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Edwards comments on current state

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2008 – 4:36 pm

Trent Edwards was asked a lot of questions about how he’s feeling following his participation in Monday’s practice. First and foremost how he feels right now.

“I’m getting better each day,” he said. “It was a tough couple of days there after the hit on Sunday and I had some headaches and some residual side effects from it. But slowly but surely they’re going away. The doctors and trainers are pleased with my progress and I feel healthier and better each day.”

Edwards said he has watched the hit on tape and explained how that’s basically a play where he’s got to get rid of the ball because the protection scheme doesn’t account for that guy. It relies on the QB getting rid of the ball.

“I’ve seen the hit,” he said. “It was a tough call just because our protection schemes, sometimes we won’t have a certain guy blocked and that’s just the way it is in football and the way plays are called. Unfortunately on that play we didn’t have that particular player blocked and as a quarterback it’s my job to get the ball out of my hand and get it in the receiver’s hands. It was a good defensive call on their part. We got the first down and converted the third down which was good, but it was a tough hit to take after that.”

When asked if he thinks this hit will make him more tentative on the football field he stated he doesn’t believe that will be the case.

“I sure hope not,” Edwards said. “The nice thing is we have guys in the huddle that I feel comfortable with. If I didn’t trust my o-line to block for me or my running backs to block for me then I’d be answering this question a lot differently. I feel like I have a lot of trust in those guys and we’ve developed a lot of chemistry through the offseason and this season so far. I feel very, very confident and very, very comfortable that I’ll be able to go out there and not miss a step.”

Finally, as for whether it was a hit that deserve a fine, Edwards didn’t believe it was his place to comment on that.

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