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Jauron admits Wildcat formation requires extra prep

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2008 – 9:26 pm

The Dolphins’ Wildcat formation, which usually has Pennington split wide, two tight ends and two running backs, one of which is Ronnie Brown lined up as the QB, will force the Bills to study a bit longer this week to prepare for it Sunday.

“I think what they do is really good,” said Dick Jauron. “The reason why it’s successful is how they do it. They execute it well. It does take time. There’s no way around it. It’s why offenses, including us, do certain things. First of all, you like to execute and get plays out of it, which they have, obviously in games. It’s been very good to them. Secondly, it takes preparation time for your opponent. It’s been very good to them and we are having to put in time.”

Donte Whitner said the Dolphins have run a lot of different variations off of it so knowing their defensive keys are critical to defending it effectively.

Dolphins RB Ronnie Brown feels there are a lot more wrinkles that can be thrown at opponents out of that formation.

“It’s exciting,” said Brown. “It creates opporutninties to get more people on the field and get the ball in more people’s hands and kind of create mismatches. It’s something for the defense to worry about. It’s exciting to do that on this level.”

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