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Jauron 2nd half challenge

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2008 – 5:26 am

Coach Jauron chose to challenge the downed punt that would eventually result in a safety for Miami and a 22-16 bulge. He admitted he was taking a chance on it, but the player was on the sideline at one point.

“Well I thought that he might have re-established himself, and if he did that, you can’t go out of bounds if you’re the first to touch,” said Jauron. “But I thought it was worth the challenge. I hadn’t seen the replay; I just saw it quickly on the field.  I took a chance, I wish I had the time out back or I wish I would’ve won the challenge. It would’ve given us those extra yards out, but that’s the way it goes”

A penalty would’ve given the Bills offense some breathing room instead of being pinned on their own three-yard line. In the grand scheme of things an extra timeout wasn’t going to make the difference on Sunday.

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