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Bengals top 10 on 3rd down on ‘O’ & ‘D’

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2013 – 9:35 am

The Cincinnati Bengals are one of just a handful of teams that are good on third down on both offense and defense. Here’s a look at where they stand heading into today’s game against the Bills.

Cincinnati ranks 8th in third down conversion percentage on offense (41.2%) and 7th in third down defense (33.3%). They’re one of just five NFL clubs to rank in the top 10 on both sides of the ball on third down. Here are the other clubs that currently rank in the top 10 on third down on offense and defense through Week 5.

Team                     3rd down ‘O’ rank             3rd down ‘D’ rank
Indianapolis                        2nd                                          5th
Cincinnati                            8th                                           7th
New Orleans                      7th                                           9th
Tennessee                          10th                                         3rd
Miami                                   9th                                           10th


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The challenge of 3rd-&-2, 3rd-&-3

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2013 – 6:15 am

Bills head coach Doug Marrone has pointed to the offense’s lack of effectiveness in converting on 3rd-and-2 and 3rd-and-3 as an area that needs to be improved to enhance the chance of turning close losses into victories. We took a closer look at Buffalo’s performance in those situations and uncovered a few things.

On 3rd-and-1s this season Buffalo has a very respectable 54 percent conversion rate (7-for-13).

On 3rd-and-4 to 3rd-and-6 the Bills are a very solid 50 percent on conversions (10-20).

On 3rd-and-2 and 3rd-and-3 this season Buffalo has moved the chains just 27 percent of the time (3-11).

One trend we’ve noticed is of the 11 opportunities on 3rd-and-2 or 3rd-and-3 this season they’ve chosen to pass all but once. While all three of the conversions they’ve made on those down and distances were via the pass, Buffalo is the number one rushing team in the AFC.

For a team that averages better than four yards per carry this season a few more run plays on 3rd-and-2 or 3rd-and-3 may extend some more scoring drives.

Only one other team in the NFL runs more often than the Bills (62.5%) on 1st-and-10 and that’s Seattle (64.2%). Buffalo gains 4.29 yards per carry on 1st-and-10. It wouldn’t seem unreasonable to think they could get a couple of yards most of the time on 3rd-and-2.

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