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Lack of snaps for Fred Jackson puzzling

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2008 – 6:59 pm

Going into Sunday’s game against Miami, Fred Jackson had an average of almost nine and a half touches per game (9.41). On Sunday he had none. In fact the number of plays he was out on the field numbered fewer than his average touches. Jackson took the field for six plays in the 16-3 loss.

Why? Jackson tried to provide answers as well as the head coach.

“Really we weren’t out on offense very much,” said Dick Jauron. “We couldn’t stay on the field, we couldn’t convert third downs, we didn’t score points. So we didn’t have a lot of opportunities.”

No argument there. Heck the Bills only ran 19 plays in the first half. But Jackson has typically been a part of the offensive game plan from the get-go. That was the case in the first meeting with the Dolphins back in October. He had five carries on the opening drive (partly because Lynch got his bell rung), and 8 touches by halftime.

“It was pretty frustrating,” said Jackson. “Knowing that the guys were out there struggling and you wanted to be out there to help them and you weren’t getting opportunities. You have to grin and bear it so to speak.”

Jackson spoke with members of the coaching staff to find out why he was not utilized more on a day when trying anything and everything would not have been met with criticism.

“We just didn’t have that many opportunities to get me out there I was told.,” Jackson said. “We ran 19 plays in the first half. When you have a guy like Marshawn you’re going to try to get him the ball as many times as you can too.  It was unexpected.”

Jackson said it was indicated to him that this was more of a one week aberration than anything else and that he’ll be more a part of the game plan in the weeks to come. But Jackson was stewing on the sidelines when it was happening and understandably so. He said he couldn’t sleep last night just thinking about not being able to help the team on Sunday.

For the Bills sake, hopefully it changes.

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