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Only in Buffalo

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2008 – 2:17 pm

So I’m taking my kids around trick or treating Friday night and we come to a house where there are three adults out in their driveway standing around a portable fire pit.

So my kids do the trick or treat deal right there in the driveway instead of going to the front door.

After the guy hands out candy to my kids he says,

“If mom or dad says trick or treat they get a treat too.”

So I take him up on it and say trick or treat and the guy goes into a cooler and hands me one of those six ounce beers.

The guy made my night even though I felt a bit inadequate as a parent showing up at houses with my kids with a beer in my hand.

But there were several other parents with their own beer including one couple with two kids and a wagon behind them with a cooler. Made me feel a bit better.

Only in Buffalo.

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