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Receivers were open

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2008 – 8:12 pm

Just had an opportunity to watch some film from Sunday’s game against San Francisco.

Yes, I know why bother with a game that’s dead and gone.

But one thing that I took away from watching the offense was that there were receivers open… a lot.

After the game there was a general consensus that the 49ers did a good job covering Buffalo’s wideouts, but there were a lot of plays where Lee, Josh and Roscoe created separation or were sitting in a hole waiting for a pass.

Now I’m not indicting the quarterbacks here. Sometimes they just don’t see them in time and the window closes or their view is obstructed by a lineman or an umpire (which I saw happen on one play).

But I don’t think you can pin the offensive struggles on the wideouts in this game of all games this season. There appeared to be consistent separation for a good amount of that game.  

Does that mean they’ll make more plays this week? I don’t know. But Miami has a suspect secondary so I’m hoping that’s the case.

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