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Home field advantage?

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2008 – 4:44 pm

With this week’s game in Toronto I’m really curious to see just what the atmosphere will be like and how it will compare to a home game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. My fear is it won’t be a decided home field edge. Apparently Sportsnet in Canada feels it could potentially be pro-Miami.

They claim that with the familiarity with Ricky Williams following his one-year CFL sojourn with the Argos and the popularity of the Dolphins in general, stemming from their glory days of the 70’s that Miami’s Canadian fan base will be well represented.

I don’t know if I’m ready to buy all of that. But I will say when I went up to Toronto for the preseason game against Pittsburgh, I talked with several Canadian Bills fans at the rally in Dundas Square the day before the game.

One thing they kept repeating was that if you’re a Bills fan in Canada you’re in the minority. From the responses I got the general consensus was that most Canadians that are avid followers of the NFL generally root for three teams. The Dallas Cowboys, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Miami Dolphins.

Dallas made sense to me with their high profile, but I asked about the other two. The explanations I got were that the Steelers have a history of past and recent success and the Dolphins have a history of past success and play in south Florida where a lot of Canadians vacation, sometimes during football season.

I will say at the preseason game that there was more than a smattering of Steelers fans, and the atmosphere was neutral at best. Now you know why I’m so curious to see what Sunday has to offer.

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