when it came to finishing drives. That’s why Sammy Watkins had nothing but praise for his defensive teammates after the game.

“The defense played great. I know they got a little miscue with big plays and things like that, but to hold those guys to 20 points, they did great,” Watkins said. “That’s why it’s all on the offense. We’ve got to score points. You can’t ask for a better defensive stand and better defensive plays. We’ve got to score on offense and that’s on any team, the offense has to put up points.”

Buffalo’s offense did move the ball on New England with four of their 13 possessions covering 50 or more yards, but only one of those four drives resulted in a touchdown. When asked what’s keeping them from finding the end zone more often, Watkins chalked it up to details.

“It’s just little things. Little situations. Little first downs, catch the ball get the first down,” he said. “Catch the ball and go out of bounds. There are little things we’ve got to clean up. We’re not far off. There are little situations we’re in and we’ve got to focus a little bit more on both sides of the ball.”

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Watkins named NFLPA Community MVP

Posted by Chris Brown on November 20, 2015 – 2:11 pm

Bills WR Sammy Watkins was honored for his efforts in the community off the field by the NFLPA Friday. The Players Association named the receiver their Week 11 Community MVP.

The wide receiver hosted more than 50 students from local Boys and Girls Clubs and the Cheektowaga Little Loop, and all were treated to rounds of bowling, pizza, photos and autographs. The Cheektowaga program is the area’s longest running and lowest cost youth football and cheerleading organization.

“My favorite part of the event was definitely just to the see the smile on the kids’ faces,” Watkins said. “It’s so rewarding to see the way that the kids react and how something as simple as bowling has such an impact.”

Founded in 2012 by Joe Allen, Strikes For Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to benefit youth enhancement programs like Make-A-Wish, The Boys & Girls Club, The United Way and Children’s Hospitals across the country.

“I’m a regular,” Watkins said. “I own three bowling balls myself! During the offseason I can sometimes bowl 20-30 hours a week. It’s a great way to hang out with the guys, and it’s actually a fun sport when you get good at it.”

Joining Watkins were Buffalo teammates Alex Carrington, Johnathan Meeks, Bacarri Rambo and Tony Steward. Despite bowling a 180 at the Strikes for Kids event, Watkins admitted with a laugh that Stewart and Rambo were the leading scorers for the day.

The event, in its first year, drew a crowd of 200 guests. The proceeds will go towards the Sammy Watkins Strikes for Scholarships Fund, which will grant two scholarships annually to youth in the Buffalo area.



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Watkins: No margin for error with Patriots

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2015 – 8:38 am

The Bills learned the hard way back in Week 2 that if you commit unforced errors when playing the Patriots they will inevitably make you pay for it. That lesson is serving them well this week in their preparation for the rematch with New England on Monday night. Sammy Watkins and company know all too well that they have to have a virtually air tight performance if they want to have a legitimate chance to win the game.

“Going against the New England Patriots you got to really watch a lot of film on those guys,” Watkins said. “Those guys are so good at what they do, you got to really know what you are doing. Nobody can mess up, everybody on the field, got to be on the right page, all 11 guys got to be prepared. You got to eliminate all the mistakes, and go out there and play fast and play hard because they are going to do the same thing.”


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Bills establish an NFL first on offense

Posted by Chris Brown on November 9, 2015 – 11:04 am

Buffalo’s production from some of its biggest playmakers Sunday helped the team establish an NFL first.

FOXSports was the first to report that the Bills became the first team in NFL history to have a pair of 100-yard rushers (LeSean McCoy, Karlos Williams) and a 150-yard receiver (Sammy Watkins) in the same game.


It was also the first time the Bills had two 100-yard rushers and a 100-yard receiver in the same game.

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Best part of Watkins production

Posted by Chris Brown on November 9, 2015 – 10:39 am

Sammy Watkins was about as productive as one could be on a bum ankle. He had a career-high 168 yards receiving and caught all eight of his targets. The best part however, was Watkins was able to pace himself through the course of the game and not overtax his ankle.

Watkins only played 60 percent of the offensive snaps on Sunday, allowing him to save his ankle a bit for the short turnaround for Thursday night’s game. The Bills big lead over the Dolphins late certainly helped in that effort as the offense was able to sit him for the latter stages of the fourth quarter.

