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Jauron takes the heat

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2008 – 8:05 pm

Bills head coach Dick Jauron in addressing the media the day after the brutal 16-3 loss to Miami faced the music and took most of the blame for the team’s recent shortcomings.

“We just didn’t perform and that reflects on me. That’s on my shoulders,” he said.

When asked about COO Russ Brandon’s description of the performance of the team as “unacceptable” he provided a two-tiered answer.

“It’s where we are and we’re disappointed about it,” said Jauron. “You’re talking about a couple of things. Do we accept the performance? No, we’re very disappointed in it. Is it unacceptable? How do you not accept it if you’ve done it. So that’s where we are we’ve got to live with it. That’s our record and we’ve got to take it and go on and improve and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Jauron also disagreed when asked how he’ll be able to recapture the energy the offense played with prior to the past two games so as not to come out flat again.

“I’m not sure that you’re right there in terms of energy and emotion,” said Jauron. “In terms of production you surely are, but with the rest of it I’m not certain about. From my perspective there is energy put into the game and there is emotion because I live with them and I see it. Production-wise it just hasn’t been there. In terms of getting them ready again they are a group that works hard and that’s what’s been disappointing. Their work has not been rewarded and ti’s a reflection on me. There’s no other way around it.”

When asked if he agreed with the play calling Jauron said…

“I would say yes.”

When asked if he feels he’s in danger of losing the locker room he doesn’t believe it has happened or will happen.

“I don’t feel like I’ve lost the locker room in any way,” Jauron said. “I would say there’s a danger of everything. I’ve always been that way. I’ve never taken anything for granted from day one until the present. I suspect you could say yes, there’s always a danger, the same danger that existed early. Do I think it will happen? No I don’t.”

Again to hear coach Jauron in his entirety go to the media lounge on to watch and listen. The link is at the top of this blog.

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