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Jauron doesn’t think weather conditions are the issue

Posted by Chris Brown on December 1, 2008 – 7:59 pm

Trent Edwards made a minor reference to the weather in terms of affecting his passing, though he attributed more of his struggles to his groin and being unable to drive his hips into his throws as a result.

But the FOX broadcasters made a big deal about the fact that the Bills do not practice outside during the week. The truth is the Bills haven’t practiced outside once in the last two weeks.

Head coach Dick Jauron was asked if the team needs to practice outside more to be better prepared for the weather conditions they have to play in here in Buffalo.

Jauron believes the problems facing this team don’t involve the weather.

“I’m not sure it’s a weather question,” he said. “We haven’t been making plays, we haven’t been strong enough maybe to win in the last couple of years. I don’t think it’s necessarily weather related.”

That’s a very interesting statement from the head coach. Not strong enough to win can indicate a few things.

He could mean not strong enough mentally where the team doesn’t believe they can perform well in poor weather or is too easily deflated when something goes wrong. 

Or it could mean not strong enough in terms of overall talent and thus the team can’t make big plays often enough to win on a consistent basis.

What is clear is it’s a reference to one of those things and he points back to the last couple of years, but doesn’t say this year. But with no improvement right now in terms of won-loss record (6-6) from those first two years, you wonder if he was also lumping this season into that comment.

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