The Bills also sat LeSean McCoy after his shoulder injury with the team up on the scoreboard, though Rex Ryan said McCoy wanted to re-enter the game.

Watkins said he’ll be playing on Thursday night.

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Watkins believes he’ll be fine for Thursday

Posted by Chris Brown on November 8, 2015 – 11:25 pm

He was a bit hobbled making his way up to the postgame lectern after his personal career-best 168-yard receiving day Sunday in the win over Miami. But Sammy Watkins doesn’t see the short turnaround before the team’s Thursday night game against the Jets in New York as a problem.

When asked if he’ll be able to suit up Thursday night after playing with a bum ankle, Watkins answered in the affirmative.

“Most definitely,” Watkins said. “I just got to go through keeping my body hydrated, treat whatever injuries are hurting. I should be fine.”

If Sunday is any indication how he’s capable of playing at less than 100 percent, he should be fine indeed.


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Watkins apologizes for Instagram post

Posted by Chris Brown on November 2, 2015 – 3:09 pm

Late last week Bills WR Sammy Watkins lashed out on Instagram at fans or followers who criticized his recent lack of availability due to a series of injuries. In hindsight the receiver saw that responding to those who criticize and spread negativity affects more than just the person you’re responding to on social media.

During the bye week and frustrated by the team’s most recent loss and his injury keeping him off the field, Watkins admitted he went looking for negative commentary about him and the team and when he found it how responding was a mistake.

“I looked at a comment and immediately I reacted and misspelled a couple of things and just not paying attention. That’s something I can’t do as an athlete in the NFL,” said Watkins. “I represent an organization and a team. So I would just say sorry to all the fans that took it to heart and pledge to never do it again.”

Watkins recognized rather quickly about the error he made in engaging with social media users who try to engage a celebrity like the Bills receiver.

“I didn’t even care about the post in the moment, but when I read back my comments I thought, Nah that doesn’t sound right. I shouldn’t have sent that. It not only affected the fans, but people in general in life that are working hard jobs every day. Day to day taking care of their kids. Every job is the same. You get up in the morning, clock in eight hours and my job isn’t different from anybody else. I knew what I was doing taking a shot, but it was something I shouldn’t have done as a football player and a professional. I wasn’t a professional and I learned from it.”

Bills head coach Rex Ryan said he addressed the social media mistake with Watkins Monday.

“I just had a discussion with him, I talked with him,” Ryan said. “He’s not proud of his thing. I can understand why the fans would be upset with him, we’re all upset with him. It doesn’t represent who he is. These fans have been great to Sammy. They love him, and they want to support him. Sometimes, you get mad at the ones you love the most. Sometimes you regret saying things and I know Sammy regrets it—big time.”

“As far as the fans and stuff they know I want to be here,” said Watkins. “I want to win games with the team, with the organization and for the city of Buffalo. No hard feelings towards anybody, my teammates, the fans. I love the fans. They come out every Sunday and we give them something to look for and they cheer for us when we lose or when we win. I’m just looking forward to getting back on the field.”

Watkins said he’s “very close” to returning and Rex Ryan remains hopeful Watkins will be able to return to the lineup Sunday against Miami.




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Fan Friday 10-30

Posted by Chris Brown on October 30, 2015 – 11:21 am

It’s the bye, but we’re still grinding here at A big 2015 midseason report coming on Monday on, the good and not so good, broken down several different ways. Here are your latest edition of questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.

1 – @ChrisBrownBills any updates on when the defense from last year is going to return?


CB: While I understand your frustration there are some encouraging signs on defense. Run ‘D’ has been top five all season, pass defense has been top 5 in the league since the bad day against the Patriots. Pass rush has to step up and I think it’ll be back to where it was last year. A better pass rush helps their third down ‘D’, which right now is middle of the pack.


2 – Chris,

I know the schedule was addressed a few years ago with Buffalo having to face many teams coming off a bye or Thursday night game.  That is happening again this year.  First was the Pats and not the Giants.  Look at how those games turned out.  Granted, those were also our worst penalty games too.  Between the refs and scheduling, it seems like the NFL is making it very difficult for the Bills to have a fair opportunity to show they can be good.  Can anything be done about this?

