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Brown’s Best Week 8

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2008 – 8:27 pm

Here’s the latest from a game that was unfortunately wrought with miscues. We try to find some of the hidden efforts that deserve some recognition.

BEST LEG: Rian Lindell – Everyone remembers the three field goals, but the two touchbacks on kickoffs were just as impressive. It went a long way in helping keep Ted Ginn under wraps on returns.

BEST ACCURACY: Trent Edwards – It wasn’t his best day, but his 1st-and-10 throw on the opening drive at the Dolphins 19 was put only where James Hardy could catch. Edwards hit him on his back side shoulder for a 14-yard pickup and a 1st-and-goal at the five.

BEST BLITZ PICKUP: Fred Jackson – The all-everything back picked up the blitzing linebacker in the hole on the above play as Miami sent six and it allowed Edwards just enough time to make a play.

BEST CONVERSION: Josh Reed – On a 3rd-and-3 at his own nine-yard line, Reed broke a pair of tackles and gained 10 yards for a first down. Unfortunately it was one of just four conversions the whole day.

BEST AD LIB: Brian Moorman – He may have looked like a kid in a pig scramble at the country fair, but Moorman’s ability to quickly run down the snap over his head and still have enough time to quick kick it away was a big play. It at least gave the defense a field to defend instead of handing the Dolphins two points and the ball.

BEST ROBBER: Paul Posluszny – The Bills middle linebacker reached in on a gang tackle of Ricky Williams and ripped the ball out for a fumble. Keith Ellison then jumped on it for the takeaway.

BEST PRESSURE: Ryan Denney – The defensive end got just enough heat on Chad Pennington on a 3rd-and-5 to force an incompletion on one of Miami’s two three-and-outs of the afternoon.

BEST OPEN FIELD TACKLE: Keith Ellison – His takedown of Ricky Williams after he made a catch on the flank was textbook. Ellison dropped him for a four-yard loss.

BEST DETECTIVE: Jabari Greer – The Bills cornerback sniffed out an end around by Miami and dropped Greg Camarillo in the backfield for a loss of five.

BEST REACH: Langston Walker – The big man batted down Dan Carpenter’s 46-yard field goal attempt to keep the Bills first half deficit to one.

BEST JUKE: Marshawn Lynch – On a 2nd-and-6 play Lynch made a reception in the flat and tore up field where he juked Miami LB Akin Ayodele out of his cleats and got a first down.

BEST RUN: Marshawn Lynch – His nifty cutback move on his eight-yard touchdown run left overpursuing Dolphin defenders grabbing at air.

BEST BACK TO BACK PLAYS: Bryan Scott/Copeland Bryan – On a 2nd-and-11 Scott sacked Chad Pennington for an eight-yard loss. On the next play Copeland Bryan batted down a Pennington pass attempt to force Miami to settle for a 43-yard field goal despite getting a big 64-yard gain on a Ted Ginn reception to start the drive.

BEST DEFENSIVE SERIES: Kelsay/Mitchell/Posluszny/Bryan – Some might argue with this one, but down 22-16 with 7:35 left in the game the defense did what it could to get the ball back. Chris Kelsay batted down a pass, Kawika Mitchell and Paul Posluszny each had a tackle for loss and Bryan stopped Ronnie Brown for a one-yard loss as well on 3rd-and-7, but the Dolphins had gained enough yardage on a short field to put another field goal on the board and make it a two-score game thanks in part to a personal foul penalty that accounted for more than a third of the yardage on the drive. I just felt in a last ditch effort they made some plays.

BEST COVERAGE: Bills kickoff unit – They had to cover three Ted Ginn kick returns and held him to a 12.3 yards per return average, about half of what is considered good in the NFL.

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