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Gonzalez angry over no trade

Posted by Chris Brown on October 15, 2008 – 1:38 pm

Can’t say I’m surprised to see this one. After asking for a trade and probably going about things the right way, Tony Gonzalez wasn’t moved and is ticked.

He was told by Chiefs management that a 3rd round pick would get it done. Two teams reportedly offered a 3rd round pick for Gonzalez, but Chiefs GM Carl Peterson reportedly began holding firm to a 2nd round pick for compensation. The interested teams wouldn’t budge.

Gonzalez told FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer that he talked to Peterson who indicated that a 3rd round pick would do it, and also said he knows there were two teams that offered a third, one of which is believed to be the Bills.

“Last night I talked to Carl (Peterson, Chiefs President and GM) and I point-blank asked him what it would take to get it done,” Gonzalez told Glazer. “I wanted to know if it could happen with a fourth (-round pick). He started talking about a second and a fifth like the Shockey deal. Nobody is going to trade a second for a 32-year-old tight end. All along Carl said he would do something that works for both parties. Then he talked about how he traded a third for Willie Roaf, and he made it pretty clear to me that’s what was going to get it done. That was certainly fair. I know teams offered a third and in the end, Carl made the asking price a second. I’m very disappointed that he didn’t go through with it after he told me he was going to try to make it happen.”

If in fact the Bills were one of the two teams that reportedly offered a third for Gonzalez it looks like the only person to blame in the failure of this trade going through is Kansas City’s front office.

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