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Favre not exactly lighting it up

Posted by Chris Brown on October 28, 2008 – 5:34 pm

With Brett Favre coming in this Sunday with the Jets to play the Bills, yes he’s Brett Favre, but here at midseason he’s still not lighting it up.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy can still lead a two-minute drive with the best of them as he proved last week. But his decision making has been suspect. That’s happened in the past with him, but last year he was pretty solid. Right now it looks like he’s trying to do too much on offense.

He’s got 3 touchdown passes and 7 interceptions in his last three games. It’s not like their running game is struggling. Thomas Jones is averaging almost 4 and a half yards per carry this season. Leon Washington is a good change of pace guy. And their defense has been pretty good against the run.

The Jets have given up three return touchdowns this season. Two have come off Favre INTs (Chargers-Cromartie, Chiefs-Flowers). The other came on a fumble return when Favre was sacked in the pocket (Bengals-Ndukwe).

Favre was getting booed last week until he pulled things out, thanks to great awareness by Laveranues Coles to squeak past the one win Chiefs.

I’m kind of hoping the Bills see the same reckless passing Favre the Jets’ last three opponents have seen because it would make for a nice division victory for the Bills.

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