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Pats are always switching it up

Posted by Chris Brown on November 6, 2008 – 4:39 pm

Defensively the Patriots are still as versatile as they’ve always been, and very rarely do they show the Bills the same thing twice in a season.

One big example last season was when in the second meeting in Buffalo, the defense jumped into a 4-3 front instead of their usual 3-4 and caught the Bills offense off guard.

“We didn’t practice all week against a 4-3,” said Edwards, who watched J.P. Losman start in last year’s second meeting. “We weren’t really expecting that and that’s tough to do defensively, to switch into a brand-new scheme and beat a team like that. I have a lot of respect for the way they can jump into and out of different schemes like that. They can effectively switch in and out of different schemes, different fronts, different coverages and not a lot of teams in this league can do that. The Patriots do it the best of anyone in this league and that’s going to confuse a first-year quarterback or a 15th-year quarterback.”

“They went to a four-man line and we didn’t execute hot reads,” recalled Turk Schonert. “They just brought one more guy. It wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before, but we fell asleep because we were used to a 3-4 and it takes two guys to make us hot on certain protections and now it only had one. Those are the little details you have to execute and that is what makes it hard against this team because they have the flexibility to go three-man, four-man and give you the different looks.”

In all likelihood the Patriots will see what kind of success they can have doing a lot of what the Dolphins and Jets did in terms of committing seven and eight players to coverage, while only rushing 3 or 4, especially if Buffalo can’t get it’s run game going.

But you can rest assured that they’ll have some of their own wrinkles for the Bills on Sunday. Just got to hope the offense can adjust on the fly and execute.

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