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Bills and Jets suffering from similar offensive problems

Posted by Chris Brown on December 10, 2008 – 2:39 pm

As bad as the Bills have looked on offense the past two weeks, the Jets haven’t done much better especially on offense.

Buffalo and New York both struggled on third down last week. Both went 1-10 in their games last Sunday. Both teams as a result struggled to control the clock. The Jets had just over 20 minutes of possession time, the Bills had almost 22 and a half.

Both teams also scrapped the run game despite being in close games. Marshawn Lynch had 13 carries and averaged 2.4, while Thomas Jones (the AFC’s leading rusher) had just 10 carries despite averaging 5.6 yards per carry in a seven-point game most of the way.

Both offenses are having problems stretching the field as well. The Bills longest pass play Sunday was 23 yards, the Jets last week had a long of 24. There’s growing speculation that Brett Favre has a tired arm and can’t throw it deep.

Either way both teams are struggling offensively heading into Sunday’s matchup.

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