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The only playoff scenarios left for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2008 – 6:43 am

Shockingly the Bills at 6-7 are still alive mathematically for the postseason. First, let’s list who they cannot catch.

They can’t catch Indy even if they lose out and finish 9-7 because Indy will have a better conference record anyway in that situation (8-4) and the best Buffalo can do is (7-5).

They can’t catch Baltimore even if they lose out and finish 9-7 because of common opponents winning percentage. Under a lose out scenario for the Ravens they’d have an .800 win percentage against common opponents (Mia-W, Oak.-W, Cle.-2W, Jax-L) while Buffalo would only have a .400 win percentage (Mia-2L, Oak.-W, Cle.-L, Jax.-W).

So the Wild Card is out meaning winning the AFC East is the only other option. And there’s a ridiculous way Buffalo can still do that. 

Here is the only scenario left as to how they can make they playoffs.

If the Bills win out and finish 9-7, the Patriots lose out and finish 8-8, and the Dolphins and Jets each lose their next two games and tie against each other in Week 17 to each finish 8-7-1, Buffalo (9-7) wins the AFC East and qualifies for the postseason.

The odds are long and the way they’re playing hasn’t been encouraging either, but it’s still out there for another week.

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