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Wilson fine justified

Posted by Chris Brown on October 11, 2008 – 10:51 am

I have to applaud the league office on this one. I think the fine for Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson for his hit on Trent Edwards was not only just, but exactly the right amount ($25,000). I realize that the amount was partly reached due to his previous infractions, as he was fined twice last season. But the hit on Anquan Boldin two weeks ago by Jets safety Eric Smith was of the helmet-to-helmet variety and deserved a $50K designation.

Helmet-to-helmets are by far the worst. Wilson’s wasn’t helmet-to-helmet, but as we all suspected his driving into the ground of Edwards is what did the damage, and according to a league rule that protects quarterbacks, opponents must not unnecessarily drive quarterbacks into the ground using their full body weight. Wilson obviously did that.

While Wilson plans to appeal the fine, he seems to understand based on his reputation now that it’s likely a fruitless pursuit.
“It’s hard to appeal something when you have 15 personal fouls in your career, numerous fines for hits like that,” said Wilson.

When asked if his latest fine will change how he plays the game, Wilson answered with a terse, “No.”

While that’s likely not the answer a lot of Bills fans want to hear, you do have to understand it’s hard to think while running at top speed and wrapping up a quarterback, ‘I can’t drive this guy into the ground.’ But I do believe these heftier fines by the league office will make players think twice in certain situations.

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