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Why offense had to take unnecessary timeouts

Posted by Chris Brown on November 24, 2008 – 6:44 pm

I had a chance to stop Turk Schonert for a minute before he left the stadium Sunday after the game and asked him about the decision to sit in the coach’s booth for the game instead of being down on the sideline as he had been all season, as well as what was going on when Trent had to call some seemingly unnecessary timeouts during the game.

Turk said there were problems with the radio device in Trent’s helmet.

“For a while there though the communication device to the quarterback went out,” said Schonert. “That’s why we had to use a timeout one time and we had to signal and use the wristband. So that messed us up for a little while. There were a couple of times where he didn’t get the play and then it was below 15 seconds and the shut off happened and he can’t hear anyway.”

In one instance Trent had to call the play himself or risk burning another timeout.

“He just went up and called a run play, and I had called a pass play,” said Schonert. “But that’s what happens sometimes.”

Schonert put Edwards out on the move a handful of times in the game feeling it was something they could exploit against the Chiefs defense.

“That was part of the game plan,” said Schonert. “We just felt they were a fast flow team and they were going to give us some opportunities to get him out on the edge and he did. He made some great runs and some great decisions throwing the ball and it kept them off guard a little bit.”

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