Thanks for everything you do.

Very frustrated and loyal fan in Virginia

CB: You’re right that three of Buffalo’s first five opponents came off extra rest and prep time to face the Bills (Pat, Giants, Titans). Even when the Bills have an advantage of the bye this week it’s mitigated by the fact that Miami played Thursday night this week, so they’ve got three extra days to prepare for Buffalo.

The Bills will get extra time to prep for the Patriots coming off the Thursday night game against the Jets.

Believe it or not Buffalo’s situation is a bit more favorable than some other clubs this year in terms of opponents getting extra rest and prep time.

Truthfully with the Thursday night schedule running from Weeks 2 to 15 there are at least 13 teams with at least one game against a team getting extra rest. I don’t get the sense that the NFL sees the extra rest on the back end of a Thursday night game as much of an advantage, since that team is at a disadvantage getting only three days prep time heading into their Thursday night game. They likely see it as a wash.


3- Hi Chris,

It’s hard to get a true perspective on Tyrod’s passing struggles from the TV broadcasts. Is he not finding open receivers quickly enough? Are receivers not open a lot of the time? With our team talent in that area it’s hard to believe we’re being defended that well.


CB: With his last game being the Titans game I can see why you’re concerned about this. I do believe more often than not Buffalo receivers are gaining separation. I think it’s a matter of trust on Taylor’s part as to what he’s seeing.

The biggest hurdle here is Taylor’s inexperience. We have to remember he had 14 game appearances in the regular season before this year and those weren’t even starts. They were largely mop up duty type appearances where he handed off in games that were over with just one start. So I think there are some parts of the game where Taylor is still feeling his way at this level.

So he might just miss someone completely or he might not trust what his read is telling him. It’s the process a quarterback goes through when they’re new.


4 – Chris,
I’m reading where Sammy says, “Give me the Damn Ball”, can u imagine designing a game plan around him with his work history ?? He hasn’t proved he’s durable enough to get the ball 8-10 times a game.
No doubt he’s a fine athlete, can anyone explain why he is injured so much. What are ur thoughts ?

Jim in Florida

CB: I don’t think there’s an easy way to explain his recent injury history, primarily because in college he was never injured. Didn’t miss a practice or a game in his college career. Granted the game is more physical in the NFL, but he’s just had a rough stretch.

He’s clearly more frustrated by the injuries than the fans. All he wants to do is contribute and a competitor like him can’t stand being sidelined when he knows his talents can help the team. Hopefully he’ll be good to go out of the bye and can stay on the field for the last nine weeks.


5 – Chris,

Assuming both are healthy, I would love to see Karlos and Shady in the backfield together. They are both really good in the passing game and both are playmakers. Any chance this happens?

Joe Roberts

Orlando, FL

I wouldn’t rule it out. Knowing how varied Greg Roman likes to be with his formations and pre-snap motion, I think Karlos and McCoy in a split backfield or I-formation is not out of the realm of possibility. If Roman believes there’s an advantage to be had with such a look he won’t hesitate to make use of it.


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Rex on Sammy’s chances for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 21, 2015 – 12:32 pm

Bills head coach Rex Ryan was asked about Sammy Watkins’ status for Sunday’s game with television footage showing Watkins arrival in London in a walking boot. Ryan indicated it’s a day by day assessment for Watkins.

“I think it’s similar to Tyrod’s situation,” said Ryan. “We’ll see how it progresses during the week and things. I think we all saw that he left with a boot on so I don’t know if that’s a great deal. Our trainers aren’t saying if he’s out for sure, and we’ll see and hopefully he progresses. He’s a guy that makes a huge, huge difference for us.”

If Watkins cannot play Sunday, Buffalo will likely be down three receivers this weekend with Marquise Goodwin on I-R and Percy Harvin back in the US dealing with a personal issue.

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Why Bills must break slow start trend

Posted by Chris Brown on October 18, 2015 – 9:05 am

Over their last two games the Bills have gotten off to slow starts on offense. Part of the problem has been the absence of some of their top playmakers on offense, most notably LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins. There’s a good chance that both will be in the lineup Sunday against undefeated Cincinnati. Hopefully it helps to jump start an offense that has just one field goal combined in the first half of their last two games.

