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Fan Friday

Posted by Chris Brown on October 17, 2008 – 7:00 pm

Fan Friday

Here’s the latest installment. Don’t forget if you have a question just e-mail me at and I’ll do my best to get all your questions answered.

1. Chris,
I went to NW Missouri and grew up in Maryville, Mo. I’m not able to watch Bills games but try to follow Xavier’s progress.
What’s going on with him currently? Is he on any special teams or has not even seen the field yet this year? I truly think the Bills have a hidden talent in Omon that someday, given the chance, will bust out into a very productive back.
Roger Watson

CB: Xavier was active for the opener, but did not play. He’s been inactive every week since. It’s been tough for a lot of the rookies to see time on the field. To date it’s been just McKelvin, Hardy and Johnson. But the coaching staff likes what Omon has done in the practice setting and on the look squad to prepare the starters for the upcoming opponent. There’s no denying he has potential.

2. Hi Chris,
I was wondering about the Ashton Youboty’s contract. Drafted in 06′ how many years does he have left on his deal? He has obviously stepped up his play and one can argue that he has been the best defensive back on the field this year. What are the chances of he Bills possibly extending Youboty before his on the field  play continues to excel and warrants more money down the road?
Thanks and Go Bills!
Sean Lindstrom

CB: Ashton is signed through the 2009 season. He was signed to a four-year deal coming out of college in 2006. As for extending Youboty, I think he may have to wait in line. Just at his position alone, Jabari Greer is up after this season and like Ashton, Terrence McGee is also up after 2009. McGee might prove too expensive which may cater to the team extending Ashton.

3. Chris – Now that Evans’ contract is extended, and Peters is (presumably) next in line for an extension, who are the players the Bills will target for extensions in coming seasons?


CB: As mentioned above, Jabari Greer is a free agent after the season and Terrence McGee and Ashton Youboty are free agents after ’09. So there will need to be some big decisions made with respect to the secondary. Duke Preston and Melvin Fowler are free agents at the end of this season so there will need to be some decisions as well with respect to the interior of the offensive line. John DiGiorgio and Keith Ellison will both be restricted free agents so linebacker is another position that will have to be examined. Angelo Crowell is a free agent after this season, but I don’t expect him to return.

4. When is the offensive line going to start making some holes for Marshawn Lynch.?

CB: This is a question that Dick Jauron has been asked several times over the past few weeks so I’ll let him answer it. He starts by disagreeing with the questioner who blamed it on the offensive line.
DJ: I wouldn’t say that. I would say it’s a combination of everybody. Marshawn and Fred would probably be the first to tell you they don’t hit every hole. They’ve missed some holes. The guys up front would be the first to tell you they’ve missed some blocks, too. We just have to get the whole thing put together and get better at it.

It was a focus of the team during the bye week so hopefully the production improves.

5. Chris,
I am a US Military Man serving in El Salvador and I have 2 quick questions for you. First what is Alvin Bowen’s status? I assumed when we brought in Spragan he was done for the year but Spragan was cut and I never read anything else about Bowen’s injury. What is the injury ACL/MCL?  is he out for his entire rookie season?

MA1(SW) Joseph A. Zaccagnino
Watch Supervisor/Command Career Counselor

CB: Alvin Bowen has begun rehab following his ACL knee surgery earlier this season. The recovery time is generally pegged at 7-9 months which would put him at about April. He’s on injured reserve so his rookie season is over.

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