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Edwards fixing small imperfections

Posted by Chris Brown on November 13, 2008 – 3:19 pm

Bills QB Trent Edwards was spending extra time after practice to address his mechanics, which he admitted following last week’s game were inconsistent at times.

“I was out there, working on my footwork after practice, throwing some balls, throwing some extra routes here and there just to get back to what I need to get back to and that’s part of the position, that’s part of the sport,” said Edwards. “It’s my job to perform at a high level at the quarterback position and mechanics are a big reason why you can and can’t perform at a high level, so I’m trying to get back to what I need to get back to and part of that is staying out there and working on it.”

Edwards attributes his accuracy issues to bad habits, which can crop up when your surroundings (protection, personnel, opposing scheme) are changed or compromised.

“Just guys in there that you’re not as comfortable with early on in the season, not comfortable with the defense, what you’re seeing, the coverages. That, as a result, you can go back to bad habits.”

Rest assured though that Edwards is doing everything in his power to correct his recent deficiencies. You’ve just got to hope that everyone else on the roster steps up their game as well because the QB was the one carrying this team in the season’s first four weeks. When his play dropped off (and I know he’s the focal point of the offense) no one was capable of filling the void.

As he tries to get back to his early season success, the rest of the offense has to pull a little more weight too. If that happens then this team will be a lot more formidable than they have looked the past month.

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