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Lehman working on transition

Posted by Chris Brown on November 13, 2008 – 3:10 pm

After his first day on the practice field with his new teammates, LB Teddy Lehman is trying to get adjusted to his new surroundings. While the defensive scheme has a lot of similarities to what he’s played before, he’s begun to work on some adjustments that he’ll have to make as well.

“There will be a few obstacles there,” Lehman said. “I have not been in the same system for a while and the similarities of the system kind of force me to use my old habits, so that will be one of the obstacles, breaking the old habits because there is a few things that are different.  It should be good, but there will be a couple of things I have to break myself from.”

It shouldn’t take Lehman long as he’s known to have a high football I.Q. He’s hopeful he can assist on special teams saying Bobby April made a good first impression on him.

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