What will make the task all the more difficult is Cincinnati’s defense. They’ve allowed just 28 total points in the first half of their five games this season. The Bengals have allowed just one touchdown in the first half in 2015 along with seven field goals.

Buffalo will have to break their own trend and Cincinnati’s stingy defensive front Sunday, and they may have to do all that without their starting quarterback who is a game time decision.

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Rex says Watkins calls for the ball a non-issue

Posted by Chris Brown on October 17, 2015 – 1:07 pm

In the wake of a story in which Sammy Watkins said he needs to be targeted more, head coach Rex Ryan was asked about Watkins’ comments. Ryan maintained that it’s not a big deal.

“First off the agent never called me or anything else,” said Ryan as the story claimed. “This just in he’s just like every other wideout. You know (Chris) Hogan just said the same darn thing, get me the ball, get me the ball. Look we all get it. The guy is a tremendous talent and he’s frustrated because he hasn’t played. He’s been out. He’s hungry and wants to be out there and be with his teammates and contribute. That’s the big thing. Get him the ball, that’s fine, but I’d rather he get it on the field than on the sideline.”

Watkins is questionable for Sunday’s game, but said there’s a “high chance” he plays Sunday against Cincinnati.

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Karlos out, Harvin, Taylor, Watkins questionable

Posted by Chris Brown on October 16, 2015 – 2:21 pm

UBNS image



The Bills won’t have Karlos Williams on Sunday, but stand a good chance of having RB LeSean McCoy back in the lineup. Meanwhile Percy Harvin, Tyrod Taylor and Sammy Watkins are all questionable for Sunday’s game.

All three were limited in Friday’s practice. Harvin, who normally gets a veteran rest day on Wednesday, was unexpectedly limited Friday so he was listed as questionable for Sunday’s game. Head coach Rex Ryan did not shed any light on Harvin’s condition.

Ryan did say that Taylor would be a game time decision, and did not say anything about Watkins other than he’s questionable.

Player Pos Injury Participation Friday Game Status
Cierre Wood RB Knee OUT OUT – I-R
Aaron Williams S Neck OUT OUT – I-R
Marcus Easley WR Shoulder DNP OUT
Karlos Williams RB Concussion DNP OUT
Charles Clay TE Calf LP PROBABLE
Marcell Dareus DT Hip LP PROBABLE
Cordy Glenn T Ankle LP PROBABLE
Chris Hogan WR Hamstring LP PROBABLE
Randell Johnson LB Hand LP PROBABLE
LeSean McCoy RB Hamstring LP PROBABLE
John Miller G Groin LP PROBABLE
Ron Brooks CB Thumb FP PROBABLE
Cyrus Kouandjio T Knee FP PROBABLE
Bacarri Rambo S Quadricep FP PROBABLE


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Watkins optimistic about Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 14, 2015 – 3:46 pm

UBNS image


It was good news that both LeSean McCoy and Sammy Watkins were both practicing, but both were limited on Wednesday along with five other starters including QB Tyrod Taylor. Watkins however, is very optimistic about returning to the lineup on Sunday.

“High chance that I’ll be out there,” said Watkins. “I just have to keep getting treatment and going out there and putting in work every day.”

Watkins says getting a lot of reps will be the key this week as he tries to build the necessary endurance back into his injured calf so it can go 50-60 plays on Sunday.

McCoy was limited, but head coach Rex Ryan wants to take his progress in his return from a hamstring day by day.

