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Running right productive

Posted by Chris Brown on December 5, 2008 – 2:20 pm

As a follow up to our video report on the Bills resurgent run game I thought I would also add the stats of running left, middle, right thus far this season.

Running to the left (behind Dockery and Peters) is what Buffalo has done the most with 108 total carries. They’ve averaged 4.1 yards per carry with 2 touchdowns.

Running to the right (behind Butler and Walker) hasn’t been done as often with just 61 carries, but the production has been good as they’ve averaged 4.6 per carry with a touchdown to their credit.

The most touchdowns have come from rushing up the middle this season (5). Naturally running up the middle involves a lot of short yardage plays, which is why the average is just 2.7.

So one might think it’s wise to run to the right a bit more often in light of the half yard improvement in yards per carry average to that of the left.

But 15 percent of the time, Buffalo has been stuffed when running to the right (meaning no positive yardage). Running to the left they’ve only been stuffed 11 percent of the time.

A marginal difference on the surface, but when you consider they’ve run to the left 47 more times this season and that percentage is still lower, odds are running to the left will yield more.

Personally I think Jason Peters is playing some of his best football. His last three games have been outstanding, so I’m all for continuing to run to the left and wouldn’t be surprised by season’s end if the yards per carry average to the left catches up with the average running right.

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