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The reason why the roof will be closed Sunday

Posted by Chris Brown on December 2, 2008 – 6:48 pm

For those wondering why the roof has to be closed Sunday at the Rogers Centre for the Bills-Dolphins game, here is the official statement on the subject.


Rogers Centre is defined as an open-air facility with the ability to close.  As such, the roof’s status is not dependent and driven solely by the baseball season and therefore it is not sealed at the conclusion of the Blue Jays season. In the last few years, we have worked alongside the Toronto Argonauts, for one, to have the roof open during their games weather permitting.

The roof at Rogers Centre is sealed sometime in late October or November depending on the weather.  When the snow, sleet, cold rains being to arrive, for safety and longevity of the technology, we do need to seal the roof.  We continue to work with our tenants and event promoters to find a balance as to when that takes place. 


So it appears that had the Bills game in Toronto been played earlier in the year, the chances of the roof remaining open were more likely. It simply won’t happen in December. I also doubt there will ever be a Bills game in this Toronto Series played there any earlier than December due to the fact that the Argonauts make use of the facility as well.

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