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Dockery on boosting the run

Posted by Chris Brown on October 23, 2008 – 1:45 pm

While the offense hasn’t been struggling to put points on the board, they’re still not where they want to be running the football. Getting Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson to the second level has been a struggle, with gap penetration an issue at times.

Standing 23rd in rushing with the longest carry covering 22 yards this season, the linemen know those numbers have to improve with the weather set to turn colder soon and nastier.

“I think we just have to be consistent,” said Derrick Dockery. “It’s a tough division that leads around running the football game. Because coming into the game, as an offense you know you have to run the ball and as a defense you know you have to stop the run. And so I think teams have done a very good job early of getting extra guys in the box to stop the run, so we have to find ways to get Marshawn (Lynch) to the second level. We have to do a better job up front with our technique and just finishing blocks. I believe that pretty soon that he’ll hit stride and we’ll hit stride and we’ll get the running game going.”

The coaches have talked about finishing blocks before. Everyone in the locker room knows Lynch has to average more than 3.5 yards a carry and you can’t pin it on Lynch all that much. The guy runs hard all the time. Hopefully it turns.

The next four run defenses they face are currently ranked 12th (Miami), 4th (NYJ), 19th (NE) and 26th (Clev).

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