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Posted by Chris Brown on October 20, 2008 – 7:29 pm

This was a week of several stellar individual efforts. We run some of the less noticed ones in addition to the stand outs right here.

BEST VERSATILITY: Donte Whitner – He played free safety, slot corner, a touch of cornerback and strong safety all in one game. San Diego didn’t even test him deep in centerfield. There aren’t many strong safeties in the league that can do all that he did and not get roasted.

BEST EARLY CHEMISTRY: Trent Edwards-Lee Evans – The quarterback-receiver tandem had a good rhythm going on the opening drive as Edwards hit his top wideout three times on the team’s first five plays from scrimmage for three first downs and 43 yards in gains to set up an early field goal.

BEST SCARE: Kyle Williams – His impending hit on Philip Rivers was so alarming to the San Diego quarterback that he just dropped the ball.

BEST POUNCE: Marcus Stroud – Williams’ fellow defensive tackle made the quickest drop to the ground of any 300-plus pound man I’ve ever seen as he made the fumble recovery.

BEST BUMP: Marcus Stroud – Celebrating with George Wilson after his fumble recovery, Stroud engaged in a chest bump celebration with Wilson and knocked him flat on his back.

BEST DRIVE COMBO: Marshawn Lynch/ Fred Jackson – Buffalo’s two backs were the team’s first touchdown drive. Lynch had three carries for nine yards including a grinding five-yard run on a 3rd-and-4 to keep the drive alive and a five-yard reception, while Jackson had a 14-yard catch and then a three-yard inside run to set up 1st-and-goal at the Chargers two. The two accounted for 28 of the 38 yards on the scoring drive.

BEST DAVID TYREE IMPERSONATION: Lee Evans – His one-handed press the ball against the helmet and shoulder pad catch was remarkable.

BEST FEET: Lee Evans – As impressive as his catch was getting a total of three feet down along the sideline was even more eye-popping as his momentum was taking him over the sideline quickly.

BEST DECEPTION: Turk Schonert – On the touchdown pass to Lee Evans, Schonert lined up two tight ends on the left with a fullback and tailback in the offensive backfield. The Chargers expecting a run up the gut put 10 men in the box, leaving Evans one-on-one with Quentin Jammer. Surprise!

BEST RECEIVER BLOCK: Josh Reed – He smacked a defensive back hard on a five-yard reception by Fred Jackson.

BEST OPEN FIELD HIT: Donte Whitner – His shot on Malcolm Floyd kept a big play from happening as he brought the big receiver down after just a three-yard gain.

BEST COVERAGE: Bryan Scott – Matched up one-on-one with Antonio Gates on a 2nd-and-goal from the 12, Scott stayed on Gates’ hip and prevented a touchdown pass from being completed.

BEST REVERSE: Fred Jackson – Vincent Jackson’s reverse notwithstanding, the Bills had an answer. On a 2nd-and-2 play Fred Jackson somehow gained the corner despite some very, very good pursuit to gain six yards and a first down.

BEST BLOCK BY A LINEMEN: Jason Whittle – The reserve guard stepped in and took out two defenders with a sliding cut block on Marshawn Lynch’s nine-yard TD run.

BEST BLOCK BY A BACK: Fred Jackson – Leading for Lynch, Jackson lowered the boom on Quentin Jammer driving him five yards deep into the end zone allowing Lynch to coast to pay dirt.

BEST THIRD DOWN STOP: Kawika Mitchell – Out on the wide side of the field with Darren Sproles coming at him, Mitchell prevented the speedy back from getting the edge on a 3rd-and-1 from the Buffalo 41-yard line.

BEST ONE LEGGED EFFORT: Brian Moorman – Despite a cramping plant leg, Moorman still got off a 49-yard punt.

BEST SERIES: Kawika Mitchell – On the first play of San Diego’s fourth quarter drive to try and re-take the lead Kawika Mitchell batted down a pass attempt on first down. Four plays later Mitchell pressured Rivers to force an incompletion. Three plays after that Mitchell anticipated a pass to Gates in the end zone and made a leaping interception returning it 32 yards to the Bills 30-yard line.

BEST ACCURACY: Trent Edwards – While his day on the whole was stellar (25-30 passing) his throw to Josh Reed on a 2nd-and-5 from his own 36 with 5:40 remaining was put in a very tight window between two defenders for a 16-yard gain that got Buffalo to midfield. It was a big time throw. The drive ended with a field goal to put the Bills up by two scores.

BEST CLOSER: Kawika Mitchell – His sack and forced fumble with just over three minutes remaining killed any chance for San Diego to come back in the game.

BEST UNRECOGNIZED PERFORMANCE: Copeland Bryan – The defensive end pressured Rivers before he threw the interception to Mitchell and then following Mitchell’s sack and forced fumble recovered the loose ball to secure the victory.

BEST TACKLER: Jabari Greer/Paul Posluszny – Greer was instrumental in limiting yards after the catch with solid wrap-ups, while Posluszny was a force near the line of scrimmage including one tackle for loss. They finished atop the team tackle chart with eight and seven tackles respectively.

BEST BELL ANSWERER: Duke Preston – Preston stepped in for the injured Melvin Fowler and handled a Pro Bowl caliber defensive tackle as Jamal Williams was a virtual non-factor in the game. Honorable mention to Jason Whittle.

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