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Pats DT Wilfork to only be fined?

Posted by Chris Brown on October 29, 2008 – 2:02 pm

According to the Patriots DT Vince Wilfork will only be fined and not suspended for his behind the play elbow shot to the helmet of Denver QB Jay Cutler. I hope their report is wrong.

If it is just a fine it would be disappointing considering his long history of flagrant play (eye gouge to Brandon Jacobs, flying elbow on Losman’s knee, helmet to helmet hit on Jonas Jennings and kicking Chris Villarrial in the back when he was down on the ground after a field goal attempt).

Suspension will be the only way to make that guy changes his ways. He’s a dirty player and changing that by way of a fine obviously hasn’t changed him.

Case in point, a $12,500 fine last year for his flagrant elbow that gave Losman a grade 2 sprain of his MCL and forced him to miss over a month of action didn’t change him. 

The Jacobs eye gouge and Cutler elbow shot happened after that.

Oh but you’re not a dirty player right Vince? Isn’t that what you said after your hit on Losman?

The league has to sit him down for a couple of games. End of story.

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