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Dolphins injury report sparse

Posted by Chris Brown on December 3, 2008 – 9:50 pm

A lot of times a team’s success has a lot to do with injuries. Tennessee for example, hasn’t be beset with injuries this season and it has helped them stay successful.

The Dolphins though they lost WR Greg Camarillo and starting G Justin Smiley this past week, do not have any other players on their injury report this week, which is rare this late in the season.

In contrast the Bills have nine players on their injury report.

Smiley’s absence could have an impact on Jake Long’s play at left tackle. Smiley has been largely credited with helping Long recognize defensive looks and stunts and such much quicker than he would on his own as a rookie in the NFL.

Last week when Smiley went out the Dolphins flipped Ichekwu Ndukwe over to left guard and put Andy Alleman in at right guard. It’s anticipated the Dolphins will go with the same lineup this week.

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