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Pats DT Wilfork could be suspended

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2008 – 2:31 pm

The dirtiest defensive tackle in football could be fined and suspended according to NFL Network reporter Adam Schefter.

New England DT Vince Wilfork, who was fined $12,500 last year for his flying elbow on J.P. Losman’s knee that cost Losman four games with a sprained MCL and ultimately his starting job was at it again against the Broncos last Monday night. Denver saw on their coach’s tape that Wilfork hit Cutler in the helmet with his elbow behind the play. No penalty was called on Wilfork.

Studio analyst Vince Wilfork upon seeing the blatant elbow said, “Cheap, cheap, cheap.”

Fortunately Denver sent it into the league and the NFL is investigating and a fine is guaranteed. With his history a suspension could also result. I just hope they take their time on this one so if he is suspended he misses New England’s game with the Bills on Nov. 9. 

That way he won’t add to his hit list of Bills he’s illegally injured the past five years. Sure he eye-gouged the Giants’ Brandon Jacobs earlier this season and has a host of infractions against other teams. But his list has to be longest against Buffalo. For those that don’t remember here’s the list.

2007 – Wilfork dives at J.P. Losman’s front leg after he has thrown a pass and deliberately extends his elbow caving in Losman’s left knee. The result – Losman suffers a sprained MCL that costs him four weeks and his starting job. Wilfork is fined $12.5K.

2003 – Following a field goal attempt by the Bills Wilfork kicks guard Chris Villarrial in the back after he fell to the ground on the play. Result – no penalty, no fine.

2003 – Bills LT Jonas Jennings while engaged with another defensive lineman on a pass play is blind-sided and cold cocked by Wilfork with a helmet to helmet hit from behind. Jennings suffers a concussion. Result – no penalty, no fine.

He is the dirtiest defensive lineman in football. And the sooner he’s out of the league the better for every offensive player in the NFL.

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