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Fletcher a Pro Bowl alternate… again

Posted by Chris Brown on December 17, 2008 – 8:21 pm

Washington MLB and former Bills LB London Fletcher is still scratching his head wondering why the Pro Bowl has proven so elusive in his career. He has worthy credentials in the past, but for the eighth time in his 10-year career he’s an alternate again.

His best line in response to not being named was that he’s “the Susan Lucci of the NFL.”

As funny as that line is I’m more impressed that Fletch knows Susan Lucci’s plight as well as his own.

Fletcher’s numbers are respectable by all means, but Carolina’s Jon Beason’s numbers are better and he’s got 3 INTs. Patrick Willis doesn’t have as many tackles, but has a sack, INT, TD and 10 PBUs. Fletcher has 5 PBUs.

Willis got in as a rookie last year and probably should not have especially on such a poor 49ers team. Fletcher is the MLB on the league’s 5th ranked defense, which is 7th in points allowed, but Willis has name recognition off of last year. And Beason has had a monster season for one of the top 2 NFC contenders.

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