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Fan Friday 11-7

Posted by Chris Brown on November 7, 2008 – 9:31 pm

Here we go with another week of questions and answers. Remember you can always send me your questions at It takes me some time, but I try to answer every e-mail I get, either personally or right here in Fan Friday.

1. Dear Chris,

With the winter weather coming upon us soon, how do you suppose California native Trent Edwards will fare? In last year’s game against the Giants there were plenty of mistakes from the entire team. But when you’ve had an exceptional cold-weather quarterback like Jim Kelly get the job done time and time again in bad weather, you come to expect your Buffalo Bills QB to lead your team to victory in the chilling winds and snow. I must say that I’m a little nervous to see what will happen with our team when Old Man Winter gets here. Thank you. I enjoy the constant updates.

Corey Doss

CB: I think Edwards will be better in the winter weather this year as opposed to last year. He maintains that he learned from last year’s experiences (Giants, Browns games) and will make the necessary adjustments in throwing the ball should similar conditions arise again this December.

Now what those adjustments are I don’t know, but Edwards says you have to experience it before you know how to play in it. I’d also like to see the running game take some steps forward in the next couple of weeks to support Edwards with the weather getting poorer as well. Running is certainly a lot better way to deal with the elements.



2. Hi Chris-
Do you know why Reggie Corner isn’t being used as an option for this secondary depth problem that we are having?  He had a great pre-season and he was always around the ball in college.  Leodis should not be getting playing time ahead of Reggie just because he was drafted higher.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

CB: You’re likely to see a whole lot of Reggie Corner this week as I believe he’ll be lined up in the slot on Wes Welker Sunday. Previously though Reggie wasn’t used because the Bills were happy with what they were getting from Donte Whitner as the nickel corner with Ashton Youboty out. But now that Whitner is out as well and Youboty is now on I-R, it’s Corner’s opportunity to show what he’s got.

I liked what he had to offer in the slot as a corner, I just worry about drawing Welker as your first NFL assignment.



3. Jabari Greer is my favorite player. With Terrence McGee in and out of the lineup and not playing at the level Bills fans expect, and Donte Whitner claiming that Greer is our #1 corner, do you think that Jabari will get the next contract extension? I sure hope so.
Dave McKibben
Rochester, NY

CB: I think Greer is making a strong case for a long term contract with his play this season. I didn’t hear Whitner make that comment, but Greer has certainly come a long way from being an undrafted rookie free agent. The credit goes to him and I would anticipate the Bills being interested in re-signing him this offseason. Whether Greer chooses to enter the free agent market remains to be seen.



4. Hey Chris,
                You said in a blog that we hadn’t had a blocked FG in 108 games…….but didn’t Langston Walker block a field goal for us last year too?…..I remember him blocking one and then it came out that signing him was good for the o-line as well as blocking field goals for special teams……..I could be wrong.

CB: He did block one in 2007, but it was in the first preseason game against the Saints. Buffalo won the game 13-10 so Walker’s block was instrumental in the exhibition victory, but it doesn’t count toward his career stats or the Bills’ team stats. But I believe that’s the block you’re thinking of.

5. Hi Chris,
With LB John DiGorgio out for the season, which player will wear the defensive radio communication in their helmets in the event that Poz goes out?
Nathan – Amherst
CB: It will be Keith Ellison who is the backup middle linebacker now. I mentioned this in my blog a couple of weeks ago after talking to Ellison about getting used to the radio helmet. So he’s the guy. Let’s just hope that’s not necessary.

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