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Hardy benched?

Posted by Chris Brown on November 18, 2008 – 7:45 am

James Hardy did not appear to take the field at all in the second half. When asked by if his hip flexor injury flared up on him. His response. 

“No. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Hardy, like Evans, did not record a reception. Drafted by the Bills to creat a mismatch in the passing game, particularly in the red zone, Hardy did not even appear to be on the field during the times when Buffalo was inside the Browns’ 20-yard line. Buffalo went 2-4 on their red zone opportunities in the game.

Hardy was unsure if there was something he had done incorrectly on the field in the first half.

“If there’s something I did wrong, all they have to do is tell me and I’ll fix it,” said Hardy who was visibly disappointed he couldn’t contribute more.

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