Player Pos Injury Participation Wednesday
Cierre Wood RB Knee OUT
Aaron Williams S Neck DNP
Marcus Easley WR Shoulder DNP
Percy Harvin WR Hip DNP
Karlos Williams RB Concussion DNP
Charles Clay TE Calf LP
Marcell Dareus DT Hip LP
Cordy Glenn T Ankle LP
Chris Hogan WR Hamstring LP
Randell Johnson LB Hand LP
LeSean McCoy RB Hamstring LP
John Miller G Groin LP
Bacarri Rambo S Quadricep LP
Tyrod Taylor QB Knee LP
Sammy Watkins WR Calf LP
Ron Brooks CB Thumb FP
Cyrus Kouandjio T Knee FP

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Watkins outlook is encouraging

Posted by Chris Brown on October 12, 2015 – 3:22 pm

He put himself through a full workout during pre-game warmups Sunday in Nashville, but the Bills medical staff ultimately determined the best course of action for Sammy Watkins ailing calf was to wait another week. Watkins was inactive against the Titans, but it’s left head coach Rex Ryan optimistic about the receiver’s availability Sunday.

“I was really encouraged with Sammy. How Sammy went through even with his workout before the game,” Ryan said. “We thought it was best to give him a little more time. Sometimes you can go on the practice field and all that, but that game speed is a little different and the intensity is certainly different. We thought it was best to just hold him out of that game and get him really ready for this one. I feel good about Sammy.”

Buffalo plays host on Sunday to the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals, so having a weapon like Watkins for an offense looking for more big plays in the passing game could provide a big boost.

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Fan Friday 10-9

Posted by Chris Brown on October 9, 2015 – 6:45 pm

The Bills have another bounce back game on the road just like two weeks ago in Miami. Here’s hoping it’s a repeat performance. Here’s your latest edition of questions from email at and on Twitter at @ChrisBrownBills.


1 – @ChrisBrownBills Is John Miller practicing, playing?


CB: Miller practiced all week. He was never full go, but head coach Rex Ryan said on Friday he expects Miller to be back in the starting lineup.


2 – @ChrisBrownBills what’s the word on McKelvin?


CB: McKelvin has made some good strides the last couple of weeks. He’s starting to do real football work on the side now with the athletic trainers. He was pulling an athletic trainer while working on his backpedal with straps attached to his body. The athletic trainer was holding the ends of the straps and McKelvin was pulling him down the field.

He’s certainly worked hard to get all the way back and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s practicing again the first week he’s eligible to do so, which is the week leading up to the London game against Jacksonville. Whether he’s activated off the Reserve/NFI list is another story.

3 – Hey Chris,
My question is on Doug Whaley.  How do contracts work for GMs?  Unless Whaley got fired is it his job forever?

I really loved your article about him recently because it shows that he doesn’t want this franchise to be successful for a couple of years he wants to build it into a  franchise that competes year in and year out.  I’ve been listening to him speak about that in the past and I don’t think most fans really pay attention to what he’s been saying.  I really do believe we have a GM  and a front office that can make this franchise respectable again for a long time. So, do you think Doug Whaley is here to stay for a long time?

Thanks as always, Jillian

CB: I think Doug Whaley is fast proving to be an astute GM who knows how to build a roster for the long haul. General manager contracts work a lot like coaching contracts. They’re just not publicized as much. I think provided the talent that he’s assembled can reach its full potential, Whaley should be building rosters here for a long time.

4 – Chris,

You help keep us fans who live far away up to date, so thank you.  My question is about the defense.  What has happened to them?  Rex said he expects them to be #1 with the roster they have.  They stepped up their run defense, but pass has been terrible.  We call the front four the cold front, but I haven’t seen anything from them that I’ve come to expect over the last few years.  We led the lead in sacks the last 2 years and it seems like a rare occurance if we get one now.  Please help me understand what has become of our best asset.


Loyal and true fan in Virginia

CB: First thing to know is the number of sacks a team has doesn’t always indicate a team has a great defense. Perfect example is the 2000 Ravens. They had just 35 sacks, but allowed just 165 points the whole season. That being said, the Bills pass rush has been effectively countered by a quick strike pass game from opponents. Underneath coverage, particularly in the middle of the field has to be better to help the pass rush up front.

That is the only thing that will make opponents pull out of their quick pass game. That or keeping them out of the end zone and putting them behind on the scoreboard. Then the passing game will have to open up and call for longer pass routes to catch up in the game. That leads to the QB holding the ball longer and then the pass rush can have the impact it’s designed to have in this defense.

5 – Chris,

When is Goodwin due back?

Jim M.

CB: Marquise is listed as probable for Sunday’s game, so I think there’s a good chance he’s dressed for Sunday’s game, especially if Sammy Watkins is down.

