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McCargo move a surprise

Posted by Chris Brown on October 14, 2008 – 9:43 pm

There were rumblings early in the season that the Bills were shopping McCargo, but after the preseason came and went and nothing happened it was thought that McCargo was going to be here for the season at the least.

Obviously being made inactive in Week 1 was done to send a message – step it up. McCargo flashed promising ability last season, but it hasn’t materialized this year.

That’s not to say he can’t go on to have a productive career for the Colts, who will plug him into their lineup right away. But he apparently wasn’t deemed a long term fit by the Bills.

That being said, the Colts had to make this deal very attractive in terms of a draft pick.

The question now is who replaces him. My money is on Corey Mace. The former undrafted free agent is a member of Buffalo’s practice squad. He’s a hard working player with very good feet for a defensive tackle and offers some flexibility on run downs to kick outside to defensive end.

We’ll likely know more tomorrow.

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