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Watkins closer, Karlos unlikely for Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 8, 2015 – 4:35 pm

Bills WR Sammy Watkins was trying to participate early in practice, but his work wound up being largely relegated to work on the side, while RB Karlos Williams did not practice for a second straight day. Head coach Rex Ryan admitted it’s looking less and less likely that either will be available Sunday.

At the same time Ryan is encouraged by Watkins’ progress as he tries to return from a calf injury.

“I’ll tell you what he’s getting close,” said Ryan of Watkins. “So we’ll see how he does. But he’s feeling a lot better and it won’t be long. I don’t know if it’ll be Sunday or not, but it’s not gonna be much longer.”

Meanwhile Karlos Williams hasn’t been on the practice field at all this week, which has Ryan pessimistic about Williams chances of playing Sunday at Tennessee.

“Well I mean I guess anything’s possible, you’re in the protocol, but the fact that he never practiced today with a concussion is probably…I don’t know it’s probably a reach,” Ryan said

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Goodwin hoping to return soon

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2015 – 4:35 pm

It’s been a long and arduous rehab back from a pair of cracked ribs for WR Marquise Goodwin. Goodwin has been back practicing the last couple of weeks, but on a limited basis. That was the case again on Wednesday.

“We’ll see. Just got to take it day to day and see how everything feels,” Goodwin said. “Hopefully I’ll be back out there. There’s not much you can do really. You let it heal on its own and let the bones heal back together. Just really resting and working out and trying to stay in shape and just come back ready.”

Goodwin admits with Watkins out of the lineup it has only increased his sense of urgency to be back in the lineup.

“I feel like I need to be out there, but with the circumstances of being hurt, it’s just something I have to get past,” said Goodwin. “I’m just looking forward to being back out there now.”

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Karlos, McCoy, Watkins head non-practice list

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2015 – 4:32 pm

UBNS image



Buffalo’s running back position was the lead position group on Buffalo’s injury list of non-participants. Both LeSean McCoy (hamstring) and Karlos Williams (concussion) did not practice Wednesday. Head coach Rex Ryan hasn’t ruled Watkins out for Sunday’s game yet.

“Sammy didn’t practice today, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t be available Sunday,” said Ryan. “We’ll see how it goes, how this week progresses.”

Veterans Kyle Williams and Percy Harvin sat out for what’s believed to be veteran rest days. Harvin has not practiced on a Wednesday all season.

OL John Miller returned to practice for the first time since his groin injury suffered in Miami in Week 3 and he was limited. LT Cordy Glenn was also limited with an ankle injury that forced him out of last week’s game for about a quarter before he returned.

Player Pos Injury Participation Wednesday
MarQueis Gray TE Forearm DNP – I-R
LeSean McCoy RB Hamstring DNP
Sammy Watkins WR Calf DNP
Karlos Williams RB Concussion DNP
Bacarri Rambo S Quad DNP
Kyle Williams DT Calf DNP
Percy Harvin WR Hip DNP
Cordy Glenn T Ankle LP
Marquise Goodwin WR Ribs LP
Aaron Williams S Neck LP
John Miller G Groin LP
Corey Graham S Shoulder LP
Chris Hogan WR Hamstring LP

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Whaley on Watkins outlook with calf injury

Posted by Chris Brown on October 6, 2015 – 10:16 am

Bills GM Doug Whaley did not provide a specific timetable for Sammy Watkins calf injury, but he did express hope that Buffalo’s top wideout could return this week.

In his weekly appearance on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550, Whaley was asked if he thinks Watkins’ injury could be a long term thing. This was his response.

“Everything points to that it’s not that severe,” said Whaley. “We’re hoping to see how he responds this week. We have our fingers crossed that he may be in this week. There’s no indication that it’s going to be something long term. But I never say never with injuries, especially with soft tissue injuries. He could go out there and test it and something could go wrong. Soft tissue injuries are harder to predict.”

Whaley was also asked about LeSean McCoy’s hamstring injury and the Bills front office executive would not put a defined timetable on McCoy either, saying that soft tissue injuries are difficult to gauge and